Madeleine finder’s sudden death and cremation in Skipton

According to the British press in May 2007, a former British paratrooper, Colin Sahlke, went to Praia da Luz to search for Madeleine McCann. He sold his possessions and gave up his job and his rented home to finance the search. Under strange circumstances almost 3 years later, Sahlke suddenly died in bed on April 19, 2010.

Faked Abduction ships to USA, UK, Portugal and Germany

Faked Abduction has finally shipped to customers in the USA, UK, Portugal and Germany. Orders are coming in fast for the 526 page paperback, published this week in the USA. It seems that the public will at last be able to read for themselves the key evidence in the Madeleine McCann case. This book—the first […]

Jim Gamble a Freemason or is it a lookalike?

There are so many coincidences and lookalikes in the Madeleine McCann case. Can anyone confirm if this is Jim Gamble of CEOP standing at the back of the picture in this Freemason photograph?

Day 3: Lisbon, Portugal, at the McCanns’ v Amaral libel trial

Day 3 in Lisbon, Portugal, at the McCanns’ v Amaral libel trial. Courtesy of Jon di Paolo’s tweets: 9:23: Good morning. We’re outside the courthouse for the third day of the McCann libel trial. 9:26: We’ve had rain every day so far – but this morning the sun has come up and cast a rainbow […]

Libel Trial Day 2. Flores: Our constitutional rights cannot be attacked

Once again, courtesy of Sky’s Jon di Paolo and his twittering: 9:54: Kate and Gerry McCann are sitting outside the court, only a few yards away from where Mr Amaral and his team are standing. 9:59: Gerry McCann outside court: we’ve heard no evidence Madeleine is dead. 10:00: Gerry McCann: we’re not denying the existence […]

Tavares de Almeida: When we asked UK for info on McCanns we got a single side of A4

At the start of the libel trial in Lisbon today, Tavares de Almeida is cross-examined by the McCanns legal team. Sr. Almeida pulls no punches and the McCanns’ lawyer is rebuked for making a false allegation against Sr. Almeida. Here is a blow-by-blow account of the events in the courtroom courtesy of Sky’s Jon di […]

Another South African “Madeleine Finder” arrives in Portugal

For many months of this year, a South African – Martin van Wyk has been corresponding to this website to explain that he knows where Madeleine McCann is buried and how she died. He allegedly visited Praia da Luz in October 2007 after selling all his possessions to finance the trip there. He sent me […]

Truth of the Lie – English Version Printed

Here at Truth for Madeleine we have the exclusive first copy of Mr. Amaral’s book “Maddie: A Verdade da Mentira” in its English form. Dealers in Europe are being sought and preview copies for serious enquiries will be made available for review only. Email enquiries only please to: Plans are also being put in […]

Madeleine McCann’s Death – Official

I feel desperately for Kate McCann – her life has been ruined, she loathes the spotlight

By JUSTINE MCGUINESS – Last updated at 17:12pm on 27th April 2008 For four months one woman shared every day with Kate and Gerry McCann, all the false hopes… and all the tears. Justine McGuiness, the former press adviser to Kate and Gerry McCann, speaks out about one of Britain’s most famous families… I will […]

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