Madeleine Officially Missing on April 30, 2007

CEOP posted that Madeleine McCann was missing 3 days before the parents reported her missing. This is captured in the Wayback Machine.

Prince Charles, The Barclay Brothers and Madeleine McCann

The first ever mainstream news story about Madeleine being abducted was the article in the Daily Telegraph on May 4, 2007 and timed at one minute past midnight. In other words, less than 2 hours after Kate and Gerry had raised the alarm, a top British newspaper was already sowing the seeds of the abduction story.

Gerry’s Tunnel Vision

By the time Mitchell arrived in Portugal three weeks after Madeleine’s disappearance, Gerry needed assurances from the Establishment that he was being taken seriously. To this end, Prince Charles and Camilla made a press release that came out of Clarence House on May 27, 2007. They were giving their full support.

Operation Grange: Madeleine McCann – A Potential Murder Enquiry

We give information whilst it’s appropriate to produce but whilst there’s an investigation going on and where it’s potentially murder, we say very little, we say very little.

Leicestershire Constabulary a Freemasonic Stasi

Leicestershire Constabulary is running Operation Task like some Cold War era Stasi (German Secret Police) investigation. Given the lack of feedback it makes one wonder whether Operation Task is really a Government cover-up masquerading as a real investigation.

New Clowns, Same Old Circus

Back in the summer of 2007, a media conveyor belt churned out a succession of former Scotland Yard detectives offering their expertise on the Madeleine disappearance. A few days after the media juggernaut started rolling, former Flying Squad commander, John O’Connor appeared—initially it would seem as a supporter of the Portuguese Police—on Sky TV. His […]

The Facts versus the Fiction

Read facts about the Madeleine McCann disappearance in Faked Abduction. Read the fictional account in Kate Healy’s book “madeleine”.

Kate’s Handwriting at Ocean Club Crèche looks like a forgery

This article first appeared on The handwriting in the creche records for the days that Madeleine was signed into the child care facility at the Ocean Club resort offer many clues to suggest that the records are forgeries. Prior to the McCanns’ holiday in Portugal in that ill-fated first week of May 2007, we […]

New audio evidence in McCann appeal on May 7, 2007

Newly discovered evidence in the appeal video reveals more staging.

Colin Sahlke’s Suspicious Death

FRIENDS and relatives of a Nelson man who died from a combination of morphine and alcohol poisoning said they were mystified how the drug got into his system.

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