Clarence Mitchell and Jill Dando

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Clarence Mitchell and Jill Dando

Postby Tony Bennett » Sat Aug 02, 2008 7:07 pm

So, this week Barry George/Barry Bulsara was cleared of involvement in the death of Jill Dando. One of the first reporters at the scene of her death was...Mr Clarence Mitchell.

And as we know, Mr Clarence 'I-was-there-at-the-time-so-I-know-what happened-and-what-didn't-happen' Mitchell has been very much involved in the 'clearance' of the McCanns of any involvement in Madeleine's 'disappearance'. Or, more likely, death.

It's worth, at this moment, recalling this article:

So why was Clarence Mitchell so interested in the death of schoolgirl Millie Dowler?

And why was he so involved in the coverage of the deaths at the home of child-killers and child-abusers Fred and Rosemary West?

At this moment when Barry George has been cleared, the theory that she was shot by a Serbian hit-man, in a revenge attack because he and other Serbs were angry at the British/American bombing of the TV studios in Belgrade, Serbia, four days earlier, is regaining currency.

But another theory circulating is that Jill Dando was researching child sexual abuse and child pornography etc., and might have been silenced because she was coming a bit too close to some people for comfort.

Whoever it was used an expensive, highly engineered and eminently fit-for-purpose gun


Madeleine is probably dead, and probably died in Apartment 5a in the Praia da Luz apartments. If so, let us learn all the lessons we can from this tragic and evil event. May her death not be in vain
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