Important Eye Witness Joyce Joyce on May 6

It would appear that the first news company to report the "abduction" of Madeleine was the British Daily Telegraph. Their story is timed on the online version at 12:01am on May 4. This was 1 hour and 21 minutes after the reported time of Madeleine's disappearance on the PJ website. How did a paper get that story so quickly? Do the other early news stories give up valuable clues?

Important Eye Witness Joyce Joyce on May 6

Postby Stevo » Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:37 pm

This story from the Daily Mail on May 6 has been pretty much ignored.

It contains the bombshell witness who saw Madeleine snatched in that elusive black car (Geraghty's?)

Link to original article: ... arket.html

Sniffer dogs tracked Maddy to supermarket
Last updated at 10:37 06 May 2007

A key witness has told police she saw two people in a car acting suspiciously near to the supermarket where tracker dogs lost Madeleine's scent giving rise to fears she was transferred to a vehicle.

Joyce Joyce, from Dublin, who is in her 60s, saw the black saloon less than 30 minutes before the toddler went missing.

Mrs Joyce's husband, semi-retired businessman Bob, said: 'We have an apartment close by. At around 8.30pm on Thursday Joyce saw a black saloon car reversing sharply close to where Madeleine went missing. Joyce hadn't seen the the two occupants before and they were acting in a very strange way. I reported the sighting to police but they didn't seem that interested. But I went back to see detectives the next day and, thankfully, they took a long statement from my wife. They are now investigating everything and seem to think our information is important.'
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