New audio evidence in McCann appeal on May 7, 2007

The start of the appeal. Gerry and Kate are centred on the frame.

As the appeal continues, Kate occasionally looks down as if reading from a script.

For most of the appeal, the camera zoomed in close on Kate's face and kept her to the left of the frame.

For most of the appeal, the camera zoomed in close on Kate's face and kept her to the left of the frame.

When Kate seemed to stumble with a few words, Gerry had a look of disdain and at the same time he gripped Kate's shoulder while blinking as if dissatisfied.

6 or 7 seconds after the appeal ended, Gerry flopped his head on Kate unconvincingly. As he did so, he whispers 'Don't talk'.

Just after telling his wife to not talk, he opens his eyes with head bowed. Kate catches a glimpse of his eyes open and then she looks toward her husband. He immediately closes his eyes again.

It never ceases to amaze how many new details can be gleaned from the Madeleine McCann case even years after her disappearance.

The McCanns made a televised appeal that was broadcast on Sky TV on May 7, 2007.

The appeal shows Gerry McCann and his wife Kate both sitting and facing the camera. Kate is to Gerry’s left and on the right side of the screen as we look at the pair. Initially we see both Madeleine’s parents and can notice that Gerry has his left arm around Kate’s shoulders with the fingers of his hand gripping the top of  her left arm.

Gerry is staring right at the camera. His eyes are gazed at you the viewer. He barely moves his head and the main discernible movement is from his rapid eye movement as he blinks more often than anything that would seem natural. Kate on the other hand is not gazing at anything in particular. One thing we can say for sure is that she is never giving us eye contact. Her eyes are focused on anything but the camera facing her. Every so often she quickly glances down and we can assume that she is reading from a crib sheet.

The appeal lasts for 54 seconds and it is spoken exclusively by Kate Healy. Here is a transcript of the appeal:

We would like to say a few words [pause] to the person who is with Madeleine, or has been with Madeleine.

Madeleine is a beautiful, bright, funny and caring little girl.

She is so special. Please, please, do not hurt her.

Please don’t scare her.  Please tell us where to find her or pla… put her in place of safety and let somebody know where she is.

We beg you to let Madeleine come home.

We need our Madeleine. Sean and Amelie need Madeleine and Madeleine needs us [long pause].

Please give our little girl back.

Por favor, devolva a nossa menina.

Now let’s observe this in detail.

  • At the start of the appeal, the camera is zoomed out so we can see  Gerry and Kate from the chest up.
  • At 5 seconds, Kate seems to stumble with a slight deviation from the script. She says “…to the person who is with Madeleine” and as she does so, Gerry is visibly troubled by this slight change. He grips her arm and at the same time he glances down and to the side in a brief but obvious show of dissatisfaction. Kate almost immediately changes the sentence and says “…or has been with Madeleine.”
  • As Kate talks, the camera slowly zooms in so that her face is filling the left hand side of the frame.
  • By 18 seconds, Kate is saying “please, please….” and the camera has now cut off Gerry from view.
  • Just as Kate finishes the Portuguese words at the end of the appeal, the camera stays fixed on her for about 6 or  7 seconds.
  • The camera now zooms out rather quickly so that by 62 seconds, we can see Gerry starting to flop his head on Kate. Kate doesn’t move or alter her position as Gerry rocks his head slightly and closes his eyes.
  • At 67 seconds, Gerry, with bowed head opens his eyes to look up at Kate momentarily before closing them again and resuming the bowed head position.

Anyone following the Madeleine disappearance will have seen this scene many times. The main talking point back in 2007 was that the pair could be so devoid of emotion. Their reactions seemed fake and the absence of tears and typical involuntary facial expressions associated with the loss of a close family member were some of the main reasons that people did not believe their story. Looking at the video four years later, the impression is the same.

During a recent review of this video clip, the volume was turned up beyond a reasonable sound level and at 64 seconds a slight click could be heard. It coincided with the time that Gerry had bowed his head on to Kate. Watching this section a few times revealed that the sound was not a click. It was Gerry McCann telling his wife in barely a whisper “Don’t Talk”. This was then followed by that opening of his eyes and the sneaky look upwards at her face.

Hear the audio of the full appeal here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Hear the “Don’t Talk” whisper here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

This is reminiscent of the video in November 2007 where Gerry told his wife at the end of an interview in Brian Kennedy’s home “don’t speak to whoever is calling…”

This new bombshell evidence demonstrates once again how the Madeleine disappearance was staged and in those early days how Kate Healy was controlled.

The start of the appeal. Gerry and Kate are centred on the frame.

The start of the appeal. Gerry and Kate are centred on the frame.

As the appeal continues, Kate occasionally looks down as if reading from a script.

As the appeal continues, Kate occasionally looks down as if reading from a script.

When Kate seemed to stumble with a few words, Gerry had a look of disdain and at the same time he gripped Kate's shoulder while blinking as if dissatisfied.

When Kate seemed to stumble with a few words, Gerry had a look of disdain and at the same time he gripped Kate's shoulder while blinking as if dissatisfied.

For most of the appeal, the camera zoomed in close on Kate's face and kept her to the left of the frame.

For most of the appeal, the camera zoomed in close on Kate's face and kept her to the left of the frame.

6 or 7 seconds after the appeal ended, Gerry flopped his head on Kate unconvincingly. As he did so, he whispers 'Don't talk'.

6 or 7 seconds after the appeal ended, Gerry flopped his head on Kate unconvincingly. As he did so, he whispers 'Don't talk'.

Just after telling his wife to not talk, he opens his eyes with head bowed. Kate catches a glimpse of his eyes open and then she looks toward her husband. He immediately closes his eyes again.

Just after telling his wife to not talk, he opens his eyes with head bowed. Kate catches a glimpse of his eyes open and then she looks toward her husband. He immediately closes his eyes again.

UPDATE July 13, 2011

One commenter to Truth for Madeleine on July 9, 2011 (Gazz below) has slowed down the speech and he thinks that Gerry said “Don’t Tell Them…”

Here is his processed audio file:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

49 Responses to “New audio evidence in McCann appeal on May 7, 2007”

  1. 1
    Ms Hanly Says:

    As Madeline was an British Citizen how is her parents were not charged as it is an offence to leave a child alone if it places them at risk. Parents can be prosecuted if they leave a child unsupervised ‘in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering or injury to health’ (Children and Young Person’s Act).

  2. 2
    Jane Says:

    Didn’t sound like he said “don’t talk” to me, sounded more like “Don’t tell them”, if anything at all. The guy is a Glaswegian and as I am too, I hear his words a bit better. I’m not sure he actually is saying anything but he is NOT saying “Don’t talk”.

    I have to wonder why nobody has slowed this down so we can hear it more clearly.

    I think in these images Kate does look distressed, but he doesn’t. I would be more inclined to believe now that he was responsible for her death and that Kate is afraid of him and has been groomed on what to say.

  3. 3
    Jane Says:

    Ok, I listened to this several times again. I’m thinking that I’d know the accent better than some others.

    He is actually saying “Now tell them”

  4. 4
    John Richards Says:

    It is beyond me why the McCanns were not prosecuted and why neither the Portuguese nor British police forces sought to have the remaining children taken into care on grounds of unlawful abandonment and reckless endangerment. Had this been a working class couple from a council estate it all would have been so different and they would never have seen their other children again.

  5. 5
    John Richards Says:

    Kate McCann has again been bleating on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour this week. She dismisses the dissenters who point the finger at her saying they are ill informed crankc. We are not ill informed; we just believe it is NOT acceptable to live children (the most precious things in our lives) unattended whilst we take off to down tapas and wine.

    Kate McCann poured scorn on the use of sniffer dogs saying that it is not ‘eveidence’. Well these dogs are highly trained and used to great effect by UK police, customs and boarder agencies to detect crime and criminals. DNA cannot be relied upon soley in a UK court of law without coroboration but it is EVIDENCE. The dogs detected cadaver traces in the McCanns appartment and in their hire care which points the finger squarley at the McCanns.

    What worries me most is that firstly the McCanns were willing to recklessly abandon and endanger their own children. Even the grandparents testified that they frequently used tranquilisers on the children – it seems that the kids were considered a millstone round the necks of their social life. Then there is the issue that the McCanns spent so much time and money gagging the media and police fro saying anything negative about them (I suspect this is why social services were retisent to take the children as they would have faced costly littigation and had senior social workers tied up in court for lenghthy periods). Our daughter is the most precious thing in our lives in if she were missing we’d be spending every last second and all our resources into looking for her and getting on the back of the authorities to help; NOT wasting time with lawyers and in court seeking injunctions against allegations which we knew to be false, unfounded and improvable.

  6. 6
    John Says:

    I don’t think he says “Don’t talk”. He is a horrible scheming man though.

  7. 7
    KaOssis Says:

    At the end of the day, whatever Gerry whispered in Kate’s ear, he didn’t want the media picking up what he was saying, therefore, he didn’t want the public knowing what he was saying, and for a Doctor whispering in front of a camera crew, that’s very decieptful and rude!

  8. 8
    Jacob Collins Says:

    He says ‘well done’ not ‘don’t talk.’

  9. 9
    Stephen Doherty Says:

    Im a glasweigan and what hes saying is “Belt up”..meaning stop talking!!

  10. 10
    audrey Says:

    this is “crazy” their little girl has just been taken from her bed… and the whole world is analizing their every move second by second ??? they are surrounded by cameras and are being critisized for reading their appeal???? who could act “normal” in these circumstances. regardless of what we might think about their decision to leave the children unsupervised, who are we to judge them??? anyway it sounds to me like he said well done….

  11. 11
    Taurus Says:

    Audrey, a man with his three year old daughter who drank coffee in the Tapas Bar went with his wife and baby daughter out the reception at 9.15 -9.30 is and started to negotiate two parked cars to the right. FACT. He was known to the group and Jane Tanner says of Gerry sitting with this couple so visually she knew them by sight.

    As this man carried his three year old daughter he negotiated the road and looked to his left and right and would of course carry his daughter of that age round the semi-circular route to the flat he had opposite the Murat residence.

    I am stating FACT as it is in his witness statements and his age, and hair colour and style in the Leicester Police files so he will have to be re-interviewed of course as will all the others.

    What is perfectly clear is that two workers parked cars in front of the alley and the gate of 5A and the lane at two different times and were random as to do so and park and leave in two cars after this work was done. This correlates with the witness who was carrying his child at the very illuminated location Jane passed at the near same time as she went out and Gerry went out during this family of four who passed the corner where another man did EXACTLY THE SAME.

    What is mistaken is that the child Madeleine was days from being FOUR YEARS OLD. And that in the very near to window and sight in a door were two infants in cots ready for ‘scoop and run’, but instead the near school age child disappeared.

    It is clear she did due to Kate searching in the stairwell by 5D and up to 5H as a child could do so who had two good legs of course and was nearing school age as age. I do not see how finding Madeleine is a question of not seeing common sense as above.

    It is logical due to the two infants left behind who were in view as Matt Oldfield says in cots and Kate says and so would be in view to a predator who could ghost himself in to take both very, very easily. They could not run of course in cots.

  12. 12
    Elen Says:

    Stephen Doherty Says:
    May 24th, 2011 at 11:50 am
    Im a glasweigan and what hes saying is “Belt up”..meaning stop talking!!


    I totally agree! I can hear that also clear as a bell!!

  13. 13
    joanne Says:

    I have just finished reading the book madeleine.My reason for buying this was prior to reading it i absolutely believed that the mccanns were innocent,now im unsure.I have looked through some of their tv interviews and I can see that they are at times being untruthful.I have also read a lot of info regarding their statements to the police etc.I can see lots of points where they could be guilty and lots where they may be innocent.I was very surprised that kate mccann refused to answer 48 questions when she was interviewed by the police in portugal.I do think that some outlandish things are being said about them ,but hopefully with this new review maybe we may find the truth.

  14. 14
    Bryant McCusher Says:

    Ask yourselves this. Why tell lies? If you really care about “finding” the little girl why hamper the investigation by acting in this suspicious manner. Unless you have something to “hide” more serious than finding a daughter.

  15. 15
    Helen Says:

    Sounds like ‘Dont Tell them’, to me.
    But its very hard to say, would be good to get it slowed down by a professional and made clearer.
    The sounds of the words it started with a T or D or that kind of sound. A ‘W’ in Well done wouldn’t sound like that.
    It does seem like Kate is under duress to me, she is very uncomfortable….I just dont trust him, never have done and this whisper could give a lot away if it could be comfirmed

  16. 16
    Liz Y Says:

    I listened many times and in my opinion he did say ‘belt up’ I wish they’d both belt up.

  17. 17
    Gazz Says:

    I have downloaded the clip and listened to it in various ways. It appears to me that he is saying ~ Don’t tell them ~ here is the shortened clip after I have run it through my mixer >

  18. 18
    Gazz Says:

    Unfortunately, since uploading that small clip I created, access to the storage facility that holds it has been impossible, very strange! For those who may want to hear it try this linkinstead. > . . . Hope it works and is audible.

    Site Admin: Gazz – I added your sound clip to the site server and updated the article to reflect your theory. This way the sound clip should remain accessible by anyone.

  19. 19
    glitter brain Says:

    Sounds like “well done”…to me

  20. 20
    Liz Y Says:

    Strange isn’t it, even when they’re desperately trying to control the external, they give themselves away. They cannot possibly cover all the bases. Consider, your child has been abducted, you are doing a televised appeal for information, it’s so hard to do, it leaves you totally drained. Then your dearly beloved tells you to Belt Up. Nuff said!!
    I suppose, that even if they do get away with this, they’ll have to be on red alert, every minute, every hour, every day, week, month, year…… Personally, I’d rather do the time.
    I think Gerry is a bully and Kate is frightened of him. Is she frightened enough to allow unacceptable behaviour???

    Site Admin: Liz, I think that Gerry was very controlling in the early days. Less so now. Kate seems to have built up more confidence in the past 3 years. In interviews she is no longer subservient to Gerry and she cuts across him if she wants to. In the past, when Gerry opened his mouth, she was sat there like a little scared mouse. I think the reason is because Gerry manipulated things to make it look like Kate was the perpetrator in those early days. He set Kate up – remember, it was only her clothes that had the scent of death. He set her up to give himself an out. But when the police file was released and people could read Amaral’s book, we knew then that the main alleged perpetrators were Gerry and David Payne. Kate’s description on page 129 of her book is probably a clue to what happened to Madeleine.

  21. 21
    Elen Says:

    I agree Liz…from the word go Gerry has come across as a bully to me, the bully aspect of him comes through as extreme arrogance toward anyone that dares to doubt him or them, and their “facts” and “truth”. I have always had the impression that Kate is scared stiff of him. I am not a professional in mental disorders by no means, although having worked in a criminal psychiatric institution myself i have always been very interested in psychology and aspects of the human mind as well as in what manners mentally insane characteristics manifest. In my personal opinion Gerry is a psychopath, judging all together from observing how he formulates himself and sweeps around answers to questions and diverts from them and very evidently on some level is always in control of what Kate says. It is apparent from their body language. A psychopath will never -rather do the time, as you state as a normal mentally sane person. Psychopaths do not admit nor feel they have ever done anything wrong and cannot relate to others suffering or wrongdoing toward someone, therefore, Gerry has no problem being on -red alert- as you say, as he probably thinks there is no reason to be and he is -above- the rest. Kate is controlled and “infected” by his illness, and has no will no power to escape from him. He is the scriptwriter and she plays along with his every word.

  22. 22
    Gazz Says:

    Thanks admin, oddly enough the original file is again accessible, sadly I have to rely on external storage so come across these problems regularly.

    I still think the comment is ‘don’t tell them’, it is too long to be ‘belt up’ in my opinion.

    Either way, it’s difficult to justify either comment and why it appears to be said as a whisper, it’s very suspicious and altogether not the actions of someone who has suffered such a loss. I agree that Kate seems to be the weaker part of this relationship, hopefully she can find the strength and overcome any fear and do the rightful thing for that innocent and beautiful child, if indeed there was no such abduction. It really is such a drain reading about this. Thanks again.

    Site Admin: No worries – if you find any other media files that need to be stored securely, let me know. The “free” services are useless in this respect. So many files get removed or deleted for no apparent reason. As for the actual words spoken, I don’t think it is “belt up” because that is the kind of phrase that is used in more severe circumstances such as when someone is trying to terminate a long period of argument. “Belt up” doesn’t seem appropriate in this instance. “Don’t talk” or “Don’t tell them” is more of a pleading and either of those phrases seem far more appropriate.

  23. 23
    Liz Y Says:

    It seems the only thing that scares Gerry, is allowing Kate to speak for herself. Gerry is a competent liar, Kate isn’t, but it’s blatantly obvious that she tries hard to please him and lots of her statements contain…As Gerry says or said.
    I believe that the whole case revolves around some sort of paedophile activity, I just haven’t, up to now, been able to believe any mother, could have knowledge of such practises, and turn a blind eye. So, Kate really is fearful enough, to let Gerry totally dominate her, enough for her turn a blind eye to illicit, immoral behaviour.
    As for the whisper, a normal English Belt Up is short and clipped, with a Glasweigian accent the word belt is more elongated like Beyullt up. I think Kate knows, to her cost, what not to say by now, she has a good teacher, or should that be Master!

  24. 24
    Gazz Says:

    Here it is again, i’ve lifted the tone a bit. The last word seems to end with an M ~ either um or em. Has he been asked to explain this I wonder, or is he aware that this has been heard even? The plot just seems to thicken ~

  25. 25
    Gazz Says:

    The clip might need to be clicked and refreshed a couple of times if it doesn’t load 1st time.

  26. 26
    Liz Y Says:

    Gazz, I have listened many times and can still hear Belt Up quite plainly.

  27. 27
    Liz Y Says:

    Admin, Yes I don’t have a problem agreeing that Gerry would look after his own best interests first, he would be quite prepared to frame Kate, to get himself off the hook. If you look at the first picture above, Kate looks distressed. There’s no corresponding look about Gerry, he just oozes contempt and disdain with his prissy, little mouth and cruel eyes, and this only 4 days after Madeleine disappeared. Didn’t he tell Kate in another televised interview, don’t say anything until your mike’s been removed. Why would any of this be necessary. Can’t there be some way of finding out exactly what he said? I’m a technophobe so don’t know anything about this stuff. It just might be another piece of the damning jigsaw being built up against them. One can only hope.

    Site Admin: Yes Liz, you’re exactly right. In the interview with Spanish TV station Antena 3, in October 2007, Gerry said “Don’t say anything till they’ve taken off your microphone.” This was widely reported at the time and you can read it in the Daily Mail here:

    We believe that Gerry played a part in the death of Madeleine and he actively tainted evidence to make it appear that Kate was the perpetrator. We believe he did this to cover his backside in the event that they may get caught out in the early days after May 3, 2007.

  28. 28
    Gazz Says:

    Again thanks Admin ~ I agree that ‘belt up’would be out of context. They are in front of cameras and the public. ‘Don’t tell them’ or ‘don’t talk’ would be more appropriate. Perhaps he felt that Kate could or would crack under the heat of the moment and he needed to step in. Of course, in itself it doesn’t prove anything either way, but it throws doubt over everything else they say, a response from him about this would be helpful, but again in itself proves nothing. It is something that I doubt will ever be resolved, but he should be confronted with this and required to explain the odd words, can this be sent via e-mail directly to him or their official website? Perhaps they are aware and reading this now. Whatever the phrase is, it is very suspicious for him to comment under his breath and would be difficult to explain away.

    This is an odd thing for parents in such distress to say, personally, I don’t think he could innocently explain this as any of the phrases we think it may be, are in effect an instruction to be quiet of stop, said under the breath that way is quite damning.

  29. 29
    banananaa Says:

    Wow after reading a few of these comments. If Gerry was that controlling and if his wife did fear him, then I fear the worse. If Gerry is a controlling psychopath (clinically proven) he would be my #1 suspect. I have had relatives which are psychopath and I have to say one thing, they are excellent liars and deceivers. They have a border line split personality and cannot be trusted.

  30. 30
    tatiane da silva Says:

    According Jucelino Luz the child Madeleine has never stepped out the door of that Hotel,and it is nosense when some people say that Madeleine was kidnapping by someone. Jucelino Luz , says , this is also: ” pathetic ” . Madeleine was never taken off Praia da Luz, she is dead indeed, but never has left that place,and the key of this crimis solution belongs about two people who are the killers of that little innocent child…” Only the lier is who knows the real truth…” Jucelino told that and he is sure that someday those both liers will fall down and their paradize will be inside a jail .
    Tatiane da Silva

  31. 31
    Kate Says:

    In response to Elen’s post of July 15. I totally agree with everything that you have said Elen. After watching most of the video’s that the McCann have given since that fateful night in Portugal, I have no doubt that Gerry McCann is a pyschopath. In this interview with Jeremy Paxman, Gerry let’s his maask slip for a minute and gives an evil grin when Jeremy tells Gerry that he has used and manipulated the media to suit him at times: Cut and copy following link to view this video – I myself was involved for 20 years with a psychopath so I am able to recognise one very easily now. They are completely controlling and manipulative and lie easily. A high percentage of psychopaths are also paedophiles. I believe that Gerry McCann is a paedophile and that Kate is an enabler. I also think that the friends that they were with on holiday are involved in paedophile activity, especially David Payne. This is why none of them will talk and they have all actively particpated in the cover up of Madelaine’s death. I think that Madeleine’s death was due to suffocation from a sexual act, or through a fall whilst trying to escape her perpertrator.

  32. 32
    Elen Says:

    Reply to Kate, july 26th : Thank you. And thank you for the video link as well. I had fogotten about that interview, but now that you showed it again, i remember reacting to the -slipping of his mask when i first saw it too. As well as that, when he dashed out from an interview with a Spanish channel, leaving Kate looking scared and confused, seemingly not knowing how to react or what to do. (as seen on Gonzalo Amarals documentary -Truth of the lie-)I have looked over and over at the expression on Kates face and can only read it as -fear-. The most important aspect of these two interviews (with Paxman and the Spanish channel) is the momentary loosing of control that is also such a typical reaction for a psychopath. As yourself, i have also in my personal life had to deal with a psychopath (fortunately not for 20yrs as yourself) and therefore from personal experience also learned to “read” one upon seeing one. I know based upon my experience that there is no extent wide and far enough for a psychopath to go to cover up their -tracks-, no method is excluded, no -justification- to their acts is forgotten, no lie is out of boundaries, simply, no manner of controlling the people and enviroment around them is left out. As a result to their -great and clever and meticulous work on all the previous, when they are confronted upfront with a statement or question or evidence as to that what they say not being true, they lose their temeper in a split of a second and turn into truly dangerous monsters. Questioning a psychopath, confonting them with what the say, is no fun indeed. Their reaction is collectively the same – how DARE you question me? -How DARE you in any way suspect that what i have said is not the truth? Upon being questioned and confronted with statements of doubt, in public, Gerry dashes out..loses his temper (oh so typical for a psychopath)..and like in the Paxman interview his mask drops and the REAL him is exposed for a while (seen that happen oh so many times), and when together with Kate, on any occasion, it comes accross so strongly that he is “running the show” even when totally quiet. In this particular -appeal occasion- all aspects of Gerrys control over Kate is evident to anyone with a bit of ability to analyze body and -couple- language, and whatever it might be that he states to her at the end of it (i have listened to it about a hundred times by now and it still sounds like -belt up to me)the whole thing is so FORCED and constructed and WEIRD, there is just absolutely nothing about it that comes across as a genuine and heartfelt plea. And i accept, that that might just be my opinion.

  33. 33
    Chris Says:

    Sounds like

    “I will tell them”

  34. 34
    GP Says:

    He definitely say’s “i’ll tell them”, was there any more comments by GM after the whisper?
    I have excellent body language reading skills, My opinion is that GM is a full on control freak, I believe that he has controlled KM ever since they met. He obviously suffers from The God complex, alot of surgeons develope this. You can tell by the way kate looks at him almost subservient.

  35. 35
    Elen Says: such case it would make much more sense he’d say -don’t tell them-… rather then -i’ll tell them? What would he tell us? (other then lies?) Could be a silent “don’t” as he is after all trying to whisper…and therefore only the -..tell them.. can slightly be heard… Still, whatever it is that he says, it is clear that as Gerry felt it necessary to whisper anything at all to Kate at the end of the staged appeal, something is very dodgy…if there was nothing to hide, why the need to whisper, unless he was afraid that Kate would crack up somehow?

  36. 36
    susan Says:

    it sounds like dont topple to me meaning dont breakdown or dont say anything you shouldnt

  37. 37
    susan Says:

    why cant they be put on a lie detector or hypnosis to find facts out and end all speculation

  38. 38
    Graham Says:

    On a completely seperate topic. I think I recollect it being said that in the days after Maddie’s disappearance. Gerry spent part of the time jogging and even having his hair cut? The video however, seems clearly to show this wasn’t the case? Given the state of it? That or he visited a very poor hairdresser? Although, appreciate that this all immaterail and irrelevant to the case.

  39. 39
    Maurice Says:

    Much as I have suspiscions about these two, it sounds far more to me as if he is saying, “Well done, darling.”

  40. 40
    Sophie Says:

    On hearing it for the first time I hear ‘well done’.

  41. 41
    Trudy Says:

    He saying ‘belt up’. Second word is definitely ‘up’. You can hear that clearly.

  42. 42
    Annabel Says:

    He said, ” Well done”.

  43. 43
    Sandie Says:

    I see two traumatised people under severe stress. This is what really happens to people when traumatised; not what you see in films and on TV.

    Site Admin: Wrong! Gerry was laughing and joking with people a few days after Madeleine disappeared. The pair of them were laughing and joking on what would have been Madeleine’s 4th birthday. You must have blinkers on.

  44. 44
    Manders Says:

    I agree it sounds like “well done” to me.

  45. 45
    banksy Says:

    He is definetley saying Well Done , why does everyone try to hear the negative, is it because thats we want to hear?

  46. 46
    GC Says:

    There’s no way of finding out what the words are. People will disagree. Originally I heard “Don’t tell them”, but then clearly heard “Well done, Kate”. After reading a comment saying that the last word clearly ends in “m” and sounds like them, I went back, and yes, it sounds much more like them, and ending in “m”. But still, the slowed down version posted at the bottom sounds like, “Well done, Kate”.

    I think the two are in the strangest emotional states. I think in any case psychopathic would describe this well. I think Gerry McCann is fascist. And in such circumstances, what they say takes on a different character. The way the syllables are utterred themselves can mean something from the mindset of who has said something more than any particular phrase’s words, especially to those who know each other well – AND CRUCIALLY – are in a severe state of trauma, fear, tension and kind of voyeurism. But also the phrase words themselves at other times can be imperative.

  47. 47
    Adam Says:

    Well, well, well, until a few days ago, I had not really read much about this case. The only feeling I had about it, as I had from day one, was that these 2 seemed to want to be unreadable books. I had a bad gut feeling about them. I have been reading a lot about this case the last couple of days.

    Is it possible that the “find” fund with all of it’s exorbitant expenditures, which seem to only have generalised entries as to what sums have been spent on, (including their mortgage at one point) has been used to pay off people to keep the secret?

    Is it possible that David Payne and Gerry McCann indulged in, shall I say, highly suspect sexual preferences, and that whatever happened to Madeleine, any close scrutiny or investigation would open a whole nest of high-profile vipers, if you get my meaning.

    Is it possible, that Kate McCann is caught in the middle, trying to please her husband and being fearful of the consequences if she tells the truth (hence, the blank, dead face, after all, poker faces don’t give away guilt or innocence, but blank faces are not used if you are innocent).

    Why is it that they have never answered the Gaspar’s statement about D Payne’s finger-sucking, nipple-circling gestures and comments about Madeleine to G McCann?

    This whole case stinks.

  48. 48
    mary Says:

    I have always thought that madeleines death was due to Gerry not Kate. My theory is that he beleived in sedating the children whereas she beleived in taking them out to play to tire them out, i also think Gerry takes illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin or amphetamines, not unusual for people in high power careers, my theory is that on the night she died she was miffed with him from returning late from tennis, he sedated them with something like promethazine and then started to take his own fix to which kate was incensed and went into the kids bedrooms to prepare them. He followed her in in a rage and they had sex on the spare bed (forensics next day showed semen on this bed, remeber she made a point of sleeping in the spare bed the night before because of his snoring). I think when they returned to the lounge they discovered madeleine with Gerry’s drugs, while she was sat on the back of the sofa. Kate screamed at her out of fear, with the shock Madeleine tipped backwards onto the concrete floor, fractured skull, broken neck with the angle she fell. Kate must have been the one to pick her up due to cadaver dog smell they both knew there was very little chance she would survive her injuries even if she was put on a life support so kate cuddled her until she died, it’s supposed to take 20 minutes contact on clothing for the cadaver dogs to scent. Gerry has this massive hold over Kate of having the twins taken of her and so she is prepared not to own up to it by him bullying her as he’s not prepared to lose his high power career and contacts it brings him by being struck off for taking illegal drugs.

  49. 49
    julie Says:

    Gerry said ” We fucked up “

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