Kazlux interviews Mr and Mrs Amaral

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Kazlux interviews Mr and Mrs Amaral

Postby bugalugs1970 » Wed May 06, 2009 3:21 pm

Firstly, many thanks to Kazlux and Mr and Mrs Amaral.

The 4 of us, bloggers, were shown in a room and when the Amaral couple came in, mrs. Amaral immediately asked who it was that set up the poll on the 3Arguidos?
When somebody in the company said not to know 3A she showed surprise and said that it was an important forum, she reads it often only has no time to post.
(later I asked her permission to quote her on this, and also on posting her picture, and she said of course, you can quote anything you like).

The questions/anwers (not verbatim but from my notes):

Q: Have you considered the possibility that Madeleine died on the previous night or even when mrs. Fenn heard the crying?
A: Naturally - the investigation begins with establishing if the person who disappeared, does actually exist and then, who was the last person to see her - the investigation shows clearly that she was last seen around 17.30.

Q: Have you any doubt as to the validity of Madeleine attending the creche on 3/5?
A: No doubt whatsoever.

Q. Do you think the case will definitely be opened soon?
A: We would like it to be reopened, in fact I wrote my book to prevent the shelving of the case, but it did not work out that way, the book actually came out one week after the case was shelved. The counterforces were very strong.
In the political climate of today, there is a movement leaning towards the reopening of the case.

Q: What is the most efficient way for us to help you?
A: To let it be known there is a certain pressure, from the pubic opinion.
Q: So it is useful, then, to write to the Prosecutor?
A: Yes, and also to the Justice Minister and Members of Parliament.

Q: Did the content of the 14 text messages have any relevance to the case?
A: No. But what IS relevant is that they deleted calls from their mobile phones.

Q: If the McCanns had been honest about Madeleine having died in an accidental manner, what would have been the juridical consequences in Portugal?
A: Almost none. A mild punishment for neglect. That is provided the body did not show signs of violence. In England, as in Germany, punishment for neglect of children is more severe.

Q: Do you think the McCanns knew that?
A: They have made a decision very fast. It is well possible they did not know about the law in Portugal, but not that they did not know the law in England.

Q: Are you hoping the McCanns will sue you?
A: Yes! (here he gave a Portugese metaphor about a bullfight, something about having to first entice the bull into the middle of the ring before the fight can start).

Q: Is it true, as was reported in De Telegraaf, that an injection needle was found in the apartment?
A: No, that is not true. In fact we have found no medication at all. None at all. Except for 'likdoornpleisters' = litt.: corn plasters (for your feet - sorry can't find a better translation).

Q: Do you think the children were sedated?
A: There is no doubt.
(Here he told an anecdote: that Kate called in august with (a colleague of mr. Amaral in the) PJ to ask them to check the twins for traces of sedation. Apparently Kate was alone when she called, and a bit upset. That same afternoon, Gerry called and cancelled the request.)

Q: What do you think is the meaning of the blood behind the sofa?
A: Possibly from an attempt at reanimation.

Q: At what time do you think the death has occured, given the fact that cadaver odor needs time to develop?
A: Cadaver odor begins to develop at the moment of death, due to chemical reactions in the body, it is not a matter of hours before it develops, to the nose of a dog which is very sensitive it can be detected very soon. More important is that from the inquiry we know that before the third of may nobody died in the apartment, nor in the car.

Q: There was a story in a newspaper that the dogs followed a trace to the beach, is that true?
A: No. Mark Harrison had made a schedule, a plan, for the dogs, where they should search. They have searched all the apartments, the villa, the cars, the church, the sewer pipes near the church, the beach, fields, but the only traces the dogs found were in the apartments and the car of the McCanns, some clothes, and the soft toy.

Q: Do you think the body was refrigerated?
A: Yes. The bodily fluid in the car show that. If the body had been buried there would have been mummification. The fact that there were fluids points to refrigeration.

Q: Where do you think the body was kept?
A: That is what we were trying to understand when I left the investigation. 15 alleles might not have been conclusive in the eyes of the Public Prosecutor, but for the investigation it was sufficient. The body must have been in the boot of the car. We want to know who drove the car, who was behind the weel.

Q: Do you know if Gerry is a FreeMason?
A: Police does not investigate such things. It can be he is, but I don't think it is of significance to the case.

Q: When Justine McGuinness left she did not want to speak to the Portugese press, why not, do you think?
A: In her diary, Kate speaks very badly about Justine.
(mrs. Amaral: There were problems between Kate and Justine)
Q: Do you think Justine knew something was not right?
A: I rather think that money was the problem.

Q: The Daily Express mentions that Madeleine's body could be in the tunnels. What do you think?
A: These tunnels have been investigated, we would have known. Last year an English lady also pointed them out.

As the interview was closing mrs. Amaral picked up the list and said she would like to ask this question - about Control Risk Group (sorry haven't got the exact question at hand now)

Mr. Amaral said Control Risk Group were private detectives, or should he say private soldiers, who were there almost immediately and their aim was to 'solidify' the abduction story.

I had a bit of informal conversation with mrs. Amaral, and I asked her if she thought the body was in the sea?
She said that no, despite everything, she did not believe the McCanns 'would just throw her away' and she believes the body is either burned or buried.

Finally, she asked if I had seen the fragment of the Oprah show where Kate does the 'pfffffffffffff' thing.
She had seen it this morning, and said it was too silly, if the curtains were open how could they 'pffffffffffff'?
Also: on that night there was no wind.

There was a translator present, a very nice lady who translated Dutch-Portugese and vice versa.

The interview was supposed to last 30 minutes but all in all it was over one and a half hour.
During which mr. Amaral drank one beer (Heineken) and mrs. Amaral joked that he could, now that the reporters and camera's were all gone. She also referred to the 'Long Boozy Lunch' article, and said it occurred when it was her birthday, and she came to town to have lunch with her husband an a few collegues, and the papers wrote Amaral was meeting his mistress, she was quite amused about that.

* does a Columbo * one more thing:

This from the Dutch blogger Ko van Dijk, who gave me permission to quote him on this (he wrote about it in an article with the title 'Bloed in de kofferbak' = 'Blood in the carboot' on his weblog http://www.kovandijkvertelt.nl):
It is about the letter to De Telegraaf. Ko said the letter was delivered to De Telegraaf on JUNE SEVENTH!
He is certain as he knows both the journalists who went to Portugal very well.
Therefore he also knows that De Telegraaf called the McCanns about it on that same day (so june 7th).

Ko thinks this is what spooked them into moving the body.
I'll write/translate some more about this tomorrow, enough for today.

Good morning - thank you all for thanking me LOL but believe me it was a pleasure and an honor to represent YOU and from mrs. Amaral's reaction to the presence of '3A' one could see she really does appreciate its excistence.

A few things came back to me while I could not sleep, like an overexcited child after its birthday party

Last week the McCanns have called the Leicestershire police and complained (mind that they did NOT file a formal complaint) about Amaral mentioning David Payne (allegations) in the press. Leicestershire police called Policia Judiciaria who then called Amaral.
Well, apparently that does not stop him from doing it again - he spoke yesterday about David Payne but I didn't report it because it was all the things we already know well: the Gaspar allegations, and Yvonne Martin's testimony, and the discrepancy in the duration of his visit to 5A.

Also - (and I forgot the exact format of how this question/answer went as it was while he was signing books & we were standing & about to leave) but the gist of it is that it would not surprise Amaral either if the body was found now after the screening of the documentary.

And will you all please keep in mind that the interview was conducted with the help of a translator, I have jotted it down and then reconstructed what was said in English. I've done my very best to stay as close and true as possible to what was actually said but please know that some nuances may very well got lost.
I can say that the impression Amaral made on me was that of a kind and approachable man, but also very much no nonsense and to the point.

For example, one of the bloggers said to be convinced of the parent's guilt immediately. Amaral then asked: "Guilty of what?" and after some to-ing and fro-ing they agreed on 'simulating an abduction and hiding a cadaver".

It's not like you can just say 'oh, they killed her' and Amaral will cheer you on. He's VERY MUCH A POLICEMAN and very often said things like: 'the investigation shows ...'

Mrs. Amaral mentioned (informally) to me that the McCanns, on their visit to Canada, had visited mrs. Hubbard (the priests wife) there. She also said that mrs. H. seems very much involved with Kate, so much so that apparently she had taken on the role of best friend.

For video and transcript of one of yesterday's TV interviews (Hart van Nederland) see http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/

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