Madeleine Being Murdered

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    Midas Says:

    Gulp. Gulp. Blinkety-blink. Blinkety-blink. Which coppers have said that they are looking for a living child? Run this one by us again Mrs. McCann.

    Any serving police officers out there who have been looking for a living child since Eddie and Keela found evidence to the contrary, would they please join a forum.

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    Mark Gerard Says:

    It’s so contrived whenever they talk… they know exactly what happened.

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    willow Says:

    I’ve just noticed that Gerry says “who’s taken her(Madeleine) and what her( the abductor) motive is.” Seems a bit odd that he refers to the abductor as a woman and yet from the beginning they always insisted that she was taken by a man.

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    Tina Says:

    Some should give Mccann’s and there friends truth pills and interview them, than truth will come out how did Madeleine died. They know what happened to there daughter, its about time we all know what happened to Madeleine. People around the world were more sad than so called parents. Kate and Gerry was smiling and laughing 9 days after they reported her missing. Very Odd behaviour of McCann’s they just go on and on about them selves.

  5. 5
    G1 Says:

    You weren’t there.
    Witnesses have said the McCanns were extremely emotional indeed.
    Just not for the cameras nor press interviews.

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