Madeleine Officially Missing on April 30, 2007

The Wayback Machine is a website at

It stores billions of web pages and serves as a historic reference to web pages and web sites of yore.

CEOP, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre is a British police affiliated organisation who have been involved with this case since the earliest days.

Today a link was found that indicates foreknowledge on the part of CEOP.

In the Wayback Machine, a page was grabbed from the CEOP website on April 30, 2007 at 11:58:03 (link:


The page says “Help Find Madeleine McCann” and it features an old photo of Madeleine taken before her holiday in Portugal.

The Wayback Machine has grabbed billions of pages dating back to the 1990s.

What were CEOP doing advertising Madeleine as missing on their website, 3-days before she was reported missing to Portuguese police?


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    PeterMac Says:

    Brilliant work. How long before it gets ‘whooshed’ ?

  2. 2
    David Farr Says:

    Peter, it has already been Whooshed, and all links are now redirected to May 13th as the first cache. The above code cannot be duped, and the FBI are involved in this investigation.

  3. 3
    G1 Says:

    – What do you mean when you say the FBI are involved in this investigation, David Farr? In what sense? They are involved in investigating the whole case, or this element with CEOP’s website and those whom it relates to, or do you mean “involved” in the conspiracy sense?

    – Even one whom is particularly not minded to be suspicious can find it difficult now not to assume of a great likelihood of some kind of conspiracy involving people in official positions. (Just as in the British politician etc child abuse scandals – persons were AND ARE involved from all sorts of authorities, police, secret services, some in social work and mental health teams, and the media silenced or puppetted by actual laws, laws, through decades). Given that it seems difficult not to consider some kind of conspiracy as at least likely, it’s hard to have any much degree of optimism when hearing the FBI may be involved in investigating the whole case.

    Are they really going to go up against foreigners in high places of authority – perhaps top ranking police, politicians, the higher ranks of a nation’s spying infrastructure, perhaps world leaders, if / as involved? And the question then comes – could there even be a serious investigation of this type in the inception, in the modern Western world? It’s times like this when the real extent and latent horror of ideas of global Illuminati style agreements and determined conduct can hit home more. What can the FBI do at the end of the day? What even would they start out to do, under the control of someone or someones or another someone fresh, suddenly, to control those lower someones? Can any organisation make a serious investigation? Can the Metropolitan Police, or could they be beyond the very last organisation who should, in fidelity, be entrusted to “the matter in hand”.

    – I may be in a significant minority amongst people making comments to the site’s articles, in believing that Madeleine McCann’s parents did not harm their daughter, and she was abducted by a child prostitution ring. (Who must be, how to say it, not without connections or well knowm clients). Though I feel it’s a good time to stress that evidence of a pre-arranged situation around the disappearance of Madeleine, and of a conspiracy involving pseudo-authority or authority persons, makes it seem more likely that there is not blame lying on the parents. This seems especially so to me given what is now, with the greatest difficulty, becoming public (still yet only small fragments). Fragments from a picture of ongoing child abuse during decades, including murder and potentially trafficking, with official persons of authority themselves involved. To me it would seem that evidence of pre-arrangment & conspiracy in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann can take the focus of potential blame much more away from the parents, as another, increasingly more familiar pattern can seem to for much more closely.

  4. 4
    Liz Y Says:

    I was about to type ‘How Strange’ but it isn’t really is it?

  5. 5
    veryinteresting Says:

    Is it possible under FOI to ask for a copy of the CEO webpages from 30 April ? I struggling to understand how this could have been “known” on 30 April – but no one speaks out ? Could there be a simple explanation for this ?

  6. 6
    Sid Says:

    This is in response to G1 long comment above.

    G1 expresses an interest in moving blame from the parents to some vague but pbviously huge conspiracy. If there is a huge conspiracy G1, with the greatest respect, the parents are up to their necks in it. At least, that’s the way it looks to me.

    I haven’t got the time to list all my reasons for suspecting Madeleines parents, so I’m going to list just the one. The dogs. Cadaverine odour was detected in the apartment used by the McCanns by expert dogs whose evidence has been dismissed by the McCanns despite the fact that those dogs had an otherwise perfect record. Evidence of cadaverine was also found in the McCanns hire car. It is extremely unlikely that this evidence is coincidental to Madeleines disappearance. The fact that the child has never been found & that evidence of a death in both the McCanns apartment & their hire car suggests the child never left the apartment alive.

    Very little DNA was found in the apartment once it was swept for DNA. No DNA for Madeleine & no other chldrens DNA was found in the apartment. How is this possible if 3 children had been running around & playing in the apartment only a few hours before the Police arrived? Somehow, the apartment had been systematically sterilised in the 45 minutes between the alarm having been raised & the Police arrival. It’s not possible for a deep clean to be performed in 45 minutes which means that there is no way there were 3 children running about in that place, that day. So this opens the possibility that Madeleine went missing in the days before May 3rd, & that for some reason her parents & a friend cleaned their holiday apartment from top-to-bottom before calling the Police.

    The building is quite new & no-one else ever died in that Praiz De Luz apartment. If the McCanns were living in that apartment the place could not have been sterilised without their knowledge. In fact DNA evidence suggested that only they & one friend were present during the deep clean of the apartment. They cleaned the place themselves!

    The lack of childrens DNA evidence in the apartment, combined with the blood & cadaverine odour detected by the dogs suggests that the McCanns are not telling the truth about what happened to their daughter. The Way Back Machine evidence suggests Madeleine was already missing 3 days before her parents say she went missing. I fail to see how any of this exonerates her parents.

  7. 7
    Anna Grefberg Says:

    Brilliant. I remember when all this started, the McCann´s was sending emails through Hotmail and asking people to help in the search for Madeleine. I can´t remember though about the dates but the email looked similar to the one above in this article.

  8. 8
    R2 Says:

    Now I am by far a believer in the theory that whatever happened, the mccanns are responsible for it, whatever IT was. But if that page existed as something else, and the info was changed later, it would still keep the original date the page was made. See what I’m saying? So while I agree there is a huge amount of lying and cover up happening, there is possible innocent explanations for this occuring.

  9. 9
    rene Says:

    she (maddy) woke up and went looking for the slime balls who probably told her
    they are enjoying drinks on the veranda. On gerrys watch her found her but he did not tell kate. only later! KATE DID MENTION HE WAS GONE FOR A LONG TIME. AND DONT FORGET HIS SEX TALKS WITH ONE O THE OTHER MEN IN THE GROUP!! she was hysterical.yes the twins slept through all this, coz daddy already hid the body. he would hide it still further as they continued looking. Kate jogged to see if she could find the little girls corpse. The conspiracy came later. aybe a paedophile in the group that meant jailing if it came out. Gosh I will never ever trust any man to look in on my daughters.


  10. 10
    G1 Says:

    ” If there is a huge conspiracy G1, with the greatest respect, the parents are up to their necks in it. At least, that’s the way it looks to me.”


    There probably is a sizable conspiracy. But if the parents are involved, it’s only going to be as pawns, underlings, puppets, napkin-holders who are shifted here and about, and completely silenced.

    It’s how it works.

    I’m sure Madeleine was kidnapped. Did the parents have any complicity as accessories?
    It’s unlikely.

    These ordinary doctors, from actually ordinary, respectable (rather than well-to-do “pillars of society”) backgrounds, neither from particularly comfortably off backgrounds (if at all) could never feature as major players in those kind of conspiracies, if those kind of conspiracies are relevant.

    It’s possible that the McCanns are suffering even much, much more than their even their sympathisers believe. Because it could be they’ve been set up and targeted within the “games” that certain sordid groups play, and are pinioned down, all the time, having had their daughter stolen from them first. How much they’re aware of that can increase their suffering immensely.

    British police – The Met – and more, and British politicians and wealthy people and well-known people, often the very picture themselves of the old adage of “social pillars” have long, long been involved in organised child abuse, including trafficking, with allegations of murder. It’s not limited to Britain, either – members of the same kinds of social circles have been involved in numerous other nations.

    It’s terrible what people say about people they don’t know.

    Find in Youtube the 20th anniversary programmes on JonBenet Ramsey – there’s one called “An American Murder Mystery”, 3 programmes, and then some Dr Phil shows from this month (September 2016). Currently being screened here in UK on cable channel Investigation Discovery.

    And suddenly it seems more and more a possible conspiracy involving well-connected people.
    Information formerly witheld now shows police targeting the family, covering things up, being not just illogical, but anti-logical, one after the other, after the other, after the other. And, wild as it may seem, suddenly I remember 1980s and 90s reports of people behind the scenes in the child beauty pageant world in America, alleged to be supplying children to well connected people, of high social strata in America. (High strata not meaning anything like the simply doing pretty well, middle class Ramsey family themselves. Hign meaning, possibly, household names.)

    And I look at every wild, mad, bewildering decision the Boulder police force made over the years – targeting the Ramseys when that family were not in the least suspicious. I see the things the police planted from the offset – eg “There were no footsteps in the snow” and then implying only someone witnin the household could have killed JonBenet. Even today, 20 years on, people are repeating the “evidence” that there were no footsteps in the snow outside the house, hence it had to be the family who did it.

    At last, Dr Phil Silverman shouts out at these lynch-mobbers, “THERE WAS NO SNOW”. The truth, no footsteps in the snow, because, as the crime photo evidence shows, there wasn’t snow for footsteps to be in around the house on the day of the murder.

    The point is this was set up by the police, and it went on and on and on and on, and in the docu programme I mentioned, the police are still doing it. They’re still at it this year, on and on, making ridiculous, absurd, irrational allegations personally in the programme itself, as if they were unquestionable on screen for the whole world to hear.

    How many times did I think the term “utter, utter dumbf***s” a out the police when watching the 3 part documentary on JonBenet? Countless times – before I realised that, literally, no-one can possibly actually be that dumb – it’s not viable – and this is something more serious than police with IQs of minus 700. No, it’s a big cover up, doesn’t it have to be? Just what VIP or VIPs are Tory covering for?

    Why? The more you look at it, the more it looks like the police, from the word ‘go’, were asked to cover something up and do it by targeting JonBenet’s family, falsely.
    Quite reminiscent of “Making a Murderer” – another US crime, where thrpe police are involved in it, I’ve no doubt – they’re covering up their own corruption and possibly, well, they’re so dirty, who knows where it stops with them?

    Still, with the JonBenet murder, people are levelling absurd lies against the family.

    Still, with the Madeleine McCann case, people are throwing ridiculous, bitter, jealous allegations at the parents.

    Somehow, probably in one case much more wittingly than the other, these are all screening a cover up behind the scenes. In both cases! The families would be victims – there is no way either family would find themselves “competing” well amidst these sordid groups within societies.

    With Madeleine’s case, it’s blinkered members of the public and their sad, tabloid, unthinking, bitter attitudes who happen to be helping screen what may be a large conspiracy.

    Stop and think. All the time. Go on.

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