The Facts versus the Fiction


Kate Healy/McCann launched her book in the United Kingdom on May 12, 2011—4 years and 9 days after Madeleine McCann was reported missing. Simply called “madeleine“, the book is Kate’s account of the events of that fateful day in May 2007 with a potted history of the McCann family and the events of the 4 years since the alleged abduction.

Eagle eyed followers of the Madeleine case have no doubt been dissecting every sentence of the book in the search for yet more clues as to what happened to the tiny 3-year old tot.

Meanwhile, Faked Abduction by Steve Marsden is back on sale after a second edition has recently been printed in the USA.

So how do the two books fare in terms of unraveling the mystery of Madeleine McCann?

To answer this question, it is essential to understand that the Madeleine disappearance revolves around a set of important facts that have not been satisfactorily dealt with by the McCanns and their friends who accompanied them on the holiday to Portugal. The main body of reliable evidence consists of the 11,300+ page, Portuguese police file that was released in August 2008. Additional evidence was provided by the chief investigating officer—Gonçalo Amaral—through his own personal account in his book Maddie: A Verdade Da Mentira (The Truth of the Lie.)

These important facts are the focus of Faked Abduction and are also dealt with by Kate in madeleine. Some of these issues are:

  • Mrs Fenn hearing Madeleine crying for 75 minutes on May 1, 2007
  • The status of the patio doors
  • Madeleine’s whereabouts during the day on May 3, 2007
  • The Smith family (nine people) who saw a man looking like Gerry McCann shortly before 10pm on May 3, 2007
  • Jane Tanner’s sighting and the associated detail of that account
  • The Yvonne Martin encounter on May 4, 2007
  • The McCanns did not physically search for Madeleine on the night of May 3, 2007
  • The David Payne/Gerry McCann paedophile allegations from the Gaspars

Mrs Fenn

In Kate’s book she was quite disparaging towards Mrs Fenn. Not mentioning her by name, she described the elderly tenant of the flat above apartment 5A as a woman with a “plummy voice“. Kate also admitted that she and Fiona Payne abused Mrs Fenn because of her reaction to the reason for the commotion in apartment 5A on the night of May 3.

Considering that Mrs Fenn’s testimony blows a big hole in the McCanns’ insistence that they checked their children every half hour or less, there is little wonder that Kate was so demeaning in madeleine. The Mrs Fenn issue is dealt with simply in Faked Abduction—there is a full copy of Mrs Fenn’s witness statement to police.

The Patio Doors

Early stories from the McCanns claimed that they entered the apartment through the front door adjacent to the car park and opposite the poolside tapas bar. This alibi subsequently changed when observers noticed that this would have meant the McCann children were all locked inside apartment 5A and therefore would be at risk if a fire broke out inside the apartment. The change in alibi was that the McCanns switched to claiming that they entered the apartment through the patio doors.

This aspect is not without problems and it doesn’t seem to be logical. The patio doors only lock from inside the apartment. On page 45 of madeleine, Kate claims “after the first couple of days we barely used the front door, coming and going through the patio doors and up and down the steps.” Is Kate really suggesting that each time the family left the apartment they left it unlocked with all their possessions inside? Who goes on a holiday and leaves their room or apartment unlocked like that? It makes no sense and this change in the alibi seems to be another part of Kate’s revisionist history.

Madeleine’s Whereabouts on May 3, 2007

The author of Faked Abduction is unconvinced that Madeleine was alive and well all day on May 3, 2007 and there is no cast-iron evidence to prove otherwise. Three weeks after the disappearance, a photograph—the so-called Last Photo—appeared in a blaze of glory to prove that Madeleine was alive in the middle of the afternoon on May 3. However, Faked Abduction provides evidence that the Last Photo was probably faked. Interestingly, on page 65 of madeleine, Kate stated “Fiona told me she’d spotted Ella there but not Madeleine” in reference to Fiona seeing the children from the creche at a beach activity on May 3.

The Smith Sighting

The sighting of a man carrying a small girl through the streets of Praia da Luz just before 10pm on May 3 is an important sighting because it also blows a huge hole in the alibi of Gerry McCann. For newcomers to the Madeleine disappearance, the story goes like this: A family—Martin Smith and eight others—were leaving a bar in Praia da Luz and walking back to their apartment around 9:45pm. They encountered a man hurrying through the streets carrying a small girl and their reaction was that it was a man and his daughter. 4 months later when Martin Smith was watching television back home in Ireland, he noticed Gerry McCann disembarking the Easyjet plane at East Midlands Airport while he carried his sleeping son, Sean. The sight of McCann carrying his son in the exact same way he remembered the man carrying the girl in the streets of Praia da Luz jogged his memory to the extent that he realised the man in the streets was Gerald McCann. This bombshell evidence was kept quiet from the press back in 2007 and until Amaral’s book and the police files were released in 2008, this aspect of the case was publicly unknown.

Faked Abduction discussed the facts about the Smith Sighting whereas madeleine deals with this by claiming it to be another encounter with the same man allegedly seen by Jane Tanner. A casual reader of the case could interpret Kate’s version of the Smith Sighting as being a logical extension of the Tanner Sighting. The reality is that the Smith Sighting always was a sighting of Gerry carrying Madeleine and it is something never addressed by the McCanns.

Jane Tanner’s Sighting

The detail of Jane Tanner’s sighting has changed numerous times and is flawed because of its inconsistency. One detail that has emerged in the past 4 years is that Tanner and fellow holidaymaker Jeremy “Jes” Wilkins claim to have encountered Gerry McCann in the street outside apartment 5A on the same side of the pavement as the apartment. However, McCann claims this 3-way encounter happened on the other side of the street. In madeleine, Kate addresses this but fobs it off by saying “…exactly where they were standing is not crucial” (page 71).

The Yvonne Martin Encounter

On page 86 of madeleine, Kate describes an encounter with British social worker Yvonne Martin on the morning of May 4. Only, she doesn’t mention Ms Martin by name. Again, this is another vital issue in the case that has been dismissed by the McCanns. Ms Martin thought she recognised David Payne from another case back in England and both Payne and Kate Healy refused any assistance from Ms Martin despite her professional credentials in social work. Why did Kate Healy not wish to elaborate on why this helpful lady made her feel uncomfortable? More to the point, why did Kate claim to not know “who she is or what she was really trying to achieve?” Kate has read the police file and she will therefore know who Ms Martin is and why she tried to help. Why did David Payne try to usher this lady away from lending her assistance?

No Searching by the McCanns

It is a well established fact that the McCanns never searched for Madeleine on the night of May 3, 2007. Instead, a small army of fellow holidaymakers and locals were out looking for the missing tot. This aspect is covered in Faked Abduction but in madeleine, Kate is not exactly truthful when, on page 83 she writes “As soon as it was light Gerry and I resumed our search.” The plain fact is that they never searched the previous night so how did they resume a search?

The Gaspar Allegations

On May 16, 2007 Savio and Katherina Gaspar were interviewed by British police in England in connection with concerns they had about Gerry McCann and David Payne. The Gaspars, Paynes and McCanns had all been on a previous holiday together on the Spanish island of Majorca in September 2005. What happened during that holiday caused the Gaspars to approach police with their concerns. Katherina told police when talking about David Payne:

I remember questioning whether looked at my children or the others in a different way. I imagined that he maybe visited Internet sites related to small children. I thought that he may be interested in child pornography on the Internet.

The Gaspar statements (included in Faked Abduction) are absent from madeleine. Perhaps not unsurprisingly, Kate did not want these allegations from their doctor friends, the Gaspars, to be revealed in her book.

Obtaining the Books

Buy madeleine from major bookstores in the UK and online from Amazon (here).

Buy Faked Abduction online from (here).

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  1. 101
    DaftAida Says:

    DPL is a waste of space, Gi. Resist the temptation to respond to those who consider themselves ‘experts’ with no prior interest or broader research. After all, there is enough information on this thread to have warranted more respect for its posters than the ‘accidental overdose’ theory of no substance.

    I waste some of my time responding to the lowest trash media ‘news’ available: Yahoo! because I figure that the vast majority will never get outside the box their heads are run by to check anything out for themselves, so doing another blog would be preaching to the converted and there are so many excellent ones available already. DPL’s comments typify that level and I do not think he/she/it is genuine.

  2. 102
    G1 Says:

    I’m glad I wrote so much, Daft Aida. That’s the most important point I think I can make about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. I think it’s so important to more or less descredit the accident theory outright.

    It’s a bizarre, even quite absurd suggestion, an accident, given all that happened, and that nothing at all really, truly untoward, malign or even ill, from anyone, was ever involved. Possible? I don’t think so. I’m more or less sure.

    MonteChristo in comment 41 to this same article (back on page 1 – Aug 4, 2011) was reading Kate’s “Madeleine”, and says this:

    ” There are many other ‘tells’ like this – including (not related to paedophilia) where she casually mentions worrying about the possibility of one of their children ‘falling off something and hitting their head’. ”

    Yes, that line is telling, about the whole situation and theories made.

    Finishing my ‘accident equals far too bizarre and far, far too unlikely’ argument, just for a moment imagine there was just a simple, honest, unintended accident. Even an accident perhaps involving Madeleine being given one sleeping dose too many making her co-ordination poor.

    (That would not be a big or apparently threatening thing in courts in itself, anyway. Consider – Madeleine was hyper, terrible, unsettlable. These are two doctors. They knew an extra dose would not harm her in itself. Adults were checking the room every 15 minutes or so, although they were not consistently present. This can be as often or more often as upstairs at home. Yes, the door was in site, ok, though distant.

    In this imaginary scenario, the couple would have assumed Madeleine was still doped and in bed. If any accident hypothetically ensued, there’s nothing so heinous about that situation at all really – and the McCanns would be very unlikely to receive any judgement against them. They’d really be pretty aware of this, doctors trained in what is serious in negligence & care and what is not really. (The UK social services & courts DON’T consider there was any negligence in their not attending the children in the appartment.) If they were not monsters who were somehow involved in the disappearance of their daughter, they would NOT have been very worried after such an accident. It would not have prompted everything that happened since. THERE IS NO WAY IT WOULD HAVE.

    They WOULD NOT have gone psychopathic and concocted a 5 and a half (I don’t know, 10, 15, 20 etc.) year story and life plan after such an accident.

    They would not have lived a psychopathic lie life of immensely deep and complex levels to hide their daughter’s accidental death under their care, to later, AS THE PERFECT “SMOKE-SCREEN” of disguise for an accident alone, just casually drop in this line to the very thick book written by Kate.

    Any doubters must see that this is far too much, far too far fetched. The sudden pscychopaths for life after an honest, simple accident who later concoct a huge hardback book, disguising what really happened, just an accident, within a line of the book text. NO! Not at all! (I’m not saying there cannot be any actually calculated reason why the McCanns did include that line in the book.)

    Come on!

    The accident theory must be buried now once and for all.

    Daft Aida, DLP has just kind of found and developed a quick, deep interest in this strange, haunting, troubling affair, but may have much thinking coming.

  3. 103
    DaftAida Says:

    We can trust that if there was any possibility of ‘an accident’ there would most definately NOT have been publicity at all, unless, of course there was to be some connived political advantage to so so. The fact that the Pope himself and other major ‘personae’ became involved marks ‘Maddy’ as ‘a wanted child’ by someone or other connected to a very high profile pedo gang.

    As with the case of Jessica and Holly, one of the fathers got £1M advance for a book which was ghostwritten for the purpose.I bumped into what transpired to be, Jessica’s uncle in Sainsbury’s over the catfood section and we struck up a conversation leading to the nature of evil and he told me this. I had related that Ian Huntley was not the killer as far as I could establish. He also said that the father had cut family ties since the book. Hush money? And understandably so, as it is impossible to obtain justice against the PTB in control of every aspect of human life and nothing can bring the children back. That’s as great a crime for me; the injustice of innocent people being framed and vilified by the stupid (wilfully ignorant) public who do not care enough to research or think further than their next soap on TV.

    This McCann book follows the same track; as does the Foundation. You cannot establish a Foundation without high level approval. As has also been established, the birth certificates of the McCann’s other children raise question marks as to who they really are and who they are connected to. He is, no doubt a Freemason for starters.

  4. 104
    Miss Wilcox Says:

    I am seriously impressed with the level of research you have all done. Im relatively new to researching the case, and admittedly not very good. I am, however, excellent at reading people. I have said from the very first report that nothing about the case added up. That the parents were responsible (it screams from every cell of their being to me).
    Now that I have (slowly!) in earnest began to look more closely at the files and evidence. I feel a little exonerated at least as I have for a very long time been made to feel as if I am a “troll” for not toeing the party line as it were..

    The whole case stinks. Stinks of cover up, stinks of class divide, stinks to high heaven of horrible evil calculating elitist, paedophilia and everything else that only belongs in hell.

    This poor little girl, I suspect and believe, suffered horribly for a long time culminating in her death. Panic among the “good doctors” ensued. A plan was hatched, favours called in and a naive public fed a cock and balls story which for the most part was swallowed up eagerly.

    I am so glad I am not alone. I hope and pray that one day this all comes to light and madeleines soul can rest. I fear though it never will…

    Again thank you all for your hard work and making me realise I am not alone. I’ll continue to plod on with my research. If anyone has any useful links for me I would be grateful.

  5. 105
    G1 Says:

    “This poor little girl, I suspect and believe, suffered horribly for a long time culminating in her death. Panic among the “good doctors” ensued. A plan was hatched, favours called in and a naive public fed a cock and balls story which for the most part was swallowed up eagerly.”
    (Miss Wilcox)

    This is very believable. To me it seems the most likely of the possibilities in the loosest way.
    However, I can’t help feeling there’s something more involved than the quick hatched plan.

    With the possibility of the plan after a death, you ought to consider within this scenario when the plan was more or less definitely begun – was it during or before the trip.

    You suggest ongoing suffering led to the girl’s death, but I don’t know if you mean death was not, or not definitely, foreseen in the short term, leading to the plan you mention.

    Or if longer term suffering led to a plan which foresaw a likely death. (Or I also feel I must consider somehow that Madeleine didn’t die and was disposed of in other ways, as many newspapers seemed to estimate, but not innocently. Like most still writing their thoughts online about this, I think it’s very unlikely that Madeleine McCann is still alive, but of course I can’t say for sure.)

    So, what I’m saying is, within what you state is most likely, whether or not a plan would have been thought of in advance (probably leading to the actual Portugal trip in itself, “I’m not here to enjoy myself”, said G. McCann, much quoted). Or more quickly, during the trip. (Though maybe also that can have been partly conceived of so as to be ready, for sometime, whenever.)

  6. 106
    G1 Says:

    Thanks for bringing that up, Miss Wilcox, I meant to say hello there, also.

    I’m realising that central point hasn’t been clearly put on this site by people commenting at least any time recently.

    Your writing suspicions about long term abuse made me put it there.

    That question about when a plan could have been decided upon is probably one of the most important for considering the possibilities.

  7. 107
    The Haunting of Madeleine McCann | Says:

    […] follow “The facts versus the fiction” to read the full […]

  8. 108
    AK Says:

    The article overturns a few stones and we find the same characters linked to each other and involved in crimes against children.

    There’s an interesting theory about the murder of Jill Dando.

  9. 109
    DaftAida Says:

    AK: Indeed that source (aangirfan) always does and I find it both fascinating and nauseating that the same old pervs in power crop up continually whilst being promoted amongst their ilk in media as something to ‘respect’ and ‘admire’. Surely there is no lower lifeform on Earth and no greater coward than a Pederast!

    But then again, anyone who has braved The Talmud cannot be surprised that those who promote rape of children as young as three years old, murder, deceit, theft, would be capable of lawful thoughts or humane deeds. Long ago, they declared ‘Jihad’ or holy war against the gentiles and how they treat their own is despicable enough.

    As for Dando, yes, Abel Danger has also made that connection and is hot on the money with Jon Bennet Ramsey and the whole stinking mess of child snuff and extortion behind the LGTB-P Agenda.

    As Greg Hallet says of New Zealand (playground of Israeli-British Mob) it’s a paedophile ring posting as a country. That’s the fact of our reality; from City of London Oppenheimers, Schiffs, Warburgs and Rothschilds to Washington DC/Chicago, VATican City and of course, Tel Aviv. Child flesh, drugs, war.

    There is not a childrens’ charity, foundation or educational body which does what it proports to do, protect children. They are fronts for child rape and murder.

  10. 110
    G1 Says:

    “no greater coward than a Pederast.”

    In regard of illegal abuse of that type, they tend to know that, DaftAida. Very well indeed. What you say is true and shouldn’t be forgotten, and also the real kind of scenario going on ought really to be known about.

    I’ve been stressing the satanism, the devil worship aspect found at the core of such historical rings (I really mean very recent history, and of course it hasn’t just stopped.) Devil worship really, in truth, is not at its core about wearing frocks, turning crosses upside down, pouring goat blood to chants and getting old, confused or drunkard priests to say anti-services against God. Yes, that happens, but it’s just a tickler. Satanism really means torture (both quick and prolonged, aimed at the whole of a person’s life), abuse, murder, really extreme stuff, many are aware they are involved all of the time in black witchcraft.

  11. 111
    DaftAida Says:


    What was it before Christainity? It wasn’t ‘satanism’ but Baal worship. From Druids to Yezidi ‘serpents’ there are so many names given to the same thing which is pure misanthropy; insanity.

    I agree that those practicioners of every form of natural rebellion are 100% religious in their focus and practice and whenever this cult of excrement began, the religion has been faithfully passed from generation to generation through sexual degradation from childhood. They simply know of no other way to be and are therefore ‘incurable’.

    Would we not be the same under the circumstances of birth into one of these brutal, incestous families? There’s no way out and humans tend to learn to love the pain and horror of their circumstances for children are love and highly adaptable in their search for love. Unless Law be established (the Law of One – The Law of No Harm or Common Law) there is no chance of resolution. But who will enforce The Law, when all involved are engaged in anarchy?

  12. 112
    AK Says:

    Satanic worshippers have been in the Church since day 1. Notice that a high percentage of the older ones are built on a hill, a sacred occult place for whatever reason; Cromwell (one of our biggest traitors imo) knew this and forbade it. There are many other signs of the occult in them, and that it still carries on. Lenin said: if you want to destroy your enemy then join them. Or words to that effect. As I’ve said before, I think ideologies reduce to just two: The Bible v the Talmud. You can’t destroy what the Bible says but you can control the message.

    A few policemens’ names have been mentioned around alleged collusion with Savile to stop justice being served on him. I think about the poor bloke who committed suicide in (I think Preston) jail over the Lady in the Lake killing at Coniston Water. He represents the tip of a huge iceberg that appears to involve the police fitting-up the wrong man.

  13. 113
    DaftAida Says:

    AK: The ‘church’ was formed by Rabbis and the Yorkshireman, Emporer Constantine and from there came the creeds as in their ‘bibles’. Of course their ‘towers of Babylon’ are replicated as symbols of being closer to ‘god’ and the heavens and thereby elevating their power over humanity. Lenin was, of course (aren’t they all?) a Ju* and that process only works one way as those who seek to reform the corruption within the O’cult (as in of the cult) for ‘good’ cannot help but be corrupted in the joining of their sects and are kept at the very outer rings or destroyed if they cannot be.

    IMO: the bible is fashioned from The Talmud but (aside from OT which is blatant) is presented in a highly prosaic format especially for the ‘christian’ goy in order to mislead them, keep them subservient and in hope of the never never whilst the destruction of wombmankind and Earth continues unabated. Look at KJV penned through Sir Francis Bacon for the disgusting King James whilst whites were being rounded up for export to the colonies. Most Christains are Zionists; praying for the destruction of the world and the ‘second coming’ of the false Ju Messiah. It is a false dichotomy (as usual) to play off one against the other as both are from the same source.

    Cromwell was sponsored by Ju banksters and his path was cleared by Henry V11 who started to overturn The Edict of Expulsion (1290). I cannot hear Cromwell’s name without a feeling of enormous outrage for his brutality against the Irish and the start of global export of white flesh for slavery in the building of British Empire to follow the pathways of their Roman incursions.

    As for stitch ups, I think of Ian Huntley (Jessica and Holly) and poor old Stuart Hazell (Tia Sharpe). In fact, ALL media promoted murders, rapes and war are lies in effect to demonstrate the daily horrors committed with public money and misplaced trust and these represent the fraction. Always some flimsy and ridiculous cover story is given to justify the deaths. The public are morons who don’t question any of it.

    *Lenin and Nietsche had atrophied brains due to advanced syphillus – which used to be the ‘great leveller’ of the debauch practised by these El-ite O’Cultists.

  14. 114
    G1 Says:

    That is a good point to make, DaftAida about persons finding themselves within such networks in a kind of inescapable way. For example from birth or amongst circles that have been thrust upon them which dominate them.

    However, I still don’t think you grasp what satanism in the way in which I do.

    “there are so many names given to the same thing which is pure misanthropy; insanity.”

    But many of these people are utterly evil, and utterly, utterly, utterly devoted to the most extreme evil. “Misanthropy”, is a really inappropriate comment. You can’t even really call it “insanity”, while it is insane, because they know they’re insane, they intend to be as insane as they can be, for the purpose of being as extremely evil as they can be. To glorify lucifer, to torture God and everyone who would come under his ‘side’, and as many as possible, also.

    They also torture themselves, methodically and with surprise – at each other to feel real pain and murder each other in pain at times. Part of satanism is “Beelzebub” or the Lord of the Flies, a kind of mafioso attitude of that if you do wrong, you will also be attacked and tortured for thinking you can have any power or status which is not below the masters, for thinking you can have any free will outside of group decisions of evil and worship of evil as the one mind of lucifer. This is all totally methodical. The “Beelzebub” element is only a small part of satanism.

    Yes, AK, satanists infiltrate everywhere, of course. It’s a huge mistake to think they just remain silent amongst others and come out in their frock wearing fortnightly gatherings of chants or whatever. No, they methodically, planned in group circumstances, infiltrate everything of power, of supposed help, of supposed normality, of supposed health, of supposed good wealth and so on and so on. The police, the government, the mental health departments, the decision making parts of councils, lawmaking in courts, doctors and physical health policy making, and so on and so on. They are methodical in their will to limit, destroy society and torture in society.

  15. 115
    DaftAida Says:

    Gi: as any poet could tell you, the English language is severely limited and there are no words at our disposal to really ill-llust-rate the emotional tone of of such unwarranted hatred of humane-ity; so misanthropy will have to do as misogyny is a mere stepping down in definition.

    The English language was, after all, introduced and imposed via KJV Bible and as all the major religions are based on Judaism, one only need look to that Cabbalistic Cult to find the origins of their ‘god’ and ‘satan’ (Yah vs Saturn or Jupiter (Jove vs Saturn).

    For pure Evil, read the Talmud, The Book of Law which outlines the roots of pederasty in that it commends rape of children as young as three years old, as well as murder of ‘goyim’. This cult declared war on wombmankind from the start and provided the religions in order to blind and then fool the blind into playing their game of thesis (Yahweh god) antitheses (D’evil Satan) for synthesis (sin thesis) Lucifer Lord of Light (New Age). Hence the ‘expose’ of the Catholic Cult in their MeJah.

    I call them the Bankster Zionista Mafioso Israelati which just about covers who and what they are. Hence the saying that ‘money is the root of all evil’ and as for ‘evil’ I call it the ‘veil’ for they are surely willfully veiled from the light of natural love or anything concerning the Creator’s Nature.

    Yet, what hope for the children of today and tomorrow when billions still play the insane game?

  16. 116
    G1 Says:

    No, you are right, DaftAida. I tended to think of ‘misanthropy’ in a different way than you’ve stated, and you are completely correct, it was my mistake.

    I’ve usually taken it to mean distrust of humanity and hatred of humanity from that, which make for more disturbed and perhaps sympathetic beings. The hatred I saw of the concept from this word appeared to me to come from distrust and perhaps more understandable or explicable.

    But, as you know and used the word, ‘misanthropy’ does means hatred alone also and nothing to do with distrust, and as I suppose you know, its root is from hatred in Greek, suggesting nothing of distrust. You are correct and probably, in the two meanings, yours would be the more appropriate. My reaction came from how I had personally held this word in my mind over some time, which was only one of the 2 meanings, and probably not from the root. Sorry about that.

    I think it’s fair to say the concept of the satanist activity I was describing is not compatible with the meaning I had in my mind, described above, emanating from or significantly bound up with distrust. Which I feel is a very important point to make about the type of satanism I was writing about.

  17. 117
    G1 Says:

    I clear up my mistake with loads of quite funny grammar mistakes in my typing! (Sorry.)

  18. 118
    DaftAida Says:

    GI: Well, for Satanism, one only need to look at Hollywood and the cult of their muse-sick busyness. It really is a load of Greek, hence the Olympics rituals and of course Philip the Greek as con-sort. The GOSH (GreatOrmandStHospital) ritual was chilling and a clear depiction of the realities of what they do to our children; billions watched this, but how many truly SAW it?

    But you’re right about mistrust; everywhere in everything beyond nature is a betrayal of trust, a misplaced trust and trust is the first essential humane tenet to be broken in the ritual of child abuse which is inherent within ALL El-ite Cabals.

    Even this term (as with the term love) is prostituted through the Foundations and Trusts of the Great Coporatocracy. I can only trust myself and nature, that within from which I come, that which imbues me with kindness and passion, discernment and courage, intelligence and pursuit of answers. Oh, and Nicola Tesla! I can trust you too, because you’re honest.

  19. 119
    G1 Says:

    Thanks for that, DaftAida. I was watching the opening ceremony just because I had been staying at my mother’s and she had been interested and I happened to have been using my laptop and the ceremony was on TV. I didn’t expect much from the director of one of the worst films I’ve ever seen that’s often hyped as one of the best, “Trainspotting” (while I don’t dismiss the book at all in such terms, not that I’m an Irvine Welsh fan AT ALL.)

    But I was STUNNED. I didn’t expect it at all. Spilling the beans. The satanic society. With smiles. “That’s us, world. Look. Love us, or at least, blo**y well put up with us and whoop when we tell you to.” To be fair, this kind of thing is not limited to the UK but perhaps is more ingrained here, and, I expect what it was was a kind of announcing of just how international this country can be – international scum. There is a class of people who get called “international” because they are so lower class, so base and abusive that they seem to come not from any one country, but from everywhere, anywhere and / or nowhere – as is said of the devil.

    I was watching stunned at what seemed to be a celebration satanic elements being inherent in society and I remember I wrote a lot of comments in my stunned state on The Telegraph newspaper online site. I’ll try to find them, and copy them, because that “ceremony” I thought was really, really important cultural event as it turned out.

    … And I don’t think it’s TOO much that people “just didn’t see” the ceremony, DaftAida. The whole thing with satanism nowadays is like “The Omen 3” film – the rallies with crowds of people and “Damien the Antichrist”. The whole point is that people see and don’t react against – OR EVEN COMMENT OR SUGGEST ANYTHING HAS GONE WRONG OR OUT OF THE ORDINARY – but smile and join in. It’s so diabolical.

  20. 120
    G1 Says:

    I think you may have misunderstood me, though, DaftAida.

    What I was trying to say was exactly that the kind of satanism I was writing about seems to me to be NOT correctly describable by misanthropy in a more understandable form (perhaps) coming from distrust of the world.

    What I was trying to say was that this kind of satanism is very particular and intentionally has NO understandable elements, nothing to show where it comes from – like an abused life or the lack of ability to pick oneself up many times. It is not appropriate to say it exists in or only comes from mistrust. No, it is solid, core, black evil.

    I was saying that you did actually get a description of things right using the word “misanthropy” if you meant only the meaning of this from the root which means only hatred.

    I objected initially to the word because I had always used it in the context of more understandable hatred, coming from or having distrust.

    The satanism I was describing laughs at the possibility of a notion of respect or what might be termed trust.

    These people HAVE NO PARLANCE with such notions in the first, last and every place.

    So, yes, then, you mentioned that this is an abuse of trust of the others – their victims. Yes, that’s right. That’s also what they intend to achieve.

    They are evil, they worship evil (evil meaning torture, as much as possible, involving dishonouring, but only to torture, also involving murder, as part of a concept put into reality of neverending torture). They are not people who have been spawned just from not being able to trust the world, from being spurned themselves. No. Yes, then, they attempt to have people trust them in order to abuse that trust within their torture. They do everything for torture. The ways are unlimited.

  21. 121
    DaftAida Says:

    I viewed the compilations of the entire ceremonial rituals of Olympics 1 & 2 from those putting together their own videos (such as scrawny2brawny) and others on YT and Morovee, Vigilent Citizen etc. blogs as I kept completely away from any ‘live’ active participation in giving energy to these magical energy workings.

    Hidden from ‘the profane’ as they term the uninitiated, are black works emanating from the Judaic forms of demonology. It does come from a source and the bibles/Quran, etc. tell the story of ‘war in heaven’ and rebellion. The Talmud tells of the roots and practice of of this evil as ‘law’ which must be obeyed. Drawing in forces of nature and the elemental non-physical factors of ‘the dead’ is the art and craft BUT it does emanate from Misanthropy and whatever it means to hate nature and creation. Else there would be no desire to have total control over Earth’s inhabitants in order to destroy them. Those ‘master magi’ enjoy immense sexual/energetic power released during orgiastic rituals which always include extreme torture/death and so the addictions continue as the appetite is avaricious/unquenchable and by necessity as with any terminal addiction, has to perform more gross acts of global warfare to feed its ‘need’. Everyone assumes they’re ‘in the know’ from the Blue Lodge bottom feeders up, but they are lost in the dark. Those comparitively few who know only too well (at the very top behind the scenes) have convinced all others to sell their souls for the false promise of ‘heaven on Earth and eternal life’ which is what is here in any case were it not for this engulfing deception.

    Mind control techniques such as MK-ULTRA ensure NO WILL or individual reason can prevail as all Elite children are so traumatised and thereby traumatise. Where’s it heading? Transhumanism (post human) and The Singularity. Recommend looking into ‘Ray’ Kurweil. It’s all been shown through films such as Avatar, the SuperSoldier types of exposure, synthetic biology, and of course ‘They Live’.

    Anyway, we could go on tossing the dice forever on the semantics of religious beliefs and wordplay. The GOSH and other sick rituals were noted by some of the general public as ‘weird’ or ‘spooky’ but it’s hard to penetrated the entranced state TV addicts are lost within, not comprehending the horrors they support, aid and abet any more than those billions praying in churches and mosques, sin-Magogs or temples. Thus mankind literally preys for their own destruction and TOO many are willing the ‘end of the world’ for ‘salvation’. It’s a pitiful state of affairs.

  22. 122
    G1 Says:

    Thanks. I’ll get back to you. (What you describe is exactly what and I have understood to be widespread and attempting to conquer the world over the last decades particularly, and being much, much more successful than in previous decades. What you describe is exactly how I’ve understood that to be. You get the macro scale well, and are able to mention essential elements that have ‘come out’, terrible and thick and deep and vast elements – such as MK Ultra – but in themselves, relatively, only very small elements which only typify the whole picture.)

  23. 123
    G1 Says:

    “I viewed the compilations of the entire ceremonial rituals of Olympics 1 & 2 from those putting together their own videos (such as scrawny2brawny) and others on YT and Morovee, Vigilent Citizen etc. blogs as I kept completely away from any ‘live’ active participation in giving energy to these magical energy workings. ” (DaftAida)

    Did you know that the Olympic Committee were going around ensuring Youtube removed all personal videos made of the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony that people had posted, and also threatening legal action for Intellectual Property theft? Against normal people – often just fans posting their self made videos of the opening ceremonies.

    I don’t know if the Committee have given up or not. A few months ago, I remember, it came at me again just how stunned I was when my own country – United Kingdom – got the ******* name of the nation wrong in the opening ceremony as they introduced the home athletes to the world, beamed all over the world. Yes, the team is “Team GB”, which stands for the UK team. Because GB is the international abbreviation for United Kingdom. GB is a country code that does not mean ‘Great Britain’, and only means UK. There is no country called Great Britain, only an island, or three quarters of a nation.

    I’m Northern Irish, so I know this well. I know that “Britain” formally means England and Wales only, but also is a more casual – correct, but casual – term for the whole of the UK. “Great Britain”, however, being a distinct island only means that island – England, Scotland and Wales.

    “Great Britain” doesn’t mean the whole nation, UK. While, again, the national abbreviation “GB” does not refer to “Great Britain”, but the full country name, “United Kingdom”.

    Searching online after I heard the announcer call out “GREAT BRITAIN” as the UK’s athletes paraded into the arena, I found many definitions of Britain, Great Britain, and United Kingdom. As I’ve always known, all (but one) agreed that “Great Britain” never means the same as UK, and cannot be used for a national term, being only a specific, geographical island definition.

    If we can’t get this quite confusing stuff right, how can we expect the foreigners to begin to take us seriously, or try to the get the words and terms correct, when we can’t even get the name of the country right when we are hosting the Olympics.

    Anyway, that is how I found out that the Olympic Committee was making sure of deletion and threatening to sue people who broadcast the demonic themed ritual of the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. I went to hear again that “we” couldn’t get our own country name right when hosting the Olympics, but I saw that everyone around the world had been banned from hearing that again. (It’s funny, the Olympic Committee were even making sure videos were deleted that had the opening ceremony going on on a TV in the background – of users who were filming their home living room or bedrooms, with the TV on during the ceremony. They all ceremoniously had their films deleted – which I think is not legal – I don’t think that’s covered by IP laws.)

    Anyway, perhaps the Committee have stopped deleting the videos and I can find it again.

  24. 124
    DaftAida Says:

    Well, there’s quite a chunk of history caught up in the North/South Ireland divide and it’s interesting that that only England (Anglo-Saxon) and Wales is included in UK/GB as Scotland and Northern Ireland are instrinsically linked (as per the accents demonstrate – the type of ‘Ian Paisly’ gutteral tone) to Scotland as the Southern has always been connected to and with Rome. Ireland has served as the prototype for Palestine and elsewhere in creating emnity within one divided land. Back to Cromwell the Jew. I think it highly likely that those who usurped the Irish in the North were of Templar stock and this would make sense. It’s Romanism vs RosicruiSionism: Catholic vs Protestant whilst each are controlled by those same masters of deception. As for ‘the Committee’ – just another faction of B’nai B’rith type of control.

    My mother’s family are Southern Irish going back centuries, perhaps forever. My Father’s line are a mix of Ashkenazim and Sephardim Jews going back perhaps forever. Perhaps this is why I’m lead to examine the whole issue – it’s in the genes.

    My ‘big picture take’ on the titles such as UK/GB is that they are corporate entities and nothing much to do with the people who are merely stock and chattels in this equation. Coporatocracy is Fascism and these fascists control people under communism.

    Frankly, when the ‘British’public (meaning People of The Covenant – another Israelite meme) complain that immigrants are ‘destroying their culture’ I am hard pushed to define what they’re actually talking about. What ‘Culture’? One would have to go back further than 1066 to understand whatever it was before the multiple invasions and takeovers. It’s a colony of Slaves (Slavs) and now the theft of the Common Wealth has forced the disenfranchised of all nations to coagulate in this colonial slave trafficking stronghold. It is sickening to see the Albert Pike plans come to fruition so easily with the hatreds stirred up in the Zionist press against the disenfranchised ‘Muslims’ by the so-called ‘British’ public. People ought to read Three World Wars by Albert Pike to see how they’re being set up but then, people ought to read a lot of works rather than stupidly being controlled by the ‘X’ factor.

    The copyright legislation enables a kind of ‘free trade’ ripoff of people’s creative works who can’t afford to fight back (business as use-you-all) whilst unlawfully taking ‘ownership’ of such works and then claiming copyright infringement against any who duplicate them with or without credits. ‘They’ are NOT creative or original and therefore have to steal energy, resources, creations of those who are, putting them to destructive use by means of distortion and contamination.

    As for websites on this particular subject matter (inbred intergenerational child trauma/sexual abuse) AK’s link is THE BEST: aangirfan, although this deals with the exoteric rather than esoteric.

  25. 125
    G1 Says:

    “Well, there’s quite a chunk of history caught up in the North/South Ireland divide and it’s interesting that that only England (Anglo-Saxon) and Wales is included in UK/GB as Scotland and Northern Ireland are instrinsically linked (as per the accents demonstrate – the type of ‘Ian Paisly’ gutteral tone) to Scotland as the Southern has always been connected to and with Rome. ”


    A bit of a tangent to the missing child affair, but anyway, I don’t think you’ve got things right, considering I mentioned the ‘mistake’ or whatever in The Olympics, not even getting the name of our contry correct when announcing to the world.

    First of all, what I was talking about was not ancient history, but about now. Some people always think of history when looking at parts of this nation instead of the bare, plain, irrefutable truth of what it is (and indeed, has been – see next paragraph). Of just what is, with no sentimental, emotional or dream-like connections which really aren’t anything to do with the bare, sensible facts of what a place is.

    Secondly, it’s nigh on a full century that our country has been fully the way it is now, the nation which is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or United Kingdom, UK. Since 1921. There haven’t been changes in what the nation encompasses in those 92 years, of the four regions. So getting lost in history might seem to ignore a lot of time, really a lot, during which things have been normally, boringly, just as they are, with no changes. And, as now, as by how things stand, no changes “on the cards” either, to be discussed. The other thing is that it wasn’t new that we in Northern Ireland were British in 1921, no, we had been for a long time, and the whole of the island of Ireland was British, part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, before 1921.

    DaftAida, I should clear up your basic mistakes:

    “only England (Anglo-Saxon) and Wales is included in UK/GB ”

    United Kingdom doesn’t mean England and Wales. United Kingdom is the name of the full nation which encompasses England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. (Also why call England Anglo-Saxon when there were Normans, the Danelaw peoples, Anglicans from before and during the Anglo-Saxon invasions, and many Nordic peoples, typically more not Danish than Danish who were more prevalent further south, especially in the North-East. There were some more French than the Normans. But anyway, is it such a good thing now to get so lost in the past? England is more multi-cultural now than anywhere other part of the world I’ve lived in, I think. That’s how and what it is.)

    (The word ‘Britain’ formally – geographically and in regional administrative law terms – means only England and Wales. However a different meaning of this word ‘Britain’ has also been used to mean, casually, the whole of the United Kingdom – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. They’re two different words, completely, with the same spelling – ‘Britain’.)

    Northern Ireland has NO connection with Scotland WHATSOEVER except in as much as NI has the same connection with England and with Wales, as one of the four regions of the United Kingdom. It is all in the full name of the nation – again, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Yes, many of the settlers to these counties of then very low populations were Scottish, and many were English. I think more Scottish than English. There are historical connections of people, but there is extra political connection between Scotland and Northern Ireland than between NI and anywhere else in the nation.)

    (Again, Great Britain, is a geographical term only, meaning an island, on which lies the mainland parts of the three UK regions England, Scotland and Wales. I forgot to add in the last comment the term Great Britain, as it is just the island, doesn’t include the islands of England, Scotland or Wales.)

    “as the Southern has always been connected to and with Rome.”

    The Republic of Ireland, or Eire, is a foreign country to where I come from, always has been and always has been during my life and that of my parents, one of whom died at 80 a few years ago (who happened to have dual nationality through one of his parent’s being from the Republic of Ireland, which Irish law meant wasn’t passed on to me when I was born.) It does not have any political ties to Rome at all. It, like many European and non European countries, declares it has a nominal national religion which is Roman Catholic. Eire is no more politically connected with Rome (actually you mean the Vatican State which is foreign to Italy politically), than France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia etcetera are. The nominal national religion in our country is Protestant, Church of England, which also does not mean we have any political ties to a foreign country.

    Though, in a way you may be right about Eire unofficially being kind of “under” The Vatican. Only within the last few years, the Prime Minister of Eire spoke out against The Pope. And it was a very rare thing to behold, not just because those herds of cattle down there seem never think for themselves and do and think whatever the child molesting church hierarchy tell them. But also rare because it seemed like someone actually was alive down there rather than in a brainwashed cult. I’m not sure if one can conclude.

    “My ‘big picture take’ on the titles such as UK/GB is that they are corporate entities and nothing much to do with the people who are merely stock and chattels in this equation. ”

    That’s Ok, that’s how you’re entitled to feel, and it may be understandable – especially with all the ridiculous, confusing terms – like ‘Britain’ having 2 meanings, like “GB” abbreviation officially not meaning Great Britain the island, but United Kingdom the nation.

    Another one is the nationality / citizenship description discrepancy in this country. On your passport you will probably find that it says “Nationality: British Citizen”. A lot of people pretend this makes sense – it does not.

    It may be understandable you feel that way DaftAida. But I think it’s a good idea to run by you that you should not let the kind of thing you mention deter you from working out exactly what are the national and regional meanings of the terms and so on of the place you come from. Otherwise – whether you respect the terms or not – those behind the confusions and who could be behind the theft of real, solid meanings will have “won”. They will have deterred you from making basic sense out of the meaning of where you live and come from. I think everyone ought to work out the meanings, the basic meanings, and not be mistaken. For, though many of the decisions were made many years before my birth, I really can’t help coming to the conclusion that, as the Queen more recently said, “dark forces” were then at work also, in creating the nonsense of confusions so people don’t even want to take their own place seriously. It may be very hard to, I know. But I feel it’s better to cut through the ill intentions and grapple with the meanings and be sure rather than lost. Like you said about the vacant, impressionable people watching the demonic styled ceremonies, who watch anything, where this is calculated. Maybe – take a breath and casually catch a grip on yourself and work things out and try to remember. It is really annoying to hold all of the contradictions of the words and so on of this nation.

    Our neighbouring nation, Eire – the Republic of Ireland were and are at it also. When the geographical, non-political word for the whole of the island is the word “Ireland”, they ended up by having their country, only part of the island – now for nearly a century and probably many years beyond – also most often referred to as “Ireland”. Meaning not the island Ireland, but the country that’s most of but still just a part of the island. Ba*****s. Why do that? The people of these isles really knew how to make people here and all over the world angry and confused. It’s diabolical.

  26. 126
    AK Says:

    I too was confused by the name “Team Britain”; Northern Ireland is as much the part of the UK as is anywhere else but it isn’t a part of the geographical entity that is Britain. The whole of Ireland loses its identity when when we extend that to the “British Isles”. Its really “Britain and Ireland.” Corporations, and the BBC are guilty of this, mix up politics and geography by using the misleading-term “UK & Ireland”.

    The Israelites are not ancestors of today’s Israelis, so who are they? While we’re on an Ireland theme, check out the Northern Ireland flag; the Stone of Scone, Declaration of Arbroath. The Israelites found their way to Scotland via Ireland. The word “scot” has its origins in Scythia. The Union Jack means the flag of Jacob. It’s worth noting that the first translation of the Hebtew Bible into (Middle) English was by William Tyndale, who said that Hebrew was like Anglo-Saxon. I was surprised by this but as well as being a brilliant scholar, Tyndale was a linguist.

    Daftaida, I think Cromwell, William III and Churchill were our biggest traitors. I can’t put them into any particular order. Cromwell knew about the infiltration of the church by satanists though.
    At a guess, I’d say that 95% of the Christian Religion is there to hide the meaning of the Bible from us. I know many would say that, but ask yourself this: when was the last time you heard the story of Jesus in the temple, whipping the moneylenders? Even if you’re not religious, there is a very good reason that our Establishment-controlled church want that to be kept quiet.

    I’m going to highlight the next bit ********will someone get the MODERATOR to reply to my email that I keep sending************** thanks.

  27. 127
    G1 Says:

    The 2nd last paragraph of the 1st section should end:

    but there is *** NO *** extra political connection between Scotland and Northern Ireland than between NI and anywhere else in the nation.

    What a lot to write, but it came really quickly indeed.

  28. 128
    AK Says:

    Eireann is cognate with Iran, meaning Aryan. The Aryans probably originated in Caucasia and spread around the world. Not just what is now India, where they were absorbed into the local population.

  29. 129
    DaftAida Says:

    I will make a few points to ‘cut through’ the cud of the confusion. I was born in England, therefore it is of England, the land to which I rightfully belong but could just as easily been born anywhere else. Therefore, my allegience lies with the Earth and her peoples.

    My understanding of the Vatican/Jesuit domination of the Southern Irish peoples (‘cattle’ indeed or ‘goyim’ perhaps is your reference? Either way, a bigotted/pignorant comment as if the Northerners are any ‘better’) is from material written over 2000 years of time and is irrefutable.

    To claim that Southern Irish Catholic-dominated terror-tories have no ‘Roman’ connection is evidently invalid. Again, the Scottish/Northern Ireland connection is valid and can be heard in the accents of those inhabitants today for those with ‘ears to hear’. Also, at Cromwell’s time, the Northern Kings and landowners where chucked out and either killed or bound up for the colonies of Barbados, Kingston or Virginia as were so many of their Southern couterparts. Today, as has been from the start, the IRA factions are merely M16 and those of the North are M15. Surely you’ve figured that much out?

    If you imagine that the Anglican/Prostetant cult is any less culpable of child rape and sacrifice, then it is YOU who are the mindless cattle. Lutherian Protestantism was devised to undermine the Universal Religion of Catholicism (it’s meaning) and power. The Puritans, Calvinists and all those factions were but offshoots of ‘opposition’ to be used to enslave the people into ‘the work ethic’ of slavery in the colonies. There are long standing genocidal claims to be settled over Her Majesty’s genocide of the Mohawk tribes in Canada to give ONE example of ‘Protestant’ purity. They are every bit as corrupt as the Catholic cult and of the same tree of evil rooted in The Vatican.

    The roots and formation of the KJV shouts loud and clear as to the evils claimed in the ‘divine right to rule’ for King James was reviled by all for his disgusting habits and lifestyle as a bestial pederast and torturer.

    It is not true that there have been ‘no changes’ since 1921 in UK unless you are sleeping and blind.

    I have little interest in the corporate designations of this vs that title of ‘Great Britain’ GB or UK as it’s all pretty much meaningless amid the thousands of such corporate designations. Suffice to say that Crown Estates/City of London owns at least one sixth of the Earth under HM’s title alone.

    The Mejah! are delighting in ‘outing’ the Catholic Church as the only faction involved in pederasty, whilst the Anglican/Protestant and Rabbinical/Judaics (source of all imposed religions) carry on regardless without a slur.

    I’m sorry, but you are simply too narrow and uninformed for me to continue a dialogue with if you call humanity South of the Irish border ‘cattle’/Goyim. This generally happens when I make a statement of trust, my eyes are soon opened to the truth of the matter! It’s a reliable method or ‘test’. I also find your remarks generally partronising without merit.

    If you care about the issue of child terrorisation, that alone would open your eyes to the scale and depth of this method of power and control intergenerationally and internationally which makes NO distinction of colour, religion or region.

  30. 130
    G1 Says:

    It’s really, really confusing, AK, and I hope only to help, therefore.

    You’ve got more correct than a lot of people do, but there are some mistakes.

    “I too was confused by the name “Team Britain”; Northern Ireland is as much the part of the UK as is anywhere else but it isn’t a part of the geographical entity that is Britain. The whole of Ireland loses its identity when when we extend that to the “British Isles”. Its really “Britain and Ireland.” Corporations, and the BBC are guilty of this, mix up politics and geography by using the misleading-term “UK & Ireland”. ”


    – The geographic entity of “Britain” doesn’t include Scotland. (Wait for it – unless it ALSO includes Northern Ireland.)

    “Britain” means only England and Wales, properly, formally.

    There is another word, Britain, which is also used to mean the whole country of the UK, it is used as a national term. Tony Blair used to use it to mean the whole UK. It was quite popular in the 1980s and early 90s to mean the whole UK. It’s still used like that, but not as much.

    You may not believe it. It IS really confusing. “Britain” properly means only England and Wales. But the term is also used to mean the whole nation – A DIFFERENT WORD – including Scotland and Northern Ireland. You have to appreciate it’s a different word, and not a formal or very proper word in the 2nd meaning, only a casual meaning, still correct though, unfortunately.

    Yes, also, there are some definitions (which I think have arisen out of confusion only) that take “Britain” in this 2nd casual sense to mean what is meant exactly by “Great Britain”.

    “Great Britain” means the island – mainlands of England, Scotland and Wales. (The more uncommon use of the 2nd, casual definition of “Britain” by a few people is all the more annoying because properly “Britain” means the smaller part of the island, England and Wales only, hence the use of “Great Britain for the whole of the mainland island.)

    “The whole of Ireland loses its identity when when we extend that to the “British Isles”.”

    Yes, I know it’s really annoying, like everything in the terms here. However, it’s worth pointing out that this is a correct term, “British Isles”. If you remember that it’s totally non-political, has nothing to do with the nations that it includes. The two nations may as well be called Egypt 2 and Greece 5, but the islands are called “British Isles”. It doesn’t mean to say they’re British at all. That one is, and one partly is has nothing to do with it – it’s a geographical term now from an old age, purely geographical now, words only.

    “Its really “Britain and Ireland.””

    Yes, Ok, if you mean the casual use of “Britain” to mean the whole of the UK, and “Ireland” to mean only the nation, or Republic of Ireland, Eire.

    (Otherwise, if you mean “Ireland” as in the whole island, you’re leaving Scotland out of things.)

    “using the misleading-term “UK & Ireland”. ”

    I think that’s fine, actually, AK. There’s nothing wrong there, while because of all the confusions in the terms, you might have wrongly assumed there’s something wrong.

    But you have to be able to say “UK and Ireland”. You’re meaning two nations, in that respect, the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

    The Republic of Ireland is more usually referred to as just Ireland – meaning the nation, not the island. Because most of the world talks in national names and not geographical names, it happens that the use of the word “Ireland” by corporations like the BBC is much more usual to mean the country. People just do use the word “Ireland” to mean the nation and not the island, including, mostly the national people of Ireland.

    It’s perfectly fine to say “UK and Ireland” in cases when you are to mean the two distinct countries together. It just means UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) and the Republic of Ireland.

  31. 131
    DaftAid Says:

    Hi AK!
    Above comment was specifically regarding GI.

    Thanks for your links and comments which are at least valid and interesting and I’ll look into this and comment back. We’re on a similar level of understanding. I’m sure you know that all Flags have to be approved by HM’s corporations.

  32. 132
    G1 Says:

    “To claim that Southern Irish Catholic-dominated terror-tories have no ‘Roman’ connection is evidently invalid. Again, the Scottish/Northern Ireland connection is valid and can be heard in the accents of those inhabitants today for those with ‘ears to hear’. ”

    I used the term cattle to denote a kind of connection – an allegiance – with The Vatican, DaftAida. But I was really pointing out there is no OFFICIAL, political connection. Anything else is a matter of what you kind of find yourself and throw together in ways that might make sense to you. If you can muster enough evidence, it may make sense to other people, also.

    As I said, many settlers in what became the modern Northern Ireland were Scots. Going back in time further before then, a long, long time – yes, there were connections we know, for one thing because the language was the same.

    So, as I said, there are historical connections. This might be behind what you find similar in accents. (Perhaps as some people may find accents in parts of Norway and parts of Sweden similar). Accents are accents and only accents and what you think perceived similarities mean means what you think they mean and what they do mean means what they do mean. To me, accents or the perceived lack of them never mean anything in this world.)

    The only point I was making is that there is NO official connection now between Scotland and Northern Ireland now which is distinct from the basic national connection which includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. None whatsoever.

    Maybe you are right to delve into the past so much. For me, I attatch nearly no importance at all, usually, with historical facets that kind of exclude the modern world. Yes, there may be some people who dwell upon them and are obsessed with them and kind of live by them. But I’m not even sure I really want to know about that, it’s so irrelevant to what could be meaningful at all in the modern world.

  33. 133
    G1 Says:

    Sorry, that last comment might seem disrespectful or that it doesn’t fully appreciate what you have been saying.

    I realise that a lot of the point of what you were saying is about that there are people who base their whole concept of the modern world (often a kind of denial and even hijacking of the modern world) upon “things of the past” – peoples, cultures that aren’t evidently seen, old relations, families, certain preferences.

    I wasn’t trying to say that it’s irrelevant to discuss that with certain topics, and including topics about child abuse, torture and kidnapping, and private, organised social deviance and manipulation more generally (given many allegations about rings which have been made).

    Sorry if it seemed that it was. My main thought was that those people seem so irrelevant to me to this world and this time that I find it hard to dwell upon thinking about them for more than very short times.

  34. 134
    DaftAida Says:

    AK: Indeed, the ‘jews’ are unique in having humiliated, tortured and murdered their Messiah for not being ‘good enough’ for them! Jesus was a Jew who (sticking to the narrative here) dedicated his short life into attempting to raise the barbarians from a purely physical exploitatitive mode of existance, into a humane and spiritual understanding that Creation and Creator (or The Father) was not contained in money, did not require blood sacrifice of either humans or animals.

    No, he was not the bloodthirsty tyrant these Pharisees and scribes desired. Having murdered their Messiah, the Rothschild clans and cults have misled the Jews into eternally seeking ‘him’ to ‘come’ and fulfil the Messianic promise (threat) of ruling the world from Jerusalem and enslaving all non-Jews. It’s a totally crazy gig, but no more or less to be expected from a psychopathic serpent seed.

    It is noteworthy that the Mosaic Laws (Commandments) are about obeyance to a ‘LORD’ and the most important law, that of ‘thou shalt not kill’ came a poor 13th on the list of commands. When Jesus was asked what were the most important laws to follow, ‘love they neighbour’ was second only to ‘love god with all your heart’: if you love one, surely you love the other as an expression of the one. Ah, but the Rabbids and their Talmud had a way around this, in that only fellow JEWS were ‘neighbours’ and such laws did not apply to the ‘goy’.

    As for the original books (bible) I read a three volume tome entitled ‘The History of Scotland’ written in the 1800s by a Reverand which certainly more than hints at the wealth of useful information (on natural science) contained. Always thought it somewhat remiss of ‘God’ to give mankind a book which gives NO useful information as to how to cultivate soil, seeds or make good use of the abundance of nature. The NT at least gives guidance on right relationships with eachother.

  35. 135
    G1 Says:

    … While, of course, I am still very interested where connections to the disappearance of the child Madeleine McCann are to be concerned, or similar events. I can make myself interested in what I would otherwise find hard to be interested in.

  36. 136
    G1 Says:

    Maybe I didn’t explain myself too well.

    DaftAida, you objected strongly to me using the term “cattle” about Irish national people. I did not intend to sum up their existences in this one word. It was more a kind of casual reference. However it is very serious. Many, many Irish nationals themselves will tell you that their country is full of cattle, falling down in obeyance at any word any member of the Irish clergy issues – whether a clearly good word or a palpably disrespectful, harmful, ridiculous word. I also used the word “cattle” as I would, at some times in history – partly now in some places – to denote a rather blind, very unquestioning indeed allegiance to The Vatican as of ANY country. I can use the word to denote identifiable elements in France, particularly Spain, Italy of course, certainly Malta, and so on. Very much Poland – don’t forget Poland.

    I wasn’t using any term to single out Irish people, but, also, the term “cattle” in this sense which pervades nominally RC nations I have found is particularly attributable to the Irish Republic. There’s nothing I can do about it, I consider myself pretty analytical at least. God, I read in the national newspaper frequently enough journalists from the usually rather or very cattle minded national newspaper “The Irish Times” break out and suggest the country is full of cattle. It’s no arbitrary thing, actually. I’ve read the independent minded Irish writers say it FREQUENTLY. Being honest. Which is no mean feat down there – they’re likely to be set upon, excluded, featured in priests’ sermons which might make appeals to politicans, school teachers and so on. It’s thick. It’s thick there. You know, when condoms and so on were outlawed. When 20 and 30 somethings were socially stigmatised for asking for condoms. Just a small example of a huge thing. When I grew up, my family had a holiday home at the coast in the Republic of Ireland, and I learned that. (I’d say, for years I spent around one third of each year in that country. To extents, I grew up there.) I’m not arbitrarily suggesting it or wishing it or saying something to be prejudiced. It’s only judicial – no prejudice involved.

    (And it was you, DaftAida, you claimed in the first instance of some connection between the Irish Republic and Rome. Other than this allegiance born out in the country being very cattle like, what on earth did you mean then? For, as I’ve pointed out, there is no official connection.)

    Anyway, I’m a bit tired of being out on a tangent.

  37. 137
    G1 Says:

    One last thing – you have made these assumptions, DaftAida, which have nothing to do with what I was writing, thinking or who I am.

    “If you imagine that the Anglican/Prostetant cult is any less culpable of child rape and sacrifice, then it is YOU who are the mindless cattle.”


    I didn’t suggest that the Protestant cults were or are any more or less culpable of child abuse. I am not Christian myself, don’t like any cults, and also, thankfully, have got over my personal, silly, romantic, wishful, youthful fascination with other strange, mostly eastern cults such as Buddhism. And the whole this branch of the supposed same cult / that branch of the same supposed cult (RC / Protestant or whatever) detractory battles just kills me, and I tend to leave it always alone if I can.

    However, I don’t think the evidence suggests that child abuse has been as legion worldwide and in Europe amongst Protestant churches’s clergy than the RC church’s clergy.

  38. 138
    G1 Says:

    While, I apologise if I am jumping at you, I should say this. OK, it is a valid, relevant and very good thing to point out that it can be a mistake to assume that abuse of certain kinds, or domination by it and other means, is an unheard of or scarce thing within Protestant churches in certain places.

    Yes, I didn’t mean to jump back, but you did tell me that I was the kind of person that you would refuse to engage in dialogue with when I thought I had made a perfectly reasonable comment. As I’ve stated, it’s from my own experience, experience over decades of the Irish Republic – time spent in it, amongst Irish people, and time spent outside of it, here in the UK but often reading. My parents used to get both Irish and British dailies. I’ve kind of stopped reading the newspapers now – they’re hard to like anymore. Gone Stepford all over. Sometimes I’ve thought I’ve never come across a more Stepford type paper than “The Irish Times” – amazingly anaesthetised. I’m not saying British broadsheets are any good – times in the last decade I was sure some broadsheet titles must be amongst the worst in the world.

  39. 139
    AK Says:

    Daftaida- The whole point about this website is that we don’t believe the “narrative” that was offered by the mainstream media about Madeline. Madeline’s unexplained disappearance, as we know, didn’t happen in isolation.

    There are two common themes that occur throughout this thread: We’re ruled by an evil clique; we’re not told the truth. The same people that tell you that Jesus was a jew will also vary the argument to undermine Christianity by telling you He didn’t exist. .

    The fact that Jesus lived in Judah, doesn’t mean He was jewish (which he wasn’t by any definition); the term, as far as I can tell, is a retrospective one applied to Edomites; later to include Khazars who converted to Judaism.

    If I can sum things up I’d say there are two sides of the same coin, Marxism and Capitalism, led at the tiny apex by one particularly evil individual. If you look beyond some the sanitised censored news behind Iraq or think about the bombing of Dresden you’ll understand that these people are not “human” by our definition. The blue-print for a future nightmare society can be seen in action in occupied Palestine.

    Madeline’s case vividly illustrates the collusion among politicians, media, police etc as do the rest of the untruths about evolution, 911,7/7 climate-control, tax, legislation, health, wars. If we’re lied to about one thing, what about everything else?

    A good author to read is Charles A Weizmann, in particular his book Who is Esau/Edom. The only force capable of stopping “them” is Chrisianity. In this democracy we live in, the police infiltrate any organisation, no matter how well-meaning they might be, that is deemed a threat to our rulers. Beware of state-setups too like the EDL, BNP, UKIP and Islam4UK.

  40. 140
    DaftAida Says:

    OK. To summarise: The Protestant/Anglican/Baptists cults are EVERY BIT as involved in child rape, torture and sacrifice as their Catholic buddies and always were. The ‘cattle’ you refer to in Southern Ireland are indistiguishable from the ‘cattle’ of Norther Ireland and mainland UK, with their sychopantic fawning over the Mafia Rothschild cults heading up both Church and State; sitting pretty on the throne. The British forces refer to Irish as ‘Niggers’ btw as it was a term applied to any demeaned peoples by slavery.

    The only distinction between Jewish, Catholic (often one and the same – the Pope wears a Kamulke, after all) and Protestant mob dons is that the Zionist press attacks the Catholic cult exclusively, thereby leadiing the ‘sheople’ in the desired direction. Anyone following the programme is of course, programmed. As for the ‘Irish Press’ calling the people cattle, well, as Jews they would, wouldn’t they? That’s what ‘Goyim’ means after all. Going back to Luther, his mission coincided with the printing press and he was approved by those in ownership of those same presses and NOTHING has changed. That’s why all mainstream media is a mouthpiece for the Jews much as all money production is in their claws. The Catholic and Islamic religions are continually being slated in the press, yet Islam was born from the Vatican, too. Again, it’s all in the plan as per Albert Pike.Then ‘Rome shall fall’ with Christians fighting Islamists and Atheists fighting them both. What a set up and I observe that most idiots are going along with it, their minds being controlled by their arch enemy.

    If (as the press would have you believe) Southern Ireland is ‘full of cattle’ it would hardly be surprising after a thousand years of invasion, slaughter and the true diaspora of the race worldwide via slavery post Cromwell (spit on his fetid soul). The jews bewail and bemoan their ‘victimhood’ yet it’s more the case that they’ve stolen the Irish experience having imposed it, and made it their own (a common trait). It’s easy to slate an entire people when ignorant of their history. On learning their history, one can only feel deep compassion and understanding of how things have come to pass. The Jews hate the Irish and determined to genocide them out of existance.

    I had no idea really until I started researching. All I knew of the Irish situation was ‘the Black and Tans’; this despite being ‘raised’ down into an Irish Catholic family and indoctrination (education). Yes, they are pig ignorant but they have every reason to be and no less so than those who ‘think’ they know ‘better’.

    Knowledge produces humility in all empaths aka humane beings. The pope was definitely involved in Maddy’s abduction and or death as were all ‘names’ publically supporting the McCanns. It’s the same when ‘names’ ‘pay tribute’ to a murdered or suicided celeb; those paying tribute are the killers.

    Just a quick note to AK on the scum Cromwell: he was no ‘traitor’ for he was no Englishman, but a Jew from Holland, another Double Dutch agent as was the gross William de ‘conquerer’ whom he ushered in enabling a influx of the same noxious elements. Same as those in power today, they are not ‘traitors’ as such as they are only loyal to ‘Israel’.

  41. 141
    DaftAida Says:

    AK: thanks for the link on the interpretation of the ‘Union Jack’ – I’ve seen others on a more esoteric content, as in ‘Jack’ being a term for ‘Old Nick’ and for Jacobean. We also know that the Red Cross/’X’ is of Knights Hospitalier, or Templar. Yet, the Israeli Jacob/Jack is good enough to denote what this flag of burden means for all under the yoke of The Covenant (people of the covenant= British). We note that The Red Cross is vampyric, always sucking blood and always present where blood flows in warfare; always flagged up as ‘the’ charity for donations around any Bankster created disaster worldwide – an utterly corrupt organisation. It’s telling that ‘freedom is a privilege not a right’ by these ‘gods’ when in fact the reverse is true. The only condition of loss of freedom as a right is when the Law is broken; that Law (the only one necessary) is that of ‘no harm be done’. Moses was the first lawbreaker in slaughtering his people. Ab’Ram was quite prepared to murder his son from the voices in his head and as for Christ, is that the same as Jesus, who was a Jew in any case and the Messiah for the corrupt Pharisaic tribes who murdered him.

    It’s interesting, the ‘fuss’ over the flag in Nothern Ireland recently, as the Israeli flag is flying throughout that region although not known through the media. Isn’t it ludicrous, the audacity and insanity of claiming the flag as ‘god’s emblem whilst denouncing all symbols of nature as pagan ‘rebellion’?

    To me the Union Jack denotes a union of Jackasses.

  42. 142
    G1 Says:

    I really don’t believe I’ve got anything like the kind of knowledge which you suggest you have, DaftAida. Nothing like it.

    Most of what I’ve heard of is what most people have heard from news reports, and I, and maybe most people, don’t accept this as bible truth (for example that there is a much greater concentration of child abuse by clergy within the RC church than by clergy within reformed Christian churches – this is what is reported as news). We know that elements of the media are very much controlled. And I wasn’t suggesting I know the truth because I listen to or read what the news media decides to show me.

    I’m not in the kind of position you seem to be in and do not generally know much at all about unreported or little reported occurrences. I’m afraid I suffer too much (migraines etc. etc.) too frequently to get lost in all of the many books published, which require a lot of discerning and wondering about in terms of what may be accurate and not. I see you seem to have read a lot.

    Once again, the reference to ‘cattle’ in the Irish Republic was as I would refer to any elements of any country, and indeed as is relevant to other European and non-European countries, which to substantial extents heed the word of the RC cult without much questioning. That’s all I meant. Nothing else. Where the cult generally goes WELL before, or instead of critical, adult, independent thinking and identity. Not all of the people are cattle. Of those who are in substantial obeyance to The Vatican’s command and attitudes, they are also humans.

    This has nothing to do with British attitudes to Irish persons or anything else, Jewish attitudes to Irish people, or French people, or Spanish people, or Maltese people etc. etc. Nothing to do with not valuing or wanting to value any nationality or people. It’s merely a simple acknowledgement of the kind of way these societies, or parts of them in some places, are held under the great power of The Vatican and its ambassadors in the country itself. I wish it were differnet of course, but I can’t deny things are like that – I’d be lying otherwise.

    And I was completely aware that there are elements in British society, and other countries, whether also RC or reformed Christian churches, that are very similar. I didn’t suggest otherwise.

    Therefore, I think you’ve let that simple description of what happens in such traditional, religious connected societies (which are quite similar even to some eastern societies, yes, it’s true, though not so obvious) think I was attacking a people. Or something, I don’t know. You have misunderstood, anyway, that much is clear to me.

  43. 143
    AK Says:

    Daftaida – Jesus wasn’t a jew by whatever definition being a jew is; Jews aren’t mentioned in the OT until Kings, and even then its retrospective. It is wrongly applied to the people of Judah, who weren’t “jewish” in a religious sense.

    King Herod usurped the Kingdom of Judah, he was an Edomite. He brought his religion with him. 90% of the world’s jews are descendants of Khazars, who converted to Judaism in the (from memory) 10th century AD.

    It is likely that the Biblical Israelites spread westwards to Ireland then from there to Scotland. The Star of David, the NI flag represents this – it is nothing to do with Judaism or Zionism. The treaty Declaration of Arbroath alludes to the Scots being the Israelites; Francis Drake refers to the people of Britain being Israel -meaning a people rather than a place; Queen Victoria had a chart placed in the Briish Museum showing her line of decent from the House of David. The present queen (an imposter imo) took it down. Incidentally, she is one of only two monarchs since Edward I’s time who wasn’t crowned on the stone of Scone. The other was Mary of burning protestants fame.

  44. 144
    DaftAida Says:

    AK: you might be interested in tracking down (via Greg Hallet’s interviews and transcripts) the actual letter written by Queen Vic to her father (and father of her children), Rothschild, and if Rothschild claims lineage to David (which they DO) then of course Victoria does as well and it has to be that Star of David IS a symbol and used as a symbol for Zion. No-one can deny that the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs and Oppenheimers in charge of City of London et al are Zionists.

    My understanding is that the OT comprises the first 5 chapters of the Torah. Also that Jesus had the placard ‘King of The Jews’ above his crucifix and referred to the money changers in the Temple/Synagogue as defiling his ‘Father’s House’. I’d heard or read that the term ‘jew’ was introduced in the late 1800’s so like all else, it’s very convoluted, much like history and especially the royal lineage which has been deliberately obscured.

    You might be also interested in looking into cold case Historian, Alan Wilson’s work on YT ‘History of Britain Suppressed’ which gives further insight into the Israelites arrival into Britain and the Star of David as their seal. The House of Rothschild, false Messiah, secured breeding rights to the ‘Royale’ (sic) family on the fraud of Napolean’s defeat over Wellington and the subsequent stock market crash and buy out. Lord Louise Mountbatten bartered sexual rights of Queen Liz’s first born, Charles, with The Prince of Darkness, Philip the Greek for blackmailing Elizabeth into marriage as she was NOT as you say, legitimate.

    The Khazars adopted The Talmud book of filth in the early 700’s AD as a ‘civilising influence’ which defies imagination as to what they were before it was imposed! Trying to make some headway with a tome of 2000+ pages on ‘St Einstein’ so will have to bail out.

  45. 145
    DaftAida Says:

    Oh, forgot to mention that according to Hallet’s documents, Winston Churchill was Elizabeth’s father and her mother is the ‘handmaiden’ (queen mum) to the authentic Bowes-Lyon who refused to marry the imbecile, Albert, so she is not legitimate and was born above The Coach and Horses pub! That’s why they only allowed the ‘Queen Mum’ to pull pints!

  46. 146
    AK Says:

    Ak – anyone brought up on a staple diet of All our Yesterdays, BBC news and Hollywood history will wonder what on earth is going on on this site.

    Here goes. Churchill’s father has been linked with Jack the Ripper. In fact, they’re probably the same person. George V was killed without his knowledge (i.e murdered) by his surgeon. This came out in the ’80s; The Glums didn’t deny it but acknowledged that it happened a “long time ago”. George VI had a suspicious death and the same culprit was present, the Queen Mother, at both. There’s a reference in her arse-licking biography that’s about 6 inches thick that they weren’t sleeping together at the time, and that’s it. Both Andrew and Edward were not sired by Philip. Their real father’s name is Henry Porchester. Princess Diana, as we probably know, survived the car crash but suffered a horrible death. Consider this: Philip bullied Charles into marrying Di because she is a Stewart/Stuart, more royal blood in her father than the rest of the Glums put together. However, she was daughter of Oliver Goldsmith, her mother was also a Khazar. Did Phiip make a deliberate mistake?

    Charles took along a set of bound philosophy books with him on his wedding night. I’m surprised that Di was surprised by this. Who is William’s real father? he has a lot of connections with the legendary Arthur – Will I am Arthur is his name. Think about Arthur’s conception and consider who William could possibly be – someone acceptable to everybody, on the face of it.

    This is how our rulers behave publicly.

    Our King should have been Edward VIII; a rival court was set up and with the help of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who wasn’t really interested in religion at all, as you’d expect, forced him to abdicate. he was replaced with a malleable imbecile; I don’t think he was the father of our present queen. He wanted to marry a beautiful woman so we missed the opportunity to have a consort who at least looked English.

    Going back to the Star of David, the one on the Israeli flag is a Rothschild star, not the real star of David that’s on the NI flag. In the OT, there’s a bit about King David blushing. I can’t imagine anyone other than someone with Anglo-Saxon, Celtic or similar blood doing that. There’s lots of evidence to suggest that the Biblical Israelites came to Britain & Ireland, making the people in Israel today imposters. If you read Jewish sources, you’ll find that they don’t claim to be the Israelites. Helen Thomas said the same a couple of years’ ago.

  47. 147
    DaftAida Says:

    Indeed they would, AK! But once down the rabbit hole chasing the Maddy tail and we’re straight into the warren or labyrinth. I thought ‘Mad Prince Eddy’ was the ripper? Savile and Sutcliffe worked together on another ‘ripping yarn’. Also that the Queen ‘mum’ didn’t do sex and was artificially inseminated. Yes I saw that about Porchester and Liz. Phillip, however, is said to be the father of his fruitfly Ed’s children by Sophie. Goldsmith’s daughter was killed after he became politically challenging and his death was most likely ‘arranged’ as well. I had learned about Diana’s parents, yes. It’s said that King of Spain is Will.I.Am’s father and there was a piece in The Mail hinting at their close friendship.

    Edward V111 opposed the warplans with Germany and was a Nazi sympathiser (as they all are)but it would never have done for him to be on the throne at that point in time. Wallis Simpson was a ‘manshe’ or transexual and we know too well what Eddy was, a profligate bisexual (as they all are). The Wallis Simpson story was the usual cover for the gullible public to justify the abdication. They NEVER marry for ‘love’ in the romantic sense. IMO Wallis Simpson was neither a woman nor ‘beautiful’ nor did she epitomise English looks.

    They’re all bloody commoners, after all. However, I do not think Edward the fruit V111 was any more ‘legitimate’ than Victoria’s Rothschild progeny. Victoria did, apparantley have a legitimate first child who was exiled and would have been rightfully and perhaps decently heir to the throne BUT was murdered by ‘Bertie’ George V1 just before his coronation.

    Syphillus used to sort them out sooner or later but it’s unfortunate for the land and people that it takes it’s time and toll. Look at the damage Henry V111 wreaked whilst his brain was addled with it. The congenital syphillus accounts for the high proportion of imbeciles among the ‘royale’ breed and Liz had two cousins who were incarcerated for life due to moronity.

    Charles and Camilla had a son and daughter (still living) and Huhne’s monstrous wife is said to be it (that’s the result of two mules mating). The other one, a son, is married with 6 children to a black woman in Australia (I think) and totally disowned by the pair of them although Diana made a point of meeting with them and having photographs taken.

    Wills was forced to marry Kate due to the challenge to the throne via Greg Hallet’s sources and then came the change in succession laws which make it clear that ONLY Charle’s children are legitimate heirs. Funny really, as Wills ain’t his and his children are not legit anyway. Notice how Kate’s ‘little grape’ (grape of wrath) has vanished since the hospital visit and murder of the nurse? Had to laugh, there was a headline ‘Kate shows off bump’ and the cheeky sods showed an image taken through a convex lense with NO bump visible. Probably growing in a plastic womb at Porton Down or else she’ll do a ‘Beyonce’ with a Rebirth Doll and the public will oooh and ahhh at a piece of plastic, which Kate is in any case.

    I only heard about the Star of David, said to be the Israeli flag in NI very recently in passing. Indeed there’s been obfuscation as to these mysterious ‘Israelites’ and the lost tribes, muddled further by the term Israeli. That’s why WW1/2 were ‘necessary’: to ‘persuade’ a very reluctant European Jewry to up sticks and migrate to the desert from which they’d never come or belonged. In the St Einstein book, the engineers of ‘Israel’ in the 1800’s said that if Palestine didn’t quite work, they’d promote Argentina and say ‘Here is your Zion’! Also South Africa was on the cards for the ‘Jewish Homeland’ at one point. Fantasy. They come from Poland and Russia. The Sephardim are from Spain and consider themselves far superior and were not averse to assimilation with Gentiles.It is the Rothschild mob who terrorise the Jews into segregation and incite such horrors as wars to eliminate tens of thousands of ‘goyim’ for every one ‘jew’ they kill themselves.

  48. 148
    AK Says:

    Could the webmaster reply to the e mails that I’m sending. Thanks.

  49. 149
    DaftAida Says:

    This is such a boring platform of red herrings considering the ginormous abduction torture and murder of millions…. AK. I’ve just received a message from this platform on your latest comment yet it does not appear here. Whilst most of what you say is self evident and very old history, your blind religious beLIEf in the Jesus narrative makes me wonder if you are capable of ever seeing the cold, plain facts of life.

    Suggest you examine John M Allegro, John Taylor Gatto and others about the fiction and likely facts behind the programming.

    Over and OUT. This web platform is just selling a book with no worthy contribution other than our own. This much must surely, be obvious by now and perhaps we’ve provided material for a hopefully profitable sequel. After this, I’m unsubscribing.

  50. 150
    Paul Z Says:

    Most of what’s writen above is pure drivel. Wild speculation based almost entirely on unverified claims, supposition and a poor grasp of human psychology.

    I don’t have time right now to go through the whole article, but just to deal with a few of the points covered:

    “Is Kate really suggesting that each time the family left the apartment they left it unlocked with all their possessions inside? Who goes on a holiday and leaves their room or apartment unlocked like that? It makes no sense and this change in the alibi seems to be another part of Kate’s revisionist history.”

    Many, MANY people leave the door of their holiday apartment unlocked when they go out for a short time. I have done it myself, and I am normally – ie, when I’m at home in my own house – ultra cautious and always careful to lock doors etc. When people are on holiday, especially when they are in a large group, they tend to get a false sense of security. They are in what they believe to be a safe environment, they have a few drinks, they assume the resort is being monitored by private security, and they let their guard down. They take risks that they would never dream of taking back in their own country. So to me – and I am a psychologist, by the way – there is nothing sinister or unusual about the McCanns getting into the habit of using the patio door to come and go, and leaving it unlocked. A foolish decision, yes; but not at all unusual or suspicious.

    “Last Photo—appeared in a blaze of glory to prove that Madeleine was alive in the middle of the afternoon on May 3. However, Faked Abduction provides evidence that the Last Photo was probably faked.”

    This is nonsense. I have seen the so-called evidence that this photo was faked and I found it unconvincing to say the least. The photo was and is exactly what it appears to be. There is nothing fake about it (and if there had been, do you seriously believe the McCanns would have given it to the police? Or that the police wouldn’t find out in ten minutes that it was a fake? And are you also seriously claiming that the McCanns were able to fake a photo while they were still in Portugal and under intense 24/7 scrutiny by the police, the media and the public? Get real.

    “Why did David Payne try to usher this lady away from lending her assistance?”

    Well it could be because the woman was a nosey busybody who was imposing herself on the McCanns without being invited. She wasn’t giving them any assistance, she was just intruding on their grief. What business did she have being there? None at all, is the answer. As for her recognising David Payne, al she said was that she thought he looked familiar. She may have said this simply to ingratiate herself with him (“you look familiar” is a common opening gambit by people who want to strike up a conversation with a stranger.) But even if he did look familiar – so what? Millions of people look “familiar”. It’s a long leap from there – a Grand Canyon of a leap – to arrive at the conclusion that she recognised Payne as a sex offender. Of course it’s *possible*, but it’s also *possible* that my cat is an alien sent from a distant galaxy to spy on humans.

    “It is a well established fact that the McCanns never searched for Madeleine on the night of May 3, 2007. Kate is not exactly truthful when, on page 83 she writes “As soon as it was light Gerry and I resumed our search.” The plain fact is that they never searched the previous night so how did they resume a search?”

    It is *not* a well established fact that the McCanns never searched for Madeleine. On the contrary, a number of people who took part in the search mentioned that they had seen the McCanns searching in gardens in the area in the early hours of the morning. They were initially advised by the police to remain in the apartment in case Madeleine came back, but they did take part in the search a little later.

    There are a number of other factual inaccuracies in your article, but as I said, I don’t have time to go into them at the moment.

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