Carter Ruck Ban YouTube video

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Carter Ruck Ban YouTube video

Postby Tim » Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:54 am

A recent ban of a factual account of 48 unanswered questions video takes 'shooting oneself in the foot' acts to a new peak for Carter Ruck and the McCanns

Backlash #1

From an earlier post concerning Backlash effects....


Now Wikii is a wonderful resource

The backlash from an ill advised attempt at legal pressure can destroy the originators. ... ontroversy

Streisand effect is another good example.

It is my view that the McCanns have taken the art form of 'shooting oneself in the foot' to new extremes.

From May 3rd 2007 I thought to myself, how terrible this is.

What as a Dad would I do in these circumstances ?

But I thought if the fuss was targeted as a smokescreen for an unspeakable family event within the family what would I do ?

Prepare two lists with a tick box against each , however unlikely , item on the list and see what happens.

It takes a special talent to waste several millions pounds of other peoples hard cash with no useful outcome so quickly. When so much good for all parents who have suffered with sudden bereavement who often need skilled support, could have easily happened.

I suspect that the same talent has already lit the fuse for an unstoppable backlash.

Eventually the Tabloids will spot this ! As long as they can sell more papers they really don't care about their content much. *LOL* So any bets on which month in the next 18 newspapers will start reporting factual news on this matter ?

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