Another South African “Madeleine Finder” arrives in Portugal

For many months of this year, a South African – Martin van Wyk has been corresponding to this website to explain that he knows where Madeleine McCann is buried and how she died.

He allegedly visited Praia da Luz in October 2007 after selling all his possessions to finance the trip there. He sent me several photos from that trip and most were the typical photos we’ve all seen before. Photos of the outside of apartment 5A, the car park and rear of the apartment, the beach, and some photos of what look like random apartments in other places in the town.

Apparently, Martin was involved with South African TV show Carte Blanche some years ago where they explored a missing person. Mr van Wyk never said so in his letters but research shows that the same TV programme also featured Danie Krugel.

Martin van Wyk’s theory (or moreover, the theory of the psychic working with van Wyk) is that Madeleine wandered off on the night of May 3 as she looked for her parents. He then goes on to say that a local man found her and took her in to his own home. In the following hours when people were out searching for and calling Madeleine’s name, she shouted out but the man who took her in got scared and put his hand on her mouth and suffocated her, only to subsequently bury her in his garden.

This theory ties in nicely with Mark Williams-Thomas’ theory that she wandered off and was taken by a predatory paedophile.

It also ties in nicely with the abduction theory.

But today the story turned decidedly murky.

For most of the year and more recently a couple of weeks ago, van Wyk and his sister had been virtually begging people to finance van Wyk’s return to Portugal to find Madeleine. He allegedly required money to go there and more importantly, a Portuguese national was necessary to sponsor his visa application.

Martin van Wyk’s sister made a comment post today under her pseudonym “Liberty”:

JusticeSeeker: Message from Liberty. My brother Martin van Wyk is arriving at Lisbon Airport today 4 December 2009 at 1315 local time. He is keen to meet you as he sees you are interested in the truth. You have his email address.

Is Martin van Wyk going to spectacularly “find Madeleine” in the same week that the McCanns are in court in Lisbon to face Gonçalo Amaral?

Coincidentally today,  another South African made their first post to the website and used the pseudonym “AMANDA SOUTH AFRICA”;


Both posts are confirmed to have originated from Gauteng, South Africa.

This is Martin van Wyk’s most recent correspondence on October 26, 2009:

Martin here in South Africa. I am very close to leaving for Praia Da Luz.
I have attached something for you, an extract of my investigation docket. Along with this, And my new mobile nr.
The previous operator, Cellular c, is one big joke. It took me 3 days to load prepaid airtime to my mobile.
Anyhow, i still need assistance getting to Luz, this will only speed it up. Before xmas you will see me as the guy who found her remains.

Attached to his last email was a Word document containing the following 2 pages of text:

Madeleine Mc Cann


Madeline Mc Cann – awoke in a vaguely familiar holiday apartment, all alone.

Alone, tired, scared and disillusioned, the 3 year old set out to do what most 3 year olds would do under the same circumstances,


An elderly gentleman found the scared little girl, crying, lost and bewildered.

Small town, no vehicle, no police station and not even a fuelling station. As it was very late, he decided to take her home, the next morning he would take her to the authorities.

However, next morning, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!

The entire world descends upon the small town of Praia Da Luz. Everybody is running, looking, calling, shouting, searching, screaming and enquiring.

Little Madeleine would certainly have heard her name, she would have tried to respond, she would have tried to call back, the man would have panicked,  after all, who would believe he found her, they all say she was taken…

Nobody must know, he needs time to think, what to do next,

Madeleine shouts and screams. The man’s tone changes. The calm reassuring gentle voice is replaced with a more urgent, abrupt and threatening tone.

HE PANICS, HE PUTS HIS HAND OVER HER MOUTH, – she must not be found, not now, he needs time to think, she struggles, he is bigger, stronger, he tightens his grip,

SUDDENLY – Madeleine Mc Cann is quiet,

It was an accident, he needed time to think, and he did not mean to hurt her.

What is very clear is that he must get the little girl out of his house, but where to?

The garden, that’s where, but how?  In the midst of the biggest manhunt in Portuguese history, you don’t just go around digging up gardens. It will attract suspicion, what will the neighbors think? What if you were to plant a tree, would that seem more acceptable?

Plant a tree, but not only one, plant a couple, to make it look more convincing.


* * *

My name is Martin van Wyk, aged 44, ex – Military police investigator, Security company owner and Private investigator for the past 27 years.

October 17th, 2007 I visited Praia Da Luz and started my own investigation on Madeleine Beth Mc Cann. The entire operation was funded by me, with emails, and blessings from the Mc Cann’s via correspondence from Sister Phil Mc Cann.

Arriving in Luz, I booked into the Luz Bay Hotel, and was registered 17/19 and 19 October 2007. (Please feel free to verify)

A source identified a property where trees were recently planted. It is here that I believe the remains of Little Madeleine Mc Cann are hidden, 2 -3 ft underground.

I now want to get in contact with Martin Brunt, please advise, or forward this email to him.

Thank you,

Martin van Wyk,  South Africa –  Mobile phone   0027 7626 91 704


Will Martin van Wyk find Madeleine buried right under everyone’s nose in Praia da Luz and confirm the PJ to be bunglers?

Will this exonerate the McCanns and “prove” the abduction theory?

Gerry McCann is said to have told the media “find the body and prove we killed her”.

Could the first part of his taunt be finally coming true and was this all staged?

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  1. 51
    Watcher Says:

    So EDB, or whatever: ‘Watcher, (”…stay away…”) From what!?? Martin is investigating. The whole world was invited to help so I reckon he is as welcome as everybody else. Now I see why you are the “Watcher”. That is apparently all you can do. Are you perhaps the killer? Just asking…’

    stupidest comment yet, well done. I was telling you to beware of trying to get any help from people who have already made up their minds that the McCanns dunnit and all we need to do is to hang Gerry upside down out of a copshop window for long enough to make him talk.

    On, and ‘Justice seeker’ – when you are not making deals with Portuguese publishers you are gathering evidence for the non-existent Brian Johnson and running around gtetting interviews with martin Grime?

    Toooooooo funny:-))))

  2. 52
    EDB Says:

    Hi All,
    No, I did not run. Had a lovely holiday, and then I don’t read this crap. Just one or two things before I really go, because unlike you all, I have actual real life work to do.
    Justice Seeker, I am an ex cop. (Have you any idea how different a traffic cop & cop(police) in South Africa is. Where did you see “traffic cop?” (….the killer? Just asking…)…about that; Yes it is a stupid question!! How bright of you to notice or did you have help working that out? So is all the other comments and questions from everyone else..The point is….WHAT DOES IT MATTER HOW MUCH A VISA OR A PLANE TICKET COST !!?? That is why I asked the stupidest question I could actually think up. Now look at all the other questions asked here. I have yet to see an actual fact finding question here. How’s that for ABC Bradford? You see; people can talk for hours and actually say nothing. That is my democratic (Claudia) view.
    Although, Claudia, It looks like you are coming around to looking at what this case is about, instead of just gargling crap.
    All the other conspiracy theories just makes me laugh.
    Claudia, I will sign the petition anytime, because that is a just statement. Re open the case!
    Cheers kids.. it was fun, but I have more important things to to. To get into pointless arguments
    with you all is to join the script of a soap. WAIT………..Stephano is behind it!!
    So what’s your take on the Kennedy assassination?

  3. 53
    Aquarius Says:

    Claudia, I agree with you about having the case reopened. I wasn’t even aware that it had been closed. It’s easy for those in authority to ‘tie up the loose ends and send it to file 13’ but that still leaves so many unanswered questions.

    Who does one address the petition to though and who’s to say it won’t also end up in file 13. I don’t understand how some people sleep at night but unfortunately we all seem to be at the mercy of these ‘higher authorities’.

  4. 54
    Aquarius Says:

    Claudia, as a mother, I feel VERY strongly about who my kids stay with, where they are and I’ve had more than one panic attack when my youngest ‘disappears’ while I’m standing in a queue at the bank or supermarket. The one thing that they did mention about Luz around the time of Maddie’s disappearance is that it was a ‘safe place for children’. ??? According to who? It doesn’t matter WHERE you live in the world, there’s always some sick individual/s looking to grab your ray of sunshine and destroy your world. It’s up to us as parents to ‘be aware of what goes on around us’ at all times – especially when it comes to my kids. I’ve been labelled an overprotective mother and living in S.A, believe me, you can never be too overprotective, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

  5. 55
    Aquarius Says:


    The fact that the McCann’s were having a jovial time while their children slept unattended is something that will be haunt them for the rest of their lives. Don’t you think they know they made a mistake? Yes, a bloody costly one and one that has brought them nothing but distraught and unhappiness for the rest of their days, but is it right to throw it in their faces all the time?

    Criminals get pardoned, assassins are left to walk free, rapists and murderers live in our neighbourhoods … The McCann’s know that there is nobody else to blame for her disppearance but themselves. Cut them some slack, they’ve broken down in public begging and pleading for Maddie’s return. They’ve been humbled as a family and torn apart by the public. At the end of the day, bickering and bitching about who’s to blame is not going to solve anything.

    As far as police files are concerned, surely you’re aware of just how much red tape has been involved in this investigation? If you have access to those files, bring them on … until then I’ll calmly sit here and continue to read my dictionary …

  6. 56
    Aquarius Says:

    Watcher, I like your attitude! Wish there were more people like you out there …

  7. 57
    Kat Says:

    I am very concerned for the mental well being of these so called professionals who have time to sit and blog at all hours of everyday about this. I stumbled across this because I was researching cold case files because I am a college student. I became extremely intrigued however and now it seems I cannot let go of this blog. I do hope that someone will find this little girl, I know we have heard about it constantly over here as well which kind of makes me sad in many different ways because there are children disappearing every minute all over the world who get no attention like this and the fact that this has been publicized all over the world and nothing has come of it as of yet is sickening. Obviously, there is someone out there who knows what happened. I hope someone comes forward soon because I can only imagine the psychological damage this is doing to the family (if they are in no way involved) not knowing where their daughter is. I also give praise to anyone who is willing to give up their time to put forth an effort into finding this. However, for the family members of this individual to come on here and attack people for having skepticism at his efforts is rather childish. OF course people are going to be weary of someone who blogs about how they can make certain things happen in a case so far away from them. That gives nobody the right to personally attack someone for expressing their opinions. Smarten up, people are untrustworthy when there are no results to previous claims. That doesn’t mean they’re a horrible person with no life sitting on their butts. I hope something does come of it and you can come on here and say ha, told you so. I doubt that will happen but have some decency don’t personally attack people that’s just ridiculous. Well, like I said before I am intrigued and a rather bored college student so I’m sure I will be checking in on all of this. I welcome your comments to my late night ramblings. ( It is 5am where I live and I have not yet been to bed since this has taken me hours to read.)

  8. 58
    Bradford Says:


    A suggestion – do a little research on Gamble, Blair, Mandy, Brown, operation ore and Dunblane. Then, only then, will you be able to fathom the scepticism surrounding the McCanns ‘abduction’ thesis.

    Good luck with your college work.


  9. 59
    Kat Says:


    Thanks for the suggestions. I will definately start looking into it. I have only been on the McCann research for the last 48 hours and I already feel like my head is going to explode with all the inconsistencies from everyone’s statements. This is nuts. I also just watched the “Madeleine was here” videos on youtube and felt literally sick to my stomach. I now don’t know what to think however, I will keep up my research and hopefully like the last cold case I researched (which actually was linked in a way to this one) this one will be solved.

    I appreciate your input.

  10. 60
    Aquarius Says:


    Well said

  11. 61
    Watcher Says:

    ”A suggestion – do a little research on Gamble, Blair, Mandy, Brown, operation ore and Dunblane. Then, only then, will you be able to fathom the scepticism surrounding the McCanns ‘abduction’ thesis.”

    A post which merely diaplays the depths of the insanity in the ‘McCanns R Guilty’ camp. The idea that all those people are in on ‘it’, and that ‘it’ is connected also to Operation Ore and Dunblane – well it’s the kind of tin foil hattery which has bedevilled this case. Don’t waste your time Kat, read the files instead – they are much more instructive.

  12. 62
    claudia Says:

    I´m not here to blame on the parents(one day we will really know if
    the were somehow involved…I´m here because I want justice for a missing girl
    that most probably is death and I want to know what happenned to her!
    The only way I can unfortunately help is to sign a petition for re-opening the case!
    And that is what I did!
    I do not care about people who´s advertising on here and other blogs they are searching
    Maddie´s body because I would do it anonimously.
    Thats what I do think and sorry whatever you guys don´t agree!

  13. 63
    Aquarius Says:


    I agree with you 100% about finding her and solving this case unfortunately most people seem to have forgotten what it’s all about and are out to ridicule and criticise each other.

    I believe that the truth will come out eventually and as far as being anonymous goes, that is what Martin did. Nobody knew about his trip to Luz until the second time round when ‘somebody who wanted to help’ gained his trust and then posted EVERYTHING on the net. That is how the world came to know about Martin. It’s been a heck of a rollercoaster ride, emotionally, and I pray everyday that the McCann’s get the closure they so desperately need and that we can all go back to our lives.

  14. 64
    Helen Says:

    So basically after all this arguing no one has actually got anywhere.
    Martin hasn’t found anything but good on him for trying.
    There are a few ‘friends’ & ‘relatives’ on here arguing for him, can he not speak for himself???
    Just for the record, i am not a cop and never have been!!!
    We are not all ex cops on here, some of us just want justice and care what the outcome is.
    Some of us also get annoyed at the people that think they know it all and make crazy theories about what happened.
    No body knows apart from the Maccans and the Tapas bunch, all the lies on top just adds fuel to the fire. I never know what to believe when i read it now.
    Apart from Goncalo Amaral though, he is the only one speaking facts and truth and one day he will be heard.
    One day, someone will slip up and the truth will be found.
    I just hope its sooner rather than later as i want to see them punished in my lifetime!!!
    Fingers crossed 2010 will be the year

  15. 65
    Aquarius Says:


    Martin’s a very private person. Again, read my previous blogs and you will see that all that is going on with this site is because someone he trusted posted all his info on the net. When he was in Luz the first time, nobody was the wiser.

    He’s not perturbed why what people are saying. At least he went out there to do something instead of just sitting back. One of my favourite sayings is: ‘Don’t argue with an idiot. People watching may not be able to tell the difference.’ That’s pretty much Martin’s motto in life. He’s not a fighter and in the past got horribly frustrated with trying to explain something to people only to have to repeat himself over and over and over again. He’s a very busy man and doesn’t have time to follow up every single blog where people try and rip him to shreds.

    Somehow, sometime, someday, the truth will out. I can’t even begin to imagine what life for the McCann’s (or any other family missing a child) must be like especially around birthdays, Easter, Christmas, etc. I’ve sat back and thought to myself, were I a judge in the case regarding Maddie and the perpetrator is standing in front of me, what would I do? How would I punish him? Best they not appoint me the judge …

  16. 66
    CTgal Says:

    Hi ,
    Aquarius, how is your brother doing on his investigation?
    what is the latest news?
    Hoping its all going well for him!

  17. 67
    Friend of Martin Says:

    I am working on believing Martin and have had two hours of my time and cost to listen to him some months ago. What he said has been passed to Martin Brunt as he asked me, and what he does is his own private investigation. No one can stop other private investigations, nor should they. The man has a point. He went there and has done so many times. I went there three weeks after Madeleine went missing. My views are open. Martin Grimes is known to me and he is of the utmost credibility, as a police officer then and cadaver dog owner he is respected in US and used and paid for by many police forces, not least the Kate Prout murder. He and his dogs detected enough to know Kate was dead and where.

    His assistance is vital in finding any missing person deceased anywhere in the world. The truth is when a person is missing there is no facts to say alive or dead. Martin is saying this child is dead and where she is buried. He aims to prove it, and if he does then the world will have ‘egg on it’s face’. For me the accounts and incidences still say that it is open. A grudge, a ransom, a vindictive person, a wandering child who was trapped who was bored. The latter is my answer, but the fact is that not one person has been able with a hundred percent accuracy where Madeleine was last seen as visual facial identification since leaving the holiday flat complex?

    Till then there are no facts at all. Only that God has a way of revealing HIS hand at the most appropriate time. No one can censor HIM, nor silence HIM. For me that is trust in faith and the Almighty.

  18. 68
    Vera Hambley Says:

    Let 2011 b e the year of finding Maddy.

  19. 69
    fiona Says:

    I felt so sad and wretched about the disappearance of dear madeleine. i have a daughter like her age. every time we go malling or just even in the neighborhood i somewhat feel paranoid. i always feel scared what if something bad will happen. i got panicky every time my daughter is out of sight. i have been following the news about maddy and i cant help but cry every time i can her pictures. God will always bless her wherever she is.

  20. 70
    Eddie Says:

    Too many PR agents turning up here to make comments…. now I wonder who sends them.

  21. 71
    Helen Says:

    So, a year has passed and nothing from this Martin then…. No surprise there

  22. 72
    Aquarius Says:

    Well hello Helen. There have been ALOT of happenings over this past year and even MORE red tape to cut through. Of course Martin’s learnt to keep the investigation and all information to himself, informing those that matter on what he feels they need to know. Why not join befriend him on FB and see for yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised. PS. As we speak, his return date to Luz has been confirmed. This case is far from over although alot of people are getting nervous ….

  23. 73
    Helen Says:

    Hello Aquarius.
    Tell us of all the happenings then…..
    What profile is he on FB?
    Alot of people dont believe until there is proof, so we remain skeptical until prooven otherwise.

  24. 74
    Aquarius Says:

    Hi Helen
    Looking at the unusual activities surrounding Martin’s various e-mail accounts and his FB being hacked, it’s unwise at this stage to let the cat out of the bag. He has suggested that you log on to FB and befriend him (Martin van Wyk). He’s rather keen to speak to you in private. The case itself has become rather sensitive with even the authorities ‘taking their time’ giving him the information he needs so best we leave it at that and let the negative people online stew in their thoughts. Had I been in your shoes, yes, I would’ve been just as sceptical but being on the ‘receiving end’ makes it all the more worthwhile to assist in solving this case and putting a little girl to rest. If you befriend him, I’ll find you on FB as well. Have a super evening.

  25. 75
    Martin Says:

    I’ve been watching this site, sitting back and reading all and sundry – both the positive and the negative – from everyone, from all sides and though I should be angered by most of what is said, I actually find it to be quite welcoming. When I say welcoming I’m merely amazed at how ignorant and hypocritical some people can be during a time like this then again how positive others can be, in a world like ours when we should all be putting our heads together and finding the answers to the how and the why of this tragedy.

    Helen has asked for ‘some kind of proof’ in order to make people believe in me but while I learned my lesson from this site (trusted someone who I deemed ‘trustworthy’) I’d like to put across a few things which may make for some interesting reading (if you’re critical) or perhaps the closest thing to the truth, if not the truth, surrounding Madeleine’s disappearance. The short and sweet of it is, people don’t listen. Yes there have been MANY leads followed up which resulted in a dead end but what about those leads that people who really want to help keep hammering at their doors with, only to have their privacy invaded whenever the name “Madeleine” appears on a blog or e-mail during investigation? Is somebody finally beginning to sit up and notice the noise that’s being made? The unfairness of how it’s all being handled? Do they realise that covering up a crime IS a crime in itself and that now anybody who attempts to help find Madeleine, is sitting with a basket full of broken eggs due to negligence, ignorance or stupidity?

    Comments made by site admin (top of page) refers to Danie Krugel (yes, ANOTHER South African) as also having appeared on a local documentary called ‘Carte Blanche.’ Yes, he was but that had nothing to do with me. He made claims about a machine that he was going to put to the test with Madeleine’s investigation and I doubt very much that this could have been aired on the Carton Network. I also appeared on Carte Blanche following the case of an abducted 13 year old school girl we recovered 9 months following her disappearance. Raped and murdered. But today there is at least a place where flowers can be laid and she can be grieved over. There is closure for the parents.
    Do I know Danie Krugel? No. I’ve never met him. Do I believe in his ‘magical DNA machine?’ No. Like you I’m also sceptical until proven otherwise.

    There are two certain facts: 1) Madeleine was in Praia da Luz. 2) She is now missing. Nothing more nothing less. This is THE fact so what now?

    She’s been ‘seen’ in every country around the globe. With all the modern technology that we as people have at our disposal where even a bar code on a carton of cigarettes can be viewed from outer space, I can’t see why she cannot be found. Could this not be because she is not on the earth’s surface but below it? I have handed to the authorities, the co-ordinates of where I believe she is to be found which is less than 400 yards from their apartment. Why has nobody made the effort to go and search there. When I decided I’d go and do it myself, suddenly it was an issue as has been the case with many others who took time out of their own lives to go and search for Madeleine. The authorities just don’t want to listen and File 13 still hangs open with the documents pertaining to her disappearance suspended over it.

    The McCann’s employed no fewer than 14 former MI-5 and MI-6 agents to assist with this investigation. They’ve brought nothing more to prove what happened to Madeleine. Every investigation has a starting point and that is at the beginning. The last place she was left prior to her disappearance – the apartment.

    Yes there were dogs, yes there were police and investigative units, all trying to pacify a hysterical mother, siblings in awe of the unwelcome attention and strangers traipsing through the place, a concerned father and all their friends, the phone constantly ringing with family all calling to offer assistance or condolences. In short, the entire area was disturbed, evidence overlooked, perhaps lost forever and then there’s Madeleine McCann wanting to know why there was nobody around in her ultimate hour of need. Work the case while the scene is still fresh – for forensics maybe. But to other investigators, the best time to filter through the circumstances surrounding her disappearance would be from your own perspective, your own investigation, setting your sights on a crime scene deemed ‘redundant’ yet you have your own knowledge and experience but no training. How can you, as a human being, possibly be ‘trained’ to have instincts, to think as an investigator yet walk around with the heart of a father, a parent. The ‘not knowing’ chill that sees you walking the streets of a strange country listening to every sound of a crying child and following it. Noticing the washing on people’s lines and waiting for visual confirmation of the persons that may be wearing those clothes – all the while still hoping that she is alive while your ‘instincts’ are telling you otherwise.

    All relevant information with the exact location was forwarded to the following people:
    The family, various UK media outlets, the Portuguese investigative unit (both current and past), various crime correspondents and authors and even the McCann’s own parish. Many of these people I had the privilege of meeting or conversing with since the start of my investigation and throughout every step thereof.

    My final word is that this has been a very long and very tiring – physically, mentally and emotionally – investigation. To the blogger on this site who said ‘he’ll grab a spade and help dig’, I may take you up on your offer shortly. Whether it is by me or by the authorities, Madeleine’s case will soon be closed.

    To those who support my quest, have a wonderful evening. To those who don’t … you also have a good evening.

    Martin van Wyk

    PS. Just to let you know that I intend to keep on being a thorn in the authority’s side until this case has run it’s course so I’ll still be around … if you want to speak to me, you’ll find me on Facebook – Martin van Wyk, Cape Town, S.A

  26. 76
    Aquarius Says:

    Site Admin

    Hi, was just going over some of the correspondence of earlier regarding Martin’s trip to Luz and didn’t see your response. Refer to the questions you put to me in point form at the beginning.

    The R 45 000-00 was the cost of his trip in total, not the VISA. My apologies. His VISA was in the region of close on R 700-00. As for the exchange rate, while I try and keep up to date on the exchange rates (my kids are in the States and I have a trip pending), there are fluctuations and rates that can be overlooked. In the end the point I was trying to get across was the costs that had added up. In S.A. in order to obtain a VISA you have to have a letter from your bank stating that you have the funds to finance the trip without shooting yourself in the foot when you return. My last VISA issued for the States required a minimum savings in my account of R 45 000-00. I can not tell you what Martin’s was but he required a similar document as he had no ‘invite.’

    As for the internet cafe, I have just queried this again with Martin (he’s sitting next to me). He used to mail me from his cell via his service provider but admits that he was also at a cafe with access to the internet. Why his IP address is questioned by you, when all he does is log in as per usual and send mail, is beyond me. I had no idea that he was doing his mailing from a more convenient source, namely a keyboard as opposed to a keypad, to those he had to contact. Here I must apologise and admit I was wrong but blame it on miscommunication between myself and Martin at the time. He e-mail accounts are with webmail, gmail and yahoo so why it didn’t show I cannot tell you.

    I logged on again to the site just yesterday and see that people have become relatively quiet. It’s sad to think that there is a danger of yet another child just becoming a statistic. On this side all is being done to continue with the investigation but it’s been tough for Martin. Chat to you soon.

  27. 77
    Aquarius Says:

    To all

    Martin posted a message and it hasn’t been published. I tried to contact site admin and was ‘thrown out’ when I queried it. Makes you think doesn’t it?

  28. 78
    Liz Y Says:

    Aquarius, You’re absolutely right, it does make you think, it makes me think that your family is too nuts to be credible. Why would he post something now? All of these posts about him and his business he’s silent and he chooses to come out now?? All this subterfuge and nonsense about an investigation. It’s easy to figure out what’s happening here, you’re of the Team McCann, invent a story and bum money off people! Good marketing ploy!!

  29. 79
    Helen Says:

    Liz, spot on, it does seem rather a lot of nonsense!!

  30. 80
    Liz Y Says:

    Hi Helen, Yes all this is too silly and long-winded, to be true. You can’t pin them down with facts or numbers it just a load of recycled bullshit drivel, I hope they don’t give up their day jobs, no-one with half a brain cell would contribute to their appeal, surely to God??! Why come on here going on about finding Madeleine’s body? Go on to any of Gerry and Kate websites, and ask them for some money, after all they’ve got plenty and surely they’ll give you some, because, finding Madeleine, is what it’s for, isn’t it?!!

  31. 81
    Helen Says:

    Liz, your comment did just make me laugh!!!
    In over a year there has been nothing, just messages claiming there are things going on behind the scenes, but like i said i will believe nothing until i see it!!
    The sad truth is i dont think she will ever be found, the poor little girl.

  32. 82
    Font Says:

    Aquarius, Martin is in contact with me and is in contact with Amaral and will not give up.
    So I know you who he is and can argue with a real individual as I did imposters pretending to be psychics who should have been out there doing what Colin did.Martin will not let this rest.

  33. 83
    Liz Y Says:

    Martin, you’re really getting on my Wyk now!

  34. 84


  35. 85
    Martin Says:

    Message to Liz, Your ” wyk”, looks much better , Thank you !!!!!

  36. 86
    Martin Says:

    Liz, it seems that you like climbing into other people’s characters and calling them names, I have not yet heard anything positive from your side. Put your mouth in ta bag and join me in Luz. I will be there in September.

    As for the comment re informing the Mc Cann’s, – They have been informed ( more than once}, and have never bothered to get back to me, find my contact details on fb, If you want to make contact. I HAVE YET TO SEE SOME OF THE PEOPLE ON THIS SITE, LIFT THEIR BUTTS AND MAKE SOME POSITIVE CONTRIBUTIONS TO THIS CASE.

  37. 87
    Taurus Says:

    Scotland Yard will not allow any interference of course of any tourist or searcher. I have done my best, and yes, I can confirm I told Stephen Winyard who rang me, and tells me he will ring me again of the claims of Martin and a location. The McCann’s do know as does Amaral and the extended family and the Express and many more. Nought has come of it so it seems.

    However, looking inside the cordon of the circle is not seen as desperately needed. That is a full 30 metre circle encapsulating 5 and 4 units of multiple occupation, to include 5 A – H inclusive as point last seen. It is vital they retake the grid as to witnesses that saw a four year old, not an infant in a red frock as seems the notion in set in people’s minds.

    But however, you can bet the first thing SYard have done is liase with Leicester Police and the taped witness statements. As they were taped and filmed it will be analysed using discourse analysis. That means the emotion used when speaking will have certain timed codes input to show the hesitation as a known tool of distress and plausible deniability.

    I do think due to not one single person seeing Madeleine or a real face of a man with Madeleine that this is the answer. Not one facial sighting of a man, and not one statement of discounting the walk of Stephen Carpenter as the normal man carrying his daughter known to all the Tapas 9. Why this omission in the book, and in the website?

    I have been there and looked as Colin did as to no agenda. I did it due to another case and a prompt a week or so after the pair from Skipton. It is now up to Scotland Yard as I see it who have taken over. There is no reward other than for a live Madeleine as fact from this benefactor named and that is why I contacted him and he rang me. No one can speak on the behalf of a benefactor as has been done. No one can speak on behalf of me. I use my integrity by calling in any claim to Leicester Police.

  38. 88
    Liz Y Says:

    Martin, Thank-you for your messages, it took a long time to reply (all that time to get together a message)?. Perhaps you could ask for your sister for her dictionary, or are you your sister. If you haven’t the mental acumen to read your family’s posts and view them for what they are, you are neurologically challenged. If I was going to jump into a character, it certainly wouldn’t be yours, you haven’t got one, besides, even if you did, I have no need of it, I’m quite happy with the one I’ve got.

    Can you actually see what a load of bullshit it all is, the whole damned lot of it. You sound as though you’re back in your childhood days, acting out a character from Boy’s Own, Wizard or some such, running around the bedroom in your Superman pyjamas, saving the world. Your family are even worse. Your sister rips everyone to shreds and you send ME mesages about my conduct. If it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable.

    On a more serious note, and one you obviously haven’t considered. HOW can any man or woman, however bad, know where a 3 year old child has been dumped, YES DUMPED! And not told the authorities or her family. How can you sleep at night?? Thinking about this baby, mouldering away under 2 trees and all this time, FOUR BLOODY YEARS, you have known and told no-one. And all this under the guise of someone who cares, like I’ve said to you before, it’s ALL ABOUT YOU isn’t it. Why do you have to say anything, just post on here when you’ve found her, it must be plain to you now surely, that, you’re not going to get any money from here. You know where Madeleine is – My Arse.
    The question now is: Are you a total self-centred bastard playing silly games, or just a Cruel, unfeeling arsehole?
    Answers on a postcard please!!!!

  39. 89
    Helen Says:

    Couldnt have said it better myself Liz

  40. 90
    Liz Y Says:

    I have just trawled back through the postings and have found the funniest comment yet, post 47 dated 28 Dec.09. Aquarius: ‘Bradford – read the Oxford dictionery or the Encyclopaedia Brittania in your spare time – I do’ That’s dictionary spelt D I C T I O N A R Y, I guess you haven’t got to the D’s yet.
    Your family’s opinion of what really happened is every bit outlandish as the McCanns, how strange. Martin, you said in late 2009, that ‘before Christmas you will see me as the guy who found her (Madeleine’s) remains’ we’re all waiting………….. Mind you in your favour, you didn’t say which Christmas.
    If you sold all of your possessions, how come you’re a security firm owner? So, get a loan secured on it and away you go, you can’t be totally altruistic, AND ask for money, it’s a total contradiction in terms. You and your kin, whoever they are or how many, are laying yourselves open to ridicule, with your own ridiculous and unsubstantiated claims, even stating that you know where Madeleine’s remains are, AND even how far down – ‘2-3 ft underground.’
    Saying you know where a child’s body is, is not something to brag about (before Christmas blah blah), what is wrong with you? Just put up or shut up. I don’t think anyone on here is all that impressed, except, of course, your family and friends. Go do the deed and come back triumphant, and I’m sure we’ll all be fantastically impressed, if not absolutely gobsmacked!!
    Good luck!

    Site Admin: My guess Liz, is that the McCanns have friends in South Africa who are actively assisting in the disinformation program. That’s probably how Danie Krugel came in to play with his Heath-Robinson pile of junk that was most likely used to smuggle something from Rothley to Praia da Luz (read Kate’s new book and Amaral’s book where he says Krugel wouldn’t let his “machine” go through customs.)

    South Africa is too far from Portugal for so many of its citizens to be interested in the case. However, check who Kate called in the 24 hours after Madeleine was reported missing and you’ll find a call to S.A. in the call records.

    Martin is just another distraction and part of the disinformation. Wherever Madeleine’s body is, you can bet your mortgage that it’s nowhere near where Martin Van Wyk is.

  41. 91
    Liz Y Says:

    Admin, Thanks, that explains a lot!

  42. 92
    Liz Y Says:

    Wyk hmmmmm… is that rhyming slang?

  43. 93
    Aquarius Says:

    Liz bizzy biz and Admin

    Had our run ins before and quite frankly your intellect, grammar and way of thinking is quite disturbing. Continue your ramblings …. and Liz, PLEASE buy yourself a dog

  44. 94
    Aquarius Says:


    My maiden name is van Wyk – nothing to be slandered at as nobody slanders yours. Haven’t seen all your blogs as they tend to ‘clog up’ my e-mail account. What’s YOUR surname? Ten to one something like Yahoo or Yuck. You were probably the girl most teased in school, now hides behing “Liz Y” and I’m asking you, “Y?”.

    You’ve been rambling and rambling … you and admin (although admin is supposed to be ‘neutral’) … you may proceed. We’re seeing all, watching all. Very sad. The truth shall prevail.

    Slandering the van Wyk (can you pronounce it correctly?) surname is in poor taste. You’re pathetic!

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE …. buy yourself a dog!

  45. 95
    Aquarius Says:

    Liz “Y”

    Just read your rambling on 28th June about me being Martin’s sister. Yes, I am his sister. Seven years difference, second youngest of four children – three girls, one boy. You’ve met my other sister, “Liberty” on this site and you have yet to meet the youngest. I’m the mother of three children, work really hard for what I believe in and what I aim to achieve for my kids.

    You think this investigation is a piece of cake? You think liaising with the authorities and been given promised dates to fly over because ‘all’s sorted come finish up’ or ‘I want to be there when it’s done’ or ‘can we please see your files but will you post them, if not, fly out and we’ll discuss it this Friday’ is a joke?

    All the backing in this investigation, everyone involved – not just Martin, myself, my family, his backing team, friends/family abroad – always gets ‘cut off’ after being promised “yes, it’s fine, now you can come” and then suddenly everyone goes quiet. You think that planning your kids’lives, taking time from work, paying your bond, medical, etc in advance to continue with this investigation is a picnic and that this is a wild goose chase? There are higher authorities at work here but somebody with a brain like yours doesn’t understand the intricacies of a case of this magnitude and sadly, probably never will.

    I told you to make contact with Martin on FB to see the causes he supports but NO. You sit there, in your chair (no dog), slandering all and sundry (no dog), probably spending Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc on your own (still no dog) and somehow very bitter at the world.

    Get a life girl! Stop being so bloody negative! Let me guess? You’re more into the “Area 51” stories, huh? Or that Princess Di and Elvis live somewhere in Fiji with Jimmy Hoffa and Amelia Earheart?

    Wanna speak to me? Find me on facebook. I seem to think we invited you before (or was it Helen who now uhms and aahs to your every blog?)

    Damn but you’re full of crap! As for Admin, I think this site needs somebody else ‘giving their opinion.’ SO glad I’m not your boss ‘cos you would’ve been fired. Mmmm. Some hacking sounds good about now …..

  46. 96
    Aquarius Says:

    Sorry, but yes, you guessed it, I’m blonde! Takes a while to sink in. I guess Liz wears glasses, wears plaid skirts, pale beige knee-high stockings and nurse’s shoes which makes her more intelligent.

    Liz’s little ‘rhyme’ about ‘wyk’ and slang? Liz? Were you perhaps thinking along the lines of ‘snake’ ‘cos it rhymes with ‘wyk’ … if you’re South African.

    Just a thought …

  47. 97
    Aquarius Says:

    Silly me, Liz. Sorry for being such a delinquent … as you know I’m blonde and not very smart.

    On FB (pronounced in short “ef-bee”) which is short for F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K (a social network site) my name is Bernice Manson (no relation to Charles) so you’re welcome to chat to me there if you wish unless you don’t want the world to see exactly what your gripe is regarding the case.

    Or you can stay here sending messages back and forth, back and forth, that people only pick up once in a while when they check their mail as we don’t all sit around our e-mail accounts waiting for inbox messages to come flooding in. You see, we have work to do, people to socialise with, clients to see …. and dogs to walk.

    Would love to know who Liz “Y” is …

  48. 98
    Taurus Says:

    always gets ‘cut off’ after being promised “yes, it’s fine, now you can come” and then suddenly everyone goes quiet.

    That is so not true. Martin knows he cannot go anywhere without having the funds to do so. Even if you agree to sponsor someone you cannot pack and be there when you want if you cannot raise the plane fare. This case is not a paid one and so there is no salary in it.

    There will not be any reward at all to anyone who flies to Praia da Luz or UK, and Martin can feel free to chuck some ideas around on emails as to what happened to Madeleine,but she will still be unfound as to those who have psychic voices. I think that now would be a good time to consider all the money spent on flying there and let the Portugese and Scotland Yard sort it out as they are paid to do so. This case because of the so called 2.5 million reward has had many hundreds of calls in to say of a location in someone’s back yard, of course it would have to be one that is best suited as the original one of psychics as he was first suspected by those with a very vivid imagination.

    The message is let Scotland Yard do the leg work and find out if Madeleine is where Martin says for they have full copy of that theory of Martin’s. But if by some chance she was that means those who said of where she was could find no safe haven. I have to say that running around countries is very expensive and it is no holiday. Therefore a tour operator should be consulted. He cannot go and stay with anyone in Europe as he needs to have the funds to do so. Thus, there is no way that a journey can be had and the support by other than the McCann’s Fund paying for it as he knows. He had all the means to come to UK but could not afford it as he said to see the benefactors as he wanted, and that would mean a private deal as it would be a working holiday of his own and not working as intended as manual labour at someone’s property.

    British press have not replied, nor has any other and the story has lost the impact as it is on the internet and fading in popularity. The issue is a promise is two way, I cannot fly to South Africa to stay with someone for ten weeks and vice versa if I do not have the means to get there, as is the case here. It is that simple as Martin knows, and if you fall out over the agenda then it is nigh on impossible to be a host is it not to a person?

    Again, to repeat, the persons offering the reward as stated by Philomena will not pay out on her say so. She was wrong to write that email to anyone saying it is ‘to find Madeleine’. My telephone bill as Martin knows was over £200 to engage with him on the visa and coming here to work for me on my property. I paid that and it was not for my gain at all as he knows. Thank you would be in order as I tried to get him here as he knows. But the lack of funding caused him to think again. He knows that.

  49. 99
    Helen Says:

    Oh my god Aquarius will you just give it a rest!! Whats with the multiple posts? Look at your them, read them for gods sake.
    Rambling on about nothing!! Anyone would think you are a Troll with all the rubbish you are spouting trying to get a reaction………Which has worked on this occasion.
    Stop trying to be personal, its nothing to do with the reason this website started.
    The reason is to find Maddie and the fact no one believes the crap you and your brother are spouting.
    Whatever your surname is who cares? Who cares if you are blonde?
    Get back on topic as you are losing any credibilty you may have once had…… if you had any.
    My Uhming and arring as you put it is agreeing with Liz’s posts as most of the time i dont see the point in adding pointless drivel if what i want to say has already been said.
    As for Facebook, i have NO desire in contacting anybody on there, that is my personal page and i do not contact any strangers on there. So that would be why i have ignored the invite and probably why Liz has too.
    At the end of the day until there is something to believe of what you are saying we will continue to think you are talking rubbish.
    Its quite simple really, just prove what you are saying…….

  50. 100
    Liz Y Says:

    Aquarius, Whilst I am gratified that I’ve gotten you going enough to send a whole flurry of vitriolic posts, your description of me is laughable, don’t judge me by your own standards. Why on earth should I want to contact you, there’s quite sufficient of your familial crap here to keep me going for years. Why on earth do you want my name, unless it’s a threat in which case I would take action? And there’s no need for you to spell facebook, there I did it all by myself. A question, why make 5 different posts when half a one would do? All hot air, no results, but, that’s because the washing machine broke, or, it was snowing, or the forty odd thousand for a visa, or, or!!! then NOTHING over and over, and over again. You ask ‘do you think this invesigation is a piece of cake.’ No not at all. I think it’s pile of crap and you and yours are barking mad. You must be or you would know that the postings of your family are more than a little strange. Anybody else would have sussed that NOBODY believes them. Anyway I apologise to everyone else on here for going off topic.

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