Madeleine McCann’s Death – Official

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    Melly Says:

    It’s no proof.. Madeleine was abducted by strangers, and i believe she will be found safe, and returned to her family where she belongs!
    God bless Madeleine and her family.

    Site admin: Keep praying Melly. Actually, she belonged with her family on the night of May 3. Pity they weren’t with her when she vanished eh?

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    laura Says:

    and if she is not dead?

    God bless Madeleine and her family

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    MJones Says:

    Melly, read the official timeline and hypothesis of the abduction, there is NO way an abduction occurred.

    Read it Melly, don’t just form an opinion based on newspaper articles and hearsay, read the official timeline, try to work out when, how and why , try to work out how a man carrying a 3 year old could jump 3ft through a tiny window to the ground below.

    Explain to me how Jane Tanner could see the abductor at 9:15 PM going away from the beach, and how an irish couple saw a man going towards the beach with a child in his arms which they now state is Gerry Mccann

    Don’t just go with hearsay and the tabloids, do some research.

    The cadaver dogs have gotten over 200 cases right, no cases wrong, they smelled death on Cuddle Cat, Kate’s clothing, the apartment , and the Mccanns car, but nowhere else.

    Wake UP!

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    Tracey Says:

    There are some really sick and dangerous people out there. No one knows what happened to Madeliene therefore they have no where to focus their frustrations execept upon her parents. Try to imagine killing your child by whatever means, not only do you have to deal with the situation but you have to convince your spouse to go along with it too. I am trying to imagine my spouse telling me they were reponsible for the death of our child, my first thought would be to kill them with my own bare hands, my second is to run to the police to ensure they would spend the rest of their life in prison. By some sick stretch of the imagination just suppose I went along with it, how on earth would I convince another 7 people to go along with it also? These people are not down and outs or drug addicts living on another planet but proffessional people, why on earth would they put themselves at risk to cover the death of their friends child? Would you cover the death of your friends child?
    The answer to that must be yes! You must be so sick that you could imagine that scenario. Personally if my friend asked me to cover the death of their child I would be horrified and go to the police, for those of you who imagine differently you must be able to imagine yourselves doing it and feel it plausable. You are a bunch of sickos and contribute to making this world the dangerous place that it is.

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    Melanie Says:

    There is some real big secret about what really happened to Madeleine and it is only a matter of time before we find out what that secret is. If her parents or someone in that group killed her wouldn’t someone have seen something, heard something.If she was abducted how and why would someone chose her specific room take Maddie and leave the twins asleep. I don’t get it, if she was abducted would’t that person of taken them to? I also don’t get why her parents left the door unlocked? First stupid mistake.Why would they leave a toddler and two babies alone, they would have had no way to defend themselves, completely helpless. Madeleine wherever you are whatever happend to you I pray sweetheart that some day you will get justice for your ‘murder’ or ‘abduction’ or both.

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    Scarlett Says:

    Tracey’s comment is so naïve, it’s unbelievable. The way YOU (Tracey) feel about covering up a death is NOT how everyone else would feel. Where’s your common sense, Tracey? Also, you refer to the fact that Kate and Gerry are professionals…well Harold Shipman (murderer) was a professional…

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    Tony Says:

    There is big secret ,bud also big misunderstanding, there are witnesses and there also non PJ action over this incident. What you will do if someone abducted your child and police do nothing to find the child? Will you be frustrated or submit police action of accused you instead real abductor because police let enough time to hide the child so be invisible. Some family in Praia Da Luz have seen man have caring little girl (Madeleine age with similar pajama) after 10pm late evening time.

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    Chris Says:

    This is certainly worth a read:-

    “Some family in Praia Da Luz have seen man have caring little girl (Madeleine age with similar pajama) after 10pm late evening time.” Father removing the evidence?

    Time to own up.

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    Boyesy Says:

    I have read the book vanised on this case and was of the opinion that some unintentional foul play had occurred prior to the read,however i believe too much drink and a check up of the room by whoever has caused the distubance of silence and poor little Maddie has gone walk about into the hands of a always waiting and willing abductor simple as that,can people stop thinking something sinister is behind the Mc Cann parents.They have enough tocope with spending the rest of their lives knowing they left 3 babies alone in a foreign country in surroundings they were not accustomed to let alone their children. Still very sad and only if she could turn back the clock. To everybody involved stop bullshitting to save your own skin and give your version of events,mind you i have every now and then been known to drink a couple of bottles of wine and quite frankly i am oblivious to what is happening and pictures and memories start to evolve the following day/days after,youll know what i mean if you like a tipple if you dont then you will never understand.

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    BIBA Says:

    To all posters who still sympathise with the McCann’s, it is time that you opened your eyes for once rather than use your emotions (as we always do) to come to your conclusions.

    All this about a couple of well educated Drs. “pillar in our society” to be in this predicament… That is what I call a planned operation.

    Many expert evidence was brushed under the carpet by both our previous Government, PM, Police, Forensics, to the point of creating a distasteful incident with our allies (The Portuguese Government) at the request of no-less Gordon Brown (Ex-PM)

    In any normal case such as this, the local authorities would have handled this enquiry without problems nor interference.

    Any decent and well educated Pillar of society would not have used the fund dedicated to Madeleine’s cause, to pay their mortgage, expenses, etc.. and above all, the stardom status they have built themselves, based on the tragedy of their daughter!!

    Finally, since the change of our previous government, it is time that our newly elected members STOP this charade, and put an end to influence trafficking.

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    jo Says:

    actually had nough of hearing about all this now…i know its very very sad BUT THEY LEFT THIER KIDS WHILE THEY HAD A PISS UP!!!! what parent does that?! them being doctors,so thinkin they must be quite intelligent left thier 3 children on thier own?! im sorry but thats tempting fate….

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