Thursday 22 May - Bill Kenwright and Madeleine

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Thursday 22 May - Bill Kenwright and Madeleine

Postby Tony Bennett » Fri May 23, 2008 2:39 am

A man in today's news - on the front page of the 'Daily Telegraph' - is Bill Kenwright.

He was the subject yesterday of a bitter outburst against him by the President of the Actors' Union, Equity - Harry Landis - as being 'the worst payer in the business'.

Kenwright is described in the article as 'the producer behind some of London's most successful musicals', and is clearly a talented man.

Here's part of an article earlier this month about his role following the 'disappearance' of Madeleine McCann. Mr Kenwright is the Chairman of Everton Football Club, who finished 5th in the U.K. Premier Division this year:


<i><b>Everton mark Madeleine McCann's disapperance with symbolic light switch-on</b></i>
May 3 2008 by Liza Williams, Liverpool Daily Post

[Picture: Madeleine McCann in Everton kit]

AHEAD of Everton FC’s symbolic light switch-on to mark the anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance, chairman of the football club Bill Kenwirght said: “I simply cannot begin to imagine what Madeleine’s parents have been through these past 12 months.

“They have lived the nightmare of every mum, of every dad, and emerged with their dignity intact and their belief unshaken.

<u>“I remember vividly the day Madeleine went missing</u> and I will never forget the moment, two days later, when I saw that beautiful photograph of her in an Everton shirt.

“Turning on Goodison Park's floodlights is just our way of showing that everyone connected with Everton Football Club – players, directors, staff and supporters – is still thinking of Madeleine and still praying for her safe return.

“Don't forget about Madeleine McCann. Keep looking for her. Keep believing.”

The club is joining a campaign entitled Light The Way Home as a gesture of support for the little girl’s family and friends...


Kenwright was also a prominent early donor to the Find Madeleine Trust Fund and backed various appeals for her return.

Now here's another thing about Bill Kenwright.

When Michael Barrymore and two other men were arrested last June on suspicion of murdering Stuart Lubbock on 31 March 2001, guess where Barrymore was living.

You've guessed!

With his good old friend Bill Kenwright


Madeleine is probably dead, and probably died in Apartment 5a in the Praia da Luz apartments. If so, let us learn all the lessons we can from this tragic and evil event. May her death not be in vain
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