The 48 questions that remained unanswered

Source: Correio da Manhã, 03.08.2008, paper edition. Translation by Astro

Investigation – What the PJ inspectors wanted to know

When she became an arguida, Kate stopped talking to the inspectors

September 7, 2007. Kate McCann entered the Polícia Judiciária in Portimão in the morning and the questioning extended into the evening. She was heard as a witness, but the tension in the air was evident. For the first time, people were concentrated at the PJ building’s door and murmured words of mistrust regarding the couple.

On that day, CM had reported that the dogs had detected cadaver odour on Maddie’s mother’s clothes. A piece of evidence that the authorities intended to use as a trump, during a questioning that only changed course on the next day, after the PJ failed to see their doubts clarified.

Kate began by replying all the questions, but when she was made an arguida, she stopped talking. She went silent, in the company of her lawyer, and accepted all the insinuations in a provocative manner. Less than 48 hours later, Kate and Gerry travel to England with the twins, leaving the investigation into the disappearance of their daughter, who meanwhile had become four, behind.

They later guaranteed that they would return if necessary – which they never did, although they were never formally requested to return – and they are no longer arguidos for the suspected involvement in concealing the child’s body. Today, CM reveals the 48 questions that Kate did not want to answer during the interrogation and which reflect the investigators’ doubts. More than a year after Maddie disappeared, many of these questions remain unanswered.

Jeers for the McCann couple

The day that Kate and Gerry went to the PJ’s offices in Portimão marked a turnaround in the relationship between the local people and the couple: the curious bystanders that spent the day on the street jeered at Maddie’s mother and father, mainly criticizing the “absence of visible suffering” from Kate. The foreign press also attended in great numbers.

The Judiciária’s 48 questions that Kate did not answer

  1. On the 3rd of May 2007, at around 10 p.m., when you entered the apartment, what did you see, what did you do, where did you search, what did you handle?
  2. Did you search in the couple’s bedroom’s closet? (said she would not reply)
  3. (Two photographs of her bedroom’s closet are exhibited) Can you describe its contents?
  4. Why are the curtains in front of the side window, behind the sofa (photograph is exhibited) ruffled? Did someone pass behind that sofa?
  5. How long did the search that you made in the apartment after detecting the disappearance of your daughter Madeleine take?
  6. Why did you say straight away that Madeleine had been abducted?
  7. Presuming that Madeleine had been abducted, why did you leave the twins alone at home while you went to the Tapas to raise the alarm? Even because the supposed abductor could still be inside the apartment.
  8. Why didn’t you ask the twins at that moment what had happened to their sister, or why didn’t you ask them at a later point in time?
  9. When you raised the alarm at the Tapas, what exactly did you say and what were the words?
  10. What happened after you raised the alarm at the Tapas?
  11. Why did you do to warn your friends instead of calling out from the balcony?
  12. Who contacted the authorities?
  13. Who participated in the searches?
  14. Did anyone outside of the group learn about Maddie’s disappearance during the following minutes?
  15. Did any neighbour offer you help after the disappearance?
  16. What does the expression “we let her down” mean?
  17. Did Jane mention to you that she had see a man with a child that night?
  18. How were the authorities contacted and which police force was called?
  19. During the searches, and already with the police present, in what locations was Maddie searched for, how and in what manner?
  20. Why didn’t the twins wake up during that search, or when they went to the upper floor?
  21. Who did you call after the facts?
  22. Did you call SKY News?
  23. Did you know about the danger of calling the media, because that could influence the abductor?
  24. Did you request the presence of a priest?
  25. How was Madeleine’s face publicized, with a photograph, or other media?
  26. Is it true that during the search you remained seated on Maddie’s bed without moving?
  27. How did you behave that evening?
  28. Did you manage to sleep?
  29. Before the trip to Portugal, did you comment on a bad feeling or a bad premonition?
  30. What was Madeleine’s behaviour?
  31. Did Maddie suffer of any disease or did she take any kind of medication?
  32. What was the relationship like between Madeleine and her siblings?
  33. What was the relationship like between Madeleine and her siblings, her friends and her colleagues at school?
  34. Concerning your professional life, in how many and in which hospitals have you worked?
  35. What is your medical specialty?
  36. Did you work by shifts, in emergency rooms or in other departments?
  37. Did you work on a daily basis?
  38. Did you stop working at a certain point in time? Why?
  39. Do your twin children have difficulty in falling asleep, are they unruly and does that upset you?
  40. Is it true that at certain times you were desperate over your children’s attitude and that left you were upset?
  41. Is it true that in England you considered the possibility of handing over Madeleine’s guardianship to a relative?
  42. In England, did you give your children medication? What type of medication?
  43. Within the process, you were shown films of cynotechnical inspection of forensic character, where the dogs can be seen marking indications of human cadaver odour and equally human blood traces, and only of human origin, as well as all the comments that were made by the responsible expert. After the visualization, and after cadaver odour was signaled in your bedroom next to the wardrobe and behind the sofa that was pushed against the living room window, you said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said?
  44. You said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said, concerning the marking of human blood behind the sofa by the detection dog
  45. You said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said, concerning the marking of cadaver odour in the boot of the vehicle that you rented a month after the disappearance?
  46. You said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said, concerning the marking of human blood in the boot of the vehicle?
  47. You said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said, upon being confronted with the result of the collection of Maddie’s DNA, which was analysed by a British lab, behind the sofa and inside the vehicle’s boot?
  48. Did you have any responsibility or intervention in the disappearance of your daughter?

The question that she answered

Are you aware of the fact that by not answering these questions you may compromise the investigation, which is trying to find out what happened to your daughter? She said “yes, if the investigation thinks so.”

Process becomes public tomorrow

From tomorrow onwards, the entire investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine will be made available to the arguidos, to the witnesses, to the lawyers and also to the journalists, because it is a case of manifest public interest.

The process, which was archived on the 21st of July, will also be available to the general public, a situation that will allow for an authentic scrutiny of the work that was developed by the Polícia Judiciária. This decision, which came as a surprise due to the fact that the case involves a child, was only announced at this point in time, after the Portuguese lawyers for the McCann family, Carlos Pinto de Abreu and Rogério Alves, requested the Portimão Court for priority in the access to the process.

Last Wednesday, the Court had requested the interested parties that had already asked for the consultation of the process to leave a CD at the secretary’s office, given the fact that the process will be supplied in a digital format.

The archiving of the investigation into the little girl’s disappearance, which happened on the 3rd of May 2007, in the Algarve, precipitated the lifting of the judicial secrecy, which had been extended precisely until the month of August.

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  1. 1
    JR Says:

    Her silence speaks volumes.

  2. 2
    anonymous Says:

    I wish I was one of the masses who read the Daily Mail, and the other trollop rags, and believe their side of the story, then I wouldn’t feel so angry and helpless.

    Just today I was sitting in the dentist’s waiting room and a couple sat close to me and the woman took out her Sun newspaper, looked briefly at the front cover of the story about Madeleine and said to her husband, “I hope they catch the bloke who took her” then turned the page….

    To me, that just about sums up the feelings of most people. They believe the brainwashing and they really don’t care anyway because it was 15 months ago and they seem bored by it.

    I doubt any of them really know that Gordon Brown put pressure on the PJ to have Goncalo removed or that Kate was the one who put pressure on the government. I doubt they know about the cadaver or the blood stained walls, or that the fund is fraudulent or that Goncalo’s dog was killed and he’s been threatened by our government, or that David Payne made those pervy remarks about Madeleine to her father.

    It’s shocking stuff.

    And with the recent photo’s of the blood on the wall I can’t begin to imagine the final moments of Maddie’s short life, particularly in light of Question 41 that Kate refused to answer.

    Maddie was unwanted and I now feel she was abused and died violently.

    And her parents have smiled and smirked about it all ever since.

    The rotten, scummy, crooked, arsehole bastards.

  3. 3
    Pilar Davies-Jimenez Says:

    Middle-upper class children are totally un protec ted, since no institution will ever interfere with a family who has money for lawyers. Obvious deduction, middle-upper class children are totally in the hands of parents with power. As parents are the most common perpetrators of violence against children, middle-upper class children are the most brutalized in the world.

  4. 4
    Jo Says:

    what’s with the freaky picture? is that supposed to be Kate?

  5. 5
    Pete Says:

    The picture is disturbing, agreed. Someone with Photoshop or similar has obviously been exercising their skills. I first came across it late one night and did a double-take. It stuck in my mind and I felt slightly ill. The question I’m asking myself right now is why I saved it.

    I don’t always read comments on sites but I’m glad I did here. Pilar Davies-Jimenez and Anonymous made intriguing (can’t think of a more appropriate description considering the context) points and I’m glad that Jo commented on the picture.

    Some days I view Kate’s silence as legal common sense given that she’s not stupid, in a foreign country and as vulnerable to stitch-ups as the rest of us. Other days I think what I’ve just said is a very convenient excuse to keep quiet and frustrate the investigation

    There is one word that keeps recurring in my mind about this whole case, and that word is ‘bizarre’. I just hope that the truth will out. Like, tomorrow.

  6. 6
    Katja Says:

    She washed the Cuddle Cat.

    That said everything to me.

    This woman is guilty as sin and I hope she rots in Hell.

  7. 7
    Eileen Says:

    I find it very strange that this woman refused to answer so many questions, surely if she was innocent she would have been more than willing to account for her actions to find her daughter. Kate & Gerry should be gagged from saying that Maddie has been abducted as there is no definitive proof of this! My opinion is that this child was sedated along with the twins, but little Maddie subsequently died as a result and the McCanns only way out was to say she had been abducted,thus while everyone else was searching they hid her body (possibly in the church)until they hired a car and disposed of her . They are both guilty and should have been charged with child endangerment the minute they set foot back on English soil. There are documented cases of parents ending up in court for less.

  8. 8
    dan Says:

    Over the years Ive watched this case unravel, and eventhough there are counter arguments are everything pertaining to this case, if I step back and think about it, i get an ache in my gut that tells me something just isnt right.
    Certainly if you look at other abduction cases, sadly those where a body is the final conclusion to the story, they bear absolutely no relation to this case, especially the actions and behaviour of the parents. And the frenzy of media coverage almost insults other similar cases, not to mention the involvement of PR men….who the hell gets them involved unless theres a reason to control the media coverage in some way, or present those involved in a certain way.
    Thats what PR men do!
    Most parents are simply in too much distress to even consider such things, and seeing the authorities as the only people who can help you in such situations, there is usually unconditional compliance with police investigations…thats the way we are brought up from an early age…..thats why when a police man asks you youre name you usually tell him without even thinking about it. Theyre not the enemy, they are there to help….(I know this isnt always the case, but the McCanns seem to have been on the offensive from the start)
    The dogs evidence is very important. Remember, if trained sniffer dogs arent a reliable form of gathering information, why use them at airports for finding drugs and explosives?
    I just get a bad feeling when thinking about the whole thing. Things just dont add up to the presumed claim of abduction.
    By aliens maybe, but human predators…nah.

  9. 9
    Deb Says:

    If I had had a child abducted there’s no way my other children would have left my sight but they just abandoned their twins and swanned off around the world.Too many things just don’t add up.

  10. 10
    zakhar Says:

    Why would you wash Maddie’s favourite toy aka the Cuddle Cat? Just think about it.. If this happened to you, WHY would you take the toy and go wash it???

  11. 11
    J.Marshall Says:

    My gut tells me what happened to the little tot.
    Hope they both have many sleepless nights for the rest of their days.

    G U I L T Y

  12. 12
    Truth Seeker Says:

    Washing cuddle cat and running to the Pope to confess their sins was enough for me. I hope one day Madeline gets justice, and “team McCann” pay for their evil actions.

  13. 13
    dave Says:

    Trouble is with you lot you believe everything the media says….”wash the cuddle cat”. Have you ever stopped to think whether she DID actually truly wash the cuddle cat or are you believing what the Portugese police wanted you suckers to believe so they could convict the Mccanns and close the case because they were running out of money!!

    There appears to be NO evidence that the cuddle cat was washed, only what the Portugese police ‘say’ they have. Abit like all their other evidence then. All that they ‘botched’.

    Suckers… do you feel powerful? Does it make you feel good to call someone, to run them down and accuse? Do all those innermost feelings of yours, deep down come out and make you feel better?

    Take a look at yourselves.

    Admin Reply: Kate McCann told Steve Swinford of the Times on Wednesday August 1, 2007 “I was desperately hoping that Madeleine would be back before the cat got washed. In the end Cuddle Cat smelt of suntan lotion and everything. I forgot what colour it was. “It was special to Madeleine, she took it to bed every night. If she was upset or tired she had Cuddle Cat. It was special to her so it’s special to me.”

    Considering Kate McCann said she washed Cuddle Cat, there’s not much need to stop and think about it. Hence, the Portuguese police asked her why she washed it. Also, there was no need for Kate to remain silent on the question. She had no problem telling Steve Swinford why she washed it. Why couldn’t she tell the police only a few weeks later when they asked her?

    Read the full interview here:

    There is also a video of Philomena McCann describing why Kate washed Cuddle Cat.

    Get over it Dave. Kate McCann DID wash Cuddle Cat.

  14. 14
    nick Says:

    I’ve never bought into the McCanns story. I saw Gerry being interviewed in Germany I think, and when asked by a reporter that people were saying they had killed Madeleine, he replied something along the lines of ” The Portuguese police don’t think that ” !!!!! That is not a normal response, if someone falsely accused me of killing my own daughter, I would be absolutely furious, I certainly wouldn’t make a comment like that, and neither would any other innocent person. I work in mental health, and I reckon I’m pretty good at sussing people out, I’m totally convinced they’ve done it, and I think at some point they’ll be found out. Also, I watched a televised interview with Kate that the media made a big deal out of because she was supposed to be crying- total garbage, there were absolutely no tears what so ever, she made an attempt to look and sound upset, but unless it’s genuine, or you’re a trained actor, it’s actually very difficult to pretend to be crying. I would suggest people revisit this interview, you’ll see what I mean. The pressure needs to be kept on these pair, eventually, the truth will out. Good on the Madeleine foundation.

  15. 15
    Jon Says:

    thank you.

    these questions need to be asked and at some point they have to be answered.

    Questions regarding Parents Medical experience and whether Maddie had taken medication seem too important to be ignored. Suggesting evidence that Maddie or the twins had been medicated?

    Also: “Before the trip to Portugal, did you comment on a bad feeling or a bad premonition?”, sends shivers down my spine. Was this planned prior to the holiday. Did Maddies parents plant the seeds of an “accident” in family and friends minds before the set off on holiday?
    I think that this needs to be quantified and evidence discussed, (if there is any).

    And the news that Dr Kate McCann washed maddies ‘cuddle cat’ makes me feel physically sick!

    I hope the guilty are punished and find eternal damnation.

  16. 16
    Patrick Says:

    One thing I do not understand?..why dont the McCanns offer to take a public lie detector test to end all this speculation?, of course it is not acceptable n a court of law but would be in the court of the public.

  17. 17
    Lyndsey Says:

    The reason we are all on sites like this, talking about this, is because the McCann’s themselves, by their very actions, have brought this situation about. Right from the outset they refused to take any blame, right from the outset they have had scripted answers to read from, right from the outset they have had a spokesperson, right from the outset they tried to manipulate the press, right from the outset they refused a Police Liaison Officer (British I think) and right from the outset if they were unhappy with questions they walked away from the interview. I know that others in similar situations have taken great comfort from a Police Liaison Officer’s presence, keeping them up to date with everything the Police are doing and I would have especially thought in Madeleine’s case, this would have been a good idea, but I think the McCann’s knew from the off that the Police were viewing them suspiciously and did not co-operate. They can only blame themselves now if everyone sat up and took notice of this and their ever-changing stories. They cannot silence people on this because it is of their own doing. They have never co-operated with anything either the Portuguese Police or British Police have tried to do and now they have the audacity to try to silence anyone who questions their version. Its not a case of survival of the fittest, it’s a case of survival of the richest!

  18. 18
    amanda Says:

    It is without doubt a huge cover-up. They do not deserve to be parents,God only knows how this is going to affect the twins.
    Everyone I have spoken to about this case believes that they are truly guilty.
    Things would have been very different if it was a “single parent” or somebody who was in a different financial class to this pair of numbnuts. Why the British police have not arrested them for neglect is totally beyond me.
    What kind of a parent would refuse to take a lie detector test ? How could he go back to work unless he knew what really happened? If my child was missing I would search the World untill I found them,none of this makes sense.
    Far too many questions unanswered.

    SOOOO GUILY………..

  19. 19
    Paul Drake Jr Says:

    Imagine a scenario involving a pre-arranged abduction, assisted by sedation, that goes horribly wrong then go through each of the 48 questions to check their relevance. The scales certainly lifted from my eyes!!

  20. 20
    Sheila Says:

    Imo kate did not answer the 48 questions because she focussed on memorising them verbatim so that she could research legally feasible answers in case she was obliged to answer in the future.

  21. 21
    Paul Drake Jr Says:



    – Why did you say straight away that Madeleine had been abducted?
    – Presuming that Madeleine had been abducted, why did you leave the twins alone at home while you went to the Tapas to raise the alarm? Even because the supposed abductor could still be inside the apartment.
    – Why didn’t you ask the twins at that moment what had happened to their sister, or why didn’t you ask them at a later point in time?
    – Why did you do to warn your friends instead of calling out from the balcony?
    – Did Jane mention to you that she had see a man with a child that night?
    – Why didn’t the twins wake up during that search, or when they went to the upper floor?
    – Did you request the presence of a priest?
    – How was Madeleine’s face publicized, with a photograph, or other media?
    – Before the trip to Portugal, did you comment on a bad feeling or a bad premonition?
    – What was Madeleine’s behaviour?
    – Did Maddie suffer of any disease or did she take any kind of medication?
    – What was the relationship like between Madeleine and her siblings?
    – What was the relationship like between Madeleine and her siblings, her friends and her colleagues at school?
    – Do your twin children have difficulty in falling asleep, are they unruly and does that upset you?
    – Is it true that at certain times you were desperate over your children’s attitude and that left you were upset?
    – Is it true that in England you considered the possibility of handing over Madeleine’s guardianship to a relative?
    – In England, did you give your children medication? What type of medication?

    Although I might have been inclined to ask why no one went chasing after the man Jane had spotted.
    The sooner this lot gets aired in court the better.

  22. 22
    Maya Says:

    I’ve stumbled onto this site while searching for something else, scrolled down the page and I’m left shocked almost speechless. Not only because of the above article, but mostly because of these comments.
    “The court of the public”? I think something like that belongs to the age of the Inquisition, to the witch hunts of the Middle Ages, to the lynches of the “Wild West”, etc… not in the 21st centruy. But, obviously, I’m wrong.
    At this point, I feel more disgusted by all of you who judge and accuse someone you don’t know, only by what you’ve read or heard in the media, than by the remote possiblity that the victim(s) might be the perpertrator(s). What happend to “innocent until proved guilty”? And what happend to the biological activity of engaging one’s brain while speaking (or, in this case, typing)? – I guess it’s the case of backward-evolution for some.

    Reply: Your logic is barmy. A serial killer is innocent until proven guilty by your reckoning. A shoplifter who walks out of the store with stolen merchandise is “innocent” because they haven’t been proven guilty.

    Of course there is a “court of public opinion”. O.J. Simpson may have walked free from his murder trial but more than most still believed him to be guilty. A hitman (Gino Newton) was hired to kill Norman Scott. Newton killed Scott’s dog but failed to shoot Scott because of a malfunction. Newton served time for the firearm’s charges and Jeremy Thorpe faced a conspiracy to murder charge because Newton alleges he was hired by Thorpe to kill Scott. The jury was initially split 6:6 at Thorpe’s trial but eventually found him not guilty. Well…that’s fair enough but we know Scott faced a gunman on Exmoor because the dog died with a bullet. Do you really expect that Newton just talked about meeting a man he didn’t know just to kill his girlfriend’s dog with a gun?

    If the McCanns are innocent then let’s have them face a jury and see what they decide.

  23. 23
    Paul Drake Jr Says:

    Maya, yes we are basing what we say on what we have read – from the DVD of the case files released by the Portuguese police.

  24. 24
    tony Says:

    Just out of curiosity, and it may seem like way too obvious a ploy, but if I had sent any money to the “search” fund and then had found this and other sources of information, my temptation would be to simply file a civil claim against the McCanns and their silly foundations/trusts. They would HAVE to respond in some way and, if the claim filed was for a large enough amount by adding fraud, hurt feelings and all the other legal accusations that could be brought against them deliberately taking money under false pretenses, it would almost be mandatory for them to have to answer the subpoenas and appear in court….
    might be worth a shot, since it doesn’t cost anything to file such a suit if one is in receipt of almost any benefit.

  25. 25
    Arius Says:

    I’ve spent a whole career doing investigations & interviewing suspected persons & the McCanns version of events does not hold water.
    1: Why lie about the apartment being locked when the patio doors had been left unlocked?
    2: Why didn’t the McCanns join in the search for Madeleine instead of playing tennis & updating blogs?
    3: Why lie about the shutters being forced open when the forensics proved they had not?
    4: Why phone the Sun newspaper before phoning the Portuguese police?
    5: Why did Gerry return to the UK for a day so soon after the event?
    6: Why hasn’t Gerry’s holdall ever been found? ( a man with a similar holdall who looked like Gerry was seen on the beach).
    7: Why didn’t Kate insist on answering 48 simple questions that anyone of us could have answered with ease? I would have answered them even if my lawyer had said not to. In fact I would have insisted on answering them if I’d nothing to hide of course.
    8: Why did the McCanns include Dr David Payne (reported to the police by two other UK doctors as a suspected paedophile) in their group & allow him access to Madeleine?
    9: The McCanns maintain that the dead body scent picked up by the sniffer dogs was the result of Kate having dealt with several dead bodies immediately before the holiday. (Glad she wasn’t my GP).
    Why would a Kate,from a family with a combined income of over £100,000 pa, need to take her work clothes on holiday?
    10: The McCanns maintain that DNA with a partial match to Madeleine found in their hire car which wasn’t hired till 25 days after she disappeared, got their from nappies belonging to her siblings. How many of you put unwrapped used nappies in the back of your car???????

    Admin: corrected the error for you on the £100,000

    Regarding your point (1), in the first interview statements less than 24 hours after the reported disappearance, both Kate and Gerry said they entered the apartment through the locked front door. It was only after they got bad press for leaving the toddlers in a locked apartment they changed their version of the story to unlocked patio doors.

  26. 26
    Arius Says:

    Of course none of us knows what happened to Madeleine but the McCanns can hardly cry foul when in the light of their actions above they try to sue & gag anyone who doesn’t blindly accept their abduction theory.

  27. 27
    Arius Says:

    9: The McCanns maintain that the dead body scent picked up by the sniffer dogs was the result of Kate having dealt with several dead bodies immediately before the holiday. (Glad she wasn’t my GP).
    Why would a Kate,from a family with a combined income of over £100,000 pa, need to take her work clothes on holiday?

    Admin: corrected the error for you on the £100,000

  28. 28
    Paul Drake Jr Says:

    Arius, for me the theory that holds the most water is one of a pre-planned mock abduction that went horribly wrong when Maddy was given too much sedative. I haven’t made my mind up about Donal McIntyre yet, but he did talk about a woman with long dark hair of Spanish/Portuguese appearance hanging around the apartment, then he said the “abductors” spent up to ten minutes hiding in the apartment “in the company of Gerry McCann.” In the rogatory interviews, the PJ asked Leics police to ask Rachel Oldfield if she left PDL that day. She is the only one of the T7 who was asked that question – I think because witnesses did see a woman with a dark complexion hanging around. I don’t think it was Rachel Oldfield or Jane Tanner. Four photos of Maddy appeared on the night and it was never really established which printer they came from – certainly not one at the Ocean Club. Kate McCann was asked by the PJ if, before the holiday, she told anyone that she had “a bad feeling or bad premonition” and she refused to answer this question. The PR machine kicked in very quickly after Maddy’s disappearance and some people close to the McCanns talked about the shutters being jemmied which was not the case. Amaral’s theory that Maddy fell off the sofa does not really hold water on its own. If one of the McCanns had come back to the apt and found Maddy injured, would they not simply have said that someone else had done it? The list goes on…
    Why do a mock abduction? God knows. Why did Karen Matthews do it? Why did someone go to the trouble of creating the Hitler diaries, and those photos that got Piers Morgan the sack?

  29. 29
    Carol Taylor Says:

    The Sunday Express has an article about the McCanns on it’s front page today,according to the McCanns private investigator the children were drugged by the “abductor” to keep them quiet while he/she took madeleine,they really are behind the times,i have always believed the children were sedated but i certainly don’t believe an “abductor” sedated them,i believe it was someone nearer to home,i wonder why it took the McCanns five months to allow the twins to be tested for sedation,yes that really is cooperating fully with the portuguese police isn’t it?just like those reasonable unanswered 48 questions,just like refusing to return to Portugal to do a reconstruction(and the rest of the tapas crowd).The Sunday Express wants Scotland Yard to re open this case,perhaps they too like us don’t go along with the “abduction” story.

  30. 30
    Paul Drake Jr Says:

    Carol Taylor, yes if you see the rogatory interviews for Fiona Payne and Dianne Webster they mention the twins being “dopey” on the night i.e in a deep sleep even when they were moved from the apartment. If the McCanns thought an unknown abductor had done it then why didn’t they whip the twins to the nearest hospital straightaway to have them checked over?!?!

  31. 31
    Helen Says:

    Kate Mccan also had said that Maddie was very very tired on the evening before she went missing.
    Wonder why? like the twins she may have been sedated.
    I do believe that the parents are responsible, maybe not intentionally it could have been a tragic accident that was covered up for fear of the twins being taken away from them or loosing their jobs.
    The fact is they shouldnt have left the kids alone, they know that. Something happened, whether Maddie inured herself in the room in their absence to the point that she died from injuries, or an accidental overdose.. who knows.
    The sniffer dogs got a scent from the wardrobe and Gerrys holdall was never found.
    It would suggest that the body was in the wardrobe at some point before being removed that night.
    It would also suggest that the hire car was used to dispose of the body somewhere else.
    There are too many unanswered questions and weird things here to believe that someone took Maddie, its just not possible.
    Take a look at, some interesting insights to their interviews, body language, things they have said and done.
    God knows why they havent been charged yet.

  32. 32
    Mom Says:

    Any good lawyer will tell you…

    “You have the right to remain silent, take advantage of that right.”

    Even when you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong, talking to the police can become an issue. Words can be twisted. Meanings can be misread. There are times when not answering questions really is better.

    As to what happened to Madeleine, only time will tell. Perhaps one day the story will be known.

    Reply: The right of silence is one thing but a jury should be allowed to infer their own opinions from the result of that silence. Silence is a fundamental right of an individual but silence is not an indicator of innocence. In other words, you are just as entitled to say nothing as you are to say something. But a jury should be allowed to determine innocence or guilt based on either situation. Many believe that not saying anything and not cooperating with the police is a sign of guilt.

  33. 33
    Jane Prosser Says:

    The video of ’48 Questions’ (and a few other videos that question the McCanns version of events) have recently disappeared from Youtube. How come these people have so much power…..?

  34. 34
    Paul Drake Jr Says:

    Jane, it could be that as doctors the T9 have some compromising information about a UK public figure. If you ever get the chance, watch a film called “The Bank Job” starring Jason Statham.

  35. 35
    Jane Prosser Says:

    That’s a very good point, Paul. I have seen that film and I know exactly what you mean. On reflection though, there are so many people covering up for and supporting them, I think this goes way beyond simple blackmail. I read recently that the McCanns have asked Scotland Yard to look into the case… To my mind, this can only be because they have received assurance that no questions will be asked that they do not like and the ‘abduction’ route will be followed, no matter what. If the matter should come to court, again any uncomfortable questions will not be admissible and a ‘friendly’ judge who knows the truth (like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and David Milliband and Clarence Mitchell and Brian Kennedy, etc.) will simply rule that the McCanns were not involved.

    On a different note, I remember reading what the judge said in the Diana inquiry. When (I think it was) Michael Mansfield pointed out to Diana’s friend that the fact Diana had given Dodi her father’s cufflinks and the fact that there were letters which showed that their relationship was much more than a ‘fling’ (as the friend had earlier alleged) and when the friend solemnly agreed that yes, it was much more than a fling, the judge interrupted and warned Michael Mansfield to cease this line of questioning. He even said something along the lines of, “Remember what is going on here and the consequences….” The outcome was decided well before the inquiry and the same will happen with the McCanns.

  36. 36
    Paul Drake Jr Says:

    Yes, Jane, it’s amazing to think that MI5 were involved in the McCann investigation from an early stage yet all this time later there hasn’t been a single arrest. These are the guys whose job it is to protect us from further 7/7 atrocities.

  37. 37
    Mary Says:

    Eu acho k o rapto de Medleine MacCan foi um ”teatro” feito pelos pais para n serem acusados de Homícidio da criança pk se eles administraram o tal calmante poderia ser demasiado forte para ela e ela ter morrido pk os gémeos sao tao pekenos k n se dá conta!
    Espero k se foram eles k a mataram mesmo sem kerer então k admitam pk nao se tolera este comportamento!!!
    Tenho mt pena da criança!!!
    Isto é o k eu acho pk se ela foi mesmo raptada então, por favor, PJ encontrem os rapatores e a menina com VIDA ela mereçe!!!ENCONTREMNA

  38. 38
    George Tustin Says:

    On the McCann’s “official” money making site there is a quote ‘It’s never too late to do the right thing’. KATE HEALY TAKE NOTE……. Help to put the guilty behind bars…….

  39. 39
    Helen Says:

    Anyone know what Mary said?

  40. 40
    lizY Says:

    I remember reading that when the bag of bloodstained clothes was found, the response from CM was that the Mccanns were ‘encouraged’!? Also, if sniffer dogs showed that blood and cadaver fluids were found in the apartment, I would be overwhelmed by grief, by the fact that this would seem to prove she was dead, tearing the covers off a ‘abducted’ child’s book is unbelievable. They got Clarence in because I think Kate’s a loose cannon who could say the wrong thing. Gerry’s just an arrogant smarmy bastard, (the same goes for his family) who could talk his way out of anything, no wonder he has political backing, birds of a feather….
    It is so frustrating that they haven’t even been called to explain hundreds of contradictions in their stories.
    They seem to be trying to behave how the parents of an abducted would, but they can’t pull it off because they aren’t. If the abduction theory was true (and it isn’t), not only would you have to deal with that loss, but at the same time have to imagine what kind of suffering and abuse Maddie was going through at the hands of paedophile gangs. It CANNOT, cannot be done whilst appearing that nothing’s wrong. They are guilty or very, very weird. And I am very, very angry and frustrated by this.

  41. 41
    Paul Drake Jr Says:

    Liz,with a further hearing in the Amaral case and the launch of his new book both taking place on 11 December hopefully you won’t have too much longer to wait!

  42. 42
    Helen Says:

    Sign the Petition online for Goncalos rights!!!

  43. 43
    Edward Williams Says:

    The McCains are as guilty as hell.

    Sooner or later the truth of this business will out.

  44. 44
    lairdtc Says:

    They are as guilty as sin if it was not the case they would never have left Portugal , remember they where not leaving without Maddie.These dogs are either correct or they are not ,the consensus is they are 100% on the money. If they where not Doctors it would have been easy to rattle them unfortunitly
    they are aware of all DNA dodges to explain findings . Working class people would be in jail not spending money from a fraudulent fund.Hope she breaks soon ,she is never left alone or aloud to talk
    she could be broken if it were not for the old boys club that is Britain.

  45. 45
    chalky Says:

    They are hard hearted unfeeling, selfish control freaks. Maddie did not fit into their image of what what their child should be so they drugged her so that she wouldn’t spoil their perfect middle class holiday. Then they lied to save their own skins which is all that they really care about. What destroys me is the fact that the british media has been gagged in a so called free country where we are only told what they want the public to believe this applies to this case and information regarding the outside world and politics.

  46. 46
    ANGRY Says:

    how can she smile???? if my daughter went missing i would never ever ever stop looking for her, and i certainly wouldnt be wasting any precious time going to court to stop someone selling a bloody book. i am so fuming that people support them, they should be imprison if only for the fact that they left them in the first place. if i left my 2 year old and 1 year old to go for a meal at our friends house next door, would social services be on my butt, i believe they would, so who is it that they know in “authority” to stop this happening to them.

    THEY DONT DESERVE ANY SYMPATHY, if there is any justice in this world they will get what they deserve and i hope these portugese police stick to there guns and out them for what they are!

    Also they had these children though IVF!!! gods power to not allow them to have children in the first place was obviously correct, but low and behold man has over ruled that just like the same kind of man has over ruled the fact that they killed there daughter, one way or another!

    i pray that maddy is happy and safe but no one will ever no, so the nice people in this world are just going to have to live with the heart break they get from thinking about her, everytime her stupid “parents” require some more publicity or money!

  47. 47
    Cheryl Idrees Says:

    Yes I agree with the probability that Madeline died accidently in the apartment as a result of her parents negligence. If she was supervised she may have been saved… The Mcanns have maipulated the media to take the suspicion away from themselves….. They should be investigated and prosecuted just like any other irresponsible parents….

  48. 48
    Just wondering, that’s all « nourishing obscurity Says:

    […] with the Meredith Kercher case, trial by blogger is hardly conclusive and yet here are the first things I noticed: dan Says: June 11th, 2009 at 6:40 […]

  49. 49
    Michael Goodwin Says:

    The whole story stinks. Whatever has happened the main issue here is that a young innocent girl is either dead/missing or in emotional pain.

    I don’t believe everything the mcann’s say. Most of it I don’t believe actually. Regardless of how careless the Mcann’s appear to have been with their children (leaving them whilst eating at a restaurant), I just cannot believe how weird and unhelpful they have been toward the investigation. Only saying the bare minimum and not answering questions.

    If I ever see either of the Mcann’s whilst out and about I certainly won’t hesitate to kindly ask them what on earth they think they are doing.

    Maybe they are totally innocent and terrified for what has happened to their child. (doubt it so much!).

    The truth will come out sooner or later. I hope sooner though as I wan’t the guilty to rot in prison.

  50. 50
    L boyle Says:

    Why doesn’t Kate McCann answer the questions posed.
    Simple to answer any answers may implicate her and open up to more questions.
    This is a huge cover up at its best.
    In regards to the teddy being wahsed, hell i still have my sons comforter dirt and all . My child is still here but due to it comforts me to smell his smell God only knows why a mother would get rid of the last remaining smell and most precious thing to her child as soon asher child is missing

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