Another South African “Madeleine Finder” arrives in Portugal

For many months of this year, a South African – Martin van Wyk has been corresponding to this website to explain that he knows where Madeleine McCann is buried and how she died.

He allegedly visited Praia da Luz in October 2007 after selling all his possessions to finance the trip there. He sent me several photos from that trip and most were the typical photos we’ve all seen before. Photos of the outside of apartment 5A, the car park and rear of the apartment, the beach, and some photos of what look like random apartments in other places in the town.

Apparently, Martin was involved with South African TV show Carte Blanche some years ago where they explored a missing person. Mr van Wyk never said so in his letters but research shows that the same TV programme also featured Danie Krugel.

Martin van Wyk’s theory (or moreover, the theory of the psychic working with van Wyk) is that Madeleine wandered off on the night of May 3 as she looked for her parents. He then goes on to say that a local man found her and took her in to his own home. In the following hours when people were out searching for and calling Madeleine’s name, she shouted out but the man who took her in got scared and put his hand on her mouth and suffocated her, only to subsequently bury her in his garden.

This theory ties in nicely with Mark Williams-Thomas’ theory that she wandered off and was taken by a predatory paedophile.

It also ties in nicely with the abduction theory.

But today the story turned decidedly murky.

For most of the year and more recently a couple of weeks ago, van Wyk and his sister had been virtually begging people to finance van Wyk’s return to Portugal to find Madeleine. He allegedly required money to go there and more importantly, a Portuguese national was necessary to sponsor his visa application.

Martin van Wyk’s sister made a comment post today under her pseudonym “Liberty”:

JusticeSeeker: Message from Liberty. My brother Martin van Wyk is arriving at Lisbon Airport today 4 December 2009 at 1315 local time. He is keen to meet you as he sees you are interested in the truth. You have his email address.

Is Martin van Wyk going to spectacularly “find Madeleine” in the same week that the McCanns are in court in Lisbon to face Gonçalo Amaral?

Coincidentally today,  another South African made their first post to the website and used the pseudonym “AMANDA SOUTH AFRICA”;


Both posts are confirmed to have originated from Gauteng, South Africa.

This is Martin van Wyk’s most recent correspondence on October 26, 2009:

Martin here in South Africa. I am very close to leaving for Praia Da Luz.
I have attached something for you, an extract of my investigation docket. Along with this, And my new mobile nr.
The previous operator, Cellular c, is one big joke. It took me 3 days to load prepaid airtime to my mobile.
Anyhow, i still need assistance getting to Luz, this will only speed it up. Before xmas you will see me as the guy who found her remains.

Attached to his last email was a Word document containing the following 2 pages of text:

Madeleine Mc Cann


Madeline Mc Cann – awoke in a vaguely familiar holiday apartment, all alone.

Alone, tired, scared and disillusioned, the 3 year old set out to do what most 3 year olds would do under the same circumstances,


An elderly gentleman found the scared little girl, crying, lost and bewildered.

Small town, no vehicle, no police station and not even a fuelling station. As it was very late, he decided to take her home, the next morning he would take her to the authorities.

However, next morning, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!

The entire world descends upon the small town of Praia Da Luz. Everybody is running, looking, calling, shouting, searching, screaming and enquiring.

Little Madeleine would certainly have heard her name, she would have tried to respond, she would have tried to call back, the man would have panicked,  after all, who would believe he found her, they all say she was taken…

Nobody must know, he needs time to think, what to do next,

Madeleine shouts and screams. The man’s tone changes. The calm reassuring gentle voice is replaced with a more urgent, abrupt and threatening tone.

HE PANICS, HE PUTS HIS HAND OVER HER MOUTH, – she must not be found, not now, he needs time to think, she struggles, he is bigger, stronger, he tightens his grip,

SUDDENLY – Madeleine Mc Cann is quiet,

It was an accident, he needed time to think, and he did not mean to hurt her.

What is very clear is that he must get the little girl out of his house, but where to?

The garden, that’s where, but how?  In the midst of the biggest manhunt in Portuguese history, you don’t just go around digging up gardens. It will attract suspicion, what will the neighbors think? What if you were to plant a tree, would that seem more acceptable?

Plant a tree, but not only one, plant a couple, to make it look more convincing.


* * *

My name is Martin van Wyk, aged 44, ex – Military police investigator, Security company owner and Private investigator for the past 27 years.

October 17th, 2007 I visited Praia Da Luz and started my own investigation on Madeleine Beth Mc Cann. The entire operation was funded by me, with emails, and blessings from the Mc Cann’s via correspondence from Sister Phil Mc Cann.

Arriving in Luz, I booked into the Luz Bay Hotel, and was registered 17/19 and 19 October 2007. (Please feel free to verify)

A source identified a property where trees were recently planted. It is here that I believe the remains of Little Madeleine Mc Cann are hidden, 2 -3 ft underground.

I now want to get in contact with Martin Brunt, please advise, or forward this email to him.

Thank you,

Martin van Wyk,  South Africa –  Mobile phone   0027 7626 91 704


Will Martin van Wyk find Madeleine buried right under everyone’s nose in Praia da Luz and confirm the PJ to be bunglers?

Will this exonerate the McCanns and “prove” the abduction theory?

Gerry McCann is said to have told the media “find the body and prove we killed her”.

Could the first part of his taunt be finally coming true and was this all staged?

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  1. 101
    Liz Y Says:

    Helen, Thanks for your support, it was much appreciated, have a fabulous weekend!

  2. 102
    Martin Says:

    You would by now have noticed that I really do not give a hoot what anybody on this site has to say and the response to your postings I leave to my family and friends, You see, it works – Keeping you out of my hair. The initial contact with this site was made in confidence to SITE ADMIN, who was cute enough to make it public by posting my email on this site. Here is the short and the tall…..

    I have had two stints in Luz ( it doesn’t matter how and why, or who paid for it), During my investigation I came up with a theory regarding Madeleine ( again – how I arrived at the conclusion, also doesn’t matter ). This now has to be proved. ( THAT IS A PROBLEM ) All the relevant “players” in this entire sad case were contacted, from the Mc Cann’s, to their appointed spokespeople, to the police in Lisbon, as well as the police in the Uk. Nobody would listen. WHAT NOW ????? To date, NOT ONE PERSON / ORGANISATION (Public or private) has come any closer to giving us any answers regarding the well being or location of Madeline Beth Mc Cann. The day the family went public, she also became my problem, AND I WANT TO KNOW … the world wants to know. If she is found alive ( AS I PRAY SHE IS ) nobody will be happier, but if she was harmed, then the person/s responsible, MUST ANSWER.
    I also have questions that need to be answered, and will keep on searching for the answers. Let’s see what comes up in the near future.

  3. 103
    Taurus Says:

    Where she now then?

  4. 104
    Liz Y Says:

    According to Wyksie, she’s in someone’s garden, in the ground under, ‘2 trees’ and is 2-3 feet down (his words). But he still thinks there’s a chance that she’s alive. He’s just not for real is he?? This family gets weirder by the minute. Absolutely barking, all of them!! You say you’ve had two stints in Luz, but it doesn’t matter who paid. Surely your selling all your assets paid for at least one. Martin, the reason these persons, organisations, McCanns etc don’t want to get in touch with you, it’s because your actions and explanations are totally bizarre, you’re probably coming across as some kind of NUT with an strong obsession over Madeleine, and your sister’s really don’t help you, it’s a bit like Martin the beloved and the Angels of death. Like I said before, if the opinions of the people on this thread don’t interest you, go away and do the deed, find Madeleine, then come on here to gloat as, at the moment, you’re just recycling a load of hot air.
    Don’t give up your day job though!!

  5. 105
    Aquarius Says:

    Hi Liz

    From ‘Wyksie’s sister’ … have you been watching the news lately? You might be shocked to know that the person who ‘claims’ to have found her stole this evidence from us. Yes, Mr Stephen Birch, now former friend who so desperately wanted to come on board and accompany Martin on his next trip this September, seems to have ‘jumped the gun.’

    So from one nut to another … keep reading the papers.

    Yours truly

  6. 106
    Shade Says:

    Both posts are confirmed to have originated from Gauteng, South Africa.

    Well no, actually all you can confirm is that the isp appears to be coming from Gauteng. You can’t tell if is coming directly or routed via there.

  7. 107
    Aquarius Says:

    Hi Shade

    I reside in Cape Town but my last comment was done while at work which would explain the Gauteng ISP as my Head Office is in Johannesburg.

  8. 108
    Taurus Says:

    I have received from Martin and later Stephen Birch many emails. And Birch rang me due to Martin standing by him as the tenant of one of Birch’s properties. Birch wanted to do a deal. He wanted me to be his unpaid private intelligence gatherer in England. But he said he would pay to take Martin van Wyk out to show him the exact spot in the Murat garden. I still think due to project management that Madeleine is buried on the Boavista Golf course and in line with my vision to the Church bell tower as an elevation both ways. I have seen from this vantage point a view that the two Dutch psychics on Verdade say of the obelisk and sand. But you can also see over the Murat villa and villa where Stephen Carpenter and his family stayed and you can see those who run and where they run. Martin knows all this.

  9. 109
    Aquarius Says:


    If you’ve corresponded with Martin (and later Stephen) then I probably know who you are. Let me just point out that at no time has Martin leased or rented property from Stephen Birch. By the looks of things Stephen has been ‘playing’ people against each other. I would also like to point out that Martin agreed to let Stephen accompany him in September this year when he returned to Luz and Stephen offered to finance the trip. A while ago Stephen ‘confiscated’ Martin’s passport, the ‘Maddie File’ and his ID book to ensure that Martin ‘didn’t return without him’ … but look what he’s gone and done. No matter, the truth shall prevail.

    I’ve heard of the golf course and it was one of the areas that Martin made mention of during the investigation. There was a reason why he scrapped it as a possible burial site for some or other reason. I would need to find out from him what it was though.

  10. 110
    Aquarius Says:


    Just to correct an error in my previous blog. Martin confirmed that he rented property for some of his staff in the early 1990’s. He didn’t personally reside on the property but yes, it was rented. My apologies …

  11. 111
    Taurus Says:

    Martin I ring on my phone as early as yesterday and I have sent all my emails from Birch to him as he (Birch) is a nasty man who fools people. I do believe that the location from the Belfry affords a full view that was and has access to see over the right to the Atalia, as the obelisk. Martin still agrees on this as possible and would have been going there in September to check the vantage points like a lighthouse both ways in darkness and in light. Martin also rings me.

  12. 112
    Aquarius Says:

    I agree with you 100% regarding Birch. Can’t believe we referred to him as a ‘friend’ at one stage.

    Martin has said it would be great if you could join him in Luz when he goes over again. He has said that he would make a plan to visit you the next time he’s up that way. Now we have to sit back and see what the outcome will be as the September trip has been put on hold indefinitely. Very frustrating …

    PS. Martin just confirmed your identity to me. Sorry, didn’t know. He returned your call from my number Monday night.

  13. 113
    anon Says:

    “I still think due to project management that Madeleine is buried on the Boavista Golf course and in line with my vision to the Church bell tower as an elevation both ways. I have seen from this vantage point a view that the two Dutch psychics on Verdade say of the obelisk and sand.”

    Taurus, are you describing a relief that has meaning purely in the physical, or have you thought, or is it possible, that the location description has some kind of meaning beyond NSEW and elevation? Considering statements suggested that investigators in Portugal are aware that M. McCann’s disappearance was death during peadophilic abuse in appartment 5A, I wondered from reading your location description, which I don’t understand itself, if it’s thought it could be ritual abuse etcetera.

  14. 114
    Taurus Says:

    Having been there it is like going up to any Church Belfry or castle. What you see from above is not what can be seen below. I am saying that the view from the Belfry looks to see Kate and Gerry running and also to the oblelisk on the summit. If you have not done it then it is one that can be done in any city that has a belfry or tower.

    Clearly, in any scenario such a look-out post can have many strategic advantages. But as this view takes and did take me to the resort in Lagos where as Martin knows I viewed the Church tower from parts of the Golf Course. I hope this method can be understood by those who have not searched and have not been to do this exercise, or would think of doing so.

  15. 115
    Aquarius Says:

    Just curious to know why Liz Y is so quiet … been almost a year since ‘that nut’ haar bek gerek het. Lyk my sy eet deesdae haar woorde.

    Toe Liz, you’re so intelligent and have literally solved the case and in the process, slandered those trying to help. Vertel bietjie vir mense wat jy deesdae van die saak dink.

    Would love to hear your opinion. Groete. B

  16. 116
    Liz Y Says:

    How nice to hear from you again Aquarius, I’m gratified that you want my opinion, but it remains the same, even after a year-
    You are all fucking NUTS!!
    Have a nice day!

  17. 117
    Aquarius Says:

    Tut tut Liz, you’re quite the lady aren’t you ..

  18. 118
    Liz Y Says:

    Here we are almost a year on and you’re still saying the same things, but for an unfathomable reason, you’re not talking by phone or sending emails, you are spewing all your nonsense on here, and really, really trying to impress. Quite who you wish to impress is also unfathomable. You just don’t get it at all do you? What is it that drives you? You’re ludicrous, unbalanced and sadly laughable. You don’t sound clever or switched on, you sound like 2 children playing James Bond Secret Service and his Partner-in-Chief Bernice. It’s not altogether surprising that your only contact just happens to be TAURUS!! What is your other sisters code name? Porkus the Pig?
    A year ago your brother invited me to accompany him to PDL in September!! And here we are again, and still nothing, nothing at all, except that September this year has been put on indefinite hold?? Do you not feel at all embarassed? I know I’d feel a proper pillock boldly making predictions that always fizzle out. I think you’re genuinely surprised that no-one believes you. And again it’s all down to someone who your brother trusted. Coulda, shoulda woulda!!
    Now I am going to ask you, in all sincerity, and in view of the many, many children in dire straits in South Africa, perhaps you your brother, and the rest of your family, being on home turf, so to speak, turn your courageous efforts, to those poor mites, thereby eliminating the expense on your pockets and the ridicule of yourselves here.
    I must apologise about my language, it’s not a word I use frequently, I reserve it for fucking tossers.
    Goodbye Aquarius, have a nice life.

  19. 119
    Aquarius Says:

    I’m sitting here wondering who did what to you as a child that you’ve turned out to be such a bitter individual. Shame man. Try subscribing to Dr Phil’s site and harrass someone else.

    You know nothing about my family and I apologise SINCERELY for not being able to help all and sundry on my ‘home turf.’ You seem like such a humanitarian, what are you doing for the sake of mankind?

    As for my sisters …. I can’t speak for them but your poor attempt at humour (Porkus the Pig?) makes me wonder about your intellect. Are you academically challenged? Were you abused? Perhaps we should call you Sh*tlock Groans ….

    Take your head out your butt and face reality. There are bigger things in this world than you.

    Again I say, you’re SUCH a lady. I’m in absolute AWE of your upbringing …

  20. 120
    Liz Y Says:

    There you go again refusing to deal with the issues caused by your pitiful and total lack of success and I’m glad you’re in AWE of my upbringing, as it must lighten the burden of the AWE you have for yourself.
    You speak of children in dire need of help, in your own country as, ‘ALL AND SUNDRY.’ Children who are being debauched or hurt, diseased, suffering, hungry and alone, are ALL AND SUNDRY?? Yet you come on here being sickly, sugary and sweet about Madeleine and her parents, you probably go blindly past tragedies every day, when you go to and from, your employment, and you feel nothing?? But the child you decided to hitch your wagon to, is so, so far away from you, and, has thousands of people in Europe already trying to find her body, and establish what happened to her, who aren’t rattling tins for money. Just think, if you were to start helping your own hard-luck stories, you wouldn’t have to shell out for accommodation or flights, or time off work, so, you could help a lot more children in your own midst. Isn’t that a kinder plan?
    So now we know compassion and empathy are not an integral part of your personality. And why is that? It’s because there is no kudos to be had, for saving South African kids is there? AND, they’re not much use to your clumsily hidden disinformation agenda. I have scrolled back, and have noticed that every new poster is treated to this sickly sweet, butter wouldn’t melt, patter of yours, and when they see you for what you are, you turn really nasty, like someone in the Moonies. Go read your own posts, if they’re not the rantings of a bitter woman, I don’t know what are.
    Oh, and about my upbringing, my mother was meticulous about manners, and, I was taught not to lie steal or take money from strangers, so I’ll leave that to your lot and the McCanns, you seem to have it in common. Oh…you could even be family OR friends??? Wow What a strange, but undeniably feasible thought LOL!! And one I never thought of before Honest Guv! I can’t abide thick people telling me I’m thick. Don’t be worrying about my intellect. If you were as clever as you think you are, you’d know I was toying with you, especially after last time, making a fool of your self sending a flurry really vitriolic posts in under 4 minutes (and you have the cheek to call me bitter). But it’s pretty boring now and you’re too easy to wind up. You see, you are furious now – no use denying it, and I’m sitting here laughing and, I know it’s been fun, but it’s not good on here so it’s time to stop.
    I am not in the least bit bitter, I just don’t suffer fools gladly! Selfless people, the world over, wanting to make a difference, do it quietly, anonymously behind the scenes, now those people I would winningly kneel before, and kiss their feet. But no, no not you and yours, boasting all over the internet, Like I said, it’s all about personal kudos, money and fame. You don’t need to be on here at all, everything you do or say on here, can be done far easier by phone, email, fax, and text, not to mention letters and humble carrier pigeon. There is no point, other than seeking to impress with pseudo MI5 and MI6 and GCHQ mumbo jumbo. what you write isn’t informative or interesting nor compelling truthful, it’s just a whole crock of crap. If you want some excitement in your life, there’s an excellent series of books by Enid Blyton called The Secret Seven. My seven year old Grand-daughter tells me they’re excellent.
    Now go and get your dictionary you’ll find F For Fucking and N for Nuts in there, you must have progressed past the D’s in a year.
    Well I must say, that it’s been tremendous fun talking to you, and your folk, Good luck with your search. Oh and isn’t it great, you can now work far, far, past your retirement date now, so that’ll give you loads more time. You don’t want to leave it too long though, you don’t want those trees to get too established do you?

  21. 121
    Aquarius Says:

    Now that I know you’re a grandma, don’t you think you should stop stressing yourself out too much before you have a heart attack?

    It’s my choice to continue with Maddie’s case, not yours.

    You’re a sad, sorry individual and I’m sorry that I’m not interested in the hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans that our borders were opened to in 1992/93 so that the ANC could give them refugee status if they voted for them in the elections. I’m sorry that these people are literally ‘stranded’ here after being promised the world instead they’re threatened with deportation. I truly am. I’ll be sure to hand over my car keys, car radio, purse and cellphone to them next time before they have a chance to aim a gun to my head. They’ve already helped themselves to my household items, 4 cellphones, 3 car radios, clothing, 2 TV’s and a microwave oven in the last 7 years so perhaps next time I should just turf my stuff on the sidewalk to avoid them damaging my property when I leave for work.

    Was my response under the four minute mark again this time? Hope so.

    Liz with her perfect manners and ladylike ways for President … You go girl!

    PS. JUST for you, I’m planting a new tree in my back yard for you to swing from

  22. 122
    Liz Y Says:

    A tree to swing from…… how typically South African!!!

  23. 123
    Aquarius Says:

    You better believe it Lizzy, JUST for you.

    You should try it sometime … VERY therapeutic. Or better yet, go hug a tree, then we wouldn’t brand you ‘a mad old woman’ anymore because in South Africa, we’re such a variety of cultures and races that hugging a tree seems the most neutral, natural and normal thing to do … THEN you swing on it.

    PS. I’ve sent you a bulb from a banana tree that was uprooted in Kwazulu-Natal especially for you.

    PPS. Martin says he finds your blogs very entertaining. One thing he’d like you to remember is that if it was your child or relative that was missing, he’d probably do the same thing for you …

  24. 124
    Interested guest Says:

    Let me tell you 1 thing. If, as the man’s hypothesis goes, the girl died by no premeditated killing, under someone who kindly took her for shelter & became confused & ill, it was set up. How absurd does that sound? More absurd than the hypothesis of a kindly man killing a girl in ill confusion? Yes. The 1st hypothesis sounds, pf, absurd – of course still a possibility. But that it was set up to happen that way? Yes, it sounds very absurd. And I’d no time for any conspiracy or complex theories for years. I dismissed them; before everything added up & pointed 1 way. So why suggest it, bringing an already absurd suggestion closer to what seems the true picture to me? Because what I know, what’s abundantly clear to me, is a reality of a very organised affair indeed. It’s redolent of an affair involving a group of people known to each other, with a history involving severe abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse; probably ritual abuse (devil worship ceremonial abuse) & probably murder before Madeleine McCann disappeared. The McCanns & ‘Tapas group’ were certainly not the only ones involved somehow, but most or all of them were, certainly the 2 McCanns. Involved, whether they wanted to be or not. All evidence & further clues point to this. The aftermath, the manipulation of the world’s media & the world audience was planned as much as Madeleine’s disappearance. When you look at what the McCann’s are & have been doing – it’s you. That’s what they do. They’re playing you in some awful ‘game’, never a game of course, it’s part of their group activity. I don’t know what happened to Madeliene, or that she’s dead. But we have all been ‘played along’. And if the unlikely scenario suggested did happen – killing by a kindly but suddenly frightened, confused & extremely paranoid old man – you can be absolutely sure it was no accident that such a figure was ‘suddenly’ how he was or did what he did. The organisational skills and networking in this affair are of legend – especially parts so mundane or downright ‘cock-ups’ – all planned.

  25. 125
    Taurus Says:

    Operation Grange must in the libel of Amaral release to the court the documents that have come from within the McCann family itself, if not it is perverting the course of justice and is liable to IPCC and Home Office investigation of corruption. I will be flying to give my evidence if they do not, but they hold lots, LOTS more as to how the extended family made the McCanns ‘arguido’s’ by their own freely given at the time information inside the ‘camp’.

  26. 126
    Liz Y Says:

    Hugging a tree is the most neutral, natural and normal thing to do, then you swing on it – not from it??? Banana Bulb??? –
    As for Martin, one thing he’d like you to remember, is that if it were your child or relative that was missing, he’d probably do the same for you???
    And what is that exactly? Find my relative, errr no, bring my relative home, errr no, have them home for Christmas, errr no, find their remains, errr no, so nothing really, nothing at all.
    Once again I ask, if your brother is struggling with finances, help someone closer to home, maybe someone needs help with a missing cat?? Or a lost purse.

  27. 127
    Aquarius Says:

    Hi Lizzy. Long time no hear from!

    I would’ve responded a while ago but these damn trees keep me so busy!

    Maddie’s case isn’t the only one he’s involved with so yes, the poor little ones here also get his attention.

    Lost purses? In South Africa we don’t lose them, they get forced off us so chances are you’ll be scouring the countryside looking for a lost purse long before me as at your age usually memory loss comes into play.

    Great to see you’ve still got the old percolator bubbling away there grandma. Keep up the good work!

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