matthew oldfield and the bedroom door

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matthew oldfield and the bedroom door

Postby bugalugs1970 » Mon Jan 21, 2008 7:26 pm

ive just noticed something regarding the room madeleine was staying in and the door. Matthew oldfield claimed that when he checked at 9.30 he could only see the twins as the bedroom door blocked his view of madeleines bed. now follow this link and look at the picture titles Madeleine's room on the right (your) of the page.

http://cuttingthroughtherubbish.blogspo ... ns-as.html

you can clearly see down the left of the image the door hinges and the door, so the door when open, as it is in the picture, would not have blocked his view of madeleine, if not opened fully it would actually block his view of the twins. FM what a liar.............[:0][:0]

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