McCann, Cowley and Edgar to return to Portugal

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McCann, Cowley and Edgar to return to Portugal

Postby bugalugs1970 » Sun May 17, 2009 6:06 pm

To find Madeleine...

Gerry will bring two detectives

Gerry McCann, the father of English child who disappeared in Praia da Luz, Algarve, in May 2007, is preparing another trip to Portugal - this time in the company of two new researchers hired by the family, who want to make "new discoveries" what happened to Maddie.
Dave Edgar and Arthur Cowley, the two retired police officers that the couple McCann hired to analyze the documents released by prosecutors, now want to prove that the child is retained in the region for a possible kidnappers of five already identified. The two researchers, who replaced an already long list of alleged military and detectives from the McCann, still blaming the police (PJ) have ignored a list of 18 alleged pedophile and a series of six attacks on British children in the Algarve.
Unlike always said that the detectives of Method 3 and the old soldiers of the Control Risks Group (CRG), two agencies that the couple hired to search for Maddie McCann - new researchers do not believe that the girl has been kidnapped by a network of trafficking in children or carried on board a boat, some of the many theories have been advanced to explain the disappearance of Madeleine.
Although still not known the exact date of travel by Gerry McCann in Portugal, the couple confirmed source close to the 24 hours that the father of Madeleine "will be in the Algarve when both the researchers deem it necessary," which can happen quickly.
"Gerry McCann has given us the challenge of the PJ find the body of Madeleine," said the 24 hours of the inspectors of the PJ in Portimão adding: "Now is our time to throw him a challenge, to come to Portugal to find the his daughter. That is all I ask you. Otherwise ask the reopening of the case and come back with friends to finally work with the justice. "

Kate McCann disappeared

Lisa Donovan in the Ocean Club

Lisa Donovan in the Ocean Club

In the new documentary about the case that the SIC had this week, entitled "Maddie: Two years of anguish," the images where the disappeared American actress Lisa Donovan was the role of Kate McCann in the reconstitution of what had happened the night of day 3 of May 2007.
A source of Mentorn Media - which produced the documentary for Channel 4 - told 24 hours that the initiative to remove those images left to Gerry McCann, explaining that "the decision was made after viewing the documentary by Gonçalo Amaral", as 24 hours had already advanced. According the same source, "the representation of what Kate had done the night that Maddie disappeared was not convincing and raised some doubts."
But not only were the pictures of Kate false that were cut. Many of the facts that are the focus of the disappearance of Maddie - and the visit of David Payne to the apartment between 18 and 19 hours - did not even be addressed: a woman of David said the police did not know where her husband was that period of time. While Kate and David talk about a visit of 30 seconds, the child's father talks of half an hour. The question had to PJ vital importance because this is the time that Madeleine is seen alive by someone outside the couple.
Also, the actress had been chosen during a casting in England, not the 24 hours to explain the mystery that hides the cutting of images filmed in Praia da Luz, confirming however, be paid for their work. The actress is prohibited from disclosing to the average content of the images that Mentorn Media filmed the same with the other 14 players.

Courtesy of Duarte Levy blog
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