British police failed to stop DNA evidence in McCann case from being made public

By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 12:51 AM on 19th July 2008 British police officers were yesterday accused of trying to stop DNA information allegedly linked to Kate and Gerry McCann’s hire car from being made public. The claim was made in a Portuguese newspaper after Midlands detectives travelled to Portugal to meet the […]

Robert Murat wins in Madeleine McCann court action

By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 12:54 AM on 18th July 2008 Robert Murat outside the High Court The Daily Mail and other newspapers yesterday apologised in court for the publication of false allegations about Robert Murat, Michaela Walczuch and Sergey Malinka, who we had wrongly suggested in a number of articles might have […]

Portugal’s law chief says he will announce ‘solution’ to Madeleine McCann case next week

By Daniel Bates Last updated at 10:13 PM on 16th July 2008 Missing: Madeleine McCann, pictured on the day she went missing Portugal’s law chief says he will announce a ‘solution’ next week to the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Attorney-general Fernando Pinto Monteiro’s words raised the prospect of Kate and Gerry McCann […]

Suspect Murat ‘doesn’t want investigation to end’ until Madeleine McCann is found

By Nicola Boden Last updated at 10:16 AM on 04th July 2008 For almost as long as Madeleine McCann has been missing, Robert Murat has been an official suspect in her disappearance. The 34-year-old ex-pat became an ‘arguido’ on May 14, just 11 days after the three-year-old vanished from a holiday apartment near his home […]

Madeleine: One year on, Portuguese police ‘should not be ashamed’ they have not found her, says attorney general

By DANIEL BOFFEY and DAVID WILKES – Last updated at 18:16pm on 4th May 2008 Police should shelve their investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, Portugal’s attorney-general appeared to say today. His country’s detectives have nothing to be ashamed of if they can’t trace her because it is statistically likely she will never be found, said […]

Madeleine: One year on in Praia da Luz – prayers, collages and a bizarre mannequin of missing girl

Last updated at 16:27pm on 3rd May 2008 Banners featuring newspaper cuttings were set up next to the church in Praia da Luz today – along with a bizarre mannequin of Madeleine McCann. The tribute appeared ahead of a service at which relatives of the young girl marked the first anniversary of her disappearance. The […]

If the police can’t find Madeleine, we’ll do it ourselves, vow Kate and Gerry McCann

By VANESSA ALLEN – Last updated at 11:24am on 2nd May 2008 Kate and Gerry McCann have said that if the police fail to find their missing daughter Madeleine they will carry on the search alone. Mr McCann said: ‘People have had a fair crack. As parents we just want to make sure everything possible has […]

‘I could shake my daughter and the Tapas 7 for leaving Madeleine alone,’ says Kate McCann’s mother

Last updated at 14:29pm on 29th April 2008 Madeleine McCann’s grandmother has attacked her own daughters’ decision to leave her three children alone in their holiday apartment on the night the three-year-old vanished. Kate McCann’s mother, Susan Healy, admits she is totally astonished that she thought it was safe to leave Madeleine and their two […]

McCann twins pick up the phone every day to ask ‘Where are you Madeleine?

By VANESSA ALLEN – Last updated at 14:24pm on 28th April 2008 Madeleine McCann’s little sister and brother pick up the telephone every day to ask ‘Where are you?’, their grandmother has revealed. Gerry McCann’s mother Eileen described how twins, Sean and Amelie, now three, are a constant heartbreaking reminder for their parents because they […]

I feel desperately for Kate McCann – her life has been ruined, she loathes the spotlight

By JUSTINE MCGUINESS – Last updated at 17:12pm on 27th April 2008 For four months one woman shared every day with Kate and Gerry McCann, all the false hopes… and all the tears. Justine McGuiness, the former press adviser to Kate and Gerry McCann, speaks out about one of Britain’s most famous families… I will […]

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