More on the deleted call records – Where Was Kate McCann?

By Paulo Reis and associates (*)

The CD issued by Ministerio Publico de Portimao in July 2008, contains a great deal of information on the mobile calls made and received by the “Tapas 9” but it is dispersed, difficult to retrieve and with important pages and charts missing. The main documents of interest from the CD are:

  • A 3 page report by the Policia Judiaria (undated, but probably 4th May 2007) listing call records retrieved from the handsets of Mr and Mrs McCann
  • A detailed (and excellent report) by Inspector Paulo Dias, Inspector of UNI-Sector de Análise, Lisbon, dated 9th November 2007
  • Schedules provided by Vodafone on 14th December 2007 covering a period from 29th April 2007 for Gerald McCann, David Payne, Rachael Mampilly, broken into four separate sections for incoming and outgoing telephone calls, incoming and outgoing SMS traffic
  • A second report by Inspector Dias dated 5th February 2008, containing time bars, link charts and maps pinpointing where the “Tapas 9’s” sets were when they activated antennae
  • A third report by Inspector Dias dated 2nd June 2008 which includes details of activations of the Luz and other mobile antenna from 28th April 2007 to September 2007
  • The Rogatory Letter requests and correspondence dated from 5th December 2007 to May 2007 and responses from the Home Office in April and May 2008

The PJ used a program, called the “Analyst’s Notebook” as well as “Excel” to handle what were very large datasets. Inspector Dias pointed out that “Excel” was far from ideal, because of its limited capacity and it seems that much of the data provided was paper based and had to be rekeyed. Also the main focus of the research was limited to the evening of Thursday 3rd May 2007. But, despite the problems, the PJ’s work is impressive, innovative and very detailed. For example, there is a brilliant analysis (which unfortunately led nowhere) based on the hypothesis of two abductors each working with mobiles in the Ocean Club area immediately before Madeleine was reported missing. There is another excellent piece of work which tracks down a misrouted call, from Swansea, to Kate McCann at 11.21 on Wednesday 2nd May 2007.

However, there are potentially serious omissions:

  • The most important records were not available when Mr and Mrs McCann attended their “Arguido interviews” on 6th and 7th September 2007 and it is doubtful that they were ever reviewed by the very experienced analysts from the Leicestershire Police, whose team left the Algarve soon after the McCann’s return to the UK in September 2007
  • There are no detailed call records from the mobile operators for Kate McCann, Russell O’Brien, Matthew Oldfield and Jane Tanner
  • When the PJ obtained the McCann’s mobiles they do not appear to have retrieved deleted data or to extract their contact lists
  • None of the telecom records show triangulation co-ordinates but are limited to identifying the single primary antenna on which calls were registered
  • The details of over 50 UK subscribers contacted by the Tapas 9 in the critical period, as well as their onward local and international call records, was included in the Rogatory Letter request in December 2007. If this information was provided, it is not in the CD
  • A critical link chart (Anexo 37) for Tuesday 1st May 2007 is missing from Inspector Dias’s report

These omissions make interpretation of the data difficult but what is available provides an interesting picture. First, it is obvious that the memories in the McCann’s mobiles were incomplete and, in Kate McCann’s case, selectively deleted.

Her mobile memory held details of 39 calls from 18.28 on Wednesday 25th April to 16.35 on 27th April 2007. After her arrival in Portugal on 28th April 2007, with the exception of one incoming call on Wednesday 2nd May 2007 at 11.21 (which, very interestingly, was the Swansea “wrong number”), and one call from her husband at 23.17 on Thursday 3rd May 2007, everything else has been “whoosh-clunked” from memory. These deletions could have been accidental, but a high degree of cunning could be implied. Why would she selectively delete everything up to Thursday 3rd May 2007 with the exception of one wrong number and what was her reason for deleting three of the four calls, between 23.14 and 23.17, from her husband on that critical night?. A possible answer is that she wished to avoid alerting the PJ to evidence that details of around 40 calls had been erased and she felt happier leaving something uncontroversial (or misleading) in memory for them to find. Another answer is that, unsurprisingly, she was under the most extreme stress imaginable following the disappearance of her daughter: but why, in that case, give priority to deleting anything. It is the last thing most parents would think about in the circumstances.

The first call found in Gerald’s mobile memory was timed at 00.30 on Friday 4th May 2007. Again matching antenna records to memory suggests that by the time he gave the handset to the PJ the records of 24 calls or SMSs had been erased, including the one from him found on his wife’s handset and timed at 23.17 on Thursday 3rd May 2007. It appears that he had deleted details of the four calls he made to her that night and she deleted just three. It was this simple discrepancy that first led the PJ to suspect interference with the handsets.

If the deletions were deliberate (and it is an “if”) it implies the McCann’s were both “forensically aware” and crafty and wanted to hide something from the PJ. For this reason, it is important to explore the call record data and to match it against other evidence.

On Saturday 28th April 2007, after their arrival in Luz, Kate McCann’s mobile triggered the antenna 9 times. It is not possible to say, from the available records, whether these were incoming or outgoing calls or SMSs or for how long they lasted. The last activations were at 20.55 and 20.59 when (based on their statements) the Tapas 9 returned for an early night after eating at the Millennium Restaurant with their children. All of these records were erased from the memory of Kate McCann’s mobile. Gerald McCann’s mobile did not activate any of the Luz antennae that day.

On Sunday 29th April 2007, the first activation of Kate McCann’s mobile was at 9.23, but again there are no Vodafone logs or time bars to provide further detail. However, by internally matching the antenna records it appears that she called her husband at 12.26 and 17.02.

The crèche records indicate that he collected Madeleine at 12.15. He also picked up the twins around 17.00 but mistakenly recorded the time as “12.30”. Chances are that the calls from Kate McCann were to check that he had picked up the kids. At 10.13 Gerald McCann received a call from a UK mobile xxxxx3899. The last activation by Kate McCann’s mobile was at 19.30 and Gerald’s at 17.02.

A pattern on this sheet (and it applies to all of the Tapas 9) is that no activations took place at any time during the week while they were at dinner. So maybe Clarence Mitchell was right, after all, and that they were so “into each other” that they didn’t want to be disturbed while sardine munching and left their mobiles in their rooms. They were never specifically asked this question, but it is very important and the point will be addressed later.

On Monday 30th April 2007, neither of the McCann’s telephones activated the Luz transmitters. This looks very odd, especially as they were around the Ocean Club to shuffle the kids to and from the crèches. On this afternoon, Madeleine remained in the crèche for only 15 minutes and was picked up by her mother at 15.30. We do not know what Madeleine did for the rest of the day, but it is possible she was being fractious. Interestingly, a friend of Mrs and Mr McCann supposedly told the “Dispatches” team that made a TV program on the tragedy, that “Madeleine was a screamer”. This could be interpreted in one of two ways, but any use of the past tense in referring to Madeleine would be very significant. It was such a past tense referral, to her supposedly living children, that alerted the FBI to their murder by Susan Smith, their mother.

On Tuesday 1st May 2007, Gerald McCann’s handset was silent all day. Kate McCann’s mobile first activated the Luz antenna at 10.16, but all details of the day’s calls have been deleted from the handset and there is no nothing in the CD from her mobile provider. Another activation took place at 12.17. The crèche records show that Gerald McCann picked up Madeleine at 12.20 (a bit earlier than usual) but Kate McCann’s call at 12.17 does not appear to have been to him, (because his mobile was not activated at all that day). Kate McCann dealt with her last call before leaving for the Tapas Bar at 20.35.

At around 8.45pm on Tuesday 1st May 2007, Miss Nejoua Chekeya, the Ocean Club’s busty Aerobics Instructor, held a “Quiz Night” and was later invited, allegedly by Gerald McCann, to join his table which she did sometime between 9.30pm and 9.50pm. She did not say how long she had remained with them, but she is not the sort of woman men would wish see to leave too quickly. Miss Chekeya stated that one dinner setting was unused and that she could not remember seeing Kate McCann.

However, both Jane Tanner and Russell O’Brien have stated that he did not go to the Tapas Bar on the “Quiz Night” (ie Tuesday 1st May 2007), but had stayed in their room looking after his sick daughter. Jane Tanner took his dinner to the room; thus explaining the unused plate setting. Russell O’Brien was not asked by either the Policia Judiciaria or Leicestershire Police whether he had heard Madeleine crying!

Kate McCann’s mobile was next activated six times, in rapid fire, between 22.16 and 22.27, after she had returned to Apartment 5A after dinner. The antenna traffic proves that these calls were not made to any of the “Tapas 9”.

The evidence from the call logs gives the strongest clue that the “Tapas 9” left their telephones in their rooms when they went to dinner. Clarence Mitchell, the McCann’s spokesperson, confirmed this. In an interview, reported on 6th April 2008 by Ned Temko of “The Guardian”, Mr Mitchell said: “You had nine people in a bar without watches on, without mobile phones and absolute panic set in when they realised what had happened…. We would say that, if the police had a perfect time line across nine people, that would be a damn sight more suspicious than the fractured, illogical, composite statements they might have got”

Mrs Fenn, the McCann’s neighbour, reported that Madeleine had cried for her father between 22.30 and 23.45. The evidence shows that Kate McCann was in Apartment 5A 14 minutes before Madeleine started crying. Tuesday 1st May 2007 is the only night (except, of course, for Thursday 3rd May 2007) that either of the McCanns or any of their friends made calls after dinner.

Mrs McCann volunteered to the PJ that on the night of Wednesday 2nd May 2007, she had slept in the spare bed in her children’s room because her husband had not paid her enough attention over dinner. Or put another way, does she mean the amorous Scot was paying someone else (like Miss Chekeya) too much attention, causing her to stomp out of the Tapas Bar before him: ultimately leading to the spare bed in a strop? Gerald McCann said he thought the reason his wife had slept in the children’s bedroom was because of his snoring and that he did not even bother asking her the following morning what the problem was.

Could it be that their timings are wrong by 24 hours and that Kate McCann’s nocturnal shenanigans took place on the night of Tuesday 1st May 2007? It would fit, but why be untruthful about it? A possible reason is that they wanted to conceal both Kate McCann’s state of mind and the fact that she had returned to Apartment 5A, just before Madeleine’s cried for help.

On Wednesday 2nd May 2007, Kate McCann called her friend “Amanda” at 7.36.41 and again at 7.36.45. This was around two hours earlier than any of mobile activations on any other morning: so Kate McCann was “up with the larks”. Amanda returned the calls at 7.50. There is no record of how long any of these calls lasted or whether they were SMSs. They were all deleted from memory.

At 8.07 Gerald McCann received a call from the SMS message centre (447818520047), but does not appear to have responded. At 8.50 Kate McCann received a call from a UK mobile xxxxx27010 and returned it at 8.53, before going to play tennis. Gerald McCann received a series of calls from his SMS message centre between 9.10 and 10.47, again without response.

At 11.21 Kate received a call from what appears to be a landline in Swansea ( xxxxx0023). The report by Inspector Dias researched this call in detail (Page 21 in his report of 9th November 2007) and discovered that it had not activated any of the Luz antennae. But digging deeper, he found that another UK mobile (xxxxx 1583) had triggered the Luz antenna when connecting to the same Swansea number at 14.01. He dug even deeper, tracked all of the calls made from Luz by xxxx1583 and established it had no connection whatsoever with any of the “Tapas 9”. The Swansea call to Kate McCann was simply a “wrong number”, misrouted and thus not logged by the Luz antennae.

What Inspector Dias did not realise was that the Swansea call had become so special to Kate McCann that, when deleting all of the other Portuguese call records from memory, she decided to leave this one intact.

Gerald received five further calls from the SMS message centre and at 15.50 called 91121, probably to collect his messages. He received further calls from the centre at 17.49 and 19.49. The records provided by Vodafone show these calls but that they originate from a different mobile number (0xxxx014310)

At 20.08 Kate McCann received two calls from a UK mobile xxxx7624 and six minutes late Gerald McCann called 91121: again to collect messages before he left for the Tapas Bar. This was the last activation of the day by either of the McCanns; probably confirming that their mobiles remained in Apartment 5A when they went to dinner.

On Thursday 3rd May 2007 (the critical day) at 8.23 and 8.24 Kate McCann’s mobile activated the antenna to call xxxx7624. There is nothing in file to indicate the owner of this mobile but it does not appear to be any of the McCann family or friends.

At 12.24 Gerald McCann received a call from a UK Mobile xxxx1746. Again there is no clue in the file to the subscriber’s name. At 12.31 Kate McCann received a call (or SMS) from her mother’s mobile and responded an hour later.

Neither of the McCanns appears to have had any further activity on their telephones until after Madeleine was reported missing when Gerald McCann called his wife four times between 23.14 and 23.52. At 23.40 he called his sister – Trish Cameron and at 23.52 -Janet Kennedy.

The batch of SMS messages received by Gerald McCann on Wednesday 2nd May 2007 seems to have caused him some anxiety. Although the number “07818520047” is in a block allocated to Vodafone, the company has no record of the subscriber’s name. When the number is dialed, connection is made to a recorded message which explains that changes have been made to the way customers can access their mailboxes and that they can now dial “121” from their handset or “07836121121” from any other telephone.

Thus the number appears to be a message box for Gerald McCann that sends him an SMS when his mobile is unable to accept a call (because it is out of range or turned off). However, when he was asked by “Expresso TV” on 6th September 2008 about the “sixteen SMS messages” received, he flustered:

“No one has ever asked to see any of my text messages. There is no way that there 16 messages on that day or even the day after, you know. You know, the day after, you know that we got…” Kate McCann came to his rescue and interrupted; “Gerry hardly ever sends text messages until the day after, the day after Madeleine was taken”. Gerald McCann continued: “so you know that it is actually rubbish”

Their McCann’s denials were, of course, technically true although perhaps disingenuous – because there were only 14 messages received on the day before they reported Madeleine missing and two on the day after.

There were 16 SMS messages, in total, so why prevaricate and deny an allegation that was never made. The question was about received messages, not those sent, and on the day before not on 3rd May 2007 or the day after! In the field of forensic linguistics you must always concentrate on the precise wording of denials and especially on those of allegations not made. The denials made by the McCanns are suspicious. However, Mrs McCann’s statement about her husband not sending SMS messages, until after Madeleine’s disappearance, is confirmed by Vodafone’s records.

Mr and Mrs McCann were never closely questioned by the PJ about the detail of their calls, but Gerald McCann excused the deletions by saying that his telephone’s memory only retained details of the last ten calls made. This obvious inaccuracy (It already had retained details of 17 calls) does not appear to have been challenged by the PJ and it does not in anyway explain the selective deletions from his wife’s handset.

So the bottom line is that Kate McCann was in Apartment 5A when Madeleine cried for her father between 22.30 and 23.45 on Tuesday 1st May 2007, leading to a unique flurry of late night calls and to unique calls very early the following morning. A forensic examination of the records of Madeleine’s attendance at the “Lobsters” crèche on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd May 2007 is critically important because if they have been falsified, to establish she was there when she was not, this case takes on an entirely new dimension and sets different search parameters.

Secondly, if the memories of the mobile telephones were deleted in way suspected, a level of cunning is implied that would be capable of conceiving plan to deliberately delay reporting Madeleine’s “disappearance”; if for no other reason than to disassociate it from the crying incident on Tuesday 1st May 2007.

Of course, this is speculation and it is entirely possible that further investigation and the much awaited transparency by Mr and Mrs McCann will totally exonerate them. But why don’t they simply produce the SMS messages and explain why call details were deleted?

(*) This report is a result of cooperation with a leading international investigative firm that is in the closing stages of an 18 month intensive investigation that is expected to reopen the case in Portugal and to start new proceedings in the UK.

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  1. 1
    Raymond Says:

    Interesting reading, Qs to be answered, a difficult case made more difficult by the cleverness and if i say so well thought out complicity is in their time will tell.
    i would hope that the child is found but i feel deep down she will never be… what happened the night where is the child, they say the eyes are the soul.
    I look at the pictures of the parents and see something very wrong both well educated people both manipulated the media for sure best way to put a fire out is to start a bigger one..
    I hope the case is re-opened questions to be answered, for sure the above makes good reading and dose leave the case somewhat open.. We will see…how things unfold..

  2. 2
    David Llewellyn Smith Says:

    The evidence from the call logs gives the strongest clue that the “Tapas 9” left their telephones in their rooms when they went to dinner. Clarence Mitchell, the McCann’s spokesperson, confirmed this. In an interview, reported on 6th April 2008 by Ned Temko of “The Guardian”, Mr Mitchell said: “You had nine people in a bar without watches on, without mobile phones and absolute panic set in when they realised what had happened…. We would say that, if the police had a perfect time line across nine people, that would be a damn sight more suspicious than the fractured, illogical, composite statements they might have got”

    This being the case, how did they know to check on their children every 15, 30 or 60 minutes? Was there a clock in the bar?

  3. 3
    Ruth Says:

    If the Mccanns were fighting over a personal matter, who can blame them for not wanting the police to know and of course it would add to the theory that they were not stable at the time of her disapearence.
    All I really know is, as a member of the public who has spent several months researching and trying to find Madeleine Mccann who I have taken to my heart, I will and deserve to know the truth, how ever painful, so she can return home to where she belongs.
    To think the unthinkable, Could then I ask, if the true abducter/perpetrator of such a devious crime have tried to indicate where Madeleine is maybe he/she imitated the Belgium killers of two small girls in sending a map marked with an X where their two small victims were to be found, also, may I add photographs of those two little girls were placed on a infamous peadophiles web site, causing much pain to their poor parents.
    Could then the true abductors who ever he/she may be have tried to shift the blame onto those Begium peadophiles by copying their actions and marking the spot where Madeleine is to be found with a big cross?We know a map was sent to a Dutch News Paper indicating where Madeleine is to be found) maybe this action was taken to releaved his/her guilt on a sick conscience to find her, so she could return home.
    On google world, the area map just a few miles out of Praia da luz shows a main route into the town that leads to a defind crossroads in the shape of a cross.
    The Photograph does not show very clearly but there is a defind spot of interest to me there, probably nouthing, but we must continue to try to find Madeleine as best we can.
    Also Madeleines last port of call was at tennis!
    Tennis I discover in a hunting ground for Peadophiles!
    Have they looked up the list on the tennis, who plays regular and who does not!
    Then why would you join a tennis club?

  4. 4
    petra Says:

    Very interesting report with a lot of details. Have these numbers been examined all? Nontheless, the number of calls and their timing and frequency made or received by the mccann’s during their holiday of only one week gives a ‘big picture’ which leads to general conclusions about the profile of Kate and Gerry, and their relationship. Also the knowing of the exact time when calls have been made or received finally delivers a deliable and trustworthy source of indices which can be compared to the information we have from the ‘Tapas 9’, the ‘Crime Scene – 5A’, the staff of the Ocean Club, the rented car and, and, and,

    1. Kate McCann is a childishly jealous wife, and Gerry not capable of receiving and understanding emotions of others: The following will bring insight: The very short police statement of Chekaya the fitness instructor who is believed to have made a quiz on the night Maddie is believed to have vanished on 3. may 2007. This was a Thursday, the holidays were going to end in short time. Now read the very short statement at police of the fitness instructor Chekaya:

    Najoua Chekaya’s short police statement, 14 August 2008
    of Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis
    Thursday August 14 2008

    Najoua Chekaya arrived in Portugal on March 2007, recruited in England to work for Mark Warner, according to her statement to the PJ, in May 2007. Just a curiosity, the translator was Robert Murat. She described her daily working routine, as an aerobics instructor and said that when she arrived at Ocean Club, she was asked also to perform a “Quiz Game”, at night (09:00 pm), at the Tapas Bar, twice a week – every Sunday and Tuesday. On May 1, 2007, after the “Quiz” was finished, Najoua was invited by Gerry McCann to sit at their table, to have a drink. She was there for 15/20 minutes, between 9.30 and 9:50 pm. There was just casual talk and she doesn’t know if Madeleine’s mother was at the table or not. During that period of time, nobody left the table, but there was an empty chair. Who has been sitting at that chair, Najoua didn’t know

    Every SUNDAY AND TUESDAY – which means that she made the quiz on 1st may at 21:00 and was invited to the table by GERRY at 21:30, she stayed only 15 to 20 minutes which means until 21:50. ‘Kate McCann’s mobile was next activated six times, in rapid fire, between 22.16 and 22.27, after she had returned towards Apartment 5A after dinner. The antenna traffic proves that these calls were not made to any of the “Tapas 9”.’
    Miss Chekeya stated that one dinner setting was unused and that she could not remember seeing Kate McCann (Who of the Tapas 9 was still there?, she only states unused dinner setting and that Kate was not there). 22:30 – 23:40 During these 70 long long minutes the neighbour of the mccanns, Mrs Fenn heard Maddie crying and sobbing for her Dad. Fact is: Kate Mccann herself stated that she exactly at THAT night 1st of may (remember: she doesn’t refer to it as the quiznight because this was on Thursday after the Mc Canns) didn’t sleep in the same bed with Gerry, but in the children’s room because SHE FELT A LITTLE IGNORED THAT NIGHT BY GERRY. It doesn’t seem it was only a little that she felt ignored if she decided to put a clear signal or even be disgusted by the behavior of Gerry and sleep in another room. It seems that she left the table BEFORE or WHILE Miss Chekeya sat herself to Gerry’s table because she got angry and jelous. Gerry stated that at that night of 1st may (not the quiznight) he returned to the appartment and went to bed and Kate slept in the childrens room because he snores and he didn’t comment the next morning on her ignoring him in the night. Very strange statements and obviously not fitting together.
    Kate must have been in or outside the appartment while making the calls getting the handy which she left in the app, (trying to reach somebody?) at 22:16, 6 times within 17 minutes. Was it her friend Amanda she tried to reach or just somebody close to her listening to her problems and anger with Gerry? Its a late time to make a call just because of nothing. Gerry must have come back while or after Maddie stopped crying, because she cried for him until 23:50. Did he stay sooo long because of the quiz-girl? The good looking girl who was perhaps alone in the end with a few or only Gerry? Did he perhaps not even sleep in the appartment? Does Kate even sleep? Or just get up very very early and trying to reach her friend at 7:36 in the morning 2 times, 1 hour later Amanda calls back. Was Amanda sleeping the night before, and Kate needed help or advice so desperately that she called Amanda when she knew Amanda was probably getting up? Again its early to call somebody for no real reason. Gerry MC Cann receives a lot of calls during the day, his phone switched off, because all the calls are received by the combox. He checks the Combox at 15:50. Did he get back to the App shortly before 15:50 because his handy was still there (he left it there before Tapas)? Or did he sleep such a long time? Why did he not check or answer the calls until afternoon?
    Did Kate want to communicate with Gerry without talking to him personally? Shortly after her calls, he receives calls which are all not answered or checked until 15.50 the 2.may.

    Madeleine stopped crying for her Dad at 23:50, she started shortly after her mothers phone calls at about 22:30 . Did she wake up? Did she cry for her Dad and not for Kate because they have a disturbed Mother-Daughter relationsip, or because her Mother tortured her when she was fustrated and alone and Gerry flirting with another girl? Did she while doing this kill her ‘by accident’? In the living room near the sofa perhaps? The sniffer dogs marked both blood and cadaver odour on the tiles in the living room behind the sofa. Or in the parents room at the wardrobe at the foot of the parents bed? Did she try to reach Gerry by a friend over telephone? Trying to tell that she found her dead with vomit in her mouth or she just didn’t wake up in the morning dead because of sleeping pills Gerry gave her daughter? Perhaps she tried to make Gerry feel guilty of something which makes them complices.

    There were no odours of blood or cadaver in the bed of Maddie. This means she either died in Living room or in the parents bedroom where the blood odour was found. Did Kate after cleaning the blood hide the Body in the wardrobe of the parents room and sleep in the children’s room or wait there until Gerry came back thinking of a story she could tell? Did she tell it perhaps to her mother and some close people by phone? That she found Maddie dead and Gerry not here? What should she do? Call the Police? No wait for Gerry to come back and tell him first, we stand behing you whatever your decision. Nobody would believe a mother killing her child or hitting it, not Kate? And Kate she is such a loving Mother and Maddie blablabla was a difficult child and bla bla bla. HAve the Mc Canns been advised to hide and get rid of the body? Or did they decide all by themselves. Were they afraid that the sleeping pill they or Gerry perhaps gave her would be found or in Kates case perhaps a knockarea at the head? Fact is: After that night on 1.may there were no social get togethers with the others of the Tapas 9 including the children, or Photos of Maddie shown with other people of the events these days. Also the only witness who should have seen Maddie is her nanny at the Creche 20 year old Catriona Baker. Her Statement has not bn made officially I think, she does ot say what she exactly did with Maddie that time.

    If Gerry went back to the room exactly at 23:50 shortly before the time when Madeleines crying stopped, the time he comforted her perhaps?

    Profile conclusions:

  5. 5
    Gordon Says:

    McCann’s Guilty and some of the other Tapas group of assisting with the hiding of the body. . . . . .

  6. 6
    sylvie grenson Says:

    i think everyone is looking for the wrong person instead off it being a man i think its a woman who abducted her ,a woman dressed up as a man.
    the reason i say this is because the woman from holland in the amsterdams shop said that the little girl says thats not my mommie SHE Took ME AWAY FROM MY MOMMIE!

  7. 7
    joao correia Says:

    Petra i hope you are not one of the Tapas 9 in disguise just wanting to let us know exactly what happened . God rest her soul .

  8. 8
    ruth Says:

    Many people are saying about the coincidence re-Swansea telephone calls on 2.5.2007 that Amaral was puzled about, this apparently the only call left on K’s Mobile along with one to Amanda her friend.
    A psychic called in by the Mc’s friend is located in that Swansea area her husband a top criminal defence lawyer.
    Another colleague of hers also had a little girl apparently snatched from her, she caled her Madeleine,she also set up a web site called Amber Connections a few days before M’s alledged abduction and was linked in the Psychic search out in Praia.
    I personally believe the whole plot was set up for publicity for the new Satallite watch that can be used to find kids.
    Whats the betting Madeleine will be found soon by this device

  9. 9
    Elaine Says:

    I can’t be certain either way. Gerry and Kate could be innocent and poor Madeleine was abducted. But whatever the truth, I find it grotesque that educated medics, who write what they will about their NHS patients, could be so cruel to their own children. Leaving them alone when they of all people should have known better and could have well afforded a babysitter. Do you who read this really think that had they been a one parent family in a council flat that those other children wouldn’t have been put in care. Instead they’ve been treated like celebrities and virtually made heroes for their blatant negligence. Least of all knowing poor little Maddie was crying for hours and no one cared. There has been a lot of speculation about them sedating the children so they could go out in the evening. If this is the case…when are they going to be charged with child abuse? At first I thought Kate had murdered or hurt her, but then when they made it so public, going to the Pope, the media etc etc I thought that if one had done something, one would try and keep it quiet so that it would be soon forgotten. So if they did kill Madeleine why would they keep resurrecting her memory? I don’t have a clue either way, but parents, least of all medics who could treat their young children like that don’t deserve children.

  10. 10
    Raymond Says:

    Well on and on!will it ever end will they who ever they are be found?.. Kate? Jerry? they was guilty of leaving there kids for sure the GMC should have sorted that one out.. mind you they was not found guilty of anything..according they have been acquitted so far..

    its hard for anybody to feel sad for the Kate’s and Jerry’s of this world. if they happen to read this and i am sure they do get told of how the general public are feeling all but a few of us to date on this web site..

    I am sure they will be saying things like well how can they say anything about us they don’t even know us..

    my answer is you would be correct in this, but for most of us who do have children we know what we would be doing and not be doing on a holiday with them..

    but the truth i am sure will come out might take a long time..

  11. 11
    Midas Says:

    Who was using Kate McCann’s phone on the 2nd May. Who were they calling? Why? They were supposed to have been on holiday weren’t they?

    Although I do recall Gerry saying that he was not there to enjoy himself.

  12. 12
    Ruth Says:

    I personally think the McCanns may have been duped into going along with a scheme to publisize the Amber Alert and thats why they thought Madeleine would be safe.
    I refuse to believe that a mother who took as many photos of her child would harm her.
    I have read many accounts and evedence that could add up to the McCanns harming Madeleine, but never could I except that K would act like she did after Madeliene’s abduction unless she thought she was safe,one would have to be a Psychopath, smiling, non emotional.
    Madeleine is either alive and being cared for in a far off land and this case kept alive with her popping up in different countries, much like the new age experiment of a cat locked in a box that can been seen in different places, that which I had read of on a fourum.
    One day she will miraculously resurrected like Lazurus in the Bibical text) and at last the case will be proved that restraint laws should be put on the web and all media, yet another Central Government restraint on public and freedom of the press.

  13. 13
    Midas Says:

    Ruth ……. I seriously believe that your theory may be used one day by the New World Order.

    Were it not for the scents of death found by Eddie and further confirmed by Keela the blood-scenter, I would be most suspicious about the alert system.

  14. 14
    gordon Says:


  15. 15
    Julie Says:

    Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. It took centuries to develop a good judicial system, and you guys are going back to the middle ages. I am not convinced Madeleine is dead, I am not conviced she is alive. I am not convinced she was abducted, I am not convinced her parents harmed her. Why? Because there is NO conclusive evidence for whatever theory. The dogs and the DNA evidence are both subject to a lot of questions and doubt.

    Reply: In your world the police would sit on their backsides and do nothing. They know nothing, have no theories to work with and therefore everyone should do nothing. There would be no point in exploring where the evidence takes them so they might as well pack up and go home. What part of “Kate McCann did not answer 48 questions” do you not understand? Why are you saying that the dog evidence is subject to a lot of questions? What about Kate McCann’s questions?

  16. 16
    Midas Says:

    ”The dogs and the DNA evidence are both subject to a lot of questions and doubt.”


    They are only subject to doubt because the Team McCann’s party line has been dictated that way to the masses. Surely you have a mind of your own Julie? Are you repeared to be treated like a mushroom? Do you like being kept in the dark and fed on all kinds of muck?

    Do you ever consider that the FSS in Birmingham may have been instrumental in those areas where the DNA has proved inconclusive?

    Just for your information Julie, the Team McCann made sure that non-thinking individuals learned about one other incidence of cadaver dogs. They showed a case where there wasn’t enough other substantial evidence to prosecute. But all’s well that ends well. The accused admitted that he had done what he was accused of.

    Julie, there are millions of people out there guilty of crimes of shop-lifting, drinking and driving and beating their wives and children. Just because they do not have court convictions does not mean that they are innocent. It just means that they haven’t been caught yet.

    I know that you are not convinced that Madeleine was not abducted, Julie. Nobody is. Nobody could ever be convinced of that. Despite MacIntyre’s protestations of possibilities. He should have gone to Specsavers – then he would have been able to read the police Files first – without making a complete ass of himself with the piffle he wrote for the Sunday Express. That is one rag that really cannot afford to sink much further.

  17. 17
    Jane Prosser Says:

    Ruth – has it not occurred to you that maybe Kate McCann is a psychopath? Why not? As you say, she certainly displays all the signs of being one.

  18. 18
    Porcelain Says:

    I’ve always thought from day one of Madeleines disperance that her parents are the main suspects,especially Kate McCann.Kate prob harmed little Madeleine,something truly gruesome prob happend after,then Gerry helped Kate cover Madeleines disperance up,thats prob why they can’t find her alive or dead? Its sick to think,but it does happen.If it was an abduction,surly it would have been easier for the abductor to carry one of her younger siblings away?.Anyway I suppose thier Inncocent until proven guilty and if she was abducted as some believe….I hope she is found alive.

  19. 19
    Jane Prosser Says:

    Porcelain – but what did they do with the body? Someone else must have helped them to conceal/dispose of it as they would not have known the area well enough to know where a body would never be found. There are many others involved with this cover up….

  20. 20
    Midas Says:

    Jane Prosser, I could not agree more. Not enough people have been interviewed with regard to the case. I would start with the most ‘helpful’ people first. Such as those who facilitated access to the Church.

    I am a very religious person and a great believer in the Almighty, but I would have much preferred to be out looking for my living child who had maybe gone for a late-night stroll, than kneeling down and praying in a Church!

    I think God would prefer that we help ourseves first before going to Churches for Divine inspiration and guidance.

    Why did the McCanns and their mates immediately conclude that Madeleine had been abducted? Why not think she had gone out to look for her chums? Why not consider that she may have been kidnapped and wait to hear from the kidnappers?

    Why did the holiday-makers not immediately rush to see if any of the other children had gone missing???

    Why are we not allowed to say what we think and know about all the holiday-maker???

    Who is helping to cover up what, exactly?

    Let us hear a different side of the story. Such as Dr. Amaral’s and the police DVD files. Urgently.

  21. 21
    FIONA Says:


  22. 22
    Jane Prosser Says:

    Why, indeed, Fiona. A few other ‘whys’ are:

    Why were they immediately given so much protection by the government after apparently neglecting their children? (I don’t actually think they did neglect their children – they had to leave them to enable the ‘abduction’ scenario to take place.)

    Why were the posters used in the ‘Find Madeleine’ campaign old photographs so people would be looking for a younger child?

    Why did Gerry insist on drawing attention to the flaw in Madeleine’s eye, despite being warned that if she really was alive and being held by a kidnapper, she would surely be killed?

    Why did David Milliband, Tony Blair, Cherie Blair and Gordon Brown speak to the McCanns after the disappearance?

    Why did Gerry go to the White House?

    Why did the Pope meet them (in public and in private)? After all, lots of children go missing all around the world, does he meet other parents of ‘missing’ children too?

    Why are newspapers not allowed to question anything untoward in connection with this case?

    Why do the McCanns yield such power as to have forums shut down because the comments left do not accord with their version of events?

    Why does Madeleine look the image of her uncle, John McCann…..?

    Site Admin: Please provide a link or source to the story that the Pope met them in private. Thanks…

  23. 23
    JusticeSeeker Says:

    The Pope did NOT meet with the McCanns in private. The trip to Rome and the brief meeting with the Pope on St. Peter’s Square was entirely organized by the British diplomacy and prepared by the British Ambassador to the Vatican. The involvement of the British diplomacy applies to almost all trips. Milliband, the Blairs and Gordon Brown did speak to the McCanns for the simple reason that they all seem to belong to the same club, and it was most certainly not because of Maddie’s disappearance, but of damage limitation. To make sure their nice little secret circle would not be discovered and exposed. To my understanding there are similarities to what was discovered in Jersey. Maybe, its all part of the same circus.

  24. 24
    Midas Says:

    I am buying into every word of JusticeSeeker’s excellent post. Milliband and company need looking into immediately.

    Completely off-topic – or am I? Has anybody had a glimpse yet about the imminent bomb-shell to do with BBC heads about to be dropped in the paedo-vat?

  25. 25
    GMKOMD Says:

    There is NOW available to us the British public overwhelming evidence that this little girl died
    in that flat and her body was moved in the car .There is no CREDIBLE evidence that she was abducted

    That is the truth of the matter,how she died we may never no but the police think she fell down the stairs and cracked her head open ,they all panicked as they knew the trouble they would be in and dreamed up the abduction story,

    The kids were alone in an unlocked flat,how easy for wee Madie to get up and wander out slip on the dark stairs ….

  26. 26
    patri vallina Says:

    What is it with all the money the McCanns need? What about, we will never leave Portugul without her”, an e bay shop selling Madeliene goods!! with all the money in the fund these should be offered free, Is she a commodity? Why did they have all those enlarged photos with them and for what? Why pay private Detectives when they can insist that Portugul reopens the case. If they are innocent then why attempt to shut Goncalo up, and ruin him financially, why do they need 1.2 million euros???to pay for more photocopied posters.Sorry but it seems like money money, other. parents with missing children do not seek financial reward.
    Freedom of Speech, should be allowed, maintaining what ones opinion is, especially if an expert in that field. Why do they need elite teams of legal advisors, lawyers if they are innocent, and yes the Madeliene website and ebay accepts Paypal as do most businesses. Poor Maddy where ever you are.

  27. 27
    Liberty Says:

    Certain people don’t want to consider that Madeleine might be dead, because that would point to possible murder charge, and there would then be a murder suspect, and a murder investigation, even if she died accidently, like slipping on the stairs. It seems these certain people are going out of their way to prevent this, and the only way this can be done is to insist that Madeleine was abducted and is still alive. Chance she was abducted – 50 percent. Chance she is dead – 50 percent. So I say that equal opportunity must be provided for people to search for her if she was kidnapped, but also equal opportunity for those who believe she was murdered, (or died accidently and her death was covered up) to search for her body. If there are people who think they know where she can be found, dead or alive, these people must be assisted so that all avenues can be followed. I know a man who was able about ten years ago, to find the body of a missing child; as he was told where she was buried by a psychic. This same psychic has told this man too where he can find the body of Madeleine. Somebody must give him a chance; because he was right before, and as sad as it is, he could be right again. Then a lot of people can come to rest, and then we can use money that was raised with FindMadeleine to search for other missing children, in memory of Madelein McCann.

  28. 28
    Ironside Says:

    Question why did David Payne not mention in his statement to LPD that he visited Kate on the evening of the 3rd.? David Payne holds the key.

    Site Admin: Who is LPD? Do you mean Leicester Constabulary? If so, Payne did mention visiting Kate on the 3rd. Only, he told them he last saw Madeleine at 17H00 and not after 18H00 as he said in his rogatory interview in Leicester in April 2008.

  29. 29
    JusticeSeeker Says:

    To 26-Liberty: Well, if you know a psychic who was able to find a missing body some ten years ago, why don’t you give it a try and contact him? There is no need to wait for an official reopening of the case. That is not going to happen anyway, because it is not supposed to happen as long as certain politicians in the UK and Portugal are in office.If we want to push the case we need to launch private initiatives to force the hands of the officials. I have no doubt that PJ would love to return officially to the case and continue investigating. Behind the scene a lot of investigation has been conducted and the noose around the neck of the McCanns and their cohorts is getting more tight every day. Give it a try! Contact the psychic, ask him the necessary questions and let us have his answers. You can’t make a mistake by that. Either he is right or wrong.And I wouldn’t even be surprised if this person would confirm Maddie’s death and point at a lake close to the Spanish border where her body is concealed. I am a retired inspector of PJ myself and know that some people indeed gifted with unusual powers and able to detect the whereabouts of cadavers. I have been witnessing two such cases myself. Threforwe, I am open to the experiment.Think about it.

  30. 30
    Ironside Says:

    Thanks Site Admin…That just goes to show I should do my own checking. I read a post from TTW4 who I would say does a lot of checking and assumed he was correct.

    Site Admin: No worries. DC Mike Marshall sent an email/letter to Ricardo Paiva on October 24, 2007 where he stated this time of 17H00 but more importantly he said that Payne had said Gerry and Kate were both present. This account differs massively from the subsequent accounts/rogatories.

  31. 31
    Ironside Says:

    Petra, I wish you would post again you give a lot of insight into the Mccanns marriage. I think it is fair to say their marriage is not a happy one. The hand holding is not one of affection but a sham. There is no love between this couple. The footage of them going on holiday is proof enough. Mccann distant and cold, swearing in front of his children.Kate by her own admission saying that she slept one night in another bed. I would not be surprised if all nights were spent in another bed.Kate an only child, her mother also very cold and unfeeling. Kate just like Madeleine, a daddies girl. I have been told that all Doctors are like machines they cannot get involved. Maybe in this case it goes one step further, not their fault ,they just do not know how to love.

  32. 32
    Midas Says:

    Halligen and Oakley Int. have made the Sunday papers after his sad indictment. Follow the money guys. lol

  33. 33
    Ironside Says:

    The Mccanns seem to mix with hoods in the search for their darling daughter. Two of metodo 3 are still in prison one for drug trafficking and the other on an attempted murder charge.

  34. 34
    Midas Says:


    The C-Rucks accounts need a thorough going-over because it looks like they know about things that should have been reported to the police in the first instance. No wonder they can charge extortionate fees, when they are working for extortionists.

    Who would complain about a big solicitor’s bill when it stops you going to nick?

  35. 35
    JusticeSeeker Says:

    Yes, follow the money. But don’t forget to think far back as well! Rembember that the McScams had not only organized the media circus after the alleged abduction withina few days, but also the Madeleine Fund to con people out of money. Don’t forget – the bylaws of the Fund explixcitly say that the McScams are entitled to use the money for their OWN ends and benefits! And also don’t forget that the board of directors of the said Fund is comprised of family member and friends of the McScams. What does all of this tell you? Yes, it was all very well prepared in advance, and it was for money from the very beginning – a huge money laundering facility! And now add Carter-*uck to the business. What do you get? Right! A huge extortionist enterprise, again attempting to get their dirty hands on other peoples’s money! Take for example Gonçalo Amaral. 18 months after the publication of his book «The Truth About The Lie» the McScams sued him – assuming having made sufficient money for indemnisation, therefore claim 1,2 mio. Euros in damages from Amaral. Shouldn’t one assdume that they knew the contents of the book in question a week after it was first published in Portugal? And all this goes hand-in-hand with top notches of the Portuguese political establishment because all of them are blackmailed by British PM Gordon Brown into submission. Simply too many skeletons in their closets, and more and more of their corruption is revealed on a daily basis. Add now the fake Secret Service Agent Halligan to the picture. This master con-artist was never hired to launch a search for Maddie – but to transfer and launder money to the USA for the McScams from where it could easily be re-transferred to other countries to guarantee an easy life of these crooks! I have the strong feeling that the McScams are preparing their Bye Bye from the UK, planning to move to another English speaking country. They know that their Empire is crumbling and justice may finally prevail and take them to prison where they belong. Being away from the UK makes it much more difficult to bring them to justice via extradition etc. And of course it needs to be a country outside Europe because there is the very effective instrument called “European Arrest Warrant.” No, it needs to be far away from Europe to be on the safe side! There is a lot more to say but I am getting tired of it. Many people have got good ideas how to proceeda adnd post them on various forums – but it is all theoreteical. Practically, the McScams hamve the money and everything seems to work out to their advantage. Iam afraid we have to wait for the Divine Justice to kick in and put all of them out of business.

  36. 36
    Midas Says:

    JusticeSeeker wrote ………… ‘Right! A huge extortionist enterprise, again attempting to get their dirty hands on other peoples’s money! Take for example Gonçalo Amaral. 18 months after the publication of his book «The Truth About The Lie» the McScams sued him – assuming having made sufficient money for indemnisation, therefore claim 1,2 mio. Euros in damages from Amaral. Shouldn’t one assdume that they knew the contents of the book in question a week after it was first published in Portugal?’………. There is a lot more to say but I am getting tired of it. Many people have got good ideas how to proceeda adnd post them on various forums – but it is all theoreteical. Practically, the McScams hamve the money and everything seems to work out to their advantage. Iam afraid we have to wait for the Divine Justice to kick in and put all of them out of business’

    JusticeSeeker ……… Excellent post. Please don’t be disheartened! We need you! The dailies are starting to pick up a little now and it may be a tactical and gentle foray that they are using to start drip-feeding stuff about the McCanns. I am annoyed that they seem to be trying to get away to foreign climes myself. But we have to carry on. Keep the faith. X

  37. 37
    JusticeSeeker Says:

    To 35 – Midas: Don’t worry! I am not going to give up. Quite to the contrary, I intend to stir the pot a little more, attempting to mobilize more forces, make people think and if possible – act! You need to understand: I spent almost all my professional life with PJ. Not in Portugal or the UK but in a European country. And crime is crime and the way you fight it is much the same everywhere. And believe me, if you follow a case under investigation – for instance the Maddie case – and you know from your own professional point of view that the detective in charge is a top investigator and does exactly what needs to be done – peel the onion layer by layer until you are at the core of the case – which is the truth – and this fact is well known to forces who intend to keep the truth under the carpet by all means and therefore manage to have the detective removed from the case, something is terribly wrong.Rest assured that I know what I am talking about. I can confirm that crime from a certain level turns into a political matter with interference from political figures, but what happened in the case in question – the Maddie case – is unique and a crime in itself. The only official player in this dirty game was the former Director of PJ, Alípio Ribeiro, who was «urged» by vulnerable political figures to declare the status of «Arguido» was precipitated in order to justify Amaral’s removal. At least he had the moral strength to resign from office. As Amaral once used to say:«Still the same political figures in the game». He was right.And his reward for 27 years of service with PJ was a kick in the butt to protect criminals in the UK and Portugal. Where are the voices of his long term collegues? You cannot hear them and this silence is not only deafening, but also telling. Almost none of them is willing to stand up for the truth, side with Amaral because of fear their personal career may suddenly be interrupted etc. That is the problem of Amaral. He was chosen to be the sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered on the altar of corruption. To do whatever I can to prevent this to happen is the rerason why I continue to fight. Don’t worry about the McCanns, they are finished very soon and justive will prevail. What we are obliged to do is to limit collateral damage and make life a little easier for Amaral and his family. Got the message?

  38. 38
    Midas Says:

    Brilliant JusticeSeeker. Let us proceed. They need nailing to the wall. Soon!

  39. 39
    Liberty Says:

    To JusticeSeeker ~ thank you for your encouraging words. The man I told you about who enlisted the help of the psychic, as he found another missing girl before; is in the process of trying to get back to P de L but is finding it difficult as his funds are limited ` he is based in South Africa in the Western Cape. Once there, he will only need a short time to find her, and then the wheels of Justice can roll again. If you know the truth, as has been shared with me, you will see that a lot of what has been written is speculation, and leads to much other speculation. The reality is much simpler. I guess the saying is true: “What a tangled web we weave, when at first we learn how to deceive.” What he now needs is a written invitation from somebody living in Portugal that he can submit to the Portuguese Embassy in order to obtain his visa. The invitation will then be included in his itinery. Should you so wish, you can liaise with him at the following email address: ~ Thank you

  40. 40
    JusticeSeeker Says:

    To 37 – Midas: Yes, that is going to happen very soon. Their time is almost up and the noose around their neck is getting tighter every day. They made a lot of mistakes from the very beginning and today they are nervous which is likely to trigger more mistakes. All we need is patience and to continue to collect evidence.It is just a matter of time, and if the McCanns would be aware of how much is known about the case and the involvement of every single one of the Tapas-Gang already that is not contained in the official PJ files, one would assume that at least one of them would ponder about the possibility of contacting the public prosecutor to offer himself as «witness of the crown» and snitching the others off.Well, it is not very polite, but it describes the present situation best: “Very soon the shit is going to hit the fan!”

  41. 41
    Marcus Says:

    The Solicitors they have are very good.. I don’t think they would get involved with a scam.. But I can tell you this for sure they are the best around and very expensive.. so the Mc Canns money won’t last long…
    Guilty well we will see’ I don’t think it’s anything to do with Amber is the child dead no body we assume she is still alive until otherwise if the Mc Canns are guilty of anything i am sure it will show at some point living with a lie is not easy….

  42. 42
    Midas Says:

    JusticeSeeker ……… You have truly made my day! I am buzzing now I have read your post. I have always held the conviction that there will be convictions, but you are making me feel as if it is going to sooner that I dreamed of. Thank you, thank you, thank you etc. X

    I will make sure that I stand right in front of that fan you mentioned. lol Whilst wearing protetive-clothing of course! lol

    I guess there will be a big queue to be standing right there. lol

  43. 43
    Midas Says:

    Liberty, it would be great if this psychic could get a tv company to make a programme about it, then the visa and fees woud not be a problem. A US tv company flew people to PDL. And they were rubbish, but this person sounds genuine.

  44. 44
    JusticeSeeker Says:

    Midas… I am glad I made your day. Stay tuned, there is more to come. As to Liberty: Did I get this correctly? The psychic you mention was in Praia da Luz already? If so, when, on whos behalf? What were his findings? If he was there, why didn’t he point to the place where to find Madeleine? Is there any statement about Maddie to be dead or alive? Remember, we had the pleasure of Mr. Krugel’s (another gentleman from South Africa) and his miraculous cardboard box visit to PDL already.And it was not very helpful.Give me some more hints, please, and if I am convinced I am going to make some people in the US move their butt.

  45. 45
    Midas Says:

    You have now made my day even better with your last posting! Keep this up! The power of positive thinking knows no bounds. I hope the PJ know how many people are right behind their findings!

  46. 46
    Liberty Says:

    Justice Seeker and Midas: we have nothing to do with Mr Krugel. The person who was given the information by the psychic as to the whereabouts of Madeleine, is my brother. He went to Portugal based on the information he received from the psychic but unfortunately he had no support whatsoever from anybody. He believed so strongly in finding Madeleine, he sold EVEYTHING he owned in order to fund his passage to Portugal. He was successful in the case of the missing child previously, although sadly she was not found alive, as I shared with you. You can understand that he does not want to divulge all the information as everybody, including the perpetrator(s) potentially have access to this site. As I said in my first post: he had no support, financial or anything else; language, transport and logistics was a nightmare for him, he was working entirely on his own, and his time in Portugal was VERY limited due to all the constraints I have mentioned. He needs the right people to back him up, in other words, certain legal aspects have to be considered for example gaining access to private property, etc. He did not consider those factors and thought it would be a relatively simple task to go in and find Madeleine. However, those factors are what hindered him from finding Madeleine the first time. Not being able to gain access to the property in question, he did however take photographs of the site, which he gave to the psychic on his return. She (the psychic is a woman) pointed to a landmark in the photograph identifying the place where Madeleine is. The sooner he is given the necessary support, the sooner Madeleine will be found.

  47. 47
    Raymond Says:

    If you have all this information why not hand it over to the McCanns? prove too them and maybe bring closure to the case??

    (a landmark in the photograph identifying the place where Madeleine is. The sooner he is given the necessary support, the sooner Madeleine will be found.)

  48. 48
    JusticeSeeker Says:

    Liberty 45 – Well, sounds promising. If I got this right, Maddie is dead as every police officer,including the British ones, who was ever involved with the case, is convinced of. Your last posting gave me some clues. I do agree that we should not share further information via this forum but via an email address to be agreed upon, because I need some additional informations to discuss with certain people in the US who would be in charge to organize and finance the trip, ok? So far, I cannot promise anything, but I shall do my very best if the answers to certain questions are satisfactory.

  49. 49
    Midas Says:

    Raymond Says:
    November 23rd, 2009 at 8:05 am
    If you have all this information why not hand it over to the McCanns? prove too them and maybe bring closure to the case??


    Raymond, for goodness sake! Have you never heard of the Smiths and the Gaspars and Yvonne Martin?

    Ask them what it was like trying to give information to the police and getting them to act on it!

    Nobody will act on anything. It is like banging your head on a brick all every day.

    It would be great if you could get through to somebody on behalf of Maadeleine. Please get back to us and let us know what they say, if you do.

  50. 50
    Midas Says:

    If we hand it over to the McCanns directly, it will get buried with another out-fit like Oakley or Metodo 3.

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