The Facts versus the Fiction


Kate Healy/McCann launched her book in the United Kingdom on May 12, 2011—4 years and 9 days after Madeleine McCann was reported missing. Simply called “madeleine“, the book is Kate’s account of the events of that fateful day in May 2007 with a potted history of the McCann family and the events of the 4 years since the alleged abduction.

Eagle eyed followers of the Madeleine case have no doubt been dissecting every sentence of the book in the search for yet more clues as to what happened to the tiny 3-year old tot.

Meanwhile, Faked Abduction by Steve Marsden is back on sale after a second edition has recently been printed in the USA.

So how do the two books fare in terms of unraveling the mystery of Madeleine McCann?

To answer this question, it is essential to understand that the Madeleine disappearance revolves around a set of important facts that have not been satisfactorily dealt with by the McCanns and their friends who accompanied them on the holiday to Portugal. The main body of reliable evidence consists of the 11,300+ page, Portuguese police file that was released in August 2008. Additional evidence was provided by the chief investigating officer—Gonçalo Amaral—through his own personal account in his book Maddie: A Verdade Da Mentira (The Truth of the Lie.)

These important facts are the focus of Faked Abduction and are also dealt with by Kate in madeleine. Some of these issues are:

  • Mrs Fenn hearing Madeleine crying for 75 minutes on May 1, 2007
  • The status of the patio doors
  • Madeleine’s whereabouts during the day on May 3, 2007
  • The Smith family (nine people) who saw a man looking like Gerry McCann shortly before 10pm on May 3, 2007
  • Jane Tanner’s sighting and the associated detail of that account
  • The Yvonne Martin encounter on May 4, 2007
  • The McCanns did not physically search for Madeleine on the night of May 3, 2007
  • The David Payne/Gerry McCann paedophile allegations from the Gaspars

Mrs Fenn

In Kate’s book she was quite disparaging towards Mrs Fenn. Not mentioning her by name, she described the elderly tenant of the flat above apartment 5A as a woman with a “plummy voice“. Kate also admitted that she and Fiona Payne abused Mrs Fenn because of her reaction to the reason for the commotion in apartment 5A on the night of May 3.

Considering that Mrs Fenn’s testimony blows a big hole in the McCanns’ insistence that they checked their children every half hour or less, there is little wonder that Kate was so demeaning in madeleine. The Mrs Fenn issue is dealt with simply in Faked Abduction—there is a full copy of Mrs Fenn’s witness statement to police.

The Patio Doors

Early stories from the McCanns claimed that they entered the apartment through the front door adjacent to the car park and opposite the poolside tapas bar. This alibi subsequently changed when observers noticed that this would have meant the McCann children were all locked inside apartment 5A and therefore would be at risk if a fire broke out inside the apartment. The change in alibi was that the McCanns switched to claiming that they entered the apartment through the patio doors.

This aspect is not without problems and it doesn’t seem to be logical. The patio doors only lock from inside the apartment. On page 45 of madeleine, Kate claims “after the first couple of days we barely used the front door, coming and going through the patio doors and up and down the steps.” Is Kate really suggesting that each time the family left the apartment they left it unlocked with all their possessions inside? Who goes on a holiday and leaves their room or apartment unlocked like that? It makes no sense and this change in the alibi seems to be another part of Kate’s revisionist history.

Madeleine’s Whereabouts on May 3, 2007

The author of Faked Abduction is unconvinced that Madeleine was alive and well all day on May 3, 2007 and there is no cast-iron evidence to prove otherwise. Three weeks after the disappearance, a photograph—the so-called Last Photo—appeared in a blaze of glory to prove that Madeleine was alive in the middle of the afternoon on May 3. However, Faked Abduction provides evidence that the Last Photo was probably faked. Interestingly, on page 65 of madeleine, Kate stated “Fiona told me she’d spotted Ella there but not Madeleine” in reference to Fiona seeing the children from the creche at a beach activity on May 3.

The Smith Sighting

The sighting of a man carrying a small girl through the streets of Praia da Luz just before 10pm on May 3 is an important sighting because it also blows a huge hole in the alibi of Gerry McCann. For newcomers to the Madeleine disappearance, the story goes like this: A family—Martin Smith and eight others—were leaving a bar in Praia da Luz and walking back to their apartment around 9:45pm. They encountered a man hurrying through the streets carrying a small girl and their reaction was that it was a man and his daughter. 4 months later when Martin Smith was watching television back home in Ireland, he noticed Gerry McCann disembarking the Easyjet plane at East Midlands Airport while he carried his sleeping son, Sean. The sight of McCann carrying his son in the exact same way he remembered the man carrying the girl in the streets of Praia da Luz jogged his memory to the extent that he realised the man in the streets was Gerald McCann. This bombshell evidence was kept quiet from the press back in 2007 and until Amaral’s book and the police files were released in 2008, this aspect of the case was publicly unknown.

Faked Abduction discussed the facts about the Smith Sighting whereas madeleine deals with this by claiming it to be another encounter with the same man allegedly seen by Jane Tanner. A casual reader of the case could interpret Kate’s version of the Smith Sighting as being a logical extension of the Tanner Sighting. The reality is that the Smith Sighting always was a sighting of Gerry carrying Madeleine and it is something never addressed by the McCanns.

Jane Tanner’s Sighting

The detail of Jane Tanner’s sighting has changed numerous times and is flawed because of its inconsistency. One detail that has emerged in the past 4 years is that Tanner and fellow holidaymaker Jeremy “Jes” Wilkins claim to have encountered Gerry McCann in the street outside apartment 5A on the same side of the pavement as the apartment. However, McCann claims this 3-way encounter happened on the other side of the street. In madeleine, Kate addresses this but fobs it off by saying “…exactly where they were standing is not crucial” (page 71).

The Yvonne Martin Encounter

On page 86 of madeleine, Kate describes an encounter with British social worker Yvonne Martin on the morning of May 4. Only, she doesn’t mention Ms Martin by name. Again, this is another vital issue in the case that has been dismissed by the McCanns. Ms Martin thought she recognised David Payne from another case back in England and both Payne and Kate Healy refused any assistance from Ms Martin despite her professional credentials in social work. Why did Kate Healy not wish to elaborate on why this helpful lady made her feel uncomfortable? More to the point, why did Kate claim to not know “who she is or what she was really trying to achieve?” Kate has read the police file and she will therefore know who Ms Martin is and why she tried to help. Why did David Payne try to usher this lady away from lending her assistance?

No Searching by the McCanns

It is a well established fact that the McCanns never searched for Madeleine on the night of May 3, 2007. Instead, a small army of fellow holidaymakers and locals were out looking for the missing tot. This aspect is covered in Faked Abduction but in madeleine, Kate is not exactly truthful when, on page 83 she writes “As soon as it was light Gerry and I resumed our search.” The plain fact is that they never searched the previous night so how did they resume a search?

The Gaspar Allegations

On May 16, 2007 Savio and Katherina Gaspar were interviewed by British police in England in connection with concerns they had about Gerry McCann and David Payne. The Gaspars, Paynes and McCanns had all been on a previous holiday together on the Spanish island of Majorca in September 2005. What happened during that holiday caused the Gaspars to approach police with their concerns. Katherina told police when talking about David Payne:

I remember questioning whether looked at my children or the others in a different way. I imagined that he maybe visited Internet sites related to small children. I thought that he may be interested in child pornography on the Internet.

The Gaspar statements (included in Faked Abduction) are absent from madeleine. Perhaps not unsurprisingly, Kate did not want these allegations from their doctor friends, the Gaspars, to be revealed in her book.

Obtaining the Books

Buy madeleine from major bookstores in the UK and online from Amazon (here).

Buy Faked Abduction online from (here).

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  1. 51
    DaftAida Says:

    Thorough work, impressive! Take a case (any case) and throroughly scrutinise it and the pattern fits hand in glove each and every time. Intergenerational sex-traumatised and programmed slaves to The Great Work. Not one case from Ruth Ellis to Maddy or Hollie Greig is as it seems.

    They have multiple identities and documents as they are from the same networks operating global intelligence agencies. Few know, for example, that Tony Blair was arrested for ‘cottaging’ under his name Charles Lytton i think from memory.

    We play it straight and lose and we cannot play on their level as we’re not in that club and it’s against the rules to try.

    So the only thing which can, would and should unite us is the appalling abuse of children from within the military elite circles and every downwards and throughout the population via media/education/nhs etc.

    When I first saw this case, I knew the parents were instrinsic to the same racket; they would not gain media and celebrity status otherwise. Maddy is one child of billions and the sickening exploitation of her abuse by her parents and those supporting her parents tars each with the same bloody brush.

  2. 52
    DaftAida Says:

    Remember Rachel Nichol? All the plonker plods had to do was (as the husband/father stated) take the statements from his son seriously through artwork. As far as I am concerned, i gave up all hope of reason when they had the bloody dog there, and couldn’t think to use it in positively ID’ing the psycho responsible. I’d take the dog’s testimony over all the rest any day. Fact is the judges, the courts, the legislation are run by the same filthy ringmasters and as soon as you appeal to ‘justice’ you become a ward of state yourself!

  3. 53
    Elen Says:


    It seems quite an impossible task as an outsider not having been in PDL at the time to verify and know when Madeleine was last seen alive,, one can obviously only go by what -witness statements- say.. I do remember seeing a video somewhere of the MCs boarding the plane and Madeleine going up the stairs to the plane and stumbling a bit. Gerry or Kate was filming her from the back. For myself, it is the last time i “saw” her alive. After that, it seems to be only pics with claims about when and where they were taken.

  4. 54
    Supersleuth Says:


    That video you saw was bunk I tried to tell the pigs at Scotland Yard that, they said what video. But it is in the files released by the Portuguese Police.

    Fact if you saw that video note the windows on the plane are low to MMC head, for a Boeing 737, trust me I am 185cm and I have boarded same from the ground, and my head was no where near that window.

  5. 55
    Gummy1953 Says:

    I have only justfound thisweb site and the information provided only strengthens my feelings that the McCanns, especially Kate, are lying through their teeth.

    I need to spend more time reading these pages and really getting to know the facts of this case better.

    My thanks to all for taking the time to pull this information into one place.

  6. 56
    The Curious Cabo Says:

    Presumably, you have presented all this “information” to the police? Their reaction so far?

  7. 57
    DaftAida Says:

    If you’re that curious, you’d go figure. The police were created to enforce unjust ‘laws’ on the people and are at the top of the heap, exactly of the same mold as their paymasters. The low levels are Blue Lodge (little 3′ masons) and their allegience is to their ‘brothers’ above all else. Therefore justice is never done.

  8. 58
    GW Says:

    The police are there to protect the system; notice how many they can muster up to protect The City from demonstrations.
    Can anyone say without any doubt as to the last confirmed sighting of Madeline? There’s no proof that she was alive on the day of her “abduction”.
    Also, a bit of speculation: why would the police and government protect the McCanns? Or are they acting at the behest of someone else involved in this case.

    Site Admin: You’re absolutely right. The Madeleine disappearance is all about protecting the British Royal Family. The cover story is that Madeleine disappeared on the night of May 3 although there is sufficient evidence to doubt that she was alive on May 3.

  9. 59
    DaftAida Says:

    1. The VAT.I.CAN is top of the heap for establishing the ratruns which ferry children to and fro unseen and never to be heard. 2. The bastard ‘royals'(meaning hybrid breed) and their Bankset City of London relatives controlling the media, are from these lines of pyschopathic pederasts and all in their command (Judiciary,legal reps, police, Social Services (The SS) are headed by lunatic Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Psyentists (science) all Psy-ops child porn snuff drug trafficking programmed automatums with neither soul, empathy or conscience.

    3. The UN (one nation) has through UNICEF, UNESCO and charitable Foundations, captured and abused children traumatised through war (UN/NATO/Israel/CoL/DC – et al). So peace envoys, and the sick slave Angelina Jolie are supplying access to children through UN sanction. Maddy could be anywhere, anyplace, if still alive. Some have hinted New Zealand. The McCann’s huge publicity stunt and all who spoke publically supporting them are involved and know damn well what happened and how much the McCanns were paid on the deal. I mean, for Ratzinger to have an audience … clue.

    Kevin Annet has information on how 50,000 children ‘vanished’ in Canada (ER Madge’s playground) and charred remains of Cree children found near the site where her and her ghastly consort, The Greek personally took 10 children who were never seen again. The Greek also has his chum in New Zealand who runs that branch of Mafia Ops.There are indictments against all these culprits but they who may the laws break the laws. They do not make Common Law which is inviolate. They make regulations Acting as law which are for the people, not for themselves.

  10. 60
    Super Sleuth Says:



    I always beleived that abduction on the date/time as the McCanns and friends stated was impossible IMHO.

    Options are varied even a new one has come to mind, having looked at an American cases that match this one, the theory coming out of America for that case is that it was fake. The so called child and family are played by actors, the sole purpose was to set up a non profit fund like in the Madeleine case to get money. Not saying that this happened here but it is a possibilty as that case has a Canadian connection, spookey.

  11. 61
    DaftAida Says:

    Oh, I’ve no doubt the child was sold for Ritual purposes whether dead or alive. They have this skewed psycology; that such ‘honoured chosen ones’ are sacrificed for a ‘good cause’ which is to highlight the racket but imply that it was a random perv-opportunist. This puts the bejeesus up everyone, creating the fearful environment to pass ever more pernicious ‘Acts’ under the guise of Child Protecton, Rights for The Child; enabling ever greater public support for the State Stasi to steal children from natural parents, allocate them to ‘gay’ pederasts and do the whole, abuse, movie, snuff thing.

    For every Maddy, there are millions of unheard unseen children being traded. McCartney spent a fair bit getting custody to Heather Mills little girl. The going rate generally is 85K for intergenerationally abused children. Kate would have been an abused child herself and forced to breed. Like for example Amy Winehouse, her tortured life and death is being paid ‘tribute’ to in the errection of a Bronze Statue!

    We see the sick abuse on muzak videos, films and childrens programmes but perceive it to be ‘acting’ and ‘special effects’ or innocent cute ‘fun’. People have now idea how say, Jim’ll Fix It (Saville) gained access to millions of children via his ‘charity’, as silly parents have no idea of what to protect their children from when they see it. They think it’s the lone perv!

  12. 62
    Hugh of Lincoln Says:

    Aida – I’d be interested to see the statistics proving that the Catholic Church is a more likely source of paedophiles than any other organisation that attracts younger people; “Catholic Church” and “paedophile ring” go together nowadays. The controlled press doesn’t set the agenda: their job is to propagate diversions that have been created by their masters. The “abduction” of Madeline isn’t the only untruth: promotion of wars, covering up finanical scams.. sucking up to the Royals… the list is endless. Speaking about the pampered ones, it’s odd that they should lead such unhealthy lives and yet live such a long time.
    I’ve no doubt that, being part of the Establishment, there are some sick people at the head of the Catholic Church; we aren’t going to read about those though as it’s not on the agenda.

    Going back to the police, I wonder who the source was for the bullet-points that were in the newspapers on the anniversary of the “abduction”; there was some pretty weak evidence of more sightings and one from a clairvoyant and the photo of what Madeline would look like today.

  13. 63
    DaftAida Says:

    The only reason that the RC Church is being ‘singled out’ from and by The 13th Tribe is to ensure the total collapse of the ‘old religions’ through exposre of what the Banking Mafia do daily in front of our very eyes. Albert Pike: Three World Wars is enlightening. The offshoot of RC religion of Protestantism was formed from the same tree; Anglican (GB) was a revolutonary cult in opposition to both. Next will come the Protestant creed for attack, Islam (forged via Vatican) already well underway to collapse; but first used as militia to fight Christians vice versa. All is pagan; look at their ‘gods’. Look at the ‘Do As Thou Wilt’ shall be the whole of the law. Papa’s inner throne has words inscribed in Islam and what does he wear on his skull?

    All Roads Lead to Rome: The Papa/Pope is the front face of the mafia controlling group of the planet; the Black Pope is the hidden true Don. All else in modern era is from this source.

    The New Age Religion is The Age of Aquarius (Uranians) where by ‘gods’ of science at war on nature have ‘perfected’ women/men in their own image. Listed to David Spangler (UN) Barbara Marx Hubbard and all the intelops programmed slaves of the new age movement. Luciferian ‘enlightenment’ through Satanic means = Nazi rulership via communism. Roman Law: let they who will be deceived, be deceived.

    The Policy Enforcers are the front line militia of the 13th Tribe banking imposters who aid their kidnap of people and children. Bankers dictate war drafts; Governments then declare war.

    History. Where did all this begin, this idea of nature and the nature of wombman from which everything derives? As it is the Olympics season; start with ancient Greece (collapse) and Egypt (collapse) :from there the infiltration of Rome (collapse) onto London (collapsing) onto America (collapsing). The Fathers of Democracy (Demon-crazy) were pederast, debauched, wombman hating warlords.

  14. 64
    Arthur Koestler Says:

    There’s no evidence, let alone proof, that Madeline was abducted; no evidence that she was allive on the day or day previous to the alleged “abduction”; there’s evidence that a dead body had been in the flat rented by the McCanns. However, there were no reported deaths before they arrived. In plain terms: there was a dead body in the room during the McCanns “holiday” (the word has it’s origins in “holyday”, just to continue what could well be an occult theme to this). The same body had been in the boot of the car that was rented by them a few weeks’ later.

    The first question that springs to mind is: why are the police, press and government not joining the dots up? The only sane answer to that is that they are all dancing to the same tune of their powerful and satanic masters.

    The horrible and shocking injustice over Madeline doesn’t exist in isolation, and there’s nothing new under the sun,as has been alluded to by many postesrs.

  15. 65
    Hugh of Lincoln Says:

    Daftaida has drawn more attention to the Orwellian State: “Child Protection”. Yes, it’s being used to take children from their parents and the weight and authority of the satanic state are behind it. The phrase has as much meaning as “war is peace” or “war on drugs” or “war on terrorism”.

    Is there a such thing anymore as the Protestant church? It does look as though it’s been changed into something entirely different – Evangelism – which is a new religion that just says support our ruling masters. Churchianity as Michael Hoffman says.

    Interesting speculation about Kate who imo does exhibit signs of a strange upbringing. Was Gerry the father of Madeline?

  16. 66
    DaftAida Says:

    Not really. An arm of the Vatican (branch from the tree) was set up supporting Luther; the Protestant Movement/Religion enabled ‘just cause’ for VAT agents to persecute catholics (see Ireland) in Europe (inc. GB. This enabled imprisonment of people to be traded as slaves, shipped to the new colonies of America in ‘protest’ of persecution later on.It also sparked the Spanish Inquisition by the Jesuits under the pretext of routing out ‘the illuminists’. Despot tyrant Henry V11 had (whilst legally married and loyal to the Catholic Pope) denounced the Protestants. So when he wanted to marry his daughter (Anne Bolyn)to secure succession from any male progeny, he could not declare himself allied to them. Therefore, he created a bastardised version (they are all bastards literally) called Anglicism he was inflicting a creed of law which protected the practise of sodomy, rape and incest. I read The History of Scotland (3 volumes) written by a Reverand tracing the emergence of Christainity from point zero: 2012 years ago from the and how the Vatican sent their missions (army) to usurp the established monasteries and halls of learning I think his name was Hyslop. He recounts the pomp, self-aggrandising rituals and such like these imposters brought. Another great account is William Cobbett’s The Reformation – can be found via Project Gutenberg which is an impassioned defence of Catholicism 1800s (Vatican 11 changed everything later). When we look at the sheer misery Lutherian and Calvinist despots imposed (no dancing, bright clothes, singing or laughing!) we understand the Protestant Work Ethic, in it’s efficiency in convincing enslaved commoners that ‘wealth’ was endowed on the ‘good and great’ for their good and great nature and works! Therefore, people were poor because of their unclean natures and laziness! So what’s changed; blame the victim.

    The King James Version (ahem) of the Bible was produced amid: 1. pandemic of syphillis 2. land lease acts, displacing millions of English into city sewers 3. Inquisitions of ‘witches’ 4. deportation of ‘prisoners’ as slaves to build colonies in America/Barbados/Jamaica 5.Satanic mills 5. to create and implement one common language: New English as the business language of the World.

    The reason I mention syphillis is that it was first recorded when Columbus’ crew and merchants returned from ‘discovering’ South America; the Spaniards or merchant mercenaries were raping Llamas and of course, practised buggery. It is my contention that all evils emanated via Venice and those Merchants of Venice in power today! Syphilis treatment for the wealthy who practised debauch, was silver, mercury (producing a blue tinge to the area treated and blood – Blue Blood ‘royals’ Royal is the tag of any hybrid species of plant, animal,human). The ‘royal blue bloodlines’ have a history of death and insanity from syphilis.

    Another treatment or actual cure came from a South American Tree flower which is the national symbol for Jamaica. Lignum Vitae – The Tree of Life; it’s fruit is the flower from which the cure was derived. So when ‘god’ told Adam and Eve they may not eat from the tree the forbidden fruit, this may be referring to the practise of bestiality and sodomy; thereby having no need to eat the curative ‘fruit’!

    It would make no difference if Gerry was the biological father or not but it is highly unlikely! As Angela Carter wrote ’tis a wise child who knows their father’. Fatherless children provided the Church/State with the legal grace to kidnap children, as fatherless children were deemed ‘orphans’.

    Socialist policies, Feminism etc. have produced a large population of these fatherless children among the normals. Inside the abnormal family lines (Rothschilds) one can and has fathered hundreds of children (egg extraction, IV etc)who are brutalised from birth into the Mafia Banking family business.

  17. 67
    Anonymouse Says:

    “Was Gerry the father of Madeline?”

    The police know that now. There has been DNA samples taken of all of the family. Even if Gerry McCann were not the father, it probably would never be made public by the police. But there seems nothing to suggest Gerry McCann is not the father. Why the interest, is it that you think he looks too different? Or is it talk, found elsewhere, of that Madeleine McCann was someone else’s child, and that she was wanted to be “put back”?

  18. 68
    Hugh Says:


    In the initial stages of the enquiry, this was one of the questions that the Portugeuse police sent to their counterparts in the UK.

    Whether he is or isn’t Madeline’s real father neither explains her likely death nor does it help us to understand what appears to be a cover-up from the police, press and politicians. Unless, of course, you believe that they are there to do the bidding of their satanic masters. When you think about it, poliicians make an oath to serve HM, not us.

    If the public thought that he wasn’t here real father then I think they’d be less likely to contribute money.

  19. 69
    DaftAida Says:

    A couple of angles are not covered; one is that at the time of her ‘dissapearance’ there was a major football league happening, with some of the Russian (read jew) owners/managers being in that hot spot of Portugal. Never a mention! In Portugal is a ‘safe house’ for pedopervips. Not a mention. Makes me wonder why as it is an obvious lead and connection.

    And yes, what about all the other children in the family?

  20. 70
    Arthur Koestler Says:


    Ahem… I think you mean Khazar. I’ve a feeling that a pedovip with the power to control the controlled press is behind whatever happened to Madeline; someone with the power to get the (let’s face it, heroic) Chief Inspector Goncalo Amaral sacked; and he has the muscle to get politicians on both sides of the theoretical divide to bring the McCanns safely home. I’d be interested to know of anyone who would fit that profile who was in the locality that weekend.

    The time of the “disappearance” is a mystery: Kate is supposed to have changed her name when Madeline was “abducted” when she actually did it earlier in the week; the last time she was heard was when the neighbour upstairs in the flat heard her crying.

    I’ve heard it mentioned that madeline was accidentally killed; for example, too many sleeping tablets. I find this hard to believe because whatever happened to Madeline was planned. My reasoning for this is that both of the McCanns have very rarely contradicted each other; they also appear to me to have been coached in how to speak to the press without saying too much. Just an opinion.

  21. 71
    DaftAida Says:

    Yeah, well whatever you want to call them, they are fronting ‘jew’ and ‘white’. Kate was in all probability an intergenerationally abused child herself, with no more control over the script than in any other aspect of her life. Women are used as breeders, honey traps and ‘ringers’ under the control of male, pederastic psychopaths. The football connection is worth looking into for anyone remotely interested in football. Dates, names, circumstances are fudged, changed and re-arranged to cause the maximum confusion to anyone looking beneath the media presentation of such. The reason singular cases are brought to public attention is most likely one of blackmail/coersion/warning to others involved in the same filthy business.

  22. 72
    AK Says:

    I was once told by an authority that abused children are likely to become abusers themselves when they become adults. It’s a sad state of affairs when we have to speculate like this but what else can you do in the absence of any truth from the media.

    “”Dates, names, circumstances are fudged, changed and re-arranged to cause the maximum confusion to anyone looking beneath the media presentation of such. The reason singular cases are brought to public attention is most likely one of blackmail/coersion/warning to others involved in the same filthy business.””

    There are hints at the answers to two questions that should be asked: about why the real date of Madeline’s disappearance has been altered and why has this received more than its fair share of media attention. Horrific though it is, there are thousands of missing children every year. There is an underlined message in bold that the media has to repeatedly send out to someone in particular.

    A different case that springs to mind about messages and coercian/warnings is the example of JC de Menzies: if you worked on the underground and saw what he saw then keep your mouth shut.

    If the soccer owning pedovip was in the area only at the beginning of the week then it would explain why Kate went to such lengths to put Madeline at the breakfast table on the day of the “abduction”. To repeat this again: there’s no evidence that she was alive after Monday evening.

    If the McCanns lived on a council estate then their twins would be taken off them. Another vivid example of someone powerful protecting them.

  23. 73
    G1 Says:

    The Mrs. Fenn evidence is clearly very important but very undervalued by reportage, and I suppose investigators.

    “Considering that Mrs Fenn’s testimony blows a big hole in the McCanns’ insistence that they checked their children every half hour or less, there is little wonder that Kate was so demeaning in madeleine. The Mrs Fenn issue is dealt with simply in Faked Abduction—there is a full copy of Mrs Fenn’s witness statement to police.”

    I actually suppose that members of the Tapas 9 group, wherever they were each evening, and it always involved drinking I think, DID leave the group, maybe once an hour or so.

    Where did they go, if, for, example Madeleine was crying frequently for well over an hour at a time? Crying that would be heard in other rooms occupied by the McCanns’ partners?

    Either they did go to their own rooms / other rooms in the complex. And things were not as they claimed, on multiple occasions, and things were not as simple as they allege. Perhaps there were other people present. OR they went SOMEWHERE ELSE. Perhaps a meeting each time.

    Or both – at times persons went to the appartment complex. At times persons went elsewhere, meeting. I suspect this is true – both persons went to the appartment complex and things were not as claimed (on multiple occasions, and consider other persons were involved), and persons went SOMEWHERE OR SOMEWHERES ELSE, unreported later. Individually or in pairs, trios or quartets.

    Again, Mrs. Fenn really is very important. Kate and Gerry can be very good indeed at unexpectedly in acts having a situation which might not appear, by each element, conspicuously unbelievable or attract attention to details. But in Kate’s book there is something conspicuously strange, as if Kate could not avoid trying to deflect attention here by something which, to those looking, attracts attention. A well educated GP, married to someone who is well respected in a specialised medical field, holidaying with other respected, and some very specialised healthcare professionals, find some need to say that Mrs. Fenn had a “plummy” voice or accent. It’s strange. It’s character creation for an audience, for people reading her book, the Kate she wants to project for a reason.

    And it’s also a subtle suggestion – a suggestion that Kate who would not normally say someone had a plummy accent, legitimately had reason to find Mrs. Fenn hard to deal with. Kate is inventing a defensiveness.Kate was actually being subtle in her character creation of Kate for the world, at the same time involved in very discreet suggestions of natural character assassination of Mrs. Fenn.

  24. 74
    DaftAida Says:

    GI: Whether they checked on Maddy or not, I’d say from alternative sources of information that SOS Childrens’ Village (worldwide) in Portugal was a likely destination; these are ‘grooming’ and extortion camps posing as a charity (as usual) they are sponsored by Barclays and FIFA and in the timeframe of her abduction, some notable football mogals were publicised as being at a resort in Portugal. What points to high-level operations of this kind, are the personalities featured with the McCanns’ post-abduction; The Pope, British Politicians etc. It is unlikely that Kate McCann had much, if any say in Maddy’s fate. The women are all controlled; look at how completely haggard she became from the time of the abduction onwards. It is unlikely she wrote a book; it would have been ghost-written. For example, the father of Jessica in the Jessica and Holly murders, was advanced £1M for his book, which he didn’t personally write – hush money. Whenever ‘Me-Jah!’ profiles one case out of tens of thousands of missing children (who never return) it is merely to advertise their activities and set someone up to take the wrath of public hatred.

  25. 75
    AK Says:

    GI – good point about “where did they go”; if Madeline continued crying then the adults don’t appear to have been doing the checking that they claimed. There’s another side to the Mrs Fenn coin: as there is no record of Mrs Fenn hearing Madeline crying on the night before her alleged disappearance, it makes you wonder was Madeline really there. Especially, as has been noted before, Kate McCann claimed that Madeline had complained about being left alone. I’d say that Kate is creating a diversion and cover story here. It made her look a cold-hearted unworthy parent, at least it ought to have, but the objective of the story is that we’re meant to believe that Madeline was still alive and at the breakfast-table.

    GI – the Madeline case isn’t the only one; the Jessica and Holly cases, from memory, were another cover-up. The bloke who was found guilty should have been locked up but not for this particuar crime. I think names should be mentioned as to the soccer moguls who were present at the time in Portugal. Good point about Kate being controlled; many in the public eye, and I’m thinking of female singers here, are controlled and Kate does show signs now that you mention it.

  26. 76
    DaftAida Says:

    AK: Why do you think Huntley should have been locked up at all? I know that the ‘Me-Jah!’ stated that Huntley had a record of a sex offence against a minor BUT as always, the sin of ommission was that he was 16 and the girl was days away from becoming 16 herself; they were dating. I know Huntley had a brother stationed at Lakenheath and this was where a known child-rapist and killer USAF staff was implicated; this is where the bodies were found, just outside the fence and the said killer was subsequently drafted back to USA. Remember the crime happened on the brink of invasion of Iraq and as the overwhelming majority of Brits were anti-invasion, any slur on the US forces in occupation of this country would have caused a riot.

    Sorry, the story in the news at that time about some Russian football club owner and a controversy around some prominent fixture were noted by me but on trying to retrace that link, I have been unsuccessful. I hate football and would not have done more than checked the coincidental headline and logged it.

  27. 77
    AK Says:


    I thought there was more than one, nothing like the crime he had been accused of though. I recall one from when he lived in Hull and the police at the time couldn’t share information with other police forces. The object of theis particular item was that the poice forces should be able to share, that is, spy on the publice even more. A case of problem, reaction, solution with the solution being more police control over the public.

    Huntley tried to commit suicide in jail and Maxine Carr received a long stretch even if she had been guilty. I recall that there was no evidence against him and the girls wouldn’t have fitted into the boot of his car.

    There’s a soccer link in this as well and the police. or whoever, circulated photos of the girls wearing jerseys that advertised the usual occult symbols: the devil; the world serpent and the all-seeing eye. The jerseys were predominantly red. Might or might not be a coincidence.

    Jimmy Saville has at last been found out. Its a pity he’s dead because he could have told us about the links between his perversions and the Royal Parasites. Not only will he be remembered for his disgusting and horrible treatment of young girls but we’ll think about the morgues he visited as well.

  28. 78
    DaftAida Says:

    AK: Thanks for the reminder about the football T-shirt links to both Holly and Jessica and Maddy. FIFA sponsors SOS Childrens’ Villages which is a worldwide charity with a home in Portugal, too. It is run by pedophiles, headed up by a ‘mother superior’ and series of homes whereby children are tortured, raped and groomed into same-sex entrapment of prominent figures for extortion. I learn that often, the child’s mother is ‘sacrificed’ in front of him/her to promote bonding with the killers. The treatment of Huntley from arrest to pre-trial was utterly criminal; 3 months torture in Rampton and his appearance in court verified heavy drugging and he had a ‘shock belt’ around his waist. His girlfriend went through hell. Another innocent dupe, like Stuart Hazell and I suspect strongly, Mark Brigden. Tia Sharp, was, I suspect abducted by or for M15 and sacrificed at the Olympic Stadium. On her T-Shirt, was a picture of a wolf to complete the story of ‘little red riding hood’ abducted from her granny’s home. The media story was as per usual, ridiculous. But why are the public so thick as to support the unsupportable?

    As for Savile, he was exposed years ago and connected heavily in Haute de la Garrene, along with the usual bevy of politicos. The latest exposure is promoting that he was abusing girls but his primary, perhaps exclusive prey were boys. He was only exposed because he’s dead, for motives as yet, unclear. When the public think of Savile and what is being exposed, they should take this as a clue; to be applied to ALL in power, all involved in childrens’ charities and particularly, those issuing and receiving honours such as knighthoods etc.

    Leigh McGrath Goodman, a journalist exposing Haut de la Garrene has had her visa blocked to UK/Jersey. Kevin Annett, exposing the Mohawk chldren holocaust via Anglican and Catholic church in Canada, ditto. The Queen and her Greek Consort have been cited in the dissapearance of 10 Mohawk children in Canada in the 1960’s. All living witnessnesses have been murdered but their testimonies live on.

  29. 79
    ispy Says:

    A great deal of what you are saying has been put forward by David Icke in his books and lectures. He has discovered the links between government, bankers and criminals (incloding paedos) and spent years trying to convince people of these links. It should also be remembered that as an ex-football player he also has links to FIFA, even though he may not be able to name names. I am not suggesting that he has links to the children’s homes, but he mat know more than he can say at the present time. Let’s hope that one day soon he can tell everything he knows.

  30. 80
    Super Sleuth Says:

    The Fenn statement has a major problem, this being who cried in 5a cannot prove it was Maddie.

  31. 81
    DaftAida Says:

    ispy: You are correct in thinking that Icke knows more than he is saying, like how he’s a member of Isle of White freemasonic lodge, or how he is handled by a psychiatrist to ‘the stars’ from where he gets his information (endlessly repetitive throughout his books)or how his ex-wife is a complete MK-Ultra slave, or how she has activities with a ‘ministery’ which does the usual thing in ‘helping’ children via a charitable outreach abusing children in Far Eastern countries. He is a mind-controlled disinformation agent.

    Greg Hallet and Kevin Annett are sound sources of information; Sticky, Tricky Icky is not. I’m not saying all he repeats or is written for him is unfactual – the 9/11 book ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was very timely and useful. He’s mainly talking about himself and the shadowy world he lives in.

  32. 82
    G1 Says:

    Firstly, thanks DaftAida for the insight in the comments:

    – “It is unlikely that Kate McCann had much, if any say in Maddy’s fate. The women are all controlled”.

    Now we’re getting a bit closer to a reality of what is behind this. Whether or not Madeleine was killed on or before May 3 2007, or abducted, this situation was not an independent McCann affair.

    – “It is unlikely she wrote a book; it would have been ghost-written.”

    And written to describe plans mostly drawn up before the commotion in May 2007.

    Thanks also, AK. You echoed what DaftAida was saying in the first point I referred to above:

    “Good point about Kate being controlled; many in the public eye, and I’m thinking of female singers here, are controlled and Kate does show signs now that you mention it.”

    Also, to what you said about the appartment activity on May 3rd:

    – “as there is no record of Mrs Fenn hearing Madeline crying on the night before her alleged disappearance, it makes you wonder was Madeline really there.”

    I have to go further than that – any avenue is open there, and I think the truth leaves anyone looking around that point clearly in the dark. That is the intention. The parents say Madeleine was crying May 2nd. I’ve doubted that Madeleine McCann was alive (if killed) or present (if abducted) before the parents left for dinner that night.

    I’m now convinced that there were “two Madeleine McCanns”, as shown in the “last” photos – 1. the real Madeleine who is in the pool photo (whether edited in or really photographed there; 2. the stand-in for Madeleine who is in the tennis court photographs. So, this would leave any avenue open.

    If you consider that this can be true, then it throws everything up in the air, and the real Madeleine may have been killed or abducted so she may or may not have been present any time on the 3rd of May.

    I first came across a number of people saying this with firm resolution at

    I was really surprised at such a wild seeming suggestion first of all, and wondered how those people in that forum got to that conclusion, thinking such a thing far off. But now I’m also convinced. There was another little girl – consider this. (study the photos – Madeleine? No.)

    Who knows which of the two, then, was picked up / dropped off to make the creche records on particular days (that is if those records weren’t fabricated one day, probably involving staff.) And who knows what else was going on, and where, actually.

    But, one thing seeming very clear, there was a lot of organised behaviour and acts associated with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. And it did somehow involve those people, not just the McCanns, who are not admitting any of it.

  33. 83
    DaftAida Says:

    Hi G1,
    If you go to aangirfan blog, there’s some great information generally and on Maddy. There were 2 sightings of the child; one in France, 2008 in a store where she spoke to a shop assistant, asking for her mummy. The woman told her that her mother was in the store and the child said ‘no, that’s not my mummy. She took me from my mummy on holiday’ She gave her name as ‘Maddy’ which the woman thought was ‘Maggie’ and reported it to police.

    In 2010 another positive sighting, this time in Brazil or Argentina (some South American country – can’t remember). A British Captain spotted the fair haired child sitting with a group outside a cafe, looking unhappy, out of place and refusing to eat. He got within 4-5 feet and made eye contact, noting Maddy’s unusual eye marking. He reported it. Nothing done.

    The photofit enhancement they keep splashing about does not look like Maddy, who would have retained her prettiness and large, sparkling eyes.

    Suspect the recent abduction of the five year old child in Wales for which Mark Brigden has been (I believe falsley charged) may well be another ‘Maddy’; a child abducted to order. I think they call it ‘catalogue kids’ where a child is photographed for ‘approval’ before abduction and sale to the perp.

  34. 84
    G1 Says:

    Hi DaftAida.

    Something like that may even have been commandeered, forced by Kate.

    1. Gerry McCann is recorded as a sex offender from around 10 years ago. He has a known history. As with many sex abusers, the known part can be the small part of something big, perhaps the tip of an iceberg. His mark on the sex abuse register has been hidden to all enquiring publicly, while police can access it. This suggests he was not working on his own, some people with power intervened. It can suggest something as wide as you like.

    2. The McCanns friends issued a statement to the police of their belief that, whatever happened to Madeleine, the McCanns had been involved in child abuse, with their associate Mr. Payne. They think that this included sexual abuse of Madeleine in the past, before May 2007, by Gerry and Payne.

    3. Gerry is very domineering of Kate. This may have been typcial, or definitive for a long time. Kate can seem to be very afraid of him. It could be Kate has been beaten by him at times.

    4. The situation goes that Gerry has been involved in the sexual abuse of his daughter Madeleine which has worsened up to winter and perhaps early spring 2007. Kate knows, or actually has been involved (and does or doesn’t respect that).

    The clear possibilities for motive become clear.

    5. EITHER
    A. Kate is determined to prevent this from continuing and does something about it. She uses contacts, peadophile contacts from Gerry’s associates (which may involved her actually anyway, and this may be peadophile – cult worship related also, though she decides to extricate Madeleine) to put her in contact with others. These are the people involved in procuring and selling children.

    B. The suggested situation – both parents are kind of culpable, in sustaining abuse involving Madeleine, occasionally over years, and probably involving other children. Perhaps it has gotten worse, perhaps not. But anyway, Madeleine now seems to be beginning to talk to other children, to tell people of closeness and special experiences. Kate and Gerry agree Madeleine has to be stopped. Or they are ordered this, other people agree that Madeleine has to be stopped.

    C. It is all cult related. The abduction or death of Madeleine was to do with personal honour and torture within a demonic style cult. “You may not have what you want”, “She’s not yours, you must accept, you must show this.You are for use alone, one of us, alone”. It’s a disgusting thing to think of, to imagine like this. But I don’t think this is unrelated to what happened, at all. I really don’t. These cults really do exists, and include people from all walks of life, so-called lower and upper middle-classes, traditional working classes, very rich people.

  35. 85
    AK Says:

    I think you’re right about the cults; Moloch was only one deity to whom children were sacrificed; the question is: when did the practice stop? The masses would dismiss the idea of politicians, bankers, and royals and even middle class people carrying on with occult worship and have a mental block when children are brought into the equation. Ordinary people think that because they themselves would never do anything like that then no one else would; so child-sacrifice is left out of the equation.

    After the Savile revelations, it should be obvious to all and sundry that his circle of friends, including William Hague, knew what he was up to and some of them had the power to block any investigations and keep any allegations out of the news. It isn’t speculating too much to say that many of his associates were carrying on in the same way as he.

    Another illustration how the state hides perverts from the public view is the case of Holly Grieg.

  36. 86
    DaftAida Says:

    The cult and practice never ‘stopped’ it just went ‘invisible’ to the public with the onset of their media machine, forever distracting via the whitewashing of this clan as ‘respectable’ through their very effective PR. At the same time, the public are lured into ‘worshipping’ these icons, thus becoming participants in the rituals (Hollywood, music videos, everything else). People are brainwashed into the meme that the horrors of say, the French and other Jewish revolutions (oh, yes there were!) are babarisms of ‘the past’ when they are not, as any indepth research of all past and current wars, rebel actions, coups, reveals.

    If you watch Bill Maloney’s material (via UK Column, you tube and Pie and Mash Films) you’ll get some rather shocking revelations on Savile’s power.With warnings: Holly Greig is a red herring and now in serious dispute as to authenticity. Yes, these atrocities are ‘normal’ NO these atrocies didn’t happen to Hollie.

    As for Maddy; Kate’s other children are most likely not hers. These pedo rings are like a gigantic world tree, with ever decreasing concentric circles which are all part of the same cult. It’s a top-down disease which, over thousands of years has spread to now being the norm within all institutions; military, prison, ‘CARE’ homes, as in ‘the cremation of care’, fostering, adoption, LGBT being a cover for pedo-rings, charities etc. If you can name it, shame has claimed it!

  37. 87
    DaftAida Says:

    On Molech; there was a huge fire on 13th September (following paralympic closing ceremony) in Watford at a ‘recyling centre’ which was said by fire officers to be the biggest in recent history, involving 200 staff across London. No mention of it in mainstream media. Why? Tia Sharpe was, I believe, abducted by M15 agents and sacrificed at Olympics; the 5 ‘missing’ black atheletes, ditto, and possibly the contender to poster boy BOLT’s success who was ‘disqualified’ enabling Bolt to win. The entire JewBilly and Olympic/Paralympics was a MEGA-RITUAL involving mega-sacrifices.

    On the Kate and Gerry McCann business, one only has to review the involvement of Pope, Brown and all the other ‘names’ post-abduction to see the levels involved in this kind of activity. That’s all the media is, a show and tell to a completely oblivious and ignorant (willfully so) public.Kate has no say in her fate and it’s high time people stopped getting caught up in the personalities presented and instead, slotted them into the big picture frame.

  38. 88
    AK Says:

    The public will be unwittingly taking part in a mass worship of occult gods next week on Remembrance Sunday. No question as to why 60,000 died, or as the media would say, without a hint of irony,’sacrificed’ in a single day on the Somme. The other night, the same public were fooled into thinking that its perfectly normal for children to walk about dressed up as what Hollywood deems Satan to look like.

    The satanists who run the world today are of the same ilk as those who financed and engineered the French and Russian ‘Revolutions’. Studies of Leyba Davidovich Bronstein, his financers and his murderous gang should be on the curriculum at all schools.

    Madeline’s horrific case is just one of countless instances of a crime commmitted in plain site thatwas carried out at the behest of someone with enough power to divert attention away yet make millions out of it. I think the word that sums it up is chutzpah.

  39. 89
    DaftAida Says:

    Right on the money. If people would just wean themselves off the addictions of TV, Hollywood DVDs and cellphones, they’d begin to awaken, to see the mindless garbage for what it is. Have concluded that every single reported item of ‘news’ in the mainstream is simply an item of the Bankster Mafioso’s daily dealings, skewed to appear to the public as an ‘accident’ ‘suicide’ or murder to be blamed on an innocent patsy almost always from among the poorest class; those who read it. Many of them then call for more legislation, including the death penalty!

    The so-called ‘conspiracy’ alternative media is largely funded by intelligence agents and whilst it exposes much malfeasance, commits the sin of ommission; never or rarely providing the bigger picture, the larger deception.In any event, all online communication is channelled via the likes of Echelon, Membury Hill, Yorkshire. It’s an intelligence dream for everything subscribed to, commented on or written, is building up a personal profile for later prosecution. No more ‘presumption of innocence’ ‘trial by jury’ – just a picture with a storyline, public opinion condemns or condones accordingly.

    As for the horrendous sacrificial lambs of war, the older ones with living memory are dying or have died off and since the 1950’s trauma-based mind control has ensured that soldiers simply obey commands, whatever they are, detached from reason, rationale, compassion. Church of Satan and Satanism is now officially the religion of choice within the Navy and Army; remote viewing and attack with drones further relieves the killers of responsibility or remorse. But I do not consider the public ‘unwitting’ just uncaring; made so by 60 years of NHS vaccines, drugs, advertising, ‘edjewcation’ so that they no longer question anything for themselves and if they do, don’t bother to find out for themselves but await the next media installment.

    Parents cannot protect children from an enemy they refuse to see and Socialist Britain has successfully coached them into supporting ‘gay’ rights, transgenderism and anti-racism – all models for destruction of the family, in order that those Pedo’s in power can access the children direct.

    The Talmud too, should be mandatory education, together with When Victims Rule and The Pink Swastika. Yet there’s little chance of this as parents are stuck in a juvenille state themselves as well as grandparents, with the attention span of a gnat!

    Madeline’s case was highlighted out of tens of thousands in order to raise funds for a Foundation (all foundations have to be approved by UN and UN are the largest global pedo ring and drugs traffickers in league with NATO). Also to terrorise the public, as these cases always raise huge emotional and psychological trauma to be fed off. However, the media rarely ever exposes the extent of Social Services manfeasance, the adoption and fostering scams, the closed institutional abuse within care homes, young offenders units, immigration centres, psychiatric hospitals and the deranged charities: Barnados, NSPCC, Childline, Children In Need, Great Ormond St Hosp (GOSH!) as featured in the satanic Olympics ritual and all the rest of them.

  40. 90
    AK Says:

    The people have the power to make change and the easiest thing to make a start is switch the TV off. The government want you to watch TV because they’re speaking directly to your subconcious mind. Next, buy from your local market not a supermarket, use cash not credit cards. Refuse to pay your BBC license.

    Any organisation which purports to be anti-establishment, even when they’re unknowingly supporting them, is infiltrated by the Peelers. In some cases, the establishment sets up two apparently opposing groups. Islam4UK springs to mind. What was it that Lenin said about if you want to control the opposition, become the opposition.

    I don’t know if I’d want to read the Talmud; I’ve read Michael Hoffman’s book about it which is recommended reading if you can find someone who dares to sell it. Voltaire said something to the effect that you find out who runs the world when you start criticising them and it looks as though Hoffman might be in the right area.

    What DaftAida says about “gay” rights etc strikes a chord as they are examples of Marxist ideas that have been given oxygen by their supposed arch-enemies. If you have two polar opposite ideologies then how come there is so much overlap? Marxism would not exist without the support of International Capitalists. There are many “marxists” who end up with pretty good jobs within the estabishment too, like the former Chairman of the FA, Lord Triesman; farther to the left than Trotsky as he is ex-CPGB which would presumably mean he’s a hard-line Stalinist. I really can’t imagine him running around in the depths of winter on a muddy field hoofing a ball about.

    Both “ideologies” have a complete disregard for human life.

    I just wonder about certain alternative news sources as well because they too support “gay” rights etc.

  41. 91
    G1 Says:

    Sometimes elements just seep out. Even those elements are generally contained for decades. The people are monstrous in achieving what they want, it’s like they’re beyond or before physical reality.

    40 Welsh care homes understood to be involved with the sexual and other abuse rings, now. For a long time the well known (titled!) former politician referred to as a “grandee” in the judicial review of the inquiry in the late 1990s, was witnessed by numerous people, separately, in ritual and sexually involved murder of young boys.

    The ex-politician’s lawyers are this week searching Web pages for anyone who names him, to bring defamation charges against them. I’m not going to name him. As the same man threatened and I think even initiated at times in the 1990s. It’s the same machine. Savile is very recently connected to the Welsh care home abuse, in newspaper reports. However big these rings were, members knew each other, and of many of the others, if they hadn’t met.

    The Daily Mirror now estimates Savile was likely to have been involved in 900 cases of child sexual abuse. Further, it’s been reported it was witnessed he was an active necrophiliac. One ought to wonder if Savile was involved in murder.

    These rings are very active, very secretive and probably can be large. As AK and DaftAida say, the influence of the rings, though, are very large and very strong indeed.

  42. 92
    AK Says:

    Politicians and Royals are falling over themselves trying to distance themselves from Savile. Is the dam about to burst or is there some reason that Savile has been “outed”.

    I mentioned ideologies earlier and for me, there are only two that are diametrically opposed yet have a major influence in our lives. These are two books:The Bible v The Talmud. Unfortunately, just as politics attracts politicians, Christianity tends to attract people who have no intention of reading and understanding neither the Old nor New Testament. When was the last time that the Archbishop of Canterbury told the stirring story of Jesus giving the Pharisees a good whupping in the Temple? Why did he do it and what did he refer to them as? He was appointed by the PM (Tony Blair?) so that would explain things. The truth isn’t always a defence so I won’t talk about pedophilia except to say that the Bible doesn’t promote it.

    The signs are there however that, like other perversions, it’ll be legalised in the not too distant future.

  43. 93
    DaftAida Says:

    The Guardian ran a piece on a veteran campaigner: Eileen Fairweather on Bryn Estyn, Haute de la Garenne, Islington and the whole shebang is a world wide web of interconnected circles with the same pivotal players: Savile like a spider with enormous range and outreach and all he touched expanding downwards and outwards as well. Who cares about names? ALL OF THEM. If they are: Jewish they are Freemasons and as such sworn on blood oaths to protect eachother above all law. Charities, Foundations, Politicians, Judicairy, Social Services, Education, Religion, and on and on and on

    Websties abound with the names already known and exposed to researchers, police and the PTB. It’s almost a farce because there are lists of MP’s and Lords already named on the sex offenders’ register, including Jack Straw’s brother – his son is a major coke dealer. Straw links to Romanian (being a Romanian Jew) Orphanages. The list is endless. It’s just their way of ‘life’ you see? Intergenerational trauma-based mind control through the buggery of very small children and ritual sacrificial murder and extortion. Greg Hallet exposes the Big Picture and names as do some others but Greg is the main man for shock n awe. Go back to Plato, Aristotle and the first democracy which was a Pederastic misogynistic warrior theocracy very openly and nothing has changed, just perceptual management via media and advanced technologies (WMD – bio/eco/mental terrorism).We’ve become duller and dumber via toxificaton and compulsory education. Now electronification and chemtrails.

    Go back further than that and we see that this plan where we are, on the eve of specie destruction has been forged through thousands of years. That’s how long it’s taken these retards to bring us to this point, even though it is now ‘overwhelming’. Well, Gi, if we came from 6000 of ONE PLAN unbroken (but often thwarted) for 6000 years I think we’d have a success on our hands. But we wouldn’t need to, for nature is naturaly NOW. Their plan is diametrically opposed to all nature, hence the slow poison yet none the less effective.

    Names: they abound – it’s almost foolish to pick out the individuals like Savile, Rantzem, Portillo, Heath, Currie, Phillip, Charles, Elizabeth, Hodge, Hurd, Major, Wilson, Mandelson, Blair, because all of those known and unkown are simply the Warburg/Oppenheimer/Rothschild/Schiff City of London Dross Ash-can-NAZI Jews and their various lines to and fro. The problem in naming names is that you’re bound to leave someone out! Still, I’ve sworn no oaths to anything or anyone, so am free to speak the truth as I find it and to hell with it, truly, for speak now or forever keep your peace. It makes no difference in the end whether we are cowards, ignorants supporting the filthy disease or whether we are courageous and strong opposing and exposing it; only the individual will bear the brunt or the fruits.

  44. 94
    DaftAida Says:

    AK: Yes,TV makes it nigh impossible for cogent dialogue: there’s a solid barrier which takes enormous effort and repetition to break through and then any seeds of sanity planted are lost as it’s switched back on again! The current BBC-McAlpine-Messham staged event (at Messham and victims expense) has demonstrated how hopelessly lost the public have become. They support the innocence of the guilty yet will condemn the innocent patsies for their ‘crimes’. I don’t think it’s worth talking to them at all, still, I persist. What more can one do but be a among the voice of the few and the many silenced in this wilderness?

    Michael Hoffman has done some really good work but I note he supports a dangerous theme parallel to indentured servitude: live-in apprenticeships. Yes, in an ‘ideal world’ it would work, but in that ideal world it would not be necessary!

    The Talmud is evidence as is Manly P Hall, Albert Pike, Crowley, Tragedy and Hope, The Thirteenth Tribe and so on – endless works of the same old plan. All anyone needs to know about the Talmud is that it is a book of law, a set of working rules for power over ‘goyim’ – cattle and ‘gentiles’ – nations which states: sex with a 3 year old is no crime, killing a goy after sex or in any case is no crime, neither is lying to or about in a court, stealing or cheating. The Pink Swastika and When Victims Rule, The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Sion/Zion etc. ad nauseam. As for the collectin of books aka Bible: look at who owns the copyrights! Crown Estates owns KJV as well it might as the tome written for one who claimed ‘Divine Right to Rule’! It also introduced to the multi-lingual populace a common language of middle English. We think in this language – the ultimate in mind-control. The era in which KJV appeared also commenced British East India/Dutch East India (gotta watch those Dutch) explosion of white slavery to build the colonies and the genocide of all native peoples in those lands, courtesy of the Anglican/Catholic alliances.

    Gi: Thing is that these ‘big ringers’ went to the same schools, lodges, colleges, universities – they all know eachother over a lifetime and lifetimes through inheritance. I watched some of Bill Maloneys interviews where he divulges that Savile influenced Begin and the Israeli policies of santions against the Palestinians resulting in 2M + deaths. Really, BlairWatch killed millions, so it’s not just the personal involvements but the bigger global picture. Natural-Born psycho-Killers.

    As Eileen Faithweather’s piece in the Guardian disclosed, the care home/institutional abuse is national and international, not just a home here and there. The scope and enormity of these practises are just ‘too big’ for most to grasp.

    The vehicle through which the final phase of pedocracy is riding is the LGBT supertanker. EU have been producing parenting guides promoting sexual ‘massage’ of the baby to imbue ‘love’ ‘bonding’ and ‘self-esteem’ and this is UN ‘rights of the child’ – everything from UN is Marxist – it was founded by KGB. Pedo-Info-Exchange type of organisation members abound in PTB and their directive is to reduced the age of consent to FIVE. In Vatican City it’s been 12. VatCity, Washington DC, City of London etc are Freezones, Independent States.

  45. 95
    G1 Says:

    “The current BBC-McAlpine-Messham staged event (at Messham and victims expense) has demonstrated how hopelessly lost the public have become. They support the innocence of the guilty yet will condemn the innocent patsies for their ‘crimes’.” (DaftAida)

    Yes, it’s interesting, now the details of that big fuss is out. It can look something even set up in that way.

    The young Mr Messham at a care home gets a photo of one the principal long term abusers he was subject to (while there were many) and it was faxed to the police. The police tell Mr Messham personally, firstly, “That is Baron / Lord McAlpine”. Yet, at the same time, after being the ones to purportedly identify the criminal to the victim, the same police station officers say to the victim, “That photo is evidence of nothing, and cannot be used. The fax is not clear enough.”

    This leaves the young Mr Messham to stir in what he has been told for years. Even, years later during the attempted trial moves and the Judicial Review, Mr. Messham still holds on to the identification of the abuser given to him by the police. It takes one decade and more years longer still, to when a substantial part of the remainder of Mr. Messham’s has gone for development. So (coincidentally?) it took the BBC’s hastiness during a scandal of their covering criminal information, for Mr. Messham at last to be told that he was given the wrong name.

    But, what is very interesting, is that stories of Lord McAlpine have been published through the Web network for years, and as far as I was aware, Mr. Messham was not the source of these, or most of these.

    I remember well, this stuff was spoken of in the 1990s and before. I remember hearing Lord McAlpine’s name in connection with the allegations of rampant child sexual abuse and even murder of young boys connected with that during the 1990s and before. There are Web articles saying these things, from years ago which you may still find today. I could never forget, from back then, for the Scottish politician had one of the most pleasant screen presences of any of the politicians of any party back then. And so, the surprise of hearing these things, jarring a lot with the very amiable presentation of the man, was sure to stick in my mind.

    I’ve just read a man writing in the Web within the last week that his wife worked, moving around to places including various Welsh institutions concerned, during the very years of abuse. Before there was any mention or suggestion of names and she was aware of things, I suppose without evidence to act. The man’s wife said immediately, remembering, that was “Lord McAlpine”.

    This can only mean,in each case, either a man looking very like Lord McAlpine was the heinous criminal and not Lord McAlpine, or Lord McAlpine really was involved, sometimes or always.

    I’ve no wish to slur anyone’s name or reputation. In this comment, with reference to the name of someone who has been a public figure, I’m merely reporting what has been published in respect of the person, which may be found by searching the web. Then, I’m merely moving to ask the only possible logical question in consequence of the reports and the recent events involving the BBC, Mr Messham and Lord McAlpine.

  46. 96
    DaftAida Says:

    James (Jimmie) McAlpine the ‘honourable’ Lord’s relative, was defintely involved with Sir Savvy (I mean if the Queen knighted him and he was made a Freeman then who the hell wasn’t?)so it is highly unlikely that said Lord was obvlivious to this, even if in the fantastic event that he wasn’t personally implicated.

    It is in the nature of these clandestine incestous families going back sometimes thousands of years to act in this manner towards their own children as part of carrying on The Agenda or Mafia/Family traditions. What they do to their own who ‘don’t make the grade’ is fratricide. What they do to their inferiors is genocide or history. Knowing this, ensures they can be named. The markers of power, wealth, freemasonry, fraternities, groups, heads of charities and foundations, pressure groups, tribal ideology, religion, position, education etc. are all markers. Aside from those who can be known through this method are those myriad illegitimates placed in public positions, behind the scenes, and most unfortunately among us as are their servants or slaves. Obviously ALL titled people have been rewarded for their dirty deeds on the population of direct benefit to The Crown and City of London, Vatican.

    Therefore it’s not a question of wrongful accusation it is just the way it is and has been for thousands of years and simply, like an unchecked cancer, has infested the body and brain in particular of mankind in order to kill the host. What they are doing to the planet and what we are allowiing them to do is outright insanity. They are ALL perpetrators of child rape, torture and murder.

  47. 97
    DPL Says:

    This morning I logged onto the web to send an email to someone (of no importance). I did a quick search on Google for something and somehow…and I don’t know how or why, but six hours later I’m here, posting this message as an new-found expert on the Madeline McCann mystery. My rapid research has revealed that the internet has a plethora of strange and oddly people – thankgod the NRA (National Rifle Association) does not have a hold in the UK: we have a lot of grassy knolls in the UK and nutty people to go with those knolls!

    So, Kate & Gerry McCann’s conduct since they mislaid their daughter is nothing short of misfeasance. They would appear to have drugged their three children to make them sleep through the night and not spoil their soiree. Someone, somehow, exceeded the dose and the child died or she died as a result of a fall from a drug-induced state. An autopsy would have found the drugs in the child’s system – hence, the ongoing charade!

    The thread lost the thread and the plot when some posters started posting David Icke as factual source!

  48. 98
    G1 Says:

    Hi DPL. I prefer not to be concertedly suggestive to anyone, but I do think it’s a good idea to encourage people to open their minds and analyse more deeply. Only with an open mind. None of us, as far as I can actually know, were actually there. It’s good to remember that.

    So, I just wanted to ask you something I’ve posted a few times here, which to me is a real clincher as to one element of the mystery, and I’d say it could be a very, very important kind of clue in itself, perhaps.

    Do you really think there was a completely unexpected accident? Do you really suppose it can be that, holiday going very well (Madeleine’s crying unnoticed for hours or not), one too many sleeping pills were administered by two experienced and well educated doctors?

    With the sleeping pills issue, I think it’s technically unlikely anyhow. Myself, I would take sleeping pills based on anti-histamines which work well and send me out like a light; for example Nytol or Sominex branded pills. The generic anti-histamine in Nytol is diphenhydramine hydrochloride, also found in versions of Benylin – it’s not really an overdose drug for people of any age. I really looked around for people with experience of it one time I was wondering if it were safe if I accidentally or otherwise took more than advised. Numerous sources, British and American, said that I would have to take well over 100 tablets before, as evidence says, things may start to get dodgy and harm might result. (I know, actually, if you only take 4 or 5 of these tablets, you’ll probably feel like you’re harmed, knocked out, they can really work, but you won’t actually suffer bodily harm.)

    I don’t know about Calpol, but I have read nurses saying that you would need over 12 spoonfulls in an evening for a young juvenile to begin to be harmed. To be fair, reduce that by half for someone Madeleine’s age. Are practising doctors – themselves, by themselves – going to mistakenly administer 6, 7, 8 spoonfuls to their daughter? And, if there was an overdose, we’re talking about death, not breathing irregularities and some worried hours.

    Doctors carefully watch everything they do in respect of medication, they’re utterly used to it. They are very careful what they say even about medication to anyone. They know well about legal duties of care – civil responsibility and what can constitute criminal responsibility lapses. Law suits for malpractice have been on the increase, gain attention and doctors seem to be more aware nowadays.

    Even if this couple who at one time decided to visit a particular foreign land, had a couple of glasses of wine each, ordinarily, unless something extremely strange happened, doctors such as these people would usually still remain very careful. Easily they could have had at least 2 glasses of wine with dinner a night for some years, around half the nights, weeks aside over pregnancies and new births, and were very used to it. Perhaps another or so after dinner.

    This is typical professional evening behaviour, and often doctors love their wine as much as anyone. That’s fine and there’s nothing wrong with that itself. But I wanted to illustrate that such people don’t really tend to “get drunk” or feel drunk, being used to this. It would take more, and quite a lot more for serious judgement lapses. Their judgement usually remains good in what they’re used to and some beyond, even of course can improve for a while within 2 glasses, in a relaxed setting.

    The other possibility you mentioned, DPL, was an accident – a fall – that madeleine fell on her head or neck, fatally basically. It’s an unlikely occurrence anyway. But my major objection to this is really WHAT WE KNOW HAPPENED IMMEDIATELY NEXT, SINCE AND EVER AFTER UNTIL NOW (ETCETERA). (The same objection goes along with the accidental poisoning suggestions also.)

    5 and a half years it has been. The McCann’s started very strong and resolute. And remained so. Even though their stories didn’t appear to add up in many ways. Despite all of the descrepancies and evidence such as a sniffer dog, if they concealed the accidental death of their daughter, these people were absolutely assured from day one.

    So I think it’s impossible. Watching them throughout the years, realising they would have to be the kind of people who could SUDDENLY – INSTANTLY – turn around and lie through their teeth, really very well indeed, consistently. Day after day, fabricating and sticking to and widening stories and watching their backs with what they have said and constantly referring with each other and wondering what to say next and how it will fit in with the overall plot and exactly what words to use for new plot areas etc. etc. etc.

    The accidental death cover up scenario necessitates that the McCanns began that pretty suddenly, were quite whizzes at it, wait for it (being well educated professionals and knowing about reputation and damage limitiation) KNEW IT WOULD HAVE TO BE FOR LIFE. To maintain publicly in the face of the world a lie for life. To live it. For example, years later, apply to become Missing Children’s Ambassador after abandoning and negligently facilitating the death of their daughter. Then, over years, taking up so much concern – still all in false characters, telling lies, after a simple, undesired, honest accident – with the press phone hacking campaigns. Even then increasing public profile with ongoing involvement in the Leveson Inquiry to this day.

    THIS – all came from, as I’ve just written, and will repeat – a simple undesired, honest accident, over their much loved little daughter? Have a think. Did it really? That immensely, intense, strong, continuous (minute after minute) facade, day after day, week after week, year after year. When talking to the press, remembering exactly who is being talked to and how and what should be said. AFTER JUST AN HONEST ACCIDENT, where maybe, maybe they were a little negligent, perhaps.

    But if so – and consdering the accident theory suggests they went and are going to the lengths of the ends of the earth to escape a negligent or manslaughter verdict (it’s so unlikely anyway they’d get that – you can just say the little girl fell, for God’s sake), why wouldn’t they just cover it up a bit?

    If they were slightly negligent or more neligent, if they’re the kind of brassy, uncaring (actually they’d have to be rather instantly, immediately pscyhopathic, where there’s no history) people who would say their daughter was, em, kidnapped, surely they could with no bother edit out the little negligent part in her death? Absolutely. Young children do get hurt and do die all on their own. It happens.

    I want also to stress the suddenly psychopathic part. As other people have commented, for a normal couple, after an accident to SUDDENLY fake a kidnapping and possible murder or child trafficking racket, they’d have to be bl***y BARMY. To suddenly do this, being rather normal beforehand, loving their little daughter and her brother and sister. And suddenly, then, no, pscychopathic cover up story after a simple, honest accident, which they’ll happily give up careers for a while (or forever) for, will happily publish very thick books about, happily act out for the rest of their natural lives, happily bring distinguised lawyers and police chiefs to court for libel about. There’s nothing likely at all about that, it seems so very, very unlikely to me. The sudden psychopaths for life, making a career out of it, immediately, instantly after a simple, honest accident, and forever.

    I hope you don’t think I’m trying to show up what you may suggest as silly, DPL. It has been a very popular theory, the one you gave last, over the years and still. It’s the preferred theory of Amiral himself, said police investigation chief.

    But this is such a long, long, long post – and I hope it goes up 🙂 – because I really, really wanted to get across this, what I’m saying. I usually really want to shorten my posts, but actually not this time.

    I feel these points have such an important part in the theorising about what could have and maybe what did happen in Praia da Lux on the week that Madeleine McCann went on her last family holiday. I think it’s a really serious thing, if you’re taking theorising about what happened seriously.

    And, at the end of the day, or life / lives, if the McCanns were at fault somehow in connection with the simple, accidental death of Madeleine McCann, then it doesn’t matter really. It was an accident, a terrible shame, and there’s nothing much to be concerned about. We shouldn’t be concerned really with the McCann’s in their poor, ill, charade of fooling others and themselves if there was an accidental death involving them.

    That latter point can help us put aside the theory of an accident. I feel it has no significance. It’s so very unlikely indeed. And even if it did happen, drop it, it doesn’t matter then, it’s not worth thinking about. Even if it could have been because the parents were negligent in leaving M in the appartment – well it happens. It’s awful. I know most parents try very hard and get very alarmed at seeing such a thing. But not everyone’s as able, and no-one’s superhuman, and accidents do happen, and this is the opposite of a perfect world. It’s a real world, a natural world, a wild world, a random world, a world of some choice and control only. Some have more than others.

    So, after all of that, I conclude, well, I don’t remotely consider there was any accident at all. Whatever did happen.

  49. 99
    G1 Says:

    … Afterthought / conclusion!

    I hope the people using the site don’t think I’ve gone over the top on that. But I wanted to make the point clearly, that an accident, given all of what is actually known to have happened, is actually the most bizarre proposal.

    So I just wanted to state in black and white the obvious conclusion to follow, to just state it anyway. Because that helps. Here it is …

    If you accept my long argument, the simple point I try to get across – whatever happened to Madeleine McCann was not accidental – then something follows. By the singular, bare argument of the comment above alone, it leaves the possibilities of:

    – Intentional death or abduction of Madeleine including involvement somehow of / by K & G McCann.
    – Intentional death or abduction of Madeleine not involving K & G McCann.

    I think this is a final conclusion. (No disrespect intended to Mr Amiral’s skills nor lack of sympathy for his disposition.)

    To me, we’re onto criminal considerations whatever happened. I really wanted to put this strongly, and, as I think appropriate, to present as little doubt as possible.

    For I feel the accidental death scenario was sympathetically, emotively (though while perhaps understandably, with much confusion, bewilderment and desire to understand with love) adopted by so many people with no basis whatsoever, and totally inappropriately.

    The accidental death scenario is the biggest red herring you could come across. Whatever happened.

    This is very important indeed, further. Because having that red herring, that big, cloudy, woolly, cotton woolly, acrylicy as it adapts, anaesthestizing red herring moving around in various quicksilver like parts within a general conception of the affair, is subconsciously disabling. Even if you do vaguely conclude that an accident was unlikely, as a red herring (for me anyway!) it can still cause a quite invisible stupor in reasoning of what genuinely could have happened. What is probable or possible.

    I know I began the long comment just before, 96, saying to DPL “I prefer not to be concertedly suggestive to anyone…” and mentioned the benefit an “open mind”. Yes, I meant it. It’s a great thing and necessary.

    Still I cannot help stress I must now, for theorising, throw out the accident theory.

    I stress how clear it is to me now that the two possibilities just above remain, and remain alone.

  50. 100
    G1 Says:


    After discussing suggestions of accidents, sleeping pills or whatever, and thinking it imperative to rule them out (and I’d love to hear responses / make more discussion), here’s a puzzler for now or sometime:

    Regarding the sleeping pills displayed prominently in the McCann’s appartment after the disappearance of Madeleine, this was or wasn’t intentional. Which, conceivably? And why, conceivably?

    I want to post a bit about the libel trials, and so will do some more reading up on that. I’d hope to write something and ask for opinions in a week or so. No news yet, I think since early this month over the suit against Alan Bennett, and it is being fast tracked.

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