Gerry’s Tunnel Vision

17-year old Alisa Dmitrijeva found dead at Sandringham on New Year's Day.

Gerry McCann making his speech at the Police Bravery Awards attended by Prince Charles and Gordon Brown.

New Year’s Day 2012 kicked in with the gruesome news of the body of a murdered woman found on Royal property at Sandringham in Norfolk, England. The following day I overheard a US television station reporting the story. The American presenter was talking to a reporter in England and he asked how this would affect the Royals. The response was the mind-boggling, “Oh…well, the Royal Family will not come under suspicion.”

This is incredible. Now excuse me, but if a murdered body was found in your backyard, do you really think the police would immediately rule you out of any suspicion? Does it mean that the Royal Family are exempt from prosecution in homicide cases? When did that law come to pass?

Haven’t we encountered a similar situation with the McCanns? Weren’t the McCanns impervious from prosecution and surrounded by similar blind-support of innocence?

The New Year’s Day story came at an appropriate time for Truth for Madeleine. Late in 2011 an alleged, credible source in British intelligence communicated information that would seem to finally explain why the McCanns were given assistance from the highest echelons of the Establishment.

For almost five years, followers of the Madeleine McCann mystery have debated back and forth wondering why the British Establishment stepped in to assist the Tapas 9 in a way never seen before. There have been many missing British children. There have been missing British children abroad. Many Brits have found themselves in legal pickles abroad but they have never had the red carpet treatment. Not, that is, until the McCann Roadshow came along.

A vast array of former policemen spoke of the McCanns’ innocence without having full knowledge of the circumstances. Murdoch owned newspapers like the Sun and the News of the World fawned over Kate and Gerry. Private planes were brought in to ferry the McCanns around like they were superstars. Gerry was nominated for “Scot of the Year” and both he and his wife were on first name terms with two successive British Prime Ministers.

None of it made sense.

When the police file became public in the summer of 2008 we learned that the Portuguese Police were far from the bungling Keystone Cops they were made out to be. They were diligent, thorough, and they were hampered because of an interfering British Government. Evidence was withheld from the Portuguese. A semen sample suddenly turned into a saliva sample after the British Forensic Science Service looked at it. The samples were, in turn, destroyed by the FSS so the investigators have no chance of a second opinion. The McCanns’ financial and medical details were withheld by British government intervention. Bombshell testimony implicating Gerry McCann and David Payne as potential paedophiles was deliberately withheld from Portugal for about five months.

The investigation was never botched by Portugal. Moreover, it was an investigation that was controlled and steered in one direction from day one by the British Establishment. This has never been in doubt as the Portuguese confirmed the presence of MI6 throughout their enquiries in 2007 and 2008.

Forum debaters and amateur sleuths spent hours trying to figure out what was so special about the McCanns. McCann benefactors were scrutinized and their backgrounds explored in an effort to find out why these child-neglecting parents were being let off the hook so easily. There were obvious Freemason connections, pharmaceutical connections, paedophilia connections and hundreds of other possible reasons why the McCanns and their friends were not being investigated properly.

Despite all this, one thing was certain: Gerry McCann had the British Establishment over a barrel. He had some kind of explosive information that was ensuring freedom for him and his wife Kate. This information was so damning that it was to create a gross miscarriage of justice.

Poor little Madeleine was forgotten. The case became a battle against prosecution for Kate and Gerry.

The information received here at TFM is damning but credible. It explains a lot about the case but it requires more study. I can’t reveal the name or contact details of the source and the reader will have to take it for what it is.

The gist of the bombshell information received here is this: Gerry McCann is privy to information implicating the Royal Family in the murder of Princess Diana. This was his leverage.

Let’s look at this chronologically:

Madeleine dies in the first week of May 2007. Reputations and careers would be in tatters, not to mention jail terms for child abuse and possibly murder.

Frantic phone calls and text messages are made back to England and Gerry has his famous “tunnel vision” incident in the church in Praia da Luz. Disclosed later in an interview with Catholic Magazine “The Tablet”, the “tunnel” was his cryptic reference to the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris. Gerry said “I had this mental image of being in a tunnel and instead of the light at the end of the tunnel being extremely narrow and a distant spot, the light opened up…That is when I really felt I had a clear path.

Gerry did have a clear path. A path that resulted in the British Government assigning Clarence Mitchell to the case on Monday, May 7, 2007.

Sir Tim Bell (now Lord Bell) offered one of his lackeys to assist the McCanns for two weeks until Mitchell was ready to go out to Portugal. This was a pressure time for the McCanns. Daily interviews were taking place and Praia da Luz had become an overnight media circus. In addition, the police were conducting interviews with those present at the time of the disappearance.

Assurances that the Establishment were taking the McCann threat seriously were already coming in. British diplomats in Portugal were being manipulated. Pro-Royal, Murdoch started to spin pro-McCann stories on Sky and in his newspapers. Former cops were drafted in as pro-McCann spin-doctors who blindly asserted that Madeleine’s parents were innocent of anything.

By the time Mitchell arrived in Portugal three weeks after Madeleine’s disappearance, Gerry needed assurances from the Establishment that he was being taken seriously. To this end, Prince Charles and Camilla made a press release that came out of Clarence House on May 27, 2007. They were giving their full support. The single sentence press release said

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall said they had been following the case of missing Madeleine McCann “closely and with deep concern” and “fervently hoped” she would be reunited with her family.” Another indication of Royal influence came from McCann in his blog when he wrote “The rest of us attended mass which was very emotional as a priest from RAF Lossiemouth was visiting and further prayers were said for Madeleine.”

RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland is a significant location for Prince Charles having been flown there as a boy when he attended school at Gordonstoun which is just a mile from the military base.

June was when the McCanns did the bulk of their Grand European Tour and a plethora of Sirs and Lords appeared on the scene. Sir Richard Branson, Sir Philip Green, Sir Tom Hunter, Sir Christopher Meyer, Lord Stevens and not forgetting that Lord Tim Bell had already given his support the previous month. The connection between these people is that they were all endorsed by the Royal Family. They were knighted by the Queen. While the credentials of these people were discussed on the Internet, everyone overlooked the fact that the benefactors had all been honoured by the Royal Family.

Gerry McCann making his speech at the Police Bravery Awards attended by Prince Charles and Gordon Brown.

July proved a difficult month for the McCanns. Three of their Tapas friends were reinterviewed in Portimão on Wednesday July 11, 2007. Gerry McCann returned to London the same day as a guest of Gordon Brown and Prince Charles at the Police Bravery Awards sponsored by the Sun Newspaper. Gerry tried to disguise this because in his blog he didn’t mention who had invited him and he entered the blog entry on Thursday July 12, 2007. Gerry’s presence there was to meet with Brown and Prince Charles.

In early August, the British police took the cadaver dogs to Portugal and arranged to search properties occupied by the McCanns. This resulted in some incriminating finds that were subsequently disclosed in the media in the first week of September. This was a time of maximum heat for the McCanns. Press coverage was at fever pitch and the case had turned on its head. Now the McCanns were public enemy #1 and the Establishment spin looked like it wasn’t working. Upon fleeing Portugal on Sunday September 9, 2007, we saw signs of the Establishment’s influence on British soil. Special Branch escorted the McCanns home from East Midlands Airport and the Masonic big gun lawyers enter the scene. Kingsley Napley had represented General Pinochet and HRH Princess Michael of Kent. The press speculated that Kingsley Napley’s Michael Caplan QC was helping the McCanns because he was successful in defending Pinochet against extradition to Spain although the real reason was that they were ordered by the Establishment.

The heat didn’t die down in September. The McCanns feared prosecution and they were looking for some monumental change in direction. For all the power plays shown in the previous four months, the Portuguese police were diligently carrying out their homicide investigation. The damning witness statements from the Gaspars had been deliberately delayed [after ‘internal’ directives] and Portugal was still unaware that McCann and Payne had been described as possible sexual perverts by their doctor friends from Birmingham. The main problem with the case from the McCanns’ point of view was their adversary: Inspector Gonçalo Amaral.

While the McCanns were sweating out the summer of 2007, something was developing in England: the Inquest on the death of Princess Diana. The spotlight was about to turn on the British Royal Family once again. Al Fayed and the Daily Express was adamant that Diana had been murdered by the Royal Family. The Inquest was set to start and the Royals could not have Gerry McCann upset the apple cart. On October 1, Prince Charles entered the fray once again. A press release claimed:

AN anonymous tip-off to the Prince of Wales has sent UK police on an urgent hunt for a new suspect in the Madeleine McCann case.

The email – sent via Prince Charles’ website – claimed a disgruntled former employee of the Portuguese resort where the toddler went missing, could be behind her disappearance. It claimed Madeleine was abducted from the Praia da Luz apartment in revenge against the complex’s owners.

It is understood police have confirmed the woman named in the email did work at the resort when Madeleine was last seen 150 days ago. Royal aides have passed the email on to Scotland Yard, which is now trying to trace the author.

A police source told London newspaper The News of the World: “There have been hundreds of Madeleine theories, sightings and tips sent into UK cops from members of the public. But this one is different. “It’s incredibly detailed and so far, from the inquiries being made in Portugal, it appears to be based on factual events.”

Police believe that the tipster entrusted the information to Prince Charles because he and wife Camilla came out in support of Maddie’s parents Kate and Gerry.

In the biggest power play of the Establishment so far, their next move demonstrated to Gerry just how far they could operate. The British Establishment arranged for Gonçalo Amaral to be sacked on the day the Inquest on the death of Princess Diana commenced.

Unknown at the time, the public waited for months in expectation of a result from the Forensic Science Service. It never came. It was buried and destroyed. Once the investigation was on British soil there was no way the Establishment would allow the incriminating evidence to see the light of day. Not until the public could see the police file in the summer of 2008 would we realize that the FSS participated in a monumental cover up. But then this was par for the course. The same forces that manipulated the Princess Diana evidence were at work here.

The McCanns were all smiles come April 2008. They were not part of the rogatory interviews and instead of staying close to home and Leicester, they set off for the European Parliament on their pretendy Amber Alert campaign. The key date here is April 7, 2008. This is the day that the Princess Diana Inquest returned a verdict:

Diana and Dodi were unlawfully killed by the “grossly negligent driving of the following vehicles and of the Mercedes” adding that additional factors were “the impairment of the judgment of the driver of the Mercedes through alcohol” and “the death of the deceased was caused or contributed to by the fact that the deceased was not wearing a seat-belt, the fact that the Mercedes struck the pillar in the Alma Tunnel, rather than colliding with something else.

Alisa Dmitrijeva

17-year old Alisa Dmitrijeva found dead at Sandringham on New Year’s Day.

Beyond April 2008, the Royals were under no more significant threat from Gerry. They had played their part in helping to keep the McCanns from prosecution and the threat hanging over their heads vanished once the Inquest returned that famous verdict. It is sad but true that the power of the British Establishment can cover up death as easy as it can take a life.

Today, the dead girl found on the Sandringham Estate was finally identified as 17-year old. Sadly, there will be little help from the Royals. USA Today reported

Buckingham Palace has declined to comment saying it is a matter for the police.

R.I.P. Alisa Dmitrijeva, Princess Diana, Madeleine McCann.


  • Gerry’s Blogs (here).
  • Prince of Wales’ Website (here).
  • Lord Stevens claim that the McCanns are innocent (here). Stevens led Operation Paget – the whitewash investigation into Princess Diana conspiracy theories.
  • Madeleine “Sighting” near Montpellier, France. CCTV analysed by same French Forensic lab involved in Princess Diana case (here).
  • Clarence Mitchell was heavily involved in post-Diana Royal stories for the BBC as reported (here). Mitchell is an MI6 agent.
  • Sir Alec Jeffreys – DNA Pioneer, ironically also from Leicester who blindly supported the McCanns (here). He has several Royal affiliations: Royal Society Member (here), honoured by Prince Charles (here), Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (here).
  • Clarence Mitchell flew to Sydney Australia to cover the death of former INXS singer Michael Hutchence. Ironically, Hutchence died shortly after Princess Diana in a hotel where Diana stayed the year before her death. Hutchence also performed for Prince Charles and Princess Diana. What did he know about Diana’s death? (read more here).
  • One major McCann supporter was Dai Davies – a Former Head of Royal Protection and Chief Superintendent (Divisional Commander) Metropolitan Police Service. In 1995, Davies was hired as Operational Unit Commander in charge of Royal Protection for HM The Queen and the Royal Family. He was responsible for Palace and Personal Protection throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide. He inherited a command size of 450 personnel and a total resource budget of £26 million. Davies spectacularly shot himself in the foot with his nonsensical comments in support of the McCanns. But, of course, he was a Royal protector during the time Lady Diana died. Read more (here).
  • The Metropolitan Police doing a “review” of the case are actually the Belgravia Police – conveniently located a walking distance away from the seat of the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace.
  • The Duke of Westminster (Royal Family member and a big landowner in Belgravia) is the wealthy neighbour of Brian Kennedy in Cheshire.

40 Responses to “Gerry’s Tunnel Vision”

  1. 1
    Angelique Says:

    But if this is all true – then your statement: “It is sad but true that the power of the British Establishment can cover up death as easy as it can take life” should have dealt with the McCanns – why bother with all the ‘fixes’ and allow them to walk free. Another car accident would have been a lot quicker and cleaner.

  2. 2
    George W. Says:

    Angelique, watch the movie “Three Days of the Condor”. If you have explosive dirt on someone you protect your life before letting them know what you have.

  3. 3
    Cookie Says:

    There is a lot there to be thinking about!

    Why would Gerry have information into the death of Diana? what would his connection be? surely if he was involved in any way shape or form then there would be official documentation of such involvement (i mean in dealing with the inquest or anything? just wondering how a common GP would get to be involved in something of that scale) how would he have information to such a degree that he would be seen as a threat by the royal family – how loose would the cover up have been in relation to Diana if a Scottich GP knew of such incriminating evidence.

    Im not sticking up for the M/C`s as previously blogged my feelings over this case, however information to the contrary has to be credible – can we really belive that the people at the centre of this terrible situation are also involved in some way or have such incriminating evidence that they demand the support of British Intelligence and the Royal Family to keep their silence over the death of Princess Diana, in exchange for the afer-mentioned silence in the dissapearence of their daughter Maddy –

    I just don`t know if its stretching the realms of logical connections?

    The statements of the Royals are there for all to see and obviously you cant deny those or the dates etc.. which all seem to form links, however we don`t know if Charles decided getting behind the Mcanns would improve his public image especially to the mothers out there who probably had him blamed for Diana`s death regardless? there is allways another way to look or analyse something, who said for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction?

    If the British establishment where so far behind the Mcanns – in the knowledge that they where protecting guilty people then why would they have sent the dog handler with the blood and cadaver dogs? In my opinion its the evidenc ethat these dogs serve up that is the most damming to the Mcanns so surely this would have had to of been seen as a bad move? the dogs sent are the best in the business – proof out there – thats why for me we have to go on the side of the evidence from these dogs as they have no agenda apart from wanting a treat fro doing good work!

    I`d be interested to know how the enguiry by Scotland Yard is going on and if this has turned up anything else or are we just presuming that this will be a cover up also?

  4. 4
    TheLostMarketingPloyBlog Says:

    Hi dear Steve. As I was sent your great post by a friend, and it caught my attention, I have shared it on The Lost Marketing Ploy blog. You are welcome to have a look there as someone has left another big “coincidential” element in the comments:

    -you may just pop in whenever you wish. Use any info from the blog freely. Take care, Mega FUND-Line

  5. 5
    bengalpuss29 Says:

    It is rather odd though that they are getting all this support from people high up. That poor girl that was found dead in the royal grounds, prince charles didn.t comment and said it was a police matter. Then surely to god the mccann’s business is a police matter, but no they’ve now got 30 scotland yard detectives looking into the investigation why put all that into something that happened abroad and the parents were to blame for what happened to that little girl i.e leaving her and two siblings alone in a foreign country while they got drunk why is all that man power and it will cost millions that the met can.t afford, why are they getting preferential treatment, unless they know something im sorry to say this but that fund that was set up to look for that child has been used to sue a number of people that talk sense. The investigator for one knows what happened he got fired and then they tried to stop his book using money to find their daughter. If you ask me they know something at least.

  6. 6
    Liz Y Says:

    Wow!!! At last, an explanation that ticks all the boxes in the enormous establishment cover-up, I was with the Team Paedophilia, I couldn’t imagine anything else so big that it’s silenced the media, closed down websites and all manner of other stuff. Now, if this is true (and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility) it would wipe away 99.9% of the niggly bits. It’s true that it would, perhaps, have been a better idea to set up a car crash or any other fatal event, but you can be sure that they’ve got ‘proof to back-up’ what they’re alleging, hidden in a very safe place, just in case something should happen to them then the truth will out. They’re good at hiding things, especially little girls. Besides Gerry’s really enjoying all this fame and power, but the stupid sod can’t see what a stupid sod he is, patronising us with his ridiculous explanations – dirty nappies, meat juices, cadaverine di da di da, and as for ‘it was like dining in the garden, now that would be at the end of a, let’s say, 80 metre garden, in some bushes, and leaving the bloody FRONT DOOR WIDE OPEN!!
    Maybe it was one of those friends of a friend of a friends type scenario, probably within the medical fraternity, it happens. This now leaves me puzzled about the Tapas 7, were they in on this? Yes probably, if only because jumped up Gerry wouldn’t have been able to contain himself, because he needs his regular fix of smug, self satisfied, boastful, arrogant, weasely, lying, stinking, pervy, murdering bastard!! Other than that, he’s not a bad bloke………….
    The establishment, that he threatened to spill the beans about, would secretly despise someone like Gerry, pervy little upstart snitch, just keep watching your back Gerry, you are really not as important or, as clever as you’ve been led to believe.
    You’ll sup sorrow with a BIG spoon, you two. Trust me.

  7. 7
    claudineretard Says:

    WHOOSH CLUNK is coming for this pair of fraudsters and child neglectors. Little accident ? Yes, watch your back Gerry the establishment don’t like being held to ransom and remember this, you are replacable. BOO they going to rid themselves of pesky mccann pests that make DEMANDS.

  8. 8
    Liz Y Says:

    Have read somewhere very recently, that Gerry was put on the sex offenders list in 2002, have no idea if it’s true, but, given the Gaspar’s statements, I wouldn’t be surprised, I don’t think anything I read about these people (and I use the term very loosely) will surprise me ever again.
    They are totally without any remorse, except not being there when Madeleine was abducted, and we don’t believe the abduction bollocks now. Whilst they’ve railroaded their abduction fantasy, tearing down everything and everyone who said different. They’ve lost people their livelihoods, shredded a ‘good copper’s’ reputation and integrity, (my highest respect comes to you Goncalo Amarel, you will be vindicated), lost people tourism, frightened other holiday-makers present past and future, implicated others who were entirely innocent, refused to act on police instructions, lied through their teeth, made pensioners and children part with money they didn’t really have, not to help search for Madeleine, but to pay for the best briefs in the country, whilst they paid their Mortgage and danced cheek to cheek, with another load of arseholes who call themselves the upper echelons, and our betters. I could go on all night. I know journalists have had bad press themselves on this, their hands may have been tied, but not their minds, they’ve got all this well covered, they’re just waiting for the shit to hit the fan, and it will, but not soon enough for me.

  9. 9
    Rob H Says:

    I wsouldn’t be at all surprised if Madeleine’s disappearance is in some way tied up with the establishment-cover-up of Hollie Greig…

  10. 10
    Sherokee Says:

    Just watched Panorama tonight about the ‘Review’ of Madeleine’s disappearance. Apparently, so far, since Cameron gave the go-ahead to revisit this case, it has cost £2million and quite a bit of police manpower and time. Panorama seems to think it had something to do with Cameron at the time being lent on by the Murdoch empire – which makes sense. Trouble is, pretty pointless, because most of the forensics have been destroyed and as far as I can understand, as I have been interested in following this intriguing case over the years, in my view, any real tangible roads of inquiry have been destroyed and dismissed already by the British police and establishment.

    There have been a lot of conspiracy theories around the McCann case – Murat, Inflatable Signs, The Mason’s, illegal adoption and the Diana – Royal Family connection, which just goes to show how much people are intrigued by this and will go to great lengths to research and find some connection. Go far enough, and there will always seem to be a connection. We already know that there are just ‘six degrees of separation’ to anyone in the world. My advice is to keep it simple, read all the evidence which is available on many sites and reach your own conclusion. The facts are there!

  11. 11
    joolio Says:

    It seems to me that if the McCann’s are being ‘looked after’ by any authority from the Freemasons to any other powerful illuminati type organisation, what MI6, MI5, who….that they would in fact be getting very short shrift by now. Highly organised groups of people go out of their way to ‘protect their own’ if it is of VALUE for them to keep doing so and if they have some form of INVESTMENT in doing so. That would normally involve vast amounts of money or power or control of politics, not making it OK for a control freak and his codependent wife who have done something unsavoury with a young girl. What would be the value or investment in protecting this two lying fools who just won’t let it drop. Usually ‘cover-ups’ become exactly that…. silenced, quieted, never mentioned again. The actions of the McCanns have been pedestrian, clumsy, see-through, inept, annoying, persistent, and they just wont GO AWAY. I agree that maybe at first people on a high level felt perhaps they don’t deserve to be struck off, banged up abroad, have their twins removed, accused of murder at worst or manslaughter at best, accused of drugging their child with wrongfully obtained adult medication. Then there are the ‘professional’ friends, other doctors. Looks a bit bad to be associated with child murderers, so they have their own reasons for covering up a situation. But does it really go THAT high up or THAT sinister…. Gerry is a sociopath, a control freak, a severely personality disordered person with interpersonal problems – look at the video where he is about to go out on holiday ‘fuck off… I’m not here to enjoy myself’, his body language, his words, everything. Maybe trapped in an unhappy marriage, maybe a sex offender, maybe attracted to little girls, maybe organising that with friends but on a very low key low level most likely if at all. That death was clearly an accident no matter what. Nobody wants to have a dead child on their hands whether its by way of lashing out too harshly during punishing them, by way of giving her sleeping pills and her knocking her head open bleeding to death, a sex offence on a tiny child gone wrong… but not premeditated. These people may be ‘professionals’ who pertain to lord it over the average working class person but they are SMALL FRY in masonic terms, in illuminati terms. Groups of people like those will only extend a little assistance so far. They won’t put their entire reputation on the lines for a couple of dimwits – him thinking no-one notices what an absolute tosser he is and her looking all gormless codependent and acting like his puppet. And they refuse to go away and shut up. Their time will be up for no other reason than that. Now they need the money to keep defending themselves physically, legally, but no-one will keep supplying it and the general public no longer believe they’re telling the truth. Anyone ‘looking after them’ will shortly drop them like a hot potato. Expect soon there will be documentaries examining their body language and actual words, when they can no longer fend off the truth. And I hope the TRUTH comes soon.

  12. 12
    Jimbo Says:

    I have been a fan of these posts not to mention the book for a very long time.

    However, while I accept that the McCanns had contacts which enabled their escape. Saying they had knowledge of the Diana tragedy is total insanity. Further that somehow this is tied into the Royal Family. What a load of horse shite. Seriously, I hope that this crap doesn’t go on. You have written some superb articles and raised some good issues. Please don’t wreak it by going down this avenue.
    I beg you.


    Site Admin: Why do you think the police in England who are reviewing the case are based in Belgravia? Who owns most of Belgravia and where is it situated? Why do you think Brian Kennedy in Cheshire (the Duke of Westminster’s neighbour) was involved? The McCanns received Special Branch assistance due to Royal involvement…end of.

  13. 13
    Claire B Says:

    Wow, what fascinating reading this website is proving to be. I was a huge supporter of the McCanns when all of this first happened and then as the years have gone by I have started to question a lot of things (especially the fact that they left the kids alone) what has prompted me to visit alternative sites to theirs is that I have just read the most recent edition of Kate’s book “Madeleine” and there was a lot in there that I felt was all very one-sided from someones diary which of course could just be made up as she went along or at least changed before submitting for publication!
    In answer to a comment above. Gerry is not a GP but a consultant cardiologist – not that this would make a particular difference to what he might or might not know about Diana/Royal Family but presume he moves in different circles to his wife and be party to information a GP might not be. Anyway more comments might follow from me as I read through more of this site. Very, very interesting.

  14. 14
    Hugh Says:

    It’s a curious reference that Gerry McCann has made and it sounds as though it’s about Diana. I can’t believe that his power to get the Establishment, including Royals, falling over themselves to pander to him is derived from knowledge about Di’s ritual murder that no one else knows about. Anyone threatening Them with blackmail would soon find themesleves the victim of an state-organised “suicide” or mistakenly shot on a tube train.

    If glue that binds the Establishment together is based on perversions that none of us would like to think about then I’d suggest that the Establishment are looking after the McCanns because they’re returning a favour; and they want to send a message to others like the McCann’s that they’d be taken care of as well.

  15. 15
    Rowena C Says:

    Yet another seedy establishment member rather too close to this case

    The Duke and the hookers

    Reply: And yes, the Duke of Westminster lives close to Brian Kennedy in Cheshire. There is definitely a Royal connection to this story. The so-called Metropolitan Police investigating the story are actually the closest police to Buckingham Palace – the Belgravia Police. The Duke of Westminster owns pretty much most of Belgravia doesn’t he?

  16. 16
    Rachel Says:

    Sorry but if Gerry had had info on the Diana “murder” they could just have bumped him off, couldn’t they, like they “killed” Diana? I think some kind of Masonic link is involved or possibly they know something embarrassing (of a paedophile nature) about someone very important

    Reply. Watch the 1975 movie “Three Days of the Condor” and understand how this stuff works. People who have incriminating information on others can’t just be “bumped off”. That’s for Hollywood but this was reality.

  17. 17
    Fiona Says:

    Kate McCann is now a semi zombie. Apparantly she does not talk and is very submissive. She is only wheeled out for the annual May 3rd begging day & sofa tv interviews and charity running pics Do you think McCann was one of the heart Doctors who saw to Diana ? Gerry does have a CATS reg no for paedophilia. Look up the Gaspar statements

  18. 18
    Tina Says:

    Great article!

  19. 19
    Darren Ware Says:


    Don’t be sooo harsh!

    If I’d OD’d my kids on Robbitussin I’d admit it all…


    Hang on!

    I didn’t… So I take it all back!! The McCanns are sooo v.v. innocent!

  20. 20
    Darren Ware Says:

    Hmmh…So NR@89 and Mt’PM weren’t arrested within 24 hrs of’t ’98 Russell murder after being ‘dared’ to do it to become eligible for 2xGMs?

    Hmmh!!! Grow up Marion W… or whoever you are!!

  21. 21
    G1 Says:

    Marion Webster, you’ve made a simple, rash mistake, that anyone would kick themselves about if they did. But it’s definitely a mistake.

    You say the Amaral programme claimed
    – Madeleine McCann died by a fall on the floor
    – Her body was hidden in the cupboard
    – She was taken to the sea

    There’s not even a bit of contradiction in that.

    If the girl died by a wound to the head and was not abducted, then her body was hidden in the cupboard for a while, perhaps a day and night until May 3rd, perhaps only a few hours from before the group went to dinner.

    Some hours would probably be enough anyway to leave cadaver for a few months.

    Obviously, the programme didn’t suggest a body was left in the appartment when the police called. Amaral knows his men looked. The programme does suggest the body was taken away, from the copboard – towards the sea, and went into the sea or left somehow for later, perhaps in a car.

    You’ve mistake the time gap between hypothetical death and G McCann allegedly carrying the girl as if she were alive, later. Amaral knows it had to be long enough to leave the cadaver scent the trained cadaver dog picked up.

    It’s not my theory. It’s Amaral’s. But there isn’t the contradiction you suggested at all.

  22. 22
    Chris Spivey » Blog Archive » Big Ears, Brown and those 48 unanswered questions Kate McCann refused to answer Says:

    […] Truth for Madeline […]

  23. 23
    Woburn_Exile Says:

    Good Article, I never knew the connections until now. Now we have to face the future and given that Team McCann are going to be reading this then here are my predictions. Kate McCann will crack, It might take a few years but crack she certainly will. All killers eventually do. When that happens she will be found dead due to “suicide” and Gerry McCann will be able to visit the wailing wall in Fleet street blaming the press for her death. I only hope someone gets hold of their other 2 children before they too start to question the cover up of their parents which is all too clear for the world to see.
    If anyone wants more info on how to get her to crack then

  24. 24
    Leaser Says:

    19 October 2013

    17-year old Alisa Dmitrijeva – did she have a baby girl. She resembles the child found with Roma?

    Only my impression

  25. 25
    Paula Levy-Smith Says:

    Dr. Gerald (Gerry) McCann was part of a multi-disciplinary governmental commission that studied the environmental impact of nuclear power plants in the UK (both private and state owned). This at the time of the child’s “dematerialization” (2007).

    When Kate McCann finds Madeleine has gone missing (in her “Official version” of events) no one phones the authorities. Nor the parents nor their friends. The alarm is given about 30 minutes later by a member of the restaurant staff (so-called “Tapas Bar”). That much most people know.

    What a lot of people do not know is Gerry McCann instead of alerting the Portuguese authorities decides to get in touch with a “Belfast University professor” (name withheld) who had been a consultant in Tony Blair’s government. The same professor was a top consultant in the government of Gordon Brown. Have a guess (…)

    Murdoch’s SKY breaks the news of Madeleine’s demise well before the Portuguese authorities are alerted – probably implying this was thanks to the good offices of the PM’s cabinet or, at any rate, a powerful friend-of-a -friend (FOAF).

    I have always found this revelation extraordinary! Not least because if Gerry McCann had access to data from the British government nuclear programme, no one inside the political Establishment had any idea of what kind of damage a “wounded father” could inflict upon them.

    Gerr McCann could (hypothetically) compromise the British nuclear program on a global scale – and this is just one of the least speculative inferences. No wonder a decision was made (my assumption) to protect his good name at all costs least he “freaked out” and became a “loose canon”.

    The above is of course a working hypothesis. The facts however are true and the protection afforded to the McCanns is too obvious to go unnoticed. Your article makes absolute sense to me.

    Site Reply: Gerry’s involvement in the Nuclear think-tank doesn’t seem strong enough to attract the likes of wealthy entrepreneurs to assist the family even though he may have had some internal “secrets” by being on that committee. The Diana death story has reared its head recently with the wife of an SAS soldier going into hiding after some revelations circulated in the media. Notice again how anything to do with the Royals and more specifically, Diana’s death, brings increased focus on the McCanns.

  26. 26
    Splan Says:

    Not really a big believer in conspiracy theories.

    BUT it is interesting how few people who have followed this case from the the start even with simply main stream media coverage actually believe their version of events. I for one have never believed their version.

    While I still find it next to impossible and highly improvable that there is some kind of establisment cover up involving freemasons… mainly because I know how hard it is for government/establishment groups/bodies to organise anything, the ideas so often put forward in conspiracies oddly gives the ‘establishment’ a large amount of respect in terms of their ability. Whereas anyone with close ties to the ‘establishment’ (for want of a better term) or most large organisations knows that the first word which describes most of them is incompetent. They simply don’t have the ability to organise the conspiracies so many theorists love to come up with.

    But the point is… and why I am even reading this site. Is that I don’t believe the McCanns are innocent victims. I think one way or another they know what happened. And even if they don’t then their parenting skills are so non existent that I find it appalling so many people supported them. If they had been living on a council estate in Liverpool and left their kids unsupervised while they went to the local pub and their daughter had gone missing they would have been vilified and probably had their other children taken into care.

    I’m afraid what this whole case shows more than anything is how if you are not only very middle class but affluent and connected and have the typical god complex surgeons have you can get a lot of similarly connected, influential and affluent people to fight your corner. No conspiracy… just, sadly, the way the world still works even now.

  27. 27
    Lydia G Says:

    Colin Salke TALKED and one day the TRUTH will come out.

  28. 28
    Jane Says:

    The McCanns and those associated with them must be realising by now that public support is on the wane. OK so news of another arrest etc comes up occasionally, everyone gets excited, all things “Madeleine” trend for a few days on the internet and then it goes quiet again and in the newspaper public comment areas on the stories, one starts to get the impression that there are more negative than positive thoughts from the public.
    At the time of her disappearance I was working in the health sector with children and we were cascaded information from social services about Madeleine in much the same way as we would be given information about any other missing child who might or might not have been transported in to our area. However as the media circus continued, one colleague dared to be a lone voice in the wilderness and expressed how concerned she was as someone working in social services, that the doctors had left three very young children on their own. Her comments were greeted with outrage and shouts of “how insensitive of you ” etc etc. However I suspect that my ex-colleague feels somewhat reassured that her initial views are now shared by the majority as years have passed by and we are looking back at all of this with more suspicion. She also suggested it was because they were doctors and somehow completely innocent because of the caring profession they were in – outrageous in itself.
    I am a parent and I am also a health professional and I too have felt that utter twist of horror one feels inside when a child wanders off for a few moments and you cant see them (my youngest had the habit of doing that when he was little) so if all of this is for real then I can not imagine what they went through and are going through still, but something doesn’t add up. I hope I will be proved wrong. I think we all would. But the huge support the McCanns were receiving years ago has run out and so has their money and the headlines suggesting that another arrest is about to be made wherever that seems to come to nothing does not help their case.

  29. 29
    AK Says:

    Splan – Unfortunately many people do believe Establishment “conspiracy theories’; the one about 4 young blokes who are alleged to have blown up a bus and three tubes springs to mind. Luckily, some of us would rather determine the facts which indicate that the alleged four didn’t even get to Kings Cross in time to catch the three tubes.

    I’m not so sure I’d label the Establishment as incompetent. Look what they’ve achieved since the last war: GB has exported its jobs so that it is is no longer a manufacturing nation; there are many cities where the indigenous population is in a minority; our privacy is invaded by a government that assumes we’re all potential criminals; we’re being taxed to the hilt in order to pay off interest on loans from a central bank – even though the government could quite easily print its own money.

    The Establishment is following a script set out in the Protocols and they’re doing a pretty good job so far of convincing the prols that they’re acting in their interest. And before anyone labels the Protocols as a “forgery”, don’t forget that a forgery is a copy of an original.

    The Establishment is adept at covering up for their own and if you don’t believe that then I’d suggest you take some time to read about Jimmy Savile.

  30. 30
    d Says:

    I believe that gerry and mr khan ( dianna ex) knew each other well , i have on good authority, they are both cardiologist s , i think mr khan might well have discussed dianas death .

  31. 31
    norma Says:

    Rest in Peace little Madeleine, it sounds as if she may well have been suffering during her short life. How can the truth about whether her father was a paedophile ever be uncovered? I used to believe the parents innocent for a long time also but I was always unsettled by the smirking Gerry McCann who seemed and seems still, unable to disguise, what often looks like smug glee. I am beginning to understand, perhaps, why the McCanns get their protection from the top thanks to this site.

  32. 32
    MIKE Says:

    There is no way Gerry could of been bumped off/killed think about how that would look. First little Maddy goes missing then he dies? Mmmm but to give him hush money and to spare him a jail sentence is nothing to those involved so works out better for their image. However if he becomes to much of a pain, who knows.

  33. 33
    interested Says:

    That’s interesting. While it could be the other way around, you know.
    It is possible that Gerry had some insider knowledge in some area which meant he could hold it over the authorities, getting a favourite’s treatment.
    Whether nuclear, other government policy which he knew from research could harm the public, IVF, something to do with Diana Windsor’s death (as people suggest), or something secret in his role as a doctor.
    But whether true or not, there is another possible angle, which puts the McCanns more as victims.
    With all of the official child abuse coming to light, British and foreign official (linked and probably in a small fraction of what it has been), this may be enough for the powers-that-be to be seen to be dealing with the Madeleine case as much as they can.
    Perhaps exactly because of these poweful peoples’ own involvement with some people involved, to be seen, to be thought to be doing much, where they are covering up their own interests.
    This does not need to include Gerry.
    Gerry and Kate could be
    1 Victims of powerful people who had connections somehow with what happened to Madeleine.
    2 Further then, victims of the confused people in society who smell a rat, but attribute that to Gerry and Kate because of their favoured treatment.
    When the rat smell should be attributed to the powers behind the scenes.
    Indeed the powers can be kind of happy to let the public attack Gerry and Kate, as long their illegal interests they want to hide are kept secret.
    Active, direct, known Metropolitan police involvement in child abuse rings (not just covering it up for other powerful people – actual abuse, but covering it up for others also) goes back decades and decades and decades.
    We know now it has included many politicians from numerous parties in the Commons and also the Lords, and people in local government, councils etcetera.
    As for favoured treatment by Gerry, another possibility is he was once one of the doctors the powerful abusers used.
    It is known, recorded, there were named doctors who were used after children were abused when this was to be covered up.
    The doctors were told it was an emergency and were sworn to secrecy by MI5, with police present warning them.
    If the doctors tried to divulge their experiences, it is known they were taken to a secret court, a real, British court, heard in privacy under so-called secrecy laws.
    Could Gerry have been one of the doctors so used in this way in the past?
    Could he have used this to try to gain more attention for his stolen daughter?
    Could even his daughter have been stolen by associated people to these powerful abuse rings, perhaps because Gerry had been threatening to tell people things?
    (Like Jill Dando, I believe also).
    While Gerry and Kate may not be in a position now to know exactly what happened to Madeleine, this might still be a veiled threat from people behind those powerful abuse rings.
    Still they would be threatened with secret courts and imprisonment if they told of their experiences as doctors in the past for child abuse victims.
    (Actual relatives and friends of families of real child abuse victims in the past are known to have been put in prison for periods.
    Only because they attempted to tell the public about ongoing organised child abuse by rings including powerful people, wealthy people and celebrities.
    And their daughter disappeared, to them mysteriously.
    This is fact.
    The “doctors list” of doctors attending abused children while watched and threatened by MI5 & police is fact also. It is known and recorded by some.
    Some doctors didn’t know what they were agreeing to until afterwards, because it wasn’t made explicit before the doctor’s consultation.
    Then the child would tell them what happened, sometimes, and they would be told if they reported any of the consultation or surrounding information to anyone at all, they would be tried secretly.
    They were told it should lead to a prison stay, the first of a line of attacks they could suffer.
    Very possibly, the McCanns are victims in a number of senses.
    Real, extreme victims of the state, who have also been made victims of an ignorant, unthinking public.
    The latter element probably may have been foreseen or even planned by the powerful people if this is true.

  34. 34
    kevti Says:

    freemasons give a blood oath to protect brother masons.look at the people supporting the mc canns
    a lot of them are masons,

  35. 35
    Davy Mac Says:

    Dont forget the other sixty mysterious deaths with connections to the royal family, yes sixty or there abouts. I came across two verifiable lists of names after researching the death of Jacintha Saldanha a couple of years ago. I put a list together of those I knew of, Diana, Jacintha, Alisa Dmitrijeva and suddenly the list had jumped to 30 names then 60. Dont bother searching for those lists of names now they have been whooshed from the internet. The only way I can think of to put the list back together would be to research each name/death individually, although I dont think that would be an easy task.

  36. 36
    Ellie Says:

    Thank you so much for this very important website. It is probably the most important hope for Justice not just for poor Madeleine but for all of us in Britain. Incredible as it might seem, I have become overwhelmingly captivated by the huge injustice to Madeleine by being led to your website while trying to research an area of criminal psychology that led me to look into the circumstances of the death of Princess Diana. I am not even surprised that the two innocent and lovely girls are linked in the suspicious and sinister circumstances of their deaths.
    If someone, particularly a helpless child, can die and the British system not allow the facts to lead to an honest and rightful conclusion bringing justice as a result, then none of us are safe.
    We must continue to keep this case (it’s a cold word, sorry) open and never stop fighting for the truth and for justice for Madeleine. Thank you all of you, because you are both very brave and extremely caring.

  37. 37
    Margaret Johnston Says:

    I wonder where Gerry was the night Diana died? He might have been the ‘paramedic’ or person who I injected her with embalming fluid…
    These Freemasons do anything they can to rise up the ranks..

  38. 38
    BazJenkins Says:

    Re – the Royal connection. Could it not be that GM had something to do with Princess Diana’s autopsy/post mortem and the results which were published were different to what was found. (a cover up of what really happened)

  39. 39
    Joan buttery Says:

    Well my husband must be in a different Freemasons to the one you all know about. Nothing this exciting happens it’s just boring…though the dinner dances are nice.

  40. 40
    Andy Says:

    There is a little niche in Hell.
    Just for you.
    The imps are waiting.
    Maddy dances in Heaven.
    You’re going to burn in the fires.
    For eternity.

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