jake's new theory

Many eye witnesses claim to have seen Beatleman, Bundleman and Eggman. Stevie Wonder would be just as credible a witness judging by the sketches!

jake's new theory

Postby jigsawjake » Fri Feb 01, 2008 3:12 am

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Theory that one of them was looking in a window at the time, and therefore did see truthfully someone with no face, carrying a child.

Therefore no lying went on, the one looking at themselves saw the abductor, the one who saw their friend, saw their friend and not the abductor.

Also ties in times when they were in the street and the abductor was seen.

Theory developed because Gerry's gang usually tells the truth on a roundabout fashion.Possibly ties in with gerry's remark, the abductor could have been behindthe door, if it was a door behind which there was a mirror, then yes, the abductor could easily have been behind the door.
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