Astra Zeneca Connections

Money has been at the heart of this case. Whether it's the speed of setting up the "official" Fund or the multitude of wealthy benefactors providing financial support to the McCanns, it has always been a talking point.

Astra Zeneca Connections

Postby Dora » Sat Jan 19, 2008 7:10 am

<b>John McCann</b>, brother of Gerry McCann, left his job as a representative for pharmaceutical company <b>AstraZeneca</b> for a position as one of the directors of the Madeleine Fund.
<b>Rachael Oldfield</b> (formerly Rachael Mampilly) formerly worked as a Corporate Tax Lawyer, beginning in 1996- she worked 6 years at Richards Butler UK & international law firm(now merged with the Reed Smith USA & international law firm)which has performed work for <b>Astra Zeneca</b>, and, she worked 18 months for the Blake Dawson Waldron law firm which, at least currently, advertises it's services to life science (including pharmaceutical)clients.
Lars Bildman was president of the American operations for Astra pharmaceutical company - he was fired in 1996 after it was learned he bought the services of prostitutes with <b>Astra</b> money, promoted sexual assault on female employees at <b>Astra</b>, etc.; in addition, he pleaded guilty to USA federal tax charges.
I'm just beginning to research the John McCann/Rachael Oldfield/Astra connections, and think it may also be significant that a couple of Team McCann attorneys boast of having DEFENDED sexual offenders/rapists instead of boasting of having defended the victims of sexual offenders/rapists. If the McCanns' suspest Madeleine may have been abducted by a pedophile, why would attorneys who boast of success defending sexual offenders/rapists be on Team McCann?
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Postby bugalugs1970 » Sun Jan 20, 2008 1:29 am


that was mighty interesting, why indeed would the mccanns hire such a defence team i think i know the answer but not yet fluid enough to put into words. keep digging dora i will look forward to the next piece of info. I looked into racheal oldfield a few weeks ago and found what you have stated and wondered if she could be the connection for m3 as they specialise in corporate tax fraud, its possible their paths have crossed at some stage, its always seemed an odd choice to me the hiring of m3. As for John McCann there is something about him that i instantly dislike, dont know what but its there and has been from the first time i saw and heard him on TV.


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Postby RENATA » Sun Jan 20, 2008 2:14 am

Hi Bugalugs

John McCann - yes arrogance seems to run in the family - but what about Philomena??
Jeez, and dont they all look so alike??
I look nothing like my brother (lol) ... 2&go.y=10- see Aunt criticises Portugese Police

I cant help thinking I've met her in the distant past- my sister says the same.
For over 20 years my family stayed in GOVANHILL, the same area the McCanns hail from in Glasgow.
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Postby bugalugs1970 » Sun Jan 20, 2008 3:23 am

yep renata they all look alike and i heard someone say how handsome both he and kate are, if wearing beer goggles maybe, i find gerry mccann most unattractive, cant really comment on kate shes not a minger but she is not a beauty


"Anything i say is said because i care, i want the truth and justice for those that have suffered"
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