Evidence was manipulated

Source: Correio da Manhã, 04.08.2008, paper edition, translation by Astro

Investigation – PJ believes that the McCann couple altered the crime scene in order to simulate the abduction

Maddie’s parents accused of changing the disposition of the furniture and of washing the sofa

The Polícia Judiciária has no doubts that Maddie’s parents changed the disposition of furniture and objects in the apartment where Maddie disappeared from on the evening of May 3, 2007, in the Algarve, thus manipulating the crime scene in order to better justify the abduction theory that they always defended.

According to the Polícia Judiciária’s investigation, which from today onwards is public, the coincidence between the marking of cadaver odour and blood which was given by the sniffer dogs behind the sofa “indubitably” proves that the sofa was pushed against the wall after the little girl’s death. On the other hand, given the few indicia that was collected from this piece of furniture, which was located on the same spot where the dogs gave a signal, the Judiciária admits the possibility that it was “subject to washing” in order to eliminate eventual traces.

Soft toy placed on the bed

“There are strong indicia that they altered the crime scene, moving some of the furniture. The changes are indicators of simulation”, one of the PJ’s reports reads, also revealing that Maddie’s soft toy, which was found at the top of the bed where Maddie slept, was placed there at a posterior moment, given the fact that contrary to the soft toy, the bed failed to reveal cadaver odour.

“There was an intentional modification, in an attempt to take advantage for the simulation of the picture of abduction”, one can read in the process, where the investigators recall that the procedures from the family were in such manner as to conduct the investigation into the direction of the abduction thesis. The Polícia Judiciária believes that the false abduction was “worked by the group”, which made the investigators “waste time”.

McCanns mentioned death to the PJ

The possibility that Madeleine is dead was raised to the PJ by the McCanns themselves, who suggested contacting a person to indicate the spot where the cadaver could be found. “This fact became unexplainable for the elements of the investigation”, the PJ writes, remembering that in front of the journalists, the parents continued to manifest the hope that they would find their daughter alive.

The dogs never failed in 200 searches

In over two hundred searches, ‘Eddie’ and ‘Keela’, the sniffer dogs of the springel spaniel breed that were used in the investigation into the disappearance of Maddie, did not give a single “false positive result”.

The guarantee is given by English expert Martin Grime, who in the report about the search guarantees that the behaviour of the dog that is trained to detect cadaver odour “changed immediately after opening the front door of the apartment” where Madeleine McCann disappeared from.

“He went into the apartment with above average interest”, the document reads, explaining that the dog signaled inside the couple’s bedroom, in the living room, behind the sofa and next to the side window. The same signs were given by the dog that is trained to detect blood residues. The dogs signaled the same spots and objects that are related to the McCanns – house, car and clothes – which was decisive for being made arguidos.


No credibility

The deposition by Jane Tanner, who said she saw someone crossing the street carrying a child, was not considered credible by the PJ, which does not understand how the McCanns’ friend, upon seeing someone walking away from Madeleine’s apartment “did not act or speak out immediately”.

Everyone lies

The PJ says that the information that was collected from the McCanns and their friends was “worked upon” in order to strengthen the abduction theory. But it rapidly perceived that “everyone lies” in the issue of checking the children, further explaining that the family information, which in these cases is “fundamental”, was always “distorted”.

Files Process is public – From today onwards, the files of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine can be consulted at the Court of Portimão by lawyers, witnesses and journalists.

Brown Political pressures – Kate’s notebooks reveal that Maddie’s parents called the English prime minister, Gordon Brown, requesting for political pressure to be placed on Portugal.

Book Amaral recounts death – The former coordinator of the Maddie case recounts in his book ‘Truth of the Lie’, his thesis about the case and defends that the little girl was killed in the apartment and her body frozen.

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  1. 101
    Dawn Says:

    Thank you Liz Y…I’m sure you speak for all those concerned about the fate of Madeleine.

    Being the new kid on the block myself Roy, I personally have spent time READING UP about this rather than writing long missives…And trying to absorb the finer details.
    The loudest drum isn’t always the most effective….

    Truth will out…it always does…all in GOD’s time

  2. 102
    Roy Exeter Says:


    i am sorry, i dont wish to offend anyone, least of all you guys.
    i have only been on here for a couple of weeks or so…just trying to fit in.
    i just get carried away, purely with frustration,
    but i am not the only person on here that writes long winded posts.
    weather they are long, or short, all of them are very interesting.

    but i think you have miss understood me liz,
    i wasn’t having go at any of you…
    my bitching is solely aimed at the police,and any relevant authority that just could be reading this site, and i am betting, they must do, just like we do.
    i bet even the McCanns read this to.
    i am only trying to help.

    i dont give a shit about myself…..
    all i care about is maddie, and getting to the truth.

    if you rather i stayed away…fine, i will.

    perhaps i am just trying to tempt the authorities out,
    and get them back to work.
    take care
    Roy Exeter

  3. 103
    Roy Exeter Says:

    hi dawn, thanks for that.
    i have read every single word, all over this site, seen every picture, every video, read every fact, every clue, every flawed account, sometimes over and over again.
    i have read every thing that you guys have written, sometime over and over again also.
    for my part,i have tried to be fair,i tried to put myself on the fence.
    i have cross referenced stuff, built a puzzle, a time line, its on paper right in front of me and nowhere in any of it, does any of it add up, accept for what you guys write, and that i agree with whole heatedly.
    there is nothing new, or more for me to read, only what you guys continue to write, which i look forward to reading every day.
    well done, and keep up the good work, especially you mr sleuth.
    take care
    Roy Exeter.

  4. 104
    Dawn Says:

    Hi Roy, Now start reading everything else out there that is not on this site too…..it clarifies the inconsistentcies….and that about Hollie Gregg too…that should fill your time a bit…. You clearly have more time than the rest of us. It does not mean that we care about the fate of Madeleine any less….but we have other committments too…including the living (our family circle and friends) and looking out for them and keeping them safe. (an aside…more kids are abused from folk within the home than out of it….protecting our own kids is no mean feet.) Justice for Madeleine is part of that life-choice of care.

  5. 105
    Roy Exeter Says:

    hi dawn
    with respect,you dont seem to understand me….
    i didn’t mean you, or any of the other posters on here.
    sorry if i didn’t make myself clear, the first time.
    take care
    Roy Exeter

  6. 106
    Liz Y Says:

    Hi Roy, Please don’t misunderstand, but, maybe you should stop posting on this thread for a while, and get around a bit, visit different sites, (there are many), find out more information with which you can converse with lots of others. Getting upset because nobody has answered YOUR post suggests to me that you have a lot of time on your hands, others don’t, that doesn’t mean everyone has just given up. That is being a little presumptuous, there is no need to rally the troops, they’re here all the time, and have been for years before you or I came along. This isn’t about you or me, it is about Madeleine, always has been, always will be. It’s really not about your anguish or frustration, and it’s not really something to look forward to, we do it because we care. Getting upset about this will help no-one, especially you. Try to use less I’s, stop saying sorry and try not to be so intense. I wish you well.

  7. 107
    Beverly Says:

    I would say to Roy – however passionate you are, Roy, it needs time. We have to be patient and, as Dawn and Liz both say, we are all here! We haven’t gone away, and we all want one thing, which is truth, justice for this child. More will emerge and we have to wait for that as it comes. All best wishes.

  8. 108
    Dawn Says:

    Thanks Liz Y, Thanks Beverly, I was trying to say (to Roy) what you two have said much better… You are both (and others) very knowledgable and all mom’s are concerned. The paedophilia train of thought had rung in my head at the time….and as more unravels, it is (sadly) likely the fate of Madeleine. It seems clear she died at that time…and in many ways that will be a mixed blessing…so she does not go through what other kids go through daily (the ones we don’t hear about). Being fairly new to computers and only recently on this site I have come to realise that paedophilia is widespread…I think I read somewhere that one child in 4 is/has been abused over the last numerous generations…most of those within the home…or by people known to the family. It was just as prevelant in Victorian times, and before, as it is today. Thanks to ‘homever’ who set this site up in the beginning as more folk will find it over time…I’m sure.

  9. 109
    Beverly Says:

    Hello Dawn; possible and alleged paedophile links within the Tapas 9 group does not seem to have been taken up by police in this country? There are copies of the Gaspar statements to the police but – as someone suggested – there may be an injunction against coverage. Certainly I have never seen the Gaspar statements reported or discussed in the media other than on the net.

    Whatever the truth of this, I believe there were immense emotional pressures in that family of one kind or another. I think KM lost it – before 3 May, and what we then saw on that date was pre-arranged. The alleged cry “They’ve taken her” can only point to an arrangement in my view – no mother under the trauma of suddenly finding a child missing at night would find those words. It would be a terrified: “I can’t find her .. I can’t find her .. she’s not here”. Dr. Amaral believes that a terrible accident took place and that’s my sense. But I also hope that the Gaspar statements are fully included in the Met review. If not, why not!

  10. 110
    glitter brain Says:

    This is about the child safety gate that was inplace at top of the stairs at the veranda before you get to the patio doors…There is no mention of it being opened or shut …or if anybody used it to get into the apartment..On the fateful night did Mathew Oldfield open it to gain entry to the patio doors?…Did Kate open it to gain entry to the patio doors …if it was left open..then another mistake by the Mccanns

  11. 111
    Dawn Says:

    Hello Beverly, Thanks for that…and thanks for your reply….especially regarding Kates comments which were what triggered my unease back at the time. I also felt at that time that Madeleine was dead before 3rd. My comments about was Madeleine really at the kids group on the 3rd. or even the 2nd. (Having worked, decades ago, with little ones, it is easy to miss the eye that was talked about…as there was one child there with one eye of blue and one of brown…equally unusual I think, and most of us never noticed it.)
    Yes, I can see the emotional pressures in that family, and had spotted that from the T.V. at that time. I think a previous poster said she felt that Kate will crack sooner or later. Good point. Thanks.

  12. 112
    Beverly Says:

    Thankyou Dawn; interesting that we have come to similar thoughts.

    Today’s D. Express in the UK has an article following I think a press conference at the House of Commons yesterday – where KM is interviewed and is not at all pleased with PJ. She praises the trauma counsellor sent over, but my understanding was that a social worker sent over almost immediately was allegedly given short shrift. More blame on the PJ. And also “And they [parents] should be spared the additional pain of financial and legal beauracracy.” Given the apparent interventions and support from Gordon Brown, Tony and Cherie Blair and so many others, that is an extraordinary statement. She is also quoted as saying: “If your house is burgled, you are automatically offered victim support with emotional, practical and legal assistance. If your child goes missing, you may get nothing. This parliamentary inquiry has the potential to change that .. we have had to fight and really fight to get the help that Madeleine needs most and can make a difference.”

  13. 113
    Dawn Says:

    Hi Beverly, Thanks….I have not seen the Daily Express….I’ll try and access it on-line in the morning (long day – pretty bushed!) Is there a difference between the Social Worker (Yvonne is it?) who happened to be staying in Praia at the time and the one that KM is referring to as “the trauma counsellor sent over”?. Perhaps ?Yvonne? (the one who was on holiday there and offered her help) was too close…saw too much…knew too much, assessed the family/group dynamics too well? As I was driving today I found myself pondering just how many in the group were involved in paedophilia…surely not just one to have covered up sooo much! Also that Yvonne seemed to know ‘something’ about David Payne…having stated that he ‘seemed familiar to her’. Anyways, I’ll try and get the D. Express on line now.

  14. 114
    Dawn Says:

    Hi folks…just curious….where is this site run from as the time shown on my postings does not make much sense to me. Is it Atlantic time Canada?

    Reply: The site is on US Eastern Time

  15. 115
    Sophie Says:

    If you leave your front door unlocked and your valuables unsecured and your home was burglarized, then the insurance companies do hesitate aLOT when it comes to pay outs. Similarly if the Mccanns could not be bothered about the security of their kids by leaving their door unlocked, by not hiring a baby sitter and by leaving three innocent,precious babies alone in an apartment in a foreign country, then why should they be given any financial assistance. This sense of entitlement the Mccanns seems to possess is a classic symptom of Narcissism.They have been given so much publicity and protection and portrayed as the victims, when the true victim has been reduced to a money making scam.
    The Mccanns could not even be bothered to post an uptodate photo of Maddie at the time of her disappearance or alleged abduction citing that it was the only pic which shows her eyes feature best. My take on the photo was that it was used to generate sympathy from the general public.
    Selfish to the core- the Mccanns and it fills me with disgust to see the level of support they have received. This entire case boils down to child neglect and not a mention or outrage was was made of this in any of the media.
    What irks me is the sheer audacity by which the Mccanns attempted and succeeded in controlling their image as the victims in this crime with the help of their so called friends. It astounds me to this day that they were allowed to leave Portugal even though they refused to co-operate with the PJ in answering questions deemed pertinent to the case.

    The most important question i feel which holds the key to unlocking this mystery is: What exactly did kate meant by “they have taken her, we have let her down” .
    Did Maddie die at the hands of one of the Mccanns rich and powerful friends who had the resources to quickly dispose of the body?
    Were the Tapas along with the Mccanns paid for their silence?
    Were the Mccanns promised money, protection and fame for their silence?
    Are the Mccanns part of a secret organisation that is involved in crimes of a sordid and sinister nature?
    It all begins to make sense when you look at the rich and powerful personalities supporting the Mccanns.

    I sat in my local Starbucks today and an article caught my attention in the newspapers that left me bawling my eyes outin the washroom. It was about the police in America exposing a group involved in trading pictures and videos of children and babies as YOUNG AS 1 YEAR OLD BEING RAPED AND SEXUALLY MOLESTED. 1 year old. THOSE WHO PERPETRATE CRIME ESPECIALLY AGAINST CHILDREN ARE NOT FIT TO BE CALLED HUMAN BEINGS.

  16. 116
    Liz Y Says:

    Sophie, Well done. An outstanding, upsetting, and sadly truthful post. For once I am speechless!!

  17. 117
    Taurus Says:

    Due to being there I can see many things then that others cannot. The stone step elevations for example, and how they are staged with each apartment are very, very dangerous for small children.

    A man seen in the afternoon at 4.30 p.m. is subversively opening a gate of 5B, or 5C. Five C is supposed to be empty. Why then did Warner not give this to Matt Oldfield? Why the smallest flat, and why did they not give it Kate and Gerry as it would have meant they were altogether.

    5H David Payne, Fiona, two girls, Diane above, 5G Mrs Penn, and family visiting.
    5D Jane Tanner, Russell O’Brien, two girls, 5C empty,
    5B, Matt and Rachel Oldfield, and one girl. Kate and Gerry and three children, two girls.

    Looking at it I would have asked Warner to put my family in 5C. Who then was in 5C, was it the man seen that afternoon of the 3rd coming out of the gate and closing it to make no sound at all?
    Was it someone going into 5B to see over the wall of 5A, or had he been there and ‘legged’ it over the wall of 5A which you can do. The issue is the man coming out of 5B-C as described by Mrs Penn’s relative who has a sound mind and has not taken alcohol, and it is daylight is a clear description of a man at that time acting with ‘intent’. What that intent was has not been disclosed. Who he was has not been disclosed.

    As for the man watching the upper tiers, it could be said due the Penn family, he was watching them above and this could have only been the man coming out the gate of 5B-C. I say that as the reconstruction shows him looking upwards, and he would not have to cross the road to do that. He could have done this by the reception of the Warner side better. But he had to be watching the party of people that week visiting Mrs Penn, as only they were in as a party and using the balcony during daylight hours.

    What he could see. He could see the end part of the balcony and then access the gates of 5C, and go over the wall to 5B or vice versa. If on that day he was in a flat he would not see they were above and being quiet on that afternoon, for he would be of course inside a flat – 5C or 5B.

    That is the crux of all this on that afternoon as a true expert witness with no conflict of interest, nor malady of light, or sight due to comfounding variables. The witness saw a man exactly where it was most advantageous to take a child in darkness and unseen. The gates presented a problem as they were not oiled and squeaked on closing. Someone did not want Mrs Penn to look over on the evening of the 3rd and see this man and what he might be doing.

    What bothers me is that the wall of the Warner complex division could be better accessed by two men vaulting over and it is a think Matt and Russell could do. It would save a lot more time to go over the wall and into the gates at that angle to 5D and 5B. Logically, it is the closest and most direct route and can be done. This would mean though all the gates would be open, or closed? Which?

    When Scotland Yard figure out who went in by the gates and not the front, and who the man was seen acting subversively that afternoon as I am sure they can easily then they may close this case successfully. Who was this man? That is what Kate should have demanded. But she did not.

  18. 118
    Beverly Says:

    Hello Taurus – I wonder if you could kindly clarify what you mean by “gates” – I don’t know if you mean actual gates (iron or wood), or patio doors? And where located in relation to the apartments?

    As for what Kate “should have demanded” – I’m sorry to say this but it wells up: what Kate “should have demanded” was that their party stayed close to their respective children every night!! The group of parents could have dined on the patio at 5A, with food from the Tapas bar, and as many bottles as they wanted. Then they would have been close to all the children. Or they could have arranged a baby sitter from Warner. But KM did not demand any of this. Why not?

  19. 119
    Taurus Says:

    The gates are the several gates on the poolside as those to enter by the steps of each apartment.

    The main thing is who was the man described who is not ever, even in the book stated as to who he was as a definate sighting by persons unconnected like the Smith family who saw a strange forensic act or one assumed to be. We can rule out the man carrying his child at 9.15- 9.20 as that is obviously the witness Stephen Carpenter and his child. It is that obvious that Gerry drinks coffee with this man as Jane says, and the she and he, and Gerry almost clash with the staff who are in the reception parked by those gates in the lane side. Really what has happened is Stephen and family depart with sleeping children to walk where Jane says she saw a man carrying a child, and of course that had to be this man due to correlations of testimony from all concerned. It makes this man the one they knew and would not see as suspicious. But I think Jane had to have seen him from her walk inside to the gated lane and not on the main concourse, for here she could see Gerry on this side of the pavement by the gate of 5B. Jane had to be going to check by the backway as if one has checked prior they are still there to relieve her and so the patio door are still open in this relay as common sense. ???????????????????

  20. 120
    Taurus Says:

    See the red coloured parts down to the discussion on Mrs Penn at the end, third one down.
    It clearly shows that above the McCann bedroom window which most holiday makers use for the children due to the noise of cars parking and people passing the roadside windows along that corridor is where we have to look.

    Here as it has a corridor that runs to the 5B and over is above the Penn apartments as did she not own the upper tier as her own bought first and second tier? 5G./http://textusa.blogspot.com/2010/11/praia-da-luz-why-have-you-forsaken.html

    Here if you look you can from this bedroom of 5G poolside see on the iron railings down to the gate of 5B. Therefore it was 5B and not 5C that the lady who works in Royal circles did see a man coming out in the afternoon at 4.30 p.pm. This and other gates are very rusty in the hinges and so they clank when shut. Well this one did or does. Of course I tried these gates myself as a concerned passer by some weeks later. Here is the only gate as entry gate directly in front of the stairs.

    Now. Did all those families change the rooms for children from poolside and quiet, or was it only the McCanns due to the television being on and used to watch football as stated? Was this a communal television room as Kate stated of watching the match that evening when Gerry was delayed, so in true form he had done just that.

    The time was due to his wanting to see the half time results and that is why he checked in my view, it would mean the television could be stolen from the apartment of course, but it would also mean the television crucially as a light with sound turned down was on so as to see SKY match as soon as you enter of course. Otherwise it would not make sense to say that Gerry was late as watching football. He had to be watching tv usually to make that statement, and the match so special.That means did all the men access this match on checking and if so of course Madeleine would simply wake up and go and see who was there, as she would hear voices of course, shoe sounds and car sounds, of course.

    Therefore the most available way with Mrs Penn above for any one to steal even a television would be over the wall to 5B and out gate 5B and out and down the lane as unseen. Yes?

  21. 121
    Elen Says:

    From one thing to another (completely)…How come the twins were fast asleep on Kate and Gerrys shoulder when they arrived in the UK getting off a flight, where there certainly must have been lots of noise both inside and outside the plane? It seems to me those twins never did anything but slept, all throughout everything that happened at all stages…either they must be the deepest sleeping kids ever in history, or they were sedated at all times. Just saying cos i have 4 kids myself and have traveled with them a lot throughout their childhood, and never ever did they sleep through getting on and off planes whilst carried. Apart from that, the plane engines does not switch off upon arrival, or has anybody else ever gotten off a plane that was totally quiet? On top, they are speaking with the press, making a statement outside the plane immediately upon arrival, and the kids look like two rag dolls on their shoulders… just saying…Something should seriously have been done to get those kids tested for sedatives.

    Site Admin: Your point is a good one. However, my own daughter has stayed awake for 9 hours in a flight only to fall asleep as we landed and then to be like a rag doll as you’re trying to get off the plane. But, it is a rare situation and a flight from Faro to East Midlands airport is probably under 2 hours on average. And, as you say, the noise on the ramp with the typical gusty conditions would make most children wake if only to be nosy because of the interesting things on the ground.

  22. 122
    sophie Says:

    If my suspicion is correct and the Mccanns along with their tapas accomplices are members of a sinister organisation then it all begins to make sense.
    This trip was not about a family vacation but some sort of induction or initiation for the Mccanns and their friends into that organisation, But something went awry with the plan which led to the disappearance of Maddie. I believe that Kate had no idea that Maddie was going to be taken or if she was dead or alive at the time of her disappearance. Hence her infamous outburst : “they’ve taken her we’ve let her down”. Even the Mccanns mood at the tapas bar that night according to media reports, was supposedly ebulient and showed no sign of guilt or remorse to loosing Maddie. So i can only surmise that they were unaware that Maddie was removed from the apartment.

    Now i can understand one or two of the Tapas members keeping silent about the incident but to persuade all of them would take a lot of effort unless they were simply following orders from someone at a very high level. If that person is so powerful to cause hurt to them or their family then they would keep silent on the matter. Where are the tapas members now. They seemed to have disappeared, nothing more has been heard about them. ODD don’t you think?

    I have also wondered about the night at the tapas bar, where they were said to have consumed huge quantities of alcohol on that fateful night. I was surprised that with so much alcohol in their system that they were able to think and act with such clarity or even run without a stumble or awake the next morning and able to go for a run. One would normally awake with a hangover or at least feel groggy. But not the Mccanns. Any thoughts on this?
    In addition to Holly Greig case please read about this brave and courageous individual _ drasius keyds.
    May he Rest in Peace

  23. 123
    sophie Says:

    If my suspicion is correct and the Mccanns along with their tapas accomplices are members of a sinister organisation then it all begins to make sense.
    This trip was not about a family vacation but some sort of induction or initiation for the Mccanns and their friends into that organisation, But something went awry with the plan which led to the disappearance of Maddie. I believe that Kate had no idea that Maddie was going to be taken or if she was dead or alive at the time of her disappearance. Hence her infamous outburst : “they’ve taken her we’ve let her down”. Even the Mccanns mood at the tapas bar that night according to media reports, was supposedly ebulient and showed no sign of guilt or remorse to loosing Maddie. So i can only surmise that they were unaware that Maddie was removed from the apartment.
    Now i can understand one or two of the Tapas members keeping silent about the incident but to persuade all of them would take a lot of effort unless they were simply following orders from someone at a very high level. If that person is so powerful to cause hurt to them or their family then they would keep silent on the matter. Where are the tapas members now. They seemed to have disappeared, nothing more has been heard about them. ODD don’t you think?
    I have also wondered about the night at the tapas bar, where they were said to have consumed huge quantities of alcohol on that fateful night. I was surprised that with so much alcohol in their system that they were able to think and act with such clarity or even run without a stumble or awake the next morning and able to go for a run. One would normally awake with a hangover or at least feel groggy. But not the Mccanns. Any thoughts on this?
    In addition to Holly Greig case please read about this brave and courageous individual _ drasius keyds.
    May he Rest in Peace

  24. 124
    Liz Y Says:

    Hi Sophie, A good post, it certainly offers answers to a lot of questions, particularly concerning Gerry, the higher-ups who, seeing his delusionary self importance, and dismal oratory and acting skills, had to shut him up – hence Clarence. This is extraordinary, and, more than disturbing. To warrant the amount of protection, being given the McCanns and their friends. (You’re right Sophie, they have disappeared), they must be involved with something big, something very serious, and there must be a lot of people, connected to them in any way, who are literally crapping themselves. I mean, are they still in their jobs? Particularly David Payne….. I forget in what field he specialises, if it’s anything to do with kids, surely they couldn’t afford to keep him on? Surely he must have been questioned about it? I wouldn’t let him near any child of mine or myself come to that. There are many people disgusted by all of those who left kids night, after night, who may well say, I’m not having anthing to do with him (or her) get me a decent doctor!! I would!!
    So, it wasn’t drug or arms smuggling, nor money-laundering, animal smuggling, child trafficking? hmmmm…. What, oh what, could have all these people changing their trousers?? What ‘thing’ is it that has enabled a group of people to commit a crime, and then to flaunt themselves with a level of arrogance (I have never come across before), with impugnity, and hob-nobbing with the elite.
    Yes paedophilia ticks all my boxes.

  25. 125
    sophie Says:

    Thank you Liz. I agree with you 100% about Clarence. He was sent in there to control the flow of information out of the Mccanns camp. I am very curious about their alcohol levels that night. According to the media reports, they had several drinks before going to the tapas bar. At the tapas bar that night they drunk almost 10 bottles of wine and none of them were reported to be tipsy or merry. Taurus you’ve been to the resort, how far is it from the tapas bar to the apartment? Are there many twists and turns in the pathway that leads to the apartment? My reason for going on about their alcohol consumption that night is because i believe that that too was exaggerated and misleading.
    Liz the following link will give you an insight as to how those in positions of power do everything to protect their kind :http://www.spectator.co.uk/essays/all/826056/the-establishment-paedophile-how-a-monster-hid-in-high-society.thtml

    P.S This article is EXTREMELY DISTURBING.

  26. 126
    Elen Says:

    I so agree with you Sophie…Thank you for putting into words my deepest thoughts about this whole case. Truth is always stranger then fiction and NOTHING is -out of boundaries- what comes to Madeleines disappearance. As absolutely nothing that the McCanns and their -friends- have said, done, acted or left out of all of the previous; -makes any sense (and there is evidently a lot of us trying to fit the puzzle together without being able to do so with any normal logic), then simply, there is no other way then to start looking at the whole thing from a totally new angle and perspective and -work on the, what would seem to be -improbable scenarios-, taken s.t.s directly from some thriller movie. Madeleines disappearance is just that, and so much more then that, it is a horror scenario without any apparent end and the only conclusion i can come to since quite some time ago, is the same as yours. There IS something to this whole case that does not add up no matter what way one turns it unless one starts to think in lines of something much “deeper” going on behind the scenes already long before Madeleine actually disappeared. The way that the McCanns have behaved since they became a public phenomenon are not actions that any -normal- parent or human being could possibly relate to (i certainly cannot). I can, however, see, that they are not only involved in covering up what happened to Madeleine, but they are also covering FOR someone (and/or more then just one person), as is the rest of the Tapas scum, and my thoughts as well as gut instinct runs totally along the same lines with yours.

  27. 127
    Sophie Says:

    Thank you Elen, you are correct that it is a puzzle with a 6 missing pieces:
    The portion of time unaccounted for during the day?
    The time checking routine on the kids by the entire mccanns and the tapas team?
    Who was the mystery person known to Gerry mccann that left paria da luz in the helicopter that night?
    What was the significance of their trip to Huelva ?
    Was it to meet with someone?
    What did they dispose of at the dump site? (they claimed it was garbage but its an odd thing to do if you’re staying at a resort)


  28. 128
    Taurus Says:

    To reply to Sophie. I did not go with an agenda weeks after she went missing. I went to walk the route of the holiday camp and it surprised me as I was looking for the hotel as the media said they stayed in. Not so. I then walked down the hill many times from above the range of self owned flats that crowd and shadow the Warner inner ring of activities. As such the corner flat is the least likely to be a choice of predation.

    I will tell you why?

    1. Unlike 5D where Jane Tanner was and upper 5H of the Payne’s it is trapped in a corner, bins are there and the long and large wall. To go and steal from the two directly as you enter the carpark inlet from the side road off the main road you are listening to sixty or more children to your right. Here to you right is the playschool and gardens in front of block 4 where Mr Wilkins stayed.

    Visualise it. Coming in from Faro you go down the hill past a pink castle type hotel that is seen posed at in the media as backdrop. To the right is the house of the Pyramid and a right angle to two tennis courts, and then a turn to the place the Smith sighting was and a pharmacy, carry on around this perimeter wall of a building site and you come to the Church and the Fortress.

    But go the way of the bus. Here the tour bus will drop those off by turning from the main road into town hedged by the building site and where the lane to all the flats comes out, this before the tennis courts and Tapas Bar. Here the roadside entry is opposite tiered owned apartments of some quality and to the right of the school that runs opposite Block 4.

    Go then to the second inlet and you have Block 5 and an inlet for cars. The most advantageus would bu the direct concrete wall inlet, not the corner flat. That is nonesense. It is nonesense as you can see it is elevated. The pation is elevated and the corridor runs like a rat run. Therefor the front door inset is to the patio door poolside.

    To the left in this corridor cul de sac as ‘dead end’ is the right window. Now as I have checked most holiday makers use the poolsided for children due to the noise of cars passing roadside and headlamps. Common sense.

    But some choose the poolside bedrooms if there is no television going to be on. You see the television is situated by the bedroom used here for adults. So a television on would wake children as it is opposite the lounge. To access the roadside one is off the main door access and turn to the right and into the bathroom. Again a bed placed as it was under the wall of the bathroom would wake a child when water was flused or footsteps. Why then was the bed not placed next to the other one as in the adult bedroom? Then the cots by this to the wardrobe. Why then not put the dresser seen to this bathroom wall to minimise the noise of flushing and the footsteps in?

    But you asked of pedantics.

    2. The patio door is elevated, it flows right to the lounge and kitchen as a visual on entering. Offset is the bedrooms, a real ‘dead end’ for any one going in that should not be there.

    To the right of the lounge is a window that has a sofa pushed up against it as it is open plan as can be seen. It has the noise also of the pulling in outside below of cars to the complex and people chatting as both make a noise to this end flat and are visible.

    The route along the famous small lane is very narrow and cobbled and stepping on it with hard shoes it makes a noise of course. Here if you walk around from 5A the high wall is an impediment. To watch specifically this one dead end flat you would not do so from the opposite side of the street from the Warner hut and pool or below.

    You would watch it from 5C lane as the place the mystery man seen by Mrs Penn’s relative showed of a man subversively coming out of 5B. The angle of the patio above shows 5B to be the only gate he could have exited on that afternoon.

    Hence, this was afternoon. If the man seen loitering is the same man shown on the list of suspicious men ask this?

    Why has this mystery man seen exiting in full daylight in cloths of a certain type not been added to this list of suspicious men?

    It is fact that a man was seen by an independent witness that could later have vaulted with or without help the wall where Gerry is sat by the children’s pool later in the darkness.

    This would bring him out on the lane that divides the flats from the centre, and it would bring him out of course at the top of the lane directly in line with Block 4 or diagonally crossing the pool to 5D.

    Here it would take 1 minute or more to go from the Tapas Bar, cross the grass, cross between the pools and vault over the wall to get to any of the gates that go in and up to the elevations of all of the flats.

    It is the route that I think the man seen by the relative might have gone by moving to the location of Block 4. This from reconstruction takes in all by a fit man of some height to vault and not come back over 2 minutes, not seconds. Seconds is when you count steps and that is not a thing that is factual time.

    Thus, the way this was done is either a child walked out following an adult and out the patio steps and then on hearing Dad and Jeremy chatting and a baby not asleep, and perhaps crying our Jane comes up and cannot get past of course. Two cars block her view to the right where Gerry says he was standing in the exact same manner of the angle said to have been deployed by the man watching a flat, a certain flat. This would have alerted the owner opposite of course.

    But no, the cars are definately parked for sometime, none belonging to the female worker far longer, here Stephen Carpenter clarifies it and his wife and children at 9.15 is and that of the two workers as to longevity.

    What is apparent is that Jane cannot have walked till after 9.15 p.m. due to the testimony of the others and alone and in darkness and this in her sandals does take uphill to the lane as U journey no less than 1 minute 55 seconds if you are not intercepted or interrupted when making that foot out of the Tented area. I say it takes in all 3 minutes as optimum conditions at this time and with the impediments of eating and the lazy days of the evening. So there you are. Optimum conditions means that no impediment makes the journey to a holiday flat by the poolside, so reverse it.

    A child follows after Gerry’s excursion into the poolside entry and bathroom, and leaves the door ajar of course for light. A child does not close doors. Here said child is hearing noises and invesigates the sounds as she knows the voices. She exits and has a fall of some sort as she is watching by the side window by standing on the sofa to the side window. Her visual is that men are talking here under her window in the lounge, cars are moving in and off as is fact at this time and earlier.

    Then this act is then created as a scenario due to the age of the child, not an infant, but a near school age child of no diminutive stature as seen on the ‘walk’ videos. Here she exits or is enticed to the patior and under the parents windown as a rat run again. A blind entry. Here the route down the steps is to turn left and down to the noises below as we know there were noises as it was a dropping off and parking point and turn to the centre at this junction.

    Ending then, the lane is suspect due to the visibility this afforded, and time to exit that the road and route Mr Carpenter and wife, and other tourists took going past the Murat villa as visual from both ends of the road each way.

    The route lane side then would be her escape route by being passed over a wall under the bedroom to the right in line diagonally with the Tapas Bar as concealed at this very point by trees. Certain views of this elevation cannot be seen were you to be continually watching this window elevated for a purpose of clandestine activity. Our man then that was at 5B on the afternoon must come into the equation. For if a man was watching the poolside and not front door access of 5A specifically he would know the range of adults who might and would enter and leave. He would do so by going to the Pool inside the Warner unit and sitting in front of the large pool, this where Gerry is seen to have his image taken with the children as a view to his left should in contrast to his right . This would have been the optimum way for any one to angle the patio elevated and the patio doors and bedroom window. But why not all the flats with children?

    The answer is there were no optimum factors due to the trips of those at random and the sporadic cars that answered service calls to the apartments. Not one definitive can be given. The key lies in the crucial debate of did Gerry and Jeremy talk by the access lane blocking it so that Jane had to be earlier and before Gerry came out this way as she exited 5D. Passing 5C, 5B children as said are awake and ill and make a noise. It is crucial because this stagnation of cars, workers and other tourists all come to the corner a man and child cross in unison at that random time suggested.

    Far more supportive is that Madeleine specifically went to patio door after Gerry left and leaned over the balcony to listen, and then followed down the lane to where she knew the child of Jane Tanner would be. Here she is not intent on her child mind I suggest of going to see mum and dad, but to play. This cognition of what children of school age want to do is at odds. It is my view she would have chosen the lane where she knew children like her were and were alone like she was with her brother and sister.

    But. Our sinister man coming out of gate 5B adjacent to 5C as supposed to be empty is a threat in my view. He could have been there later than 4.30 p.m. as his subversive act was to test a gate that made a noise so as not to be heard coming out or in. This is how I see Madeleine being taken to a place unknown as the lane affording optimum conditionst tested in daylight when everyone was out, or he thought they were. It means he had a lookout and accomplice does it not?


  29. 129
    sophie Says:

    “Far more supportive is that Madeleine specifically went to patio door after Gerry left and leaned over the balcony to listen, and then followed……”
    But you have not factored in the supposition that the kids were sedated. Which would therefore discount the idea of maddie leaving the apartment that night.

  30. 130
    sophie Says:

    Hi Taurus,
    “Far more supportive is that Madeleine specifically went to patio door after Gerry left and leaned over the balcony to listen, and then followed……”
    But you have not factored in the supposition that the kids were sedated. Which would therefore discount the idea of maddie leaving the apartment that night.

  31. 131
    Taurus Says:


    I do not believe Madeleine was sedated, but if she was then she could have, as before woken and became groggy,IF someone had administered in tea some liquid as was suggested prior by Kate as the night before.

    It means she could have ‘come to’ and staggered out, or been taken out by some person that would use the patio door and the easy escape route other than the main concourse of this was not a hotel with reception.

    It was a holiday camp with facilities as a choice.

    If it had been a hotel the child or person would have been seen on cctv and if crying the parents summoned from dinner and reprimanded for the noise to other guests.

    I am not going to say the obvious as she is still missing as last seen at Flat 5A by Dr Payne before tennis. Nor that the family are wrong.

    What is not right is that there is no empirical evidence to say she is alive still, or is not in Praia da Luz or ever left there.

    It is therefore the action of police to find what happened to her in both scenarios as in ANY missing person case as to the two aspects of extra and intra concepts. 5A is the start and end till evidence suggests she did indeed leave this extended location of block 5.

    There is no evidence to polarise a position as not one sighting outside the flat has ever been proved accurate. Robert Murat was put in the frame and many psychics and press jumped on that. But if it was not Robert who lives up there, then the man and child Jane saw cannot be the abductor as a supposed ‘impression’ that became elaborated on.

    No one has seen her since or heard of her.

  32. 132
    sophie Says:


    Jane Tanner has changed the description of the alleged abductor quite a few times that one has to wonder if there really was a sighting or of a deliberate attempt by Mccanns and Co. to throw the investigation off course.

    According to the Mccanns the patio door was locked, but the main door of the apartment was left unlocked. So if someone was monitoring the movements in and out of the apartment that night then he/they could have simply walked in from the main door and left with madeleine. There is one point which we both agree on and that is: more than one individual was involved.

  33. 133
    sophie Says:

    Why are some of my posts not shown?
    Jane Tanner has changed her description of the alleged abductor so many times that one has to wonder if there really was a sighting or if it was a deliberate attempt by the Mccanns and Co to throw the investigation off course.
    With regards to Maddie staggering out of the apartment in a groggy state, and walking down the patio stairs without falling over, highly unlikely. Being taken by someone out of the apartment- YES. But through the patio door, i do not think so and why? Because the Mccanns has maintained from the very beginning of this case that the patio door was locked and that the main door of the apartment was unlocked. So it is highly likely that if the apartment was being monitored by a would be abductor, then they would have noticed the timings and pattern of checking by the Mccanns and their friends and all they would have had to do would be to simply enter the apartment from the main door and remove madeleine.
    There is one point where we both agree on and that is more than one individual was involved in the alleged abduction or removal of Madeleine from the apartment.

    Site Admin: Sophie, you only had one post sat in moderation and it is showing now. If you have any more missing let us know.

  34. 134
    Taurus Says:

    Gerry has by his account dismissed Jane Tanner as he says he was on the other side of the road, that is looking right at the road up where she would see Stephen Carpenter and indeed it is possible as he took coffee he did go out the very same time as they exited to go out as a family of four as this timing is after the late arrival of the Payne’s as after 9p.m. and when Matt went to rustle them along. So if Jane says that he did not sit with her and was with them. It is logical to find he continues his chat as they leave and he leaves at 9.15 exit estimated. It would be after the coffee so SC would look at his watch of course and they as a family leave with a three year old of course being carried across a road past her bed time and in leggings of course due to the time of night and location.

    Jane would have to have been inside her flat by the patio poolside door as the nearest and safest for her in those sandals.

    It was the sliding patio door that was unlocked so entry could be had to the lane. Now is it not probable that grown fit men did not use the stairs but simply go in the 5B way and then over the wall by the bedroom to 5A to check?

    Would you not do the same in reverse. If you were Matt would you not go in the very small gate of 5B and then to the patio, and check your child and then jump over the very small wall under the Penn apartment to go to the opening doors of 5A rather than go all the way round and unlock a door and then check under a window to the right. Might not a shadow on a window frighten a child as this would be directly to her and she would hear footsteps and breathing, a cough or some noise of course. Not logical to do so and not safe as it would look like a paedophile or a theif who was at windows where persons were out.

    The main door was locked as it was from the carpark and the sliding door could not be locked from the outside. In the statements it is quite clear and is from Kate that the patio doors on the veranda were left unlocked and slid open as easy access and of course a key turning in a lock and a door opening by the side of the children’s bedroom would be scary.

    In all this the windows being checked are only 5A as the others I assume had put their children in the back poolside rooms. I say that as Jane double locks her door and so this would wake the children by the noise of the lock turning and catching each time.

    If Jane was in her sandals in the lane and not seen my Jeremy and Gerry, nor Stephen Carpenter and his wife, nor the two workers, WHERE WAS SHE? That is the crux of it. And yet only she had seen a man who she admitted in the beginining was ‘never in a million years that of Madeleine’. Yet later autosuggestion and the media places her telling family and Gerry of this phenomena. Of course Gerry is aghast. He knows she could not have been where she said she was. So again where was she?

    It is Gerry who is key to this as he dismissed being on the side blocking her path as in the reconstruction. This airbrushes over the need for her to do a Batman and fly over both of them due to the breadth of the path and the cars there blocking moving out into the road. Gerry says he was on the other side. Jeremy says some side as that of Jane but even he does not see her when with a pram and not urgently walking. Whoever was lurking or insitu was a normal person above suspicion and not a man with a dirty raincoat as sex offenders are not stereotypical in dress and class.

    Who was waiting has to be the man who went into the gate of 5B seen earlier who had a mission, and had an accomplice to do what was to be done. It would not fit for a lone man to stalk and take one large child when two small ones would be easier to put under each arm and run out the gated way.

    Only, ONLY. If the child taken was to be hauled over the wall of 5A to be missed by the Penn family above and then taken out over the patio of 5B and out the gates would this action be valid as to purpose of gate movements.

    Do you agree.

    It is common sense. Whoever was the man who had to try the gates was a logistical person, and did not want to be alert later the residents when using this gate again. He had to know it would not be used again, or to have need of knowing how far to go with a bundle over his shoulder as to one arm to open it and close it.

    Strategy says if he went this way and with a child of this size he would have to use one hand to open any gate. Or any window, or any door. But the issue is that no one saw Jane even the man who was the abductor for if he had he would have come back to silence her of course. But she did not see this as a threat and has not. So the reality is that he was not an abductor as he would see and hear her in that short distance and react. A fact is that did not happen. He did not run, did not turn, but did what normal persons do, carried on back to his flat as she assumed. I

  35. 135
    sophie Says:


    “In the statements it is quite clear and is from Kate that the patio doors on the veranda were left unlocked and slid open as easy access and of course a key turning in a lock and a door opening by the side of the children’s bedroom would be scary.”

    OK. So if indeed the patio doors were unlocked, why was it necessary for the window shutters to be tampered with or in Kate’s own word “jemmied” by the alleged abductor or intruder?

    The patio doors according to Kate, were locked and this statement was later changed when it was proven that the alleged abductor could not have possibly entered or leave the apartment through the shutters. And if the Mccanns did leave the patio door unlocked because they did not want their movements in and out of the apartment to disturb the kids, Why did Kate enter the apartment from the main door of the apartment that night?

  36. 136
    Taurus Says:

    I have it as fact that the patio door were as stated left unlocked and that Kate went in the patio door that let the curtains blow, which could not have happened in physics as the door was in front and the bedroom door to a vestibule so the curtains and door would not be affected by the opening of a patio door at anytime. The reason for the blinds and windows secured by tie backs and full length is to dispute any scenario I have suggested as it is the most probable and expedient.

    Site Admin: If you look at the photo inside the children’s bedroom that was taken on the night of May 3, the curtains wouldn’t have moved as Kate described for a simpler reason: the left curtain was trapped behind the bed! Click here for the image: http://i.telegraph.co.uk/telegraph/multimedia/archive/00785/madeleine-bedroom2_785841c.jpg. Notice also the wicker chair at the end of the bed. That right hand curtain was unlikely to be able to be drawn fully to the central position without also being trapped behind the bed. Otherwise it would sit awkwardly against the end of the bed. Look at Kate on Oprah as she hyperventilates while describing how the curtains went “whooosh” and she uses both hands to illustrate the movement of curtains in the plural.

    If there was a difference in wind pressure between the back and front of the apartment, that pressure difference would have generated a breeze as soon as she opened the patio doors – not moments later as she keeps on describing. We’ve all experienced that type of thing when we have windows open in a house.

    It didn’t happen. Kate is a bare-faced liar.

  37. 137
    sophie Says:

    Lets agree to disagree on this point:
    There was no Abductor or Abduction. The Mccanns and Co has is full knowledge of what happened to Madeleine that night. There are far too many inconsistencies in the Mccanns account of what happened and the timings of their movement during that day and night. Had they not “hired” the eloquent Clarence Mitchel they might have been behind bars which is where they should be at least for child neglect.

  38. 138
    sophie Says:

    Jon Corner, clearly states that Kate had told him that they had left the both doors, front and patio, locked while they were having their meal.
    Philomena McCann, Gerry’s sister said on 04 May: “Some people may ask why they left the children alone in the apartment but it was locked and they had a full view of the front door and they were checking every half hour.
    Several other statements made by the Mccanns to Brian Healy, and Trish Cameron that the doors were locked. This version later changed when it was proven that the intruder could not have entered through the jemmied window.

  39. 139
    sophie Says:

    Excerpt from the Mccanns PJ Files
    “Discrepancies in the statements

    – During Gerry’s first questioning (Folio 34) he said that at 21.05 when he went to his apartment to ‘check’ the children, he entered by the main door; during his second questioning (Folio 891) he changed this by saying he had entered through the patio doors.
    – During Gerry’s first questioning he said that Kate, at 22.00, when she went to the apartment, entered by the locked front door . When she entered she noticed the door to the children’s bedroom was opened inwards, the window was open and the shutter was raised. (if this had happened, she would not have noticed this scene after entering. She would have noticed this before entering the apartment, as she would have passed the window of the children’s bedroom).
    – During his second questioning, Gerry said that Kate entered through the patio doors.
    – During Kate’s questioning she said that she entered through the patio doors.

    Site Admin: Sophie – Gerry’s first interview is largely meaningless. He was present during Kate’s earlier interview so he had time to alter whatever he was going to say anyway. I can only guess that he knew Kate said she entered through the patio doors so he said the front door with a key to make it look like he was doing something different. But his comment makes no sense. Why would he enter via the front door when it takes about another 50 yards to walk round to the front door?

    The most absurd detail about the whole case is their insistence that they left the patio doors unlocked. Nobody and I mean nobody goes on a holiday and deliberately leaves the door open with all their valuables inside. You don’t even do it at home. Europe is as prone as anywhere else for petty crime and the McCanns were not naive in this respect. On the contrary, they had been on many European vacations. People are usually interested in getting a safe for their belongings. This simple detail alone is enough to question their “babysitting scheme.”

    The only conclusion that fits these tales is that it is all a lie and didn’t happen in the way they say.

  40. 140
    sophie Says:

    “The only conclusion that fits these tales is that it is all a lie and didn’t happen in the way they say.”

    THANK YOU. With all of their lies, inconsistencies and distortions of events, they still managed to manipulate the public into giving them was it 1 or 2 million pounds, globe trotted the world first class, got a book deal, interviewed by the top tv personalities, met the Pope (amazing), portrayed as the victims all the while the true victim -Madeleine McCann is still missing.
    It was lovely blogging with you. Good Night & God Bless.

  41. 141
    Elen Says:

    Thank you for your additions Sophie, as well as the links on the Kedys case in Lithuania.
    I think human beings in general (the ones of us going about our daily business as normal folks do) have a deep psychological barrier to truly open up their eyes to a -whole other world- of right out darkness spreading around the world right in front of our very eyes. It may simply be too horrendeous and “out of this world” for the human psyche to fully grasp concepts that are so alien to our own form of thinking and existing that most do not want think along those lines, as it seems so incomprehensible. There are however an abundance of cases reported all the way from the 60’s (possibly even earlier then that), cases of ritual abuse, that has either been forcefully denied and ridiculed as products of imagination, the McMartin tunnels being one such case. I will add on a few links here as reminders of mind boggling horrors that has taken and are taking place to this day, and God knows what kind of horrors goes on at this very moment that we may find out about in years to come. There is a dangerous and sinister -movement- going on in the world, where children are abducted and used in unimaginably cruel ways, in rituals that defy all s.c normal human behavior. WHY this is happening is a big question in itself and deserves in-depth investigation only for that aspect. I would like to remind you all of another unfortunate famous little girl that encountered a gruesome destiny no child, no human being deserves. JonBenet Ramsey. I can only at the very depths of mys soul hope that nothing of the sort was Madeleines destiny, still, i am being realistic and not excluding anything when it comes to the behavior and warped thinking world of people who involve themselves with practices of treating children as mere objects of sacrifice for some warped up understanding of gaining power in this world.
    A fair warning; -these links are not for the faint of heart.


  42. 142
    Taurus Says:

    I am most concerned. In the local farmers market I caught children of under ten reading and having the book called ‘Madeleine’. It is a pretty book of an infant on the cover, and one that should be on the coffee table. It is now with a sticker as to 50% off on the front page in large book shops.
    My concern is the graphic visualisation of a paedophile act that conjours up genital mutilation on page 129, written by Kate. This should never have passed into a book for other than adults. Salivating sex offenders will know of this vision she says of. Not in a million years can I let the material I have to read academically flow into that one as one who studies the subject of CSO’s academically.

    But the issue is why would one think this way, and put it in what is a book of Madeleine, a book of a coming FOUR YEAR OLD that is missing in May 2007.

    Why not tell us the story of her life, and her image of a child that age?

    This image of a tall girl in tennis kit smiling should have been the front page as no one is going to look so near for a flaw in the eye or be allowed to. That would be an assault and a crime perpetrated by the zeal of the paranoid who tries it. It is also stalking to try and do this to a person who might look ‘similar’ as thousands do. The main loss is that the image of Madeleine is not on the billboards in all stations. Instead the book is the item as a unit of currency for a company fund. Thus, the book is not accurately showing the Madeleine on the very front page and saying ‘find me’. Point last seen, Warner complex, Praia da Luz, and the date.

    The book is not a book of shared discussion, or to be seen to have.

    If so I could have read it on the train, but it is akin to a banned book as it cannot be read or the book read in a public place.

    I think the book should be withdrawn and those references of genital mutilation taken out as it is a book for children as is said.

    I am well aware of what is being suggested in the book.

    But if one said that to a psychiatrist he would have you medicated, and at risk due to delusions, or paranoid thoughts that could be harmful, as they are delving into very dark thoughts externalised as thinking macabre thoughts. Page 129.

    Thus, consider also those reading would come under such categories who were abused or had known such acts factually of abuse as improper comments in a general book. How would that register as to reading unwittingly?

    No one knows if she suffered those damages, which if she did would make her life in danger due to septic shock and worse.

    Hence if Madeleine was not taken as a failed kidnap, ransom, or by a person with a grudge, or a person with a psychosis as to the child of that age being perceived as their property, there is no way she is alive after such an injury is sustained.

    I end now as I do not want to be reminded or read the book as it was discarded after this.

    It should give a warning of EXPLICITE SEXUAL CONTENT. I say that as my Journals do state that factually before reading on of case files of CSO to the reader as academic right of access.

    Site Admin: Some people have suggested that the book is Kate’s way of letting others know what happened and therefore the genital mutilation is proof of paedophilia. She does reveal some other information that could be construed as “new”, so this theory cannot be ruled out. But as you say, that kind of description is not something that should be in that type of book. For the most part, the book is all about Kate and Gerry rather than Madeleine. It seems like it is their way of trying to justify their neglect and abuse. “Kate and Gerry McCann” would be a more apt title.

  43. 143
    sophie Says:

    Good Morning Everyone.

    There is another point that needs to be seriously investigated and it concerns financial fraud by the Mccanns. The Mccanns particularly Gerry, strikes me to be extremely astute when it comes to money. So i find it particularly odd that they would pay a firm with a disreputable and shady business history, hundred of thousands of pounds and not ask for a refund. My take on this: The money was probably funnelled back into a secret Mccanns bank account. There is no way the mccanns would let go of this much money and not bat an eyelid. This entire case to the Mccanns was about making money.
    Taurus, unfortunately in the world of advertising and media: Sex sells. So kate’s idea of sexing up the contents of the book was simply to sell more copies. They know that the huge outpouring of public support and sympathy is waning thin, so this is like their last attempt at milking the situation for all that its worth.

    I may not be able to reply as i am at work, so have a fab day everyone.

  44. 144
    Liz Y Says:

    I agree Sophie, they know where she is, they know she’s dead, and they know no-one will ever find her. So, they’re making the most of it, filthy, horrible, vile people that they are. I haven’t read the book yet, I will if one’s been discarded, or it appears on these pages. I will not further their financial status one penny. How they can accuse Amaral of making money out of Madeleine’s demise, and then have the bare-faced cheek to come up with a book which touches on genital mutilation, AND her sex life with Gerry. (My view is based on points that have been raised here).
    How low can they stoop. What happened to her being looked after by a family Kate??? Just when I think I can be no longer be shocked, or horrifically disgusted and disturbed, these two people (and I use that term lightly) crawl back out with another load of self-serving bollocks.
    The more I read this stuff, the more surreal it becomes. Here we are in 2011, a little girl is still missing, the parents, however you look at it, are to blame. We haven’t got a free press, or any other media whatsoever, the interests of a little girl aren’t paramount, the parents and their friends are all the richer, and protected and pitied when they should be behind bars, and nothing happens, NOTHING!! We are supposed to be in a democracy! These people are still receiving hundreds of thousands of £’s 4 years on, and don’t even have to account for this fund’s outgoings, never mind account for themselves.
    The very fact that a lot of people on this site, and others, are veering towards paedophilia, as a possible answer, is because they’ve reasearched all the possibilities. It isn’t surprising. Don’t ever under-estimate the British public, we’re dogged, and we’re not stupid, we’ll never give in. These pieces of filth insult my intelligence!! They may be intelligent enough to be doctor’s, but when it comes to public accountability, they’re as thick as pigshit, or, they think we are!! For example, jemmied shutters, ‘just like being in the garden’ ‘they’ve taken her’ dirty nappies in the car, or meat juices, disparaging the dogs who haven’t been wrong in 200+ cases, walking hand in hand down lovers lane, a gentle jog on the beach, looking like they have a slight bout of indigestion, and so on, and so on, and so on, ad infinitum………….
    I am absolutely furious, and upset and totally helpless, that a little girl can have no justice. I know she is dead, but, I have nightmares as to how.
    Until I came on here I’d never thought, or read, about the horrendous things one human being could do to helpless children, my lesson has been a hard one. These people should either be imprisoned forever, or, put down for the animals they are. No, in hindsight, animals wouldn’t do this.

  45. 145
    sophie Says:

    Hi Liz,

    You forgot this little classic from Kate: “” Whoever Madeleine’s with she’ll be giving them her tuppence worth …” These are not really the words of a mother distraught over the disappearance of her child is it? Not really the words of a mother concerned and fearful that her child may have been taken by a paedophile ring? Like you, i have not read the book nor do i intend to.
    I have a sneaky feeling that very soon, the truth will begin to trickle out and it may be connected to the News of The World current scandal. Just a hunch.

    Site Admin: Antonella Lazzeri & Co at the Sun and her cohorts at the News of the World have been fawning over the McCanns for years. If Gerry McCann had “dirt” on News Corporation it would certainly go a long way to showing the crazy amount of favoritism shown towards them by both papers. You’re right – it could quite easily be linked to this scandal.

  46. 146
    Liz Y Says:

    Hi Sophie, There must be loads more I’ve forgotten, my memory is appalling. I fervently hope that you’re right about the NoTW, God rest it’s soul!! Anyways, I think there are rumblings of discontent about the way the McCanns are feted. The higher-ups are just as liable to jealous wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, conceit, envy, all manner of sexual deviances. If the shit hit the fan, they’d drop the McCanns like a stone. Gerry is one of those people who can get anyones back’s up, rich or poor and Kate is walking around with a face like a smacked arse.
    I think that, if it wasn’t for dear old Clarrie, (another one with an uncanny ability to get up everyone’s nose). they’d be inside now.
    On a lighter note, The Beckhams wanted to call their new daughter TAPAS SEVEN, but they couldn’t afford the royalties!!

  47. 147
    Elen Says:

    I will try for a moment to go back to “basics” after having read over and over again all the interesting and careful observations of various phases of happenings around the date of Madeleines disappearance. The only “testimony” i can say i find totally reliable in this whole case is the dogs. They had never failed in a case previously, that much we know. Therefore, someone dead had occupied the McCann apartment for some time for cadaver odor to have developed. Now, (correct me if i remember dates wrong) Mrs Fenn heard a child crying and calling for Daddy for well over an hr on the night of the 1st. The crying stopped abruptly, and as far as we can gather, after that moment there are no 100% reliable sightings of Madeleine. I think she died that night. How it happened i will leave out of speculation for now in order to try and keep my theory as simple as possible. The night she died she was kept in the apartment, hidden in the wardrobe out of sight from the twins (and obviously Kate and Gerry themselves) Well into the day of the 2nd of May her body was still there, whilst they were planning on how to dispose of her. This gave plenty of time for cadaver odor to develop. ( Does anybody know if any of the other couples in the tapas group was renting a car around that time by the way? As if so, Kate and Gerry or either one of them could have driven away with her body to a temporary site to dispose of Madeleines body while they came up with a plan of what the next step would be) This gave them well more then 24 hrs before raising the alarm of her -disappearance and have all of the investigation concentrated only to the night of the 3rd, when in reality Madeleine had died already appx 48 before. (Wasn’t it also so that the McCanns had some bigger bag missing they had previously been seen with? I do appreciate anyone interested to fill in details in my theory if it sounds plausible to anybody else but myself, i’m not trying to be -right- here, simply writing down a possible scenario of how things could have happened, in the simplest form possible) Renting a car so much later and taking off to Huelva in Spain (that seemed to make no sense whatsoever) they picked up Madeleines body from its temporary “resting place” and brought it along to be disposed of on the side of Spain somewhere, where no-one would have a thought of looking for her body, as the entire investigation was still focusing around the -faked abduction- scenario.
    Now, i am forming this very basic theory and assumption upon the fact of the -testimonies- of the dogs, and ONLY that. All i know for certain is that the dogs were not corrupt nor bribed, not liars, not inventing stories nor changing testimonies, and had no idea what it was they were looking for. They came up with two facts staring us in our faces to this day, -They smelled cadaver and blood in the McCanns apartment and in the car, and nothing can change that fact. I look forward to anyone helping me along with this theory, as well as pointing out any fact to me that points in any contrary direction. And if so, in such case, what did the dogs smell?

  48. 148
    Taurus Says:

    I have tried to get the image of the apartments on her and found one where they are added as this was on another site.
    Having been there to search same as Colin, it cannot be explained unless you have been there for a set purpose after the event.

    I believe the mostly likely place for a coming four year old would be down a well, that is in the vicinity of Sagress or PDL. I am going to add that the term paedophile as to a person who uses for his own sexual fantasy this ‘sexual being’ is wrong as to a sex offender classification, try child molester, Internet offender and rapist as to adult and child sex offenders. No former policeman would use this term as it is not correct to categorize all sex offenders in the same bucket, nor would Kate, but she does. Not all sex offenders chose to do what she states she imagines in page 129, as to certain death from femoral artery bleeding and so Kate is seeing blood, copious viscous amounts of it in the description of this image of her daughter. But I let that rest academically as she is very clearly seeing a woman in labour who has had forceps or a very hard birth that has meant cutting of this region as a seen image when in midwifery. She has transposed it in the book to resemble what she imagines in horror that is the result of childbirth with complications as to childbirth. She is seeing a child being born, and with assistance by cuttting and forcepts or both.
    Is she in her mind giving birth to Madeleine or watching someone give birth and feels that excruciatiing pain and describes it?

    For now I have the image that the webmaster can upload to show the apartments and the gates for someone who may have made house calls as a usual sporadic event, that a ‘paedophile’ could not plan for in any of the apartments where children could be taken when breaking into ANY of the apartments, but is suggested to be just one that was open, and broken into. Where was the man seen coming out of gate 5B in the afternoon, and was he Tapas 10?


  49. 149
    Elen Says:

    I understand the term -freedom of expression- and appreciate the fact that -we-, the people that share cyberspace here are probably mostly from such countries where freedom of expression is as everyday and normal as sliced bread. Yet, sometimes within the terminology of freedom of expression i find myself wondering if the path headed upon, trying to find the truth, the truth for ONE PURPOSE only; – bringing justice to Madeleine;- isn’t tread upon in a manner where every little piece of mind “material” is put under a microscope for the pure interest of dwelling upon the -grossness- of it? I am aware of how deep and warped that in itself might sound (being read) , as really speaking, it sounds only that way because i am being overly polite, not wanting to say the evident – what does it matter…in what WAY does it matter what Kate writes about anything..on any page…of whatever? Why should it be the subject of analysis as analyzing such insignificant -words- of a human being that we already KNOW to be mentally warped, will not EVER bring back Madeleine, nor will it bring any justice to her, no matter how much anyone of us dwells upon what this twisted mind has written about her child! (Believe me, it makes ME sick to call Madeleine Kates child )
    As a mother of four beautiful (adult) children, thinking of the unbearable heartache it would be to have lost anyone of them in any manner or way, i find myself as a MOTHER myself, trying to “find” Madeleine to this day…and i fail personally to see the importance of shredding any page or words in Kates book to pieces within this -search- for Madeleine. As said, -within- freedom of expression such analysis may play a huge role, however, -in the real SEARCH for Madeleine, it plays no role whatsoever. In my opinion it is sidetracking the issue just as much as the McCanns has been sidetracking the issue since the day Madeleine disappeared from the rest of the world. It does not MATTER what Kate -imagines- unless what she imagines can be taken as something that truly did happen to Madeleine. As to date, NONE of us knows what happened to her, and therefore it is pointless to head along with Kates -visualizations- and dive into her mind set, as such thoughts will evidently not bring anyone closer to finding Madeleine neither dead nor alive. Please, i ask..for MADELEINE…let us all just remember FACTS about the whole case! Lets remember the dogs testimony, the ONLY piece of firm evidence that will bring us somewhat closer to actually FINDING Madeleine…or most probably, her body. Lets try and follow that TRAIL that these well trained dogs showed us, and if someone still does not think that 200 cases solved before Madeleines disappearance with the help of these dogs is sufficient proof that they gave the ONLY reliable piece of evidence as to that Madeleine died, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, -then, anyone that DOUBTS that piece of evidence, please give me a plausible explanation to WHAT it was that the dogs smelled in apt 5A at the Ocean Club as well as in McCanns rental car??? Please, lets just do our BEST to find Madeleine..really truly FIND her!! (without letting the McCanns sidetrack us!!)

  50. 150
    Taurus Says:

    Medical scientists and I am one and also a psychologist do not mince words, and so you ask of the dogs.

    Having seen said dogs of Martin Grime in action trained by Mark Harrison MBE who has led them on many cases in the past I know how they work. I am as always concerned with what is there and a triagulation. I too have grown up children and every mother thinks their children is beautiful and wonderful, and grateful.
    FACTS. These are facts that can be understood by certain people and misunderstood by other persons. FACTS are those replications of those empirical facts that show that something is or is not proved of possible.

    As I have been on this since June, 2007 as invited then I have a different tone of what has gone on. There is no official or public spokesperson for the near four year old Madeleine. She instead of the other girl children was found to be missing and a reward from a newspaper came within days.

    You ask of the dogs, you are talking specifically of Eddie and Keela as trained then Yorkshire Police cadaver dogs. Dogs that both sought out a patch on the farm of Kate Prout to denote her demise and death in a certain region. Her body has never been found on this grouse moor she owned with her husband she feared. Others this set of dogs have been on and I have the ultimate faith in this team and have asked them to deploy to locations in my work.

    The words I use are not from page 129 that is sat in a book shop in the town where children think she is a ‘Barbie doll’ as the image shows a playdoll in red, and cogntively this is what children think when the see the ‘Maddie Doll’ in the images of her as an infant. No one sidetracks the police, or ‘US’. What happened to this child of coming school age instead of the other 8 children as

    Payne family, three adults, two girl children,
    Tanner and O’Brien famly, two adults, two girl children,
    Oldfield Family, two adults, one girl infant,

    McCann, two adults, two girl children, one boy child,

    Plus that of the Carpenter family as coffee and tennis friends,
    Two adults, two girl children.

    Plus Jeremy Wilkins, two adults, one infant boy.

    Add to the list on this date as to why one out this set had to be missing that did not have to be a brake in because the patio doors were open. That is why I supplied the photo of the gates to show the top view of the flats in 5 and not 4. Crucially why was 5C not let to Jane Tanner or to the McCanns as would make more sense to ‘sandwich’ the party in this way? My best was going out there to see for myself weeks after and reconstructing it before those theories were put by others. It is up to Scotland Yard to do as you suggest and they have the files that will never be given outside a police force to any civilian whoever they are, except the Home Office and the Prime Minister of course.

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