The Playground


The playground photo is one of the few photos from the McCann’s time at the Ocean Club Resort in Praia da Luz. For a long time it was assumed this was a photo of Gerry McCann playing with his 3 children; Madeleine, Sean and Amelie. A closer look at the girl on the ground reveals that it can’t be Amelie because Amelie has blonde hair. Who then is the girl sitting on the grass?


This photo has been viewed by many in the months since Madeleine disappeared. Many forums discussed the man standing behind Gerry wearing sunglasses. Some have even suggested that if you look closely enough, you can see a person in the plastic climbing frame taking a photo of the children. That has made this photo become known also as the “Mystery Man” photo.

TRUTH For Madeleine has a far different line of questioning. Who is the girl sat on the grass with her back to the camera? Clearly it is not Amelie McCann.

Has this girl been confused by witnesses who claim they have seen Madeleine? Could this girl be the reason why so many reports have said they saw Madeleine at various other times and places? The infamous Tapas Bar where the Tapas 9 ate dinner on the evening of May 3 is behind the palm tree in the photo.


The playground photograph was taken on the grass area between the small circular children’s pool and the Tapas Bar shown here at the right on an aerial shot of the complex. The circular pool is where the famous “Last Photo” was allegedly taken on May 3, 2007 at 2:29pm. Click here to read about that photograph.

TRUTH For Madeleine believes that the girl in the above photograph is a reasonable Madeleine lookalike and could quite easily be confused for Madeleine by people working at the Ocean Club Resort or in the town of Praia da Luz.. Clearly, Gerry McCann was seen with both his own daughter and this other girl. One can only presume that she is the child of one of his friends.

What makes the similarity even more striking is the way the two girls are dressed. Could this girl be the one who actually went to the crèche at 2:30pm on May 3?

If this girl was seen instead of Madeleine, it is quite feasible that the various witnesses were easily duped by a case of mistaken identity. The hair colour of the two girls is very close in shade and how would an onlooker know which girl belonged to which parent?


The playground photo was released on or about Saturday May 26. An article appeared on the Sky News website on May 27 (see below). It says that the photo was taken on May 2. More concerning is that the article says that it shows Madeleine and her younger twins Sean and Amelie playing with their father Gerry. As we have shown here quite conclusively, this is not Amelie McCann sitting on the grass. Why then did Sky get this story so blatantly wrong?

It is easy to take those words for granted and not sit and stare at a photo to see if the caption matches the picture. In this case someone has made a big mistake. Not only has the public been fooled by this picture, but in the context of the other discrepancies, what possible reason did the McCanns have to want to deceive with this picture? A mistake is easily rectified and Sky could have fixed the error by now. Our conclusion is that some or all the photos taken at Praia da Luz in the week prior to May 3 were engineered and released for a reason yet to be discovered.

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