Operation Grange: Madeleine McCann – A Potential Murder Enquiry

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I recently learned from a trusted police source that the Metropolitan Police had officially taken up the Madeleine McCann investigation in London. This new line of enquiry is called Operation Grange.

Today I phoned the Metropolitan Police to ask about their taking over from Leicestershire Constabulary and had this interesting telephone conversation.

SM: Hello, I’d like to speak to someone in connection with Operation Grange please.

Police: I’m not aware of that Operation…just give me one second.

A minute later the operator returned and gave me another phone number to call.

SM: Hello, I’m just calling to ask a few questions about Operation Grange.

Police: What’s the name of that operation again?

SM: Operation Grange.

Police: Ok, what was that?

SM: It’s the Madeleine McCann disappearance.

Police: Oh, alright ok, fine, yeah, we don’t usually use operation names here, what do you need to know?

SM: There doesn’t seem to be anything in the public domain so when did the operation start and what’s the scope of the operation? I just wondered if you can give me some background on Operation Grange.

Police: We haven’t very much talked to the media about the case at all. What we’ve said is we’re providing expertise to the investigators of the case. The Portuguese Authorities, the Portuguese Police retain lead. We’ve not made any suggestion that they’re not capable of investigating but we are assisting them and we have not given any details on it. It’s unusual for us to do that as it’s abroad and another police force is taking the lead on it.

SM: Is there any reason why the Met took over from Leicestershire Constabulary?

Police: I’m not sure we said anything about it at the time – for various reasons. We can’t be seen to criticize any other force. On the 12th of May the Home Office requested that the Metropolitan Police service bring their expertise to the case and on that evening we said that we would.

SM: And is this a full time operation and what size team is working on it?

Police: As I said we wouldn’t provide a running commentary but at the very beginning we said there were 30 officers who would be deployed, er, not continually but various tasks along with workload they have on other cases, er, but we have deployed 30 officers.

SM: In a normal case in Britain it’s not unusual for the police to give an ongoing commentary as to how it’s progressing so what…

Police: …I’ve only worked here 11 years but I would say it’s not common. We give information whilst it’s appropriate to produce but whilst there’s an investigation going on and where it’s potentially murder, we say very little, we say very little. You read a lot in the press but that doesn’t come from us. We deal with about 250 murders a year and all of them are dealt with in exactly the same way in terms of how we deal with the media.

I also discussed the fact that all FOI requests made to Leicestershire Constabulary under Operation Task were coming back with a blanket “no comment” and a wall of silence. The police officer I spoke to at the Met told me to put in FOI requests to them and do not assume that they would treat them the same [as Leicestershire Constabulary].

For anyone wishing to put in new FOI requests under Operation Grange, email them at: SCDFOIArequests@met.pnn.police.uk

I have to say that it was reasonably reassuring to hear that the Metropolitan Police are treating the case as “potential murder” instead of the McCanns’ nonsensical talk of abduction.

It is probably premature to expect miracles but for the first time in a British Police force we can just about hear the cops singing in tune with Goncalo Amaral.

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    Operation Grange: Madeleine McCann – A potential Murder Enquiry « McCann Exposure: Exposing myth, distortion, corruption and truth Says:

    […] Marsden subsequently phoned the Metropolitan Police to ask about their taking over from Leicestershire Constabulary and had an interesting telephone conversation, details of which can be viewed at Faked Abduction and Truth for Madeleine […]

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    sc Says:

    I wonder if the timing of this has anything to do with the phone hacking scandel?

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    Derek Spring Says:

    its been 4 years now since she went missing ,do i hold the key as i claim i saw her 4 days before she went missing even told a friend it was going to happen .been to luz 4 times looking for her did i find her i say yes a girl who asked me had i come to take her home who looked like madeleine but who had blue contact lens in with no outer circle .video i took of girl who i say is madeleine ,man who took her but found her in the street crying ,man who would be by the apartment most nights found .video given to police of girl plus car reg number she went off in they say its not there job to check it out,operation been waiting 4 months for reply from them as operation task been waiting 18 months for reply derek spring 02476301146

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    bengalpuss29 Says:

    madeline is Dead hate to be the one to say it but its got to be true. Also the portuguese police haven.t been able to find her the british police haven.t been able to find her so why do the mccann’s think they can. Its blatantly obvious its all about money and being celebrities i mean going on the oprah show instead of looking for your missing child they even went to see the pope leaving there remaining children in the same country there daughter was supposingly kidnapped from. Did the pope have any knowledge where madalaine might be. So why go there. This couple not only left there small children but now one has gone missing they now want the general public to fund the search by giving donations between them they must earn as doctors £200.000 a year but kate chose to not work. I wouldn’t. Mind if she was getting of her arse and looking but no she hasn.t been back to work since madeline went missing just wanted other people to pay her wages while she became a celebrity. Wake up people to this horrid pair

  5. 5
    derek spring Says:

    well madeleine i did try but nobody beleives anymore ,since 1980 i have been seeing things before they happen madeleine being one of them ,but madeleine was still alive & if info i got in november 2011 in luz was right she still is .i surgest you ask the police in this country about what i told them about s maxwell,chogg ,s harper,a day.s evans ,j yeates,etc 9/11,london bombing ,spainish train bomb,princess grace, i could go on .yes you could say derek a nut case but i say you all are nut cases ,all i ask is prove me wrong ,it cannot all be coincidence ,i still say i am your best bet of getting her back. derek spring 02476301146 derek.spring@hotmail.co.uk
    ps even the press do not want to know

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    Josie Says:

    Its not nice to say but madeleine is not alive anymore as her parents gave her some drug, which may have caused her death. I can see guilt in her parents eyes. The only thing will be if they do a lie detecter test or do something which will prove them clear.

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    marie Says:

    Been watching a lot of The FBI files on Quest TV lately and the FBI know that usually when a child goes missing at least one of the parents is guilty.

    Also, the longer the child is missing its a certainty that child is dead.

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    Elen Says:

    BBC news are pathetic what comes to being partial with the McCanns. -FACTS haven’t changed; they say,–she went to bed in (this) holiday apartment, her parents say, when they went to check on her, she was gone!
    My question is – How come BBC accepts it as FACT that -she went to bed? Who can verify that she was in the -holiday apt bed the night she went missing? And how do we (or the BBC) take it as FACT that when THEY went to check on her, she was gone? How do we know that Kate (THEY?) went to check ON her, rather then going to check that she was gone?? What hope is there EVER to find out the truth, when at the dawn of a new -search- for Madeleine, the first phrase to come out of BBC is clearly accepting YET AGAIN the McCann version of things from the very start? Not only that, but also -watering down- the incident of -checking on her, when the phrase clearly should have stated – When(THEY?)went to check on her in the holiday apartment where THEY HAD LEFT HER ALONE along with her younger siblings for the night, she was gone.
    Makes me sick to my core how the British media pities these people year in, year out, still i hope to God that Madeleine will be found.

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    Sherokee Says:

    In reply to Elen’s post. I saw the Panorama special on Madeleine last night. I thought that they took quite a balanced view considering the brief time they had on air.The reporter summarised the case in such a way as to enlighten someone that was not familiar with the whole affair – (though I doubt that there is not a person in the UK over the age of 20 who is not!) Bear in mind the shot of the sniffer-dogs elerting! I thought that had quite an impact. I think the whole point of the programme was not so much about the McCann case, but more about the fact that David Cameron had been lent upon by the Murdoch’s to review the case.

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    Liz Y Says:

    Madeleine is dead, Madeleine has been dead for almost 5 years, for an equal amount of time, the McCann pair have been lying through their teeth. This new enquiry will, I feel, turn out to be the final exoneration for the McCanns (Of course they didn’t do it, even Scotland Yard says so.). The Operation Grange guys say they have to process 40,000 pieces of information, from GB, Portugal and the private investigators. To accept such information would be to rely on information from an outfit who were directed and paid by the McCanns (acknowledging the fact that it was all down to Joe Public’s donations), how the hell can this be right? This should be a potential murder investigation. We are told that even the Leicestershire police believed that the McCanns were involved at the beginning, before they were leaned on, so there must be some evidence causing them to doubt the McCanns.
    This being such a huge undertaking, it would seem best then, that, before indulging the McCanns in following their paper trails of false sightings, they first establish the true events by grilling the McCanns and their cronies, the Tapas 7 and getting explanations for the discrepancies, downright lies, and the groups total uncooperation with the PJ etc., before they spread their net wider. Perhaps THEY could order the group to return to Portugal for a reconstruction of the events on that night, since the PJ were denied this.
    It’s not going to happen folks, the establishment don’t want us to hear something, about someone, or a whole battalion of someones, in their midst, that hasn’t changed, that will never change.

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    anonymata Says:

    If that dialog on the telephone is true, it is quite serious.I hope it was recorded.It bet was because one could not remember everything thet was said.

    Site admin: Yes, the conversation was recorded.

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    Adam Says:

    Here is another scenario: Madeleine was drugged, died, and the whole evening was set up to cover this up by the parents. As the parents (in particular Gerry) and a couple of their pervy friends were into some highly suspect sexual preferences, they were afraid that this would be discovered in the course of the investigation. So, the object of the exercise was a) to cover up the accidental overdose, b) to protect the perverts from being found out and of course this all tied in nicely with the freemason protection racket, mutual back-scratching ie, the perverts won’t reveal what they know about well-known perverts, and the well-known perverts help protect Team McCann. No psychic needed.

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    carlos gonçalves Says:

    i would like,a guestion answered please i asked kay burley of sky news at the time maddy,went missing has we did a lot for good mothers of the world who would not leave there children alone in the first place, so i ask once again, kate healey mccann is she arealation of dennis healey,he was a famous mp in england so if so its the old boys school you scratch my back ill scratch yours,it looks like a proper cover up from the very begining, we belive maddy is dead , why brown had to interfer why, why, the greatest cover up in the world, i pray one day little maddy will find peace god bless her

    carlos gonçalves

  14. 14
    mrs l gongonçalves Says:

    i would like to add that i spoke with j, thomson also martin blunt here in portugal to ask them how sky news knew that on the 16th of august that it was not maddys blood found in the appt, because the portuguese police did not know till october, so many things coved up, let the truth please come out what realy happened that night, maddy will never rest in peace its all about money what some people will do, what they did here was unforgivable people trusted them a little girl there own little girl i feel so ashamed to have faith thank u for reading this because it made me so ill at the time, i believe it was a acident, again the mccanns dont seem to have shame mrs l gon,cales,

  15. 15
    Liz Y Says:

    Strange isn’t it, that when Madeleine went missing, the McCann’s publicity photos were of a much younger Madeleine. It was a few days before the most recent shots came out, (where did the older photos come from – it’s not likely that you take older photos like that on your hols). Considering the fact that they certainly believed in memorialising the kids, whether by photo or camcorder, they took surprisingly few photos of the holiday. Mind you I suppose it would have helped if they’d spent the holiday as a family, instead of dumping the kids off at every available opportunity.
    Anyway back to the point in the beginning they had everyone running round looking for a child, who didn’t look like the image they were given to believe was an up-to-date picture of her. I believe the Madeleine holding the tennis balls shot didn’t come out for days. It’s absolutely crucial to have a very recent photo, when dealing with a missing child. The whole world were looking at the photo of Madeleine

  16. 16
    Liz Y Says:

    I cut myself off somehow. So, the whole world were looking for a child who looked quite different. Maybe this was deliberate, to buy a little time perhaps, I mean, this pair are supposed to be intelligent professionals. Surely they’d know that it was absolutely vital, to get the most recent picture to the police. At the very least as vital as they thought informing the media was, and they were certainly on the ball with her eye. Where did the older photos come from? Surely you don’t take them on holiday with you
    I may be wrong, I haven’t heard of a sighting who believed they knew it was Madeleine, because of her eye, not one. As I said I may be wrong. If I saw a child, that I believed was a kidnap victim, and fortuitously, the child had a distinct eye defect, (let’s face it, it wasn’t a birthmark only visible if the child was naked, this was her face for God’s sake), I’d check for the fleck straightaway, take a photo, and then create merry hell until the authorities turned up. What are these supposed sightings about,’I saw Madeleine in the distance and the family were behaving oddly.’ The eye certainly narrows the field enormously, it wouldn’t take a moment to confirm.
    So it seems we have come full circle, everyone now looking for a Madeleine who, may or may not look like the new likeness, may have black hair and a tan, who wears her hair exactly as it was when she was 3, no room for glasses, fringes or anything else, it’s all nonsense of course, poor Madeleine is no longer with us. But, they couldn’t keep asking for people to send them money, without some sort of image to perpetuate the myth that Madeleine is still alive, and really needs YOUR money.
    So you were right in a way Gerry, Madeleine’s eye fleck was a brilliant marketing ploy, and one surely, that any parent could or would only do, if they knew the child wouldn’t be harmed because she was already dead.

  17. 17
    Anon Says:

    I phoned SY one evening and asked to be put through to Operation Grange , they could not and asked me if I had spoken to Mr.Kennedy ? You have my mail if you wish to discuss this further. That is all I all am prepared to say on an open forum, unless you know of another Kennedy involved in this case I believe the bent cops at the MET just pass any info over to Brian Kennedy.

  18. 18
    jdh Says:

    if they are taking our money? not for self gain as they are spending on looking for maddie. sounds silly to me what is the point

  19. 19
    betty_boop Says:

    any updates on this operation grange?
    im new to site and have been interested in what has been posted, finding some of the stuff shocking.

  20. 20
    G1 Says:

    Hello ‘Betty Boop’.

    Late January, two interesting stories.

    The first seems to show the nature of O. Grange as had been described in the press last year. It seems to be in following up lots of apparent leads. Given the statistics that most similar historical cases have involved someone known, no real police investigation could really ignore that. But, as you probably know as well as anyone, there haven’t been any reports of much concentration going on there. Maybe the team think that would require fresh evidence, while the abduction theory has a lot of leads which aren’t fresh.

    The second article is more interesting, and maybe is a fresh approach, given the known position of the Portugese police some years ago. Whatever ways the investigation is going, it’s fresh and maybe reassuring to see that leads and evidence from all investigations is hoped to be combined. It also contains a bit more recent news, including about Mr. Amaral. (It’s getting hard to find news about any of the libel cases – maybe nothing much has happened recently. But if anyone knows any good source(s), please post.)

    1. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/371953/Madeleine-McCann-kidnap-photo-shock

    2. http://www.theportugalnews.com/news/madeleine-mccann-scotland-yard-back-in-portugal/27582

    You can also check what comes from Chris, commenting on this site, who I think is going to keep people up to date with an enquiry he has made, in the comments to this article (near the bottom of the comments @ early Feb. 2013.) Link below. So far, he has been passed on for response, but nothing yet.

    I commented before, that while the investigation is probably very active, I don’t think anyone official here in the UK knows what O. Grange are doing. I’ve stated that it would seem sense that this kind of thing would have a weekly or fortnightly updated web page. Doesn’t that kind of thing ever happen?


  21. 21
    Chris Spivey » Blog Archive » Why are we paying rich nonces who do fuck all? Says:

    […] More about the McCann cover up  HERE and HERE […]

  22. 22
    G1 Says:

    Keep very well and safe.

    Mantenha muito bem e seguro.

  23. 23
    G1 Says:

    Operation Grange

    Re. (as at end of comment 20 above) Chris commenting in this site of his attempt to learn about the current British investigation. Chris wrote to his local MP to ask.

    Chris got an answer, see the comments on another page of this site.

    Beginning: Numbered comments (by Chris) 166, 171 on page 4 of the comments to the article
    “The 48 questions which remain unanswered”.

    Link, click: http://truthformadeleine.com/?p=1570&cp=4#comments
    (scroll down that page to numbered comments)

    Chris’s answer is reported in later comments on the same comments site page:

    Numbered comments 190, 192.

    (After that I didn’t understand what the outcome was really, and following Chris’s reports there are posts I made, confused comments.)

    Chris posts finally about this in comment 195.

    (It takes me until comment 199 which I posted to understand Chris’s report of the official response to his enquiry, that’s my own response.)

  24. 24
    Barnowl Says:

    This crowd have managed to:
    Neglectfully leave their children open to danger to the point that 1 of them has died.
    Form a pact of silence and lies to fabricate an outrageous abduction theory.
    Dispose of a child’s body.
    Deceive the media by releasing statements to support their version of events.
    Raise enough money support outrageous legal costs to protect them.
    Raise even more money to buy off the British media including the BBC
    Attain themselves enough celebrity status to fund a worldwide tour to advertise their version of events.
    Employ a professional spin doctor/liar to spin their version of events to the world.
    Con the gullible British public.
    Buy off 2 Governments
    Explain damning forensic evidence with their own set of lies.
    Write a book of unbelievable lies.
    Sue everyone who contrasts their version of events with a million times more plausable truth.
    I am sure there are many other points, some day the truth will emerge and I await the day that lie detector tests are compulsory in murder cases. This crowd are drenched in hypocrisy and lies and deserve to be held to account someday.

  25. 25
    Observer Says:

    What I find so interesting (bizarre) is that with all these ‘new’
    investigations by the Met, Operation Grange, not a single word is
    said about the witness statements from Dr. Gaspar, or the Smith
    family,or Mrs. Fenn – who stated that she heard Madeleine crying
    “for 75 minutes” on the night of 2nd May. Not a word, and nothing
    on the two sniffer dogs – with a British handler, Martin Grime – who
    have apparently marked correctly in 200+ cases. The police must know
    that this is far more than hearsay and that it is in the public domain.
    Yet still they proceed without acknowledging any of it. How do they
    manage to maintain that stand? Who allows it?

    Site Admin: Good questions! The whole case has been about suppression of the incriminating evidence. Mrs. Fenn’s comments did actually make it in the press back in 2007 but the British media has never mentioned the Gaspar statements. As you say, who allows it?

  26. 26
    Bryant McCusher Says:

    The net is closing on this couple. Madeleine died on that holiday and her abduction was faked. What I see happening is Kate McCann committing suicide (she is the weak one in all this) and her husband capitalising on it screaming “paparazzi persecution”. Gerald McCann has already caused the death of his daughter and the subsequent cover up. He will kill again, but this time it might be his wife to shut her up because she will crack with the right sort of pressure. They still have 2 children who will grow up someday, are they going to be protected?

  27. 27
    Bryant McCusher Says:

    It would be so easy to get to the truth:

    Just spend a day asking Kate McCann the following 3 Questions, maybe varying the content a little.

    Hi Kate , kiss kiss luvvie luvvie.

    When you look and see Madeleine in your mind’s eye, do you see her as a happy child who has the best of everything growing up with a lovely family. You did after all say you could forgive the abductor.

    Hi Kate, kiss kiss kiss luvvie luvvie luvvie dovey, Do you see little Madeleine getting


    Hi Kate, kiss kiss kiss luvvie luvvie luvvie dovey, Do you see little Madeleine, as you last remember her. A lifeless little body in the apartment you abandoned her in in PDL whist you went out with your friends.

    What do you see Kate, anything different to the 3 things I gave you?

  28. 28
    Observer Says:

    Thankyou site admin; I am glad you have those questions too. They just do not and will
    not leave my mind. There is also the quote (I don’t have a reference) whereby allegedly
    the priest in the local church in Portugal changed from a warm, outgoing man who was a
    pillar in his community, to a virtual recluse who said, allegedly, of the case: “I have
    been deceived.”

    I also wonder why the media insist still on saying that the Tapas bar was
    ‘nearby’ to the apartment. From what I have seen on maps and pictures it feels as though it
    about the equivalent of leaving three children under four ‘down the street and round the corner’.
    The apartment could not be seen from the Tapas bar, and whether the patio door was locked
    or not, three children were left alone in the dark there – I can’t imagine how any parent
    could do such a thing to children they loved. And just to add: the apartment had a PATIO –
    why on earth not just set up tables, bring in the food and wine, and dine there! They even
    had the other option of a nanny service for the evenings.

    It is also a mystery as to why, allegedly, both McCanns deleted their phone memory – just
    after Madeleine went ‘missing’. Can you imagine that this would even come into your mind in
    such a situation? Yet not a word in the media, not a word. The message is clear: the super-
    injunction has become a new version of our justice system.

  29. 29
    Bryant McCusher Says:

    What amazes me is they still have 2 small children in their care. Consider. A child has gone missing because she was abandoned just because her parents wanted to go on the razz. Speaks volumes about their parental duty of care doesn’t it? There should be enough circumstantial to get them into court and at least convict them of child neglect. Unless of course there are uncomfortable questions to cover up:
    Are the Tapas crew swingers and swap each others children around for sexual activities?
    Is Garden Broon a swinger with pedophile tendencies?
    Is Toni Bliar a swinger with influence over the police?
    Are the BBC under pain of a £1bn lawsuit if they don’t toe the McCann party line.
    All of the above have in some way been involved in covering this incident up.
    In 5 years time the 2 younger children will be teenagers. Are they going to speak out?

  30. 30
    Observer Says:

    One commentator in 2007 said in online exchanges (and it came from a
    journalist) “If you knew what was going on before this happened, you
    would not be surprised.” Pure hearsay but it was said.

  31. 31
    Observer Says:

    Further quick thought to Site Admin on Mrs. Fenn’s statement; agree
    it has been published and mentioned. I noticed recently though (I
    don’t have a reference) that it was watered down to “nearly an hour”
    of hearing Madeleiene crying. The original statement said “75 minutes,
    crying for her daddy” on the night of 2nd May.

  32. 32
    Observer Says:

    I am still interested in any current news about Dr. Goncarlo Amaral.
    In reading his book, he comes across as a dedicated policeman, but
    there is material on the net which tries to discredit this.

    Looking back to 14 January 2010, Sky News online report regarding
    the court news at the time on Dr. Amaral’s banned book: Madeleine –
    the Truth of the Lie – there are two interesting quotes from the

    “Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida told the court on Monday he
    believed Madeleine died in her family’s apartment and that her
    parents covered up the death by inventing a kidnapping.”

    “On the second day Francisco Moita Flores, a former senior policeman
    who is now a politician, criminologist and writer, told the court it
    would be impossible to pass a sleeping child through the window of the
    McCanns’ holiday flat.

    “Their testimony has been challenged by Ms. Duarte (lawyer), who
    pointed out there were other ways in which the youngster could have
    been taken from the apartment.”

    What interests me is the support given for Dr. Amaral by a senior colleague,
    which I have not seen quoted in the media since.

  33. 33
    stephen andrew persaud Says:

    very convenient that no sooner does the “establishment” go all out to re invigorate the “abduction” story …that lo and behold…..a maddie “clone” is found in greece……so the supposed up shot is from joe public….”look you see ..there are gangs of evil gypsies roaming the continent with an abduction shopping list for little blonde angels”…..

    I think that what you have here is that because the whole thing (missing maddie) was exposed as fakery…first and foremost by the lead investigating detective (that’s why he was removed)….those who are out to cover up the truth have gone out of their way to try to bolster the crumbling plot…..

    someone decided they have to try to reinforce the myth that “maddie” was abducted…and so it would appear that possibly a year or two ago…..a young maddie “clone” was actually abducted and placed with some gypsies …who were paid well for their services …with the expressed intention of waiting for the right moment (when joe public needs to be distracted from some kind of major event…..Earth changes/Comet Ison…???) then those conspirators would tip off some “masonic” police in greece who would stage a raid (by supposed chance) and hey presto…..”look everyone…individuals abducting little blonde girls..the mccanns are right..they are as innocent as the driven snow…”

    It is just too incredulous that no sooner does the whole publicity machine of “lets all look for maddie again[maybe on the moon]” gets up and running …than like a magicians rabbit out of the hat hey presto…..look everyone….IT COULD BE MADDIE….little blonde girl is found being held by evil roma gypsies…..

    like public enemy said “don’t believe the hype”……

    I wrote an email to the BBC news website asking them how come so much resources were being dedicated by the news media and Scotland Yard to finding “maddie” as if she were the Lindburgh baby…..and how come there is nothing like the same amount of hype being given to the investigation into the assassination of the BBC’s golden girl Jill Dando right outside her middle class home in broad daylight…??? and also the none investigation into the “wet disposal” of gareth williams when he was staying in a so called MI6 safe house….

  34. 34
    G1 Says:

    “how come there is nothing like the same amount of hype being given to the investigation into the assassination of the BBC’s golden girl Jill Dando right outside her middle class home in broad daylight…??? and also the none investigation into the “wet disposal” of gareth williams when he was staying in a so called MI6 safe house….”

    What you say in what I’ve copied is very true.

    Also, for Jill Dando, an abandoned investigation (like Gareth Williams, it seems), see this article, linked below. Remember that members of the current Madeleine McCann Operation Grange team were on and high up in the Jill Dando investigation, that lead to the wrongful declaration of guilt and imprisoning of Barry George, a sensitive man with emotional and behavioural problems.


    However, I have to say I feel this is important. I’d kind of much rather the police are pottering along, perhaps working very hard, but seeming to get nowhere than something else now. That something else is what happened to Barry George or worse.

    Worse than that “something else” is the absolutely despicable way the police and most of the judiciary who got a chance have acted in Perugia, Italy to the scapegoat victims Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. Those total b*****ds are utterly diabolical and unacceptable.

    And it seems to come from a notion of social and cultural superiority – of men and women working in the authorities or elements of science which get connected with authority for their day of fame, and they DO NOT CARE about other humans, only their own glory in their own stupidity. It’s hard to find a worse, chronic miscarriage of justice on the evidence and facts known that the Knox and Sollecito trials, excepting Judge Hellman’s acquittal (since overturned). However even he was part of charging them for libel against Patrick Lumumba, when they were framed in every respect to do that, as a means to falsely pun guilt on the pair.

    So – that is really what we NEVER want. That kind of society. Those kinds of authorities.

    Another example is Troy Anthony Davis in the USA, murdered, lynched to a death falsely by the state of Georgia, USA a couple of years ago, after collected politicians of a continent’s law body – the EU – heads of world’s largest religions, many largest world countries and many others and so many more people and groups communicated to the USA that executing Troy Davis would be wrong and unacceptable. They did not listen.

    When you heap great expectations on police, it leads to tragedy. It’s only a job. Police aren’t psychics. The hard work that all of them do, including ongoing workaday stuff at every department from forensics to answering phones, can be so thankless, but feeling like there is hundreds of bar of pressure upon them for “results”, whatever they are.

    This is just my opinion, something I say because I know it needs to be heard in society.

    I’m not saying at the same time you’re wrong, Stephen Andrew. Maybe you are right about elements of that case.

    Still, it’s a lot of hard work, with a lot of pressure.

    Maybe the heads of that investigation truly are in the Masons (not unlikely) and have been given secret word of exactly what they “are to” and “aren’t to” do (likely, unlikely?) That kind of thing can never, ever be forgotten in today’s world, even within small details of every big picture. So I’m certainly not suggesting what you’re saying isn’t worthwhile to say, or that it’s not that it ought to be said.

  35. 35
    G1 Says:

    The Mirror article about the lack of investigation in the Jill Dando case puts the balance on a knife edge, anyway, doesn’t it?

    I mean, at least for people like me who don’t want to heap absurd expectations to be super human rather than just human and honest onto the police.

    I guess other people would think the balance has been tipped too far in the Dando case – first a miscarriage of justice, torturing a sensitive man with problems, and then it seems basic investigation was ignored.

    And I suppose I understand, completely. The treatment of investigating Jill Dando’s murder does seem to have a unique place of its own, if we can believe the Mirror reporting and other reports. It seems really, really, really bad.

  36. 36
    G1 Says:

    From your comment, again, Stephen:

    “someone decided they have to try to reinforce the myth that “maddie” was abducted…and so it would appear that possibly a year or two ago…..a young maddie “clone” was actually abducted and placed with some gypsies …who were paid well for their services …with the expressed intention of waiting for the right moment (when joe public needs to be distracted from some kind of major event…..Earth changes/Comet Ison…???) then those conspirators would tip off some “masonic” police in greece who would stage a raid (by supposed chance) and hey presto…..”look everyone…individuals abducting little blonde girls..the mccanns are right..they are as innocent as the driven snow…””

    This, also, is not far fetched. To anyone whose first instinct on reading it may have been like mine (that it’s a little far fetched or idle because it’s unprovable) I’m afraid it really isn’t at all far fetched. Not one bit.

    What lends a little credence to that just, say from what I’ve been casually re-reading over the past few hours and not thinking of anything else in particular? To me, reading recently the verdicts against three people in Portugal in the Casa Pia cases. The media went to town about some of “the highest up” people were convicted, but anyone can see it was a networked, orchestrated whitewash. A cover up with 3 throats alone given publicly as tokens only. It’s symbolic. Like the verdict in the inquiry into the BBC and Jimmy Savile – symbolically saying “Shove this crap down your throat”. The verdict is even something that may easily be proven in British law as gunk and basic, simple, utterly evident negligence in acting and working in the inquiry and writing a public decision.

  37. 37
    stephen andrew persaud Says:

    all I know is that our so called institutions have become completely corrupt and perverse…
    from 9/11


    to “inside job” bank fraud

    (http://www.sonyclassics.com/insidejob/) …..

    PD Ouspensky nailed it


  38. 38

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  39. 39
    luiz carlos moreno Says:


  40. 40
    luiz carlos moreno Says:


  41. 41
    Officer Says:

    No, Madeleine McCann is NOT alive in Amsterdam.

    As wonderful as that would be, it is physically impossible for a child who died on the night of Thursday 3rd May 2007, in that holiday apartment 5a, to suddenly and miraculously turn up “Alive in Amsterdam”.

    * The evidence proves there was no break in at that apartment. No signs of forced entry. No fingerprints on the alleged window (except for Kate McCann’s). No glove prints. No footmarks on the still made up bed.

    * The evidence proves that blood was spilt, and a human corpse recently lay on the hard floor tiles behind the back of the sofa by the window. Investigations confirm no reported deaths in that apartment prior to the McCanns stay.

    * The evidence proves that a human corpse was stored in the wardrobe.

    * The evidence proves that traces of human blood were found, and that a human corpse had recently lay in the boot of the McCann’s hire care, after Madeleine’s “dissappearance”.

    * The evidence proves that the DNA found in the back of that car, MATCHES that of Madeleine McCann.

    So Madeleine McCann DID die in that apartment that night. And her body WAS moved in the hire care driven by the McCanns.

    The only questions that remain – are – how did she die? And who was responsible for her death?

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