Childrens Legal Centre wants clarity on home alone

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Childrens Legal Centre wants clarity on home alone

Postby Tony Bennett » Wed Jul 23, 2008 11:27 pm

A clear call here for the law to be tightened up so that there is no doubt about at what age children can be safely be left alone at home:


Perhaps the McCanns should watch this BBC News clip.

And they should support the call of The Madeleine Foundation to introduce 'Madeleine's Law':

<u><b>'Never leave young children on their own'.</b></u><i><b></b></i>


Madeleine is probably dead, and probably died in Apartment 5a in the Praia da Luz apartments. If so, let us learn all the lessons we can from this tragic and evil event. May her death not be in vain
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