The weirded out Priest, Chaplin's Restaurant next to the church, Ocean Club, and how and where did they conceal a body if that is what happened?


Postby sentinella » Tue Jan 01, 2008 5:31 pm

Photo A on your home page, supposedly the last, has two odd things about it. First what is that black strip between the twin's arm near the wrist and Madeleine and why is the edge of the pool (white) between GM's thumb and finger not in line and is wider than the rest of the pool's edging.
Here is link to a larger pic showing strip. ... ction=view¤t=maddypool.jpg
What do you think?
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Postby bugalugs1970 » Thu Jan 03, 2008 9:27 pm

my daughter is currently studying photography and i asked her for an opinion on the pool picture on the sites home page. Her initial reaction was that the picture did not look to be right for the following reasons
1 - The shadow on madeleine's right shoulder is lighter when compared to the shadow on her sisters, which she felt could suggest that madeleine's image was in fact added to the photo at a later date. she said the reason for the variation in depth of shadow could be an indication of time difference, that madeleine's image was taken later in the day.
2 - She also said that it appears odd that madeleine is much more in focus than the rest of the picture, but in addition she added that could simply be bad composition.

whilst my daughter is by no means an expert in photography she does have some knowledge and i asked her how easy would it be to create an image such as the pool photo; she claims it would be a quick and easy process but it would require some degree of skill to get the picture to look acceptable.
i will add that my daughter has no interest in the madeleine investigation and has not paid any attention to the photos' in the media including the pool one. I was surprised at her immediate reaction of how odd the photo looked as ive never thought of it as being anything other than a holiday snap
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Postby RENATA » Thu Jan 03, 2008 9:36 pm

Hi Bugalugs

Why in your opinion would the nannies etc say the girl was present at the creche on 3 May if she wasn't?? I'd suggest that if Madeleine was not present that day this would have been included in the many leaks (not now really disputed though lessened after Rebelo took over) fed by the JP to the Portugese Press. Would un-certainty over Madeleine's whereabouts during the morning/afternoon of 3 May not be <u><b>crucial</b></u> in any subsequent Police line of enquiry. I agree with another post of yours i.e that if and when this case is solved the facts will be less complex. Imo, the conspiracy theories doing the rounds will then be well and truly rubbished.
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Postby bugalugs1970 » Thu Jan 03, 2008 9:50 pm

yes that has me puzzled, i have no explanation for that other than a far fetched one; was o'briens/tanners child used as a cover or even more far fetched did they pay them off !!!
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Postby RENATA » Thu Jan 03, 2008 9:56 pm

Bugalugs Sorry but I amended last post a bit.
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Postby Stevo » Fri Jan 04, 2008 11:25 pm

Hi Sentinella

The little black line is interesting. It could be something on the concrete behind Amelie but it could be a remnant of some cutting and pasting in Photoshop. I'm undecided about the photo as to whether it is a fake in this respect. I would say there's more chance of it being a fake in terms of being taken on a different day. Check out my page on the clothing worn on April 28 and how closely it matches the clothes on 4 of the 5 known photos from Praia da Luz. The 5th photo is the tennis photo but allegedly that was taken by an employee of Ocean Club rather than the McCann family or friends.

My opinion is that Madeleine was gone a long time before the evening of May 3. I think the focus should be on May 1st or May 2nd. Time will tell. [:)]
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Postby bugalugs1970 » Sat Jan 05, 2008 8:17 pm

i think your totally correct
i believe now that maddie died on the 2/5 whilst her parents were at chaplins. Was the child crying maddie in a hurt state or was it one of the twins ? i dont think this question can be answered at all.
i tend to be drawn to the idea that maddie died whilst the mccanns were at chaplins, they discovered her upon their return.
This theory appears to tie in nicely with a lot of the leaks (supposing they are true) in the media, ie smell of death on kates clothes etc. im going to take a good look at the plans and layouts of the apartment and try to find out about fixtures and fittings etc.
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Postby K.keesha » Tue Jan 29, 2008 12:28 pm

posted by Stevo on
Anorak, January 28th, 2008

831 Stevo Says: January 28th, 2008 at 6:49 pm
I'm updating some pages on my website. In doing that I was looking at the last photo again to see if there was anything new to add to it.

The little black line behind Amelie's arm and body has always been a puzzle because there's no black/white feature around the pool cement edge. But I may have an idea what it could be.

There's a photo of the pool here:

Notice the tiny white sign with black letters indicating the pool depth of 0.6m

It's feasible that this sign is the thing creating the white with black behind Amelie. If so, it would mean that almost certainly <b>Madeleine is correct in “Last Photo” but the other two were pasted in.</b> (edit)..

There's still no valid explanation for the black line.

The super close up reveals that Madeleine's hair has many loose strands that would be too time consuming to cut and paste in. But, looking at Gerry and Amelie, they are relatively smooth edged and would be a doddle to paste in by comparison.

So, look closely at <i>Gerry's right elbow/forearm…it's mis-shapen</i>. Look also at the super close up of Madeleine and you’ll see that there's a <i>halo around Gerry's elbow </i> but there's no halo around Madeleine.

Remember also that there's the <b>Altar</b>-ed photo of Madeleine minus Gerry that was in the church.

<b>My conclusion - Madeleine is almost certainly 100% genuine and was in the original photo</b>

But we don't know when it was taken. I don't believe the May 3/2:29pm for a second.

Other point to note in the super close up is Madeleine's face is very red. It looks like a face that has been out in the sun too long after just arriving in the resort?

The weather info for that week would be most useful…
Gerry definitely looks like he's floating.

Did you see the super close up on his glasses with the pink reflection? I posted that in here a few days ago. ( link)
1035 to Ian

Look closely at the edge around Gerry on Last Photo. There's a load of inconsistencies:

1. His right arm is heavily blurred from the elbow to where it meets his thigh.

2. The edges of his shirt seem to be "cut out" as a series of flats rather than smooth.

3. His right thigh is heavily blurred around his knee.

4. Zoom in on his right fingertips. The flesh tone versus the background is a flat line with no anti-aliasing.

5. His left elbow is blurred and has a halo around it - see Madeleine super close up.

6. Where is Amelie's right arm? Gerry would have to be sitting on it.

7. There is no vertical feature between Gerry and Kate. So, what is it reflecting in Gerry's left sunglass lens? The lenses look flat so an object would have to be in Gerry’s line of sight to reflect in the lens.

Even more compelling. Remember I told you recently I had a model the same height and build as Madeleine? Well, the arm measurement from armpit to wrist is about 10" on a 35" tall person in proportion. Look at the Last Photo. No way is Madeleine’s arm 10" long from armpit to wrist...if the rest of the photo is supposed to be in proportion.
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