The 48 questions that remained unanswered

Source: Correio da Manhã, 03.08.2008, paper edition. Translation by Astro

Investigation – What the PJ inspectors wanted to know

When she became an arguida, Kate stopped talking to the inspectors

September 7, 2007. Kate McCann entered the Polícia Judiciária in Portimão in the morning and the questioning extended into the evening. She was heard as a witness, but the tension in the air was evident. For the first time, people were concentrated at the PJ building’s door and murmured words of mistrust regarding the couple.

On that day, CM had reported that the dogs had detected cadaver odour on Maddie’s mother’s clothes. A piece of evidence that the authorities intended to use as a trump, during a questioning that only changed course on the next day, after the PJ failed to see their doubts clarified.

Kate began by replying all the questions, but when she was made an arguida, she stopped talking. She went silent, in the company of her lawyer, and accepted all the insinuations in a provocative manner. Less than 48 hours later, Kate and Gerry travel to England with the twins, leaving the investigation into the disappearance of their daughter, who meanwhile had become four, behind.

They later guaranteed that they would return if necessary – which they never did, although they were never formally requested to return – and they are no longer arguidos for the suspected involvement in concealing the child’s body. Today, CM reveals the 48 questions that Kate did not want to answer during the interrogation and which reflect the investigators’ doubts. More than a year after Maddie disappeared, many of these questions remain unanswered.

Jeers for the McCann couple

The day that Kate and Gerry went to the PJ’s offices in Portimão marked a turnaround in the relationship between the local people and the couple: the curious bystanders that spent the day on the street jeered at Maddie’s mother and father, mainly criticizing the “absence of visible suffering” from Kate. The foreign press also attended in great numbers.

The Judiciária’s 48 questions that Kate did not answer

  1. On the 3rd of May 2007, at around 10 p.m., when you entered the apartment, what did you see, what did you do, where did you search, what did you handle?
  2. Did you search in the couple’s bedroom’s closet? (said she would not reply)
  3. (Two photographs of her bedroom’s closet are exhibited) Can you describe its contents?
  4. Why are the curtains in front of the side window, behind the sofa (photograph is exhibited) ruffled? Did someone pass behind that sofa?
  5. How long did the search that you made in the apartment after detecting the disappearance of your daughter Madeleine take?
  6. Why did you say straight away that Madeleine had been abducted?
  7. Presuming that Madeleine had been abducted, why did you leave the twins alone at home while you went to the Tapas to raise the alarm? Even because the supposed abductor could still be inside the apartment.
  8. Why didn’t you ask the twins at that moment what had happened to their sister, or why didn’t you ask them at a later point in time?
  9. When you raised the alarm at the Tapas, what exactly did you say and what were the words?
  10. What happened after you raised the alarm at the Tapas?
  11. Why did you do to warn your friends instead of calling out from the balcony?
  12. Who contacted the authorities?
  13. Who participated in the searches?
  14. Did anyone outside of the group learn about Maddie’s disappearance during the following minutes?
  15. Did any neighbour offer you help after the disappearance?
  16. What does the expression “we let her down” mean?
  17. Did Jane mention to you that she had see a man with a child that night?
  18. How were the authorities contacted and which police force was called?
  19. During the searches, and already with the police present, in what locations was Maddie searched for, how and in what manner?
  20. Why didn’t the twins wake up during that search, or when they went to the upper floor?
  21. Who did you call after the facts?
  22. Did you call SKY News?
  23. Did you know about the danger of calling the media, because that could influence the abductor?
  24. Did you request the presence of a priest?
  25. How was Madeleine’s face publicized, with a photograph, or other media?
  26. Is it true that during the search you remained seated on Maddie’s bed without moving?
  27. How did you behave that evening?
  28. Did you manage to sleep?
  29. Before the trip to Portugal, did you comment on a bad feeling or a bad premonition?
  30. What was Madeleine’s behaviour?
  31. Did Maddie suffer of any disease or did she take any kind of medication?
  32. What was the relationship like between Madeleine and her siblings?
  33. What was the relationship like between Madeleine and her siblings, her friends and her colleagues at school?
  34. Concerning your professional life, in how many and in which hospitals have you worked?
  35. What is your medical specialty?
  36. Did you work by shifts, in emergency rooms or in other departments?
  37. Did you work on a daily basis?
  38. Did you stop working at a certain point in time? Why?
  39. Do your twin children have difficulty in falling asleep, are they unruly and does that upset you?
  40. Is it true that at certain times you were desperate over your children’s attitude and that left you were upset?
  41. Is it true that in England you considered the possibility of handing over Madeleine’s guardianship to a relative?
  42. In England, did you give your children medication? What type of medication?
  43. Within the process, you were shown films of cynotechnical inspection of forensic character, where the dogs can be seen marking indications of human cadaver odour and equally human blood traces, and only of human origin, as well as all the comments that were made by the responsible expert. After the visualization, and after cadaver odour was signaled in your bedroom next to the wardrobe and behind the sofa that was pushed against the living room window, you said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said?
  44. You said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said, concerning the marking of human blood behind the sofa by the detection dog
  45. You said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said, concerning the marking of cadaver odour in the boot of the vehicle that you rented a month after the disappearance?
  46. You said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said, concerning the marking of human blood in the boot of the vehicle?
  47. You said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said, upon being confronted with the result of the collection of Maddie’s DNA, which was analysed by a British lab, behind the sofa and inside the vehicle’s boot?
  48. Did you have any responsibility or intervention in the disappearance of your daughter?

The question that she answered

Are you aware of the fact that by not answering these questions you may compromise the investigation, which is trying to find out what happened to your daughter? She said “yes, if the investigation thinks so.”

Process becomes public tomorrow

From tomorrow onwards, the entire investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine will be made available to the arguidos, to the witnesses, to the lawyers and also to the journalists, because it is a case of manifest public interest.

The process, which was archived on the 21st of July, will also be available to the general public, a situation that will allow for an authentic scrutiny of the work that was developed by the Polícia Judiciária. This decision, which came as a surprise due to the fact that the case involves a child, was only announced at this point in time, after the Portuguese lawyers for the McCann family, Carlos Pinto de Abreu and Rogério Alves, requested the Portimão Court for priority in the access to the process.

Last Wednesday, the Court had requested the interested parties that had already asked for the consultation of the process to leave a CD at the secretary’s office, given the fact that the process will be supplied in a digital format.

The archiving of the investigation into the little girl’s disappearance, which happened on the 3rd of May 2007, in the Algarve, precipitated the lifting of the judicial secrecy, which had been extended precisely until the month of August.

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  1. 51
    V Star Says:

    Frustrating not knowing the truth.. I hope Maddie is safe somewhere. Everyone seems so certain of everything.

  2. 52
    Liz Y Says:

    It is frustrating but it is also obvious that where there are discrepancies, contradictions and plain lies in a story, it begins to smell, and when those contradictions etc. are not answered and explained, as they would have to be in a Court of Law, people with questioning and logical minds will begin to dig and having dug – more discrepancies etc. etc. Can anyone ANYONE who reads the evidence not see that, even if their story was true (which I do not believe) how have they managed to carry on as if they haven’t done anything wrong and they’re being backed up by powerful people.
    Karen Matthews got 7 years and her daughter is alive and well, albeit better off without her. They were ignorant, ill-educated and could have done with the money, so what about Saints Gerry and Kate, just ask them to answer the questions. Yes it is frustrating but it leaves me enraged and feeling so impotent that these people are still allowed to carry on bumming off people who are far worse off than them and smirking all the way to the bank.
    It is another good marketing ploy, to keep up the publicity and the Mantra that we think she’s still alive. Not very lucrative the truth though is it Gerry?

  3. 53
    Liz Y Says:

    Now I’ve got my orange box out, about washing Cuddle Cat, if they can tear the covers off Madeleine book, to put together what they thought was a credible plan, they can do anything, if your child is missing, everything of that child would be irreplacable and precious.
    Finally, forensic science is progressing by leaps and bounds, and I hope the Policia Judiciaria have still got samples of DNA and next time they want it investigating, don’t send it to the UK, because you probably won’t get truthful results. What a terrible thing to have to say. God Help us all.

  4. 54
    shannon Says:

    Please I hope that what I have read is not true and even if they were doing it for money as long as the poor child is still alive…

    And to think that, in my innocent little world I believed that if I wished hard enough on my wishing stone everything would be better and Maddie would be home again..(bearing in mind I was 10 when she disappeared)

    What has this world come to?

  5. 55
    Tim Says:

    This case is so frustrating as anyone with half an ounce of intelligence, who takes time to read some of the case files released to date, can obviously see that there has been a major cover-up here. The McCanns have lied from start to finish & they’re still at it now ‘cos their slush fund is running dry.
    Even more pissed off at the moment after seeing this afternoon’s news that the ban on Mr. Amarals book has been upheld. The book only contains facts from the case files and should be freely available for anyone to read. I’ve recently read the English translation of it and it will open the eyes of anyone who still subscribes to the abduction theory. That’s probably the real reason the McCanns wanted the ban in the first place.
    By the way, does anyone know if the ban just applies to the “sale” of the book? What if it was freely available in pdf format? 🙂

  6. 56
    lyn Says:


    You can read the book on the internet, in English, just Google it

  7. 57
    John Says:

    I find this evidence very concerning. I have personally lost a grown-up child (through a road traffic accident) myself so I absolutely hesitate to criticise parents who have lost one of their own children. However, it is undeniable that the McCanns left a 3-year old child and two babies unsupervised in a room at night when they were well out of ear shot and not ‘in the garden’ as they have compared. All parents know how quickly a young child or baby can get into trouble with choking, being sick, having an accident etc. To leave children in such circumstances (more than once) is not the behaviour of responsible parents and certainly not of qualified doctors (assuming their credentials are genuine) – they took a risk and it went badly wrong. I sincerely hope that Maddie is found alive one day, but it escapes me why Kate and Gerry McCann were not prosecuted for child neglect. 99.9% of parents would have hired a baby sitter, so why didn’t they?

  8. 58
    john Says:

    it seems to me that madeleine died by accident, or reaction from some medication she was given. her death if various parties did not want to be held responsible, could only be covered up by an elaborate story of abduction.(hastily cooked up by the parents& fellow friends with them at the tapas restaurant). all the friends present with the mccanns were fellow professionals with their careers at stake, all doing the same thing.(ie leaving children unattended whilst dining&taking turns to visit the children at timed intervals) ok but if a child starts choking and has no one to help them, not so good. if a child dies from such an event, but hasn’t been purposely left alone, then the parent or persons in charge would not necessarily been in trouble, but when said adults have purposely left them, like the mccanns&their friends did, then they new instantly that an abduction story would be the only way to save their professional skins, and that goes for all involved.

  9. 59
    Tim Says:

    Thanks Lyn @55 but the last bit of my post was a query more in relation to what would happen to anyone if they started making this pdf file freely available as opposed to selling. I think it should be compulsory reading for the British public, instead of having to listen to the rubbish we’re fed by our media!

  10. 60
    Lyn Says:

    Hi Tim

    Don’t know the answer to that, but i do know that the book is freely available on quite a few websites
    Joana Morais website
    The new 3A’s website
    and MANY others.
    Best thing to do is go into one of those sites and Save the book to read at your leisure

  11. 61
    Tim Says:

    Heyup Lyn. Thanks again for the info. I’ve already got a copy and read it but wondered how I’d stand if I started giving it away. The more people who read this (& the case files) the fewer people will support these fraudsters & maybe eventually they will be brought to justice…fingers crossed!!

  12. 62
    lyn Says:


    Don’t know, but Mr Amaral is prohibited from selling/talking about the book…..not you. You can, if it bothers you, always refer your friends etc to the various sites mentioned and they can read it for themselves, that is how many people have found/read it, through others telling them, besides Tim it is a bugger to print off…….save the ink if i were you, just point them in the right direction.

  13. 63
    lyn Says:


    Adding to my last comment, don’t know weather copyright procedures would apply, who knows but so far as i am aware no-one has mentioned it. Anyway i trust you would not be selling copies of this book… i said better to let friends know where they can read it for themselves

  14. 64
    Tim Says:

    Hi again Lyn.
    Deffo not even contemplating selling it but if anyone wants a version in pdf format they can have a copy, obviously FOC. The more people who read it, the more chance I think there is of the McConns being brought to justice!

  15. 65
    jane Says:

    The Smith family said they saw a man resembling JM carrying a small child towards the beach.
    The route he would have taken to be seen in this location has been suggested on the web.
    That route is in the direction of the OLD FORT and its PRIVATE BEACH.
    Robert Murat’s uncle Ralph Eveleigh is pictured with a female jaz singer in his B&B villa SALSALITO.
    The Jaz band that female singer belongs to entertains in the OLD FORT,PRAIA DA LUZ.
    She is around late forties/fifty,buxom, shoulder lenght blonde hair.
    Maybe a match for woman seen in petrol station the night Madeleine disapeared.
    Robert Murat said he had been the victim of the biggest cock up (words to that effect) on the planet.
    Rachel Oldfield/Jane Tanner are on the team for Private Equityfd ,Louis Hunts company set up with funds from AXA this is a top executive head hunting firm.
    BROOMCO a Global Conglomerate set up by RBS,Tom Hunter,Ruben Brother, links back to a Zadik Bino.
    Look up BROOMCO, BINOS, maybe a link with (GABINO) Murats Property com?
    The list of linked companies goes on OLDFIELD&MILLER, NHS DIRECT NAMETAGS, WEBCAM and several others and account/tax firms some now defunct.Conspiracy on Global mass
    Unravel the web and this case could be solved.

  16. 66
    john Says:

    the more i read into this case, the more i think there is definitely a cover up. jane tanners sighting of the apparent abductor at 9-15 on the night carrying the child in the direction of the murats house is most probably made up to support the abduction theory and clear g mccann of involvement. however the smith family’s(from donegal) sighting of a man(at about 10pm)carrying a child fitting the description of madeleine, in the opposite direction(towards the beach)& being 60 to 70% certain that the man was g mccann, seems a lot more believable. it is said that jane tanner has altered her sighting about four times to fit the bill. at 9-15 g mcann was talking to a friend he had met after leaving the apartment on the way back to the tapas bar. no-one else witnessed the abductor, just j tanner. as she is a close friend is she making it up? having watched a couple of early interviews of the mccanns which were only a few weeks after the event, k mccann was already talking about madeleine in the past tense(ie she was a lively child) like she already knew she was dead. strange….

    Site Admin: Joe Moura of CBS Television was on the 48-Hours Special on the Madeleine Case. He is bilingual and speaks fluent Portuguese. He visited PDL and spoke to the tapas restaurant employees and they told him Tanner never left the table that night. Martin Smith actually states he was 60-80% sure it was Gerry McCann (Volume XVI page 4136).

  17. 67
    Tony Says:

    I know there was non investigation regarding abduction.
    1) why the police with Goncalo Amaral didn’t investigate possible abduction theory?
    2)Was he unable to do it?
    3)How the Police investigate the theory of abduction?
    4)Was there any suspect of abduction by Police?
    Thank you for answear

  18. 68

    it stinks rotton, if and i mean IF maddie had been taken there is no way you would leave the twins there alone and go back to the tapas bar—- say no more they are guilty…..o an another thing if you had nothing to hide and got accused of being involved there would be no stopping you telling the press and police to get on with finding her in no uncertain terms, and no-one and nothing would stop you…(i no 4sure if my they said i hurt my girl they i would hit them on the spot.)

    Site Reply: Quite right Patrick. The story is nothing but a fabrication to cover up something more serious.

  19. 69
    Liz Y Says:

    I pray for the day when Scotland Yard announce that they are investigating the manslaughter and neglect of Madeleine, and that the Mccanns are the only 2 suspects.

  20. 70
    Tony Says:

    Why you not accept and suspect some truth about abduction of Madeleine? With Tapas 9, there were more doctors family who did same process of care with children as McCanns. Police should reopen new investigation of abduction and maybe manslaughter Madeline. If there is indication of some witnesses there should be reason to do it now.

  21. 71
    I Costa Says:

    I’m only 11 and now I am scared to hell and scared that I will get kidnapped.
    This whole situation has upsted my siblings too. She should have just admited but no. She has no guts in her. I Think it was Kate. Not her dad.
    I think Gerry is inocent and she hasn’t told him.
    You better tell someone the true because people are starting to realise that this is all a lie.
    For the first year I actually thought that Maddie was still alive.
    Its true I did.
    But now I have no hope left.
    I actually want to meet Kate and if I do I am going to tell her some home truths.
    I hope she gets fined for this.
    Hope Maddie is safe or someone nice in heaven.
    Hope she will have a better life next time.

  22. 72
    jazzy10453 Says:

    @ patrick i agree with the end of your quote except had she done that and hit someone they would have painted her as a violent person and even more stupid speculations would have come about.

    ppl react differently in certain situations. some of the questions she wouldnt answer sounded like they were asking random questions that anyone would answer with just a look on their face.. example..
    1.Did you search in the couple’s bedroom’s closet? (said she would not reply).. wtf would i search my closet for??? thats not the first thing anyone would think to check and if i were her i would have asked them what they know about my child being missing that they pinpointed the closet as a place for me to check.

    Why are the curtains in front of the side window, behind the sofa (photograph is exhibited) ruffled? Did someone pass behind that sofa? i would look at him like he was stupid. i have ruffled curtains …and if someone came through the window and took my kid that might explain the curtains

    How long did the search that you made in the apartment after detecting the disappearance of your daughter Madeleine take? …..wouldnt it seem weird for someone to start their stop watch when looking for their missing child? and my answer would be idk who times themselves when their child has gone missing

    Why did you say straight away that Madeleine had been abducted? ..had she said madeline has went missing they would have asked why she said madeline went missing and why she didnt say abducted oh please……

    asking about her medical background wouldnt have helped find her daughter. none of us know what happened, dont base assumptions off of questions she decided not to answer. questions that i probably wouldnt answer because they are making me sound as if i did something to my child. questions nobody would have answered when every answer they give out of grief is being portrayed as the wrong answer.

  23. 73
    Angelique Says:

    ~71 jazzy10453

    Yes, as you say they do seem odd questions but that’s because they are usually referred to as “leading questions” and as such she would be advised not to answer any of them without advice -so she didn’t. Nevertheless, it is just another reason why we think this behaviour is odd, but it’s not in this case.

  24. 74
    Laurie Says:

    The McCann’s are guilty. The timelines have been documented and researched by one and all and there is absolutely no way an abduction could have taken place, in the time frame the McCann’s say it took place.
    Reality. No one but the tapas 7 and good old Mum and Dad, even saw Madeline after 5:30pm that day.
    We all know that Kate had been having big time issues with mummyhood and the challenges that this little girl was giving them. Even the police asked her if it was true that they were considering placing Maddy in the care of a relative in England. With the complaints about the children crying every night, from neighbours at the resort, it is not hard to imagine that Kate and Gerry were at their wits end. I mean who in their right minds, leaves babies to fend for themselves at night? They had closed the window shutters tight and the bedroom door where the children slept, which means it would have been pitch black in the bedroom. Scary enough for anyone, let alone small children. Reading the accounts of these infamous tapas 7 who claim to have been checking on Maddy and her siblings all night, it is now apparent that no one even physically went into the bedroom to see the children. They simply stopped by the closed door, listening for sounds. Wow. How impressive. No sounds. No problem. Are these people for real? A baby could have choked, gagged, fallen and hit their head, etc. Now, Gerry describes the feeling of coming back to find Maddy gone, like a Mother having lost her child in the grocery store for a split second. Sorry Gerry, not even close by comparisson. Nice try though. Wasn’t this the 5th night in a row that you left the children alone?
    Kate and Gerry’s attempt to look like saints, has most of the public thinking they are. There is so much more information available now, like the blood stains in the apartment, the car, etc. with the McCann’s refusing explain a thing.
    I hope the police get lucky and uncover just one tangible clue, that gives them what they need to arrest the parents and the tapas 7 for the cover up they have all been a part of.
    And by the way Gerry, in every interview I have ever seen of you, you look guilty as sin. Your time is almost up. The truth will come out.

  25. 75
    Helen Says:

    Could agree more with what Laurie said.
    Well said!!!
    I do find it amazing that with the evidence the cadavar dogs found that no-one was arrested.
    There was a similar case in America where a Mother denied killing her daughter, she claimed she went missing etc etc, sounds familiar doesnt it?…
    In the end after suspicions the dogs were sent in and detected blood and cadaver in the boot of the Mothers car.
    She was arrested and charged without a body or any more proof other than the dogs and forensics evidence from the fibres in the boot… again sounds familiar!!
    In the end the little girls was found in the woods and the forensic evidence from the body and clothing put the Mother away for good.
    Why the hell hasnt this happened with the Mccanns???? The evidence is there!!! Why ignore it?

  26. 76
    Viola Says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else think the sketch of the abductor, who Jane Tanner describes seeing, amazingly looks like Jane Tanner? I remember reading somewhere that more often then not when a person makes up a description of a suspect, that it will look like the person giving the description. Which makes me wonder why would she make up a suspect? Also, I read the McCanns vacationed with some of these people before. Which ones? And whose idea were the vacations? How well did the McCanns really know these people? No matter what happened it is sad.

    Another thought is, Did the resort have curb side drains. You know the kind on the side of the sidewalks that don’t always have a grate. I remember reading a story about a small child almost being swept away into one of these when crossing through a puddle with a parent. Fortunately the parent was able to grab the child’s hair, hold on and pull the child out of the drain. The parent couldn’t beleive that a 2-3yr old child could fit through such a wide yet narrow slit. She petitioned to have covers put on such drains. Remembering this story made me wonder if Maddie could have wandered away and fallen into a drain or even a crevise. Remember baby Jessica in the well? It was a tiny hole she fell through. Are there tiny spaces Maddie could have fallen into if she wandered away looking for mommy & daddy? There are so many things that could have happened to this child, including accidental overdose and abduction.

    As far as not answering some of these questions, well, answering the questions either way could have been used to distort the answer against her. Did you check the closet? Answer no and suddenly its “Why didn’t you? You knew she was dead, didn’t you?” Answer yes and its “Why did you check the closet? Why didn’t you hurry to get help? You did that because you knew she was dead, didn’t you?” Etc.

    I pray that Madeleine will soon be found alive and well and able to return to her parents, who will need to earn her forgiveness for leaving her alone without their protection. Though I fear that probably won’t be the case and when I think that I pray she’s found no matter what.

  27. 77
    Angelique Says:


    I think I read somewhere that one of the ‘sketches’ resembles Kate – so maybe the one Jane Tanner describes as being who she saw is an example of this same phenomena. It is something that I myself experienced but in a different scenario. I used draw faces, one in particular. It wasn’t until my tutor asked who I thought it was and I told him I didn’t know, that he told me it was me! So you are right, sometimes we remember features that are not unlike ourselves.

    I have read many blogs regarding the couples and who took holidays with whom. Maybe Stevo can answer this question – but will search and see what I can find. My memory is not good sometimes and refuses to work.

    Please, that awful incident with the drain – yes, I’ve thought this too, one seems to try out every scenario available to explain in a feasible way what could have happened to her – but many on here and elsewhere, still come face to face with the “cadaver/blood dogs” and it seems just so hopeless. This beautiful little child lost amongst a sea of possible lies and deceit. If only we could have the truth – we could then accept and grieve properly.

  28. 78
    Liz Y Says:

    Jane Tanner changed her description so many times, ranging from a faceless figure (strange when you consider the detail in the rest of the image, even down to the classic shoes) and went through several more images – including one who looked like Murat, finally arriving at the devil incarnate and the supposed child went from being wrapped in a blanket, to wearing exacty the same pyjamas as Madeleine, all this in poor visibility (She must have eaten tons of carrots). Even if the abduction story were true, her evidence would be laughed out of court.
    I’m still surprised that people, whom I presume have read about the discrepancies, the lies, contradictions, the weird body language, the refusal to answer questions, the excuses, the money grubbing, the ability to carry on regardless when they should have been on the floor, not all smiles, make-up and colour co-ordinated clothes, the way the fund for finding Madeleine, has been used for Lawyers and Barristers, mortgage payments, petty cash – I won’t even go there… and always bearing in mind that, even if you go with the abduction shit, the fact that they’ve never ever admitted being wrong in any way whatsoever, but people still come here saying I hope Madeleine comes back soon. I’m a reasonably intelligent person, I believed in the abduction at first, it wasn’t the Policia Judiciaria or, in fact, anyone else at all, it was the McCanns and their friend’s actions and re-actions, who made me think that all was not as it seemed.
    They and no-one else, sowed the suspicion in my mind, I didn’t even know I could converse with people of like minds on this and other sites, run by selfless and dedicated people who REALLY did, and still do, care about Madeleine. It came to me slowly but surely.
    So, anyone who comes here still thinking the Mcanns are the poor victims and hoping Madeleine will come home, I’d ask them to go, read anything and everything they can and make an informed decision.
    I personally don’t think Madeleine was alive to be put into bed that evening, or to tell her mum that she’d had the best day ever, just a tiny bit too much information. Or the Gerry thing, on his final check he was struck at how happy and proud he was, to be the father of these beautiful children, again just a bit too much information. These statements may seem innocent enough, I believe though, that they were made deliberately, to re-inforce the abduction scenario, the 30 second/30 minute visit by Payne who saw all the children all clean and ready for bed, very subtle to most, others have alarm bells ringing.
    You see Gerry, you think, that you’re intellectually superior to most, you ooze smug self-satisfaction, something happened to Madeleine, you had to act quickly and you thought you could pull the situation off, but you made careless mistakes due to that viewpoint, EVEN you Gerry aren’t that clever. Now you have a hired voice to hide behind (paid for by the fund, naturally), and you have connections and they enable you to silence newspapers, pull the plugs on sites like these, and to trot around the world (paid for by the fund, naturally).
    The biggest travesty of all, is someone like YOU, going on paid for jaunts, as the perfect, parental role model, when you were an absolute failure as a father, to the CHILD who loved and needed you the most. Kate was right You let her down, YOU fatally let her down, why don’t you just come clean.
    Guilty as not yet charged! The clock is ticking…..

  29. 79
    Tony Says:

    Ok! Jane Tanner changed her description so many times, did you ask her directly why? I think she has reason for to do it like that, because she is woman like many another. I challenge you to ask her in the UK. What I think 98% of the Portuguese people are honest and fair. There are also another people, who are no fair not honest, who did this crime against law may be they are also not Portuguese.

  30. 80
    Liz Y Says:

    Tony, I can’t really see what you mean, Jane Tanner being a woman and that’s why she did it??
    If I approached Jane Tanner, I’d probably be in court on a harassment charge. These people can silence the press, close websites, and sue for hundreds of thousands, they are absolutely determined to make people see it their way, by fair means or foul. I’ve also not made any reference about the Portugese people, I think Portugese Police have done an excellent job, considering their every move was thwarted by the British Police, Embassy Staff, and Politicians. They know some very powerful people.
    I think there may be a bit of a language difficulty beween us.

  31. 81
    Angelique Says:

    79 Liz Y

    I think Tony respectfully means sometimes women forget things and then something reminds them later. But heavens to Betsy – however many times does she Jane Tanner) get reminded of what she has forgotten!

    I am also now wondering if we (in the broadest sense) are all going to be sued for having a different opinion – although I am still yet to be fully convinced there isn’t some simple explanation to the disappearance of Madeleine. Have you read the post on Hunt for Gerry’s missing tennis bag by Widowan, worth reading. Explains the pink hat anyway.

  32. 82
    Jimbo Says:

    The McCanns are scum. Pure and simple.

  33. 83
    ChrisA Says:

    Jimbo maybe, but I suggest you need the body alive or dead before saying that.

    For those wishing to read the book referred to above it’s been at this address for well over a year >>

    If they are innocent I cannot see why the McCanns don’t just answer the questions it raises.

  34. 84
    Lindy Says:

    I foolishly assumed a website called Truth for Madeleine might actually by run by people who wanted to know the truth. Instead, I find it’s run and supported by conspiracy theorists with seriously sick views who are determined to pile more misery onto a couple who have clearly suffered more than any of us could ever imagine.
    I’m reminded of Sally Clark who was persecuted for killing her child except, of course, she didn’t. I bet everyone on this site would have had her hanged before the truth came out.
    Of course it was an error for the McCanns to leave their children unattended and one positive thing to come out of all this is that loads of parents who did it before don’t do it now. But this mistake doesn’t mean they deserve what has happened to them.
    You’re all desperately hoping they’re going to be proved guilty but any sane person can see this isn’t going to happen. And imagine what you’re going to feel like when the truth does eventually emerge and it turns out that Madeleine was abducted and the McCanns were totally uninvolved.

    Site admin: 1) This is not a website about Sally Clark and you would lose your bet, 2) How do you know the McCanns left their children in the manner they stated? Where is your proof that their story indeed happened? It is not substantiated by the evidence and as such is the main reason why their “abduction story” appears to have been staged. The McCanns changed their stories between the two interviews conducted by Portuguese police on May 4, 2007 and May 10, 2007. 3) We are hoping that the McCanns and their friends will face up to a jury at some point in time whereby they can be confronted with the numerous holes in their stories. This is the normal sequence of events in a crime and we support that process – a process that has not yet occurred.

  35. 85
    nic Says:

    Kate was smiling in the park with the twins the next day and that shocked me and made me think,then hearing she had washed the teddy that was it for me, guilty, you would want the smell left on anything that belonged to her,its natural,Kate was obviously hiding something,blood?Why are they still wanting everyones sympathy,they are doctors yet they left their children alone in a strange foreign land with the door unlocked! No sympathy and yes they have got away with murder, even if it was an accident how she died, they covered it up, so to speak,and have now convinced themselves someone came in,you tell yourself something enough times and you will start to beleive.They did’nt want to loose their credibility as doctors, there only way out was to do this to save their own backs,I cant watch them on anything they make me angry,and now all this new hype,shes desperate for people to like and feel sorry for her, well not me!

  36. 86
    annon Says:

    i believe they are guilty it has been a big mistake on there part and they have tried to cover up there story they will be bought to justice. it just amazes me that they havent seen the courts and been forced to answer the questions that are unanswered they are all in it for the money . i believe from day one it was always them and i also still believe it is blood in the car what other proof do they need the whole thing was staged and everyone else was left in the dark about it i mean who in there mind would leave children unattened at such a young age its madnesss time will prevail and i hope they get what is coming to them.

  37. 87
    mark Says:

    Sorry but it’s all a farce. Why are they allowed to keep the other two children, it was blatant neglect leaving 3 yes 3 kids ALONE in a foriegn country. I wouldn’t even leave my kids at home alone and i live here in the uk. The fact most suckers keep putting towards the pot is absolutely ridiculous. Lie detectors may not be 100% but it will definately give a reading of some sort yet none of the 9 has done one. Also, why did she refuse to answer the 49 questions put to her? We had the police officers book stopped from being published over here because of the so called lies, yet the Mcanns can print off their dribble. God only knows and the truth will come out eventually. Knowing our own judicional system, they’d probably get 2 months as after all they are ‘doctors’. Sorry McCanns until you actually answer the questions, guilty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From a loving devoted father who knows how to look after his kids.

    Site Admin: Well said Mark. However, the neglect story probably never happened – it was the cover story for a more serious homicide. Everyone has been focused on discussing the neglect story when there are many clues that suggest that scenario never happened. In this respect it has been a slick and well coordinated piece of spin. As you say though, why don’t they all take lie detector tests to rule that out of the equation?

  38. 88
    Beverly Says:

    Interested to read above (from Site Admin) that there was a change of story between 4 and 10 May 2007. Is there any material or a link for this? I am also curious about the correction on ‘neglect’ – surely the children were literally left alone while the adults dined? Would like to know more on this if possible. Thankyou.

    Site Admin: Read the police files. You can find copies of the relevant pages on the website: The first interviews were held on May 4 and May 10, 2007. You also need to read early newspaper reports quoting the family. Use the calendar on this website to search those stories from May 2007.

  39. 89
    Notarf Says:

    They don’t feel they have to or need to take a lie detector test due to the fact that the percentage of public opinion about their innocence far outweighs that of their guilt. If it was to sway the other way then maybe they might be pressured into it. Who knows eh? Wonder if I’ll still be alive myself if whatever happened to the little mite ever comes to light. Don’t believe all you read or hear about their innocence or their guilt. Never stop questioning.

  40. 90
    ACPC30 Says:

    Personally I am now getting really fed up with this couple – the facts remain that they felt that it was appropriate to leave their children alone in a strange country and when something happens to one of their children they are making money out of this tragedy! If it had been Joe and Mary Bloggs from Paisley they would have been arrested on their return, charged with neglect and their remaining two children would have been removed under the Child Protection Act which would have been the appropriate action. I know of no one who would leave their most precious possessions in a position of vulnerability under any circumstances – personally I used to have my kids in their pj’s in the buggy right beside me while I ate in the evening on holiday. What is so special about this pair that they think the laws concerning looking after your children do not apply to them! This whole thing looks like a money making scheme which will trundle along for many years to come. Unfortunately I do feel that this child is no longer with us and I in part think that this was due in part to the media circus and campaign which followed – big accent was put on her eye so if she was abducted as they claim they basically sealed her fate by publicising this. This would have been the piece of information I would have kept quiet basically because any abductor could change hair colour, style, dress child as different sex but they could not change that eye – she would be too risky to have around – too easily identified! That is of course if she WAS abducted!! I agree with the other writers as well about the couple not reacting in a way which you would expect. I remember turning around in a shopping centre to get my change and my daughter had wandered off – the feelings I experienced were awful and I have to say it was the worst 5 minutes I have ever had – the reigns came back out after that much to my 4 year olds disgust but hey we all have to do it – why didn’t they???

  41. 91
    Cas Says:

    I have always had my doubts. So many things do not add up. First of all why did they refuse the services of a babysitter for that night? Surely a professional couple who so loved their children would have done! Why did the twins not wake during all the commotion? Why wasn’t one of them taken? My theory is they drugged their children to make them sleep so they could selfishly leave them to go out and enjoy themselves. All this publicity makes me even more determined that they are guilty. All they seem to do is want more and more money – what for? We as a country are going to be paying £3.5 million to hep them; how much more do they want for God’s sake.

    Site Admin: The reason they never used a babysitting service is because the story they told never happened. In other words the story of leaving the children and checking them every 20-30 minutes was concocted to cover for the death of their child. While everyone is debating why they left their children, there is no discussion over what really happened. This is a standard diversionary tactic and most people are sucked into this.

  42. 92
    John Says:

    Apparently Madeleine was last seen by someone other than the McCanns at around 14:30pm on the day she disappeared. The McCanns joined friends for dinner at around 7pm. This would mean that if something happened to her in the apartment they only had around 4 hours to cover this up and to think of a story. That’s quite unlikely to be possible, and to then get away with it for 4 years. However I don’t trust them an inch. They make me sick with their arrogance, their twisting of facts, and their refusal to cooperate fully with the Portuguese police. As for washing a child’s treasured soft toy, no loving mother would ever do that unless she had something to hide.

  43. 93
    Laura Says:

    My almost three year old has a cuddly dinosaur to whom he has been utterly devoted since he was four months old. It goes everywhere with him. I rarely manage to sneak it away from him to wash it. Frankly, it looks and smells utterly revolting most of the time. It doesn’t smell of my son – it smells of soil, dirt, playdoh, several different dinners and occasionally vomit. If I lost my son, I wouldn’t hesitate to wash his dinosaur. I have treasured memories of my son with his toy, but looking at it is what brings those memories back, not sniffing it. I agree it is suspicious that Kate McCann washed Cuddle Cat just before the dogs went out to Portugal, but not that a loving mother would never have washed her child’s favourite toy – if you could smell Stinky Sid, I’m sure you would understand!

    Site Admin: You make a good and valid point. However, the cadaver dog smelled the scent of death on the Cuddle Cat toy. Washing doesn’t easily neutralise that odour.

  44. 94
    Laura Says:

    I know that! I was just pointing out that washing a missing child’s toy is not in itself evidence of a terrible, evil, unloving mother. I was sticking up for myself, not Kate McCann! 🙂

    Since I’m here, could you clear up a question for me? I know the McCanns are hell bent on convincing everyone that Madeleine went missing in the space of five minutes between Gerry checking on the children and Jane Tanner seeing a man carrying a child. It seems to me that they are almost too determined to pin the time down to earlier in the evening, when in reality it could have been any time up to Kate finding her missing (assuming of course that Madeleine was actually abducted). I know Martin Smith and his family are convinced they saw Gerry carrying a child at about 9.55 p.m. Is it possible that Gerry McCann was NOT at the table at that time? Is there actually any independent evidence of his presence in the restaurant at that time, aside from what the Tapas 9 have said? And if people were coming and going all evening, would his absence necessarily be noted by the others anyway, provided he was back in time for the crucial and memorable return of Kate? I’ve checked a few of the Tapas 9 statements, and they seem quite vague about who was where and when – maybe I just looked at the wrong ones. Can anyone enlighten me, please?

  45. 95
    Notarf Says:

    Was wondering if someone could clear some confusion for me. If they hired the Renault Scenic three weeks after the 3rd May and the dogs then discovered those scents, would it not mean they would have to have had contact with a dead body during the time of hire? How, in all that media cirus and police doubt, could they have done that? Surely they would have been taking an impossible risk. It is the one thing that despite my suspicions of the abduction, that doesn’t add up.

    Maybe I’ve missed something here but please clear this up for me

  46. 96
    Chris Says:

    Hi Laura,
    Dont forget we only have their word for the frequency and nature of the checks. I think that there was a certain amount of creative accounting for movements and checking of the children done in hindsight. It is pheasable therefore that noone may have clapped eyes on Maddie from the time she was put to bed. I agree with the views of Pat Brown in her profile of the case, which was that the checks were far more sporadic and many were just listening ones therefore she could have met with an accident very early in the evening and was not discovered for several hours, because everything was quiet. There would be a huge ammount of panic of individuals trying to account for their movements. It is possible that the key players in this tragedy actually improved upon the extent of their checks when in fact all that they did was walk past the window of the appartment, but didnt hear any crying or noise in the appartment, but then driven by their own sense of guilt, needed to step up to the plate to give a more detailed account of themselves, but this was done after the event.

  47. 97
    MCG Germany Says:

    So many questions – so many secrets – so many people who must know the truth …

    The Mccann’s friends (couples) who shared holidays in Portugal all were doctors (father or mother or both).
    All had little children, all left their children alone at night (no babysitter).

    Could it be
    — that they all gave sedativa to their babies at night while they met at the tapas restaurant?
    — that this is the reason why they all cannot admit the truth (that Maddie died because of -overdose- medication), because this could cause an enorm harm to their professional status as doctors (and parents)?

    Reveal the conspiracy of silence – Ask the doctor-couples for the truth – they know much more than they admit!

  48. 98
    jon Says:

    It’s interesting reading all this but it isn’t very smart people clamouring for them to take lie detector tests or answer questions. The place for that is in court, on a murder charge. For that to hold they will have to have a fair trial, with a jury that hasn’t been influenced by potentially biased media or books, as any appeal lawyer would certainly argue. So it isn’t necessarily a bad thing that the book is suppressed. I would say there is far too much comment about how this little girl was left in the apartment and so on. There is no evidence for any of it. She wasn’t seen alive after about 2.30pm. That is all we know. That, and the fact she’s gone, and the fact that their stories conflict and are shot to pieces. It won’t progress until there is a body, which there will be I feel sure. Usually in investigations of this nature the parents/husband/boyfriend are the key suspect. What surprises me is that they seem to have been able to return to Portugal unshadowed and allowed the opportunity to move the body, when by the line of questionning they were already key suspects in the Portugese police’s mind. I thought at first this was just a sedation that went wrong, but looking at the behaviour and the involvement of the media in the immediate aftermath it all looks too pre-meditated for that to be possible. I now don’t believe anyone who had either had their daughter genuinely abducted or accidentally overdosed could have behaved in such a coherent and skilful manner. In the face of severe emotional trauma like that it is very difficult to be collected. Hiring PR people would be the last thing to think of. Unfortunately it now looks to me like it was probably planned and may have happened in the afternoon. What we do know is that short of working in the police these two had the best skills to know how to disguise evidence and leave no clues behind. They probably did a very good job, and the police on both sides might know this. They aren’t stupid as some of you imply. But if the evidence is very well covered up, with the key piece, a body, missing, then I understand there is nothing more they can do but sit on what they have until the appropriate time when it goes to court. Please don’t clamour for evidence to be released before that if you want them eventually brought to justice.
    Where could she be I wonder?
    Lastly I did like the lady’s suggestion that someone who donated to their fund should ask for the money back with a civil action. Very clever. Unfortunately it won’t put them behind bars.

  49. 99
    Jacqueline Says:

    People in Liverpool – Kate’s so called ‘home town’ [pass me the sick bag] know the truth. Those who live in the vicinity of Anfield – in particular a Monica Roberts and her crony Gaynor who lives tweo doors down from her – have inside knowledge of what happened to this little girl and have withheld evidence. but then what do you expect from people like that anyway, we all know what they are like in real life.

  50. 100
    Kenny Says:

    “Be quiet my dear Madeleine, here’s a little something to help you sleep. Trust me, it’s the same medicine you’ve had before – just a little larger to help you rest.
    Sleep now, so that daddy and I can go off partying with friends.”

    “Oh dear Madeleine, why won’t you wake? I only drugged you slightly more than normal, the other kids are ok – why won’t you wake?
    Gerry, we have a problem. Madeleine won’t wake.. we drugged her and left her, the authorities will know this if they find her. We need to protect ourselves and our other children.
    How do we dispose of her…. ?
    …………… well we did a good job of that, and the police suspected nothing (ed: but the rest of the world did). In fact, lets play it out a bit longer.. we can’t bring Madeleine back, but we can certainly earn some cash and publicity in her name. Lets open a charity, well perhaps not a charity but a limited company, that way we can cream a good income from her murder.
    Oh Gerry, what would I do without you!”


    God rest little Madeleine. Thanks to your parents, we may never find you – their macabre secret wil remain with them to their grave.

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