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Dumbfound and Chaplins First Appear

It seems that the very first public domain reference to Chaplins was posted by dumbfound at 11.49 am, Tuesday, 24 July 2007 on the Daily Express “HAVE YOUR SAY” User Comment Thread. Certainly, that was when the author first saw it mentioned. As the will see, it is not only Chaplins that dumfound introduced, it is children crying, Mrs Fenn, precise times, and a date.

Dumbfound’s Post

Dumbfound was not an MF poster – at least, not under that particular nic. Dumbfound alleged as follows:


The McCanns dined out every night of their holiday while their poor children slept alone. They are lucky that this happened on the night they chose to dine in the tapas bar and not Tuesday for example when they dined in Chaplins, below their beloved church, near the beach, 8 times the distance away. They never once checked on their children as they claim, ask the staff! Talk to elderly Mrs. Senn [sic] who lives above and she’ll tell you on that particular Tuesday night she had to sit listening to one of the children “screeming [sic], crying” from 22:30 till 23:45. They went to dinner around 19:00h. Those poor, poor children. Yes, they should be prosecuted. How DARE they preach to other parents and try to teach us safety measures to ensure our children are safe from predators? How DARE they take the positions of heroes? How DARE they commit this crime upon poor Madeleine? Yes, they did it.

Thinking that this comment was not for long on this earth, the author took the precaution of saving it,  typos and all. For what it is worth, the original link was:

Apparently, the author was prescient, for a while, only this remained:

24.07.07, 11:49am
**Comment removed**
• Posted by: dumbfound

And when the Express pulled all McCann related pages, only this:


Anyway, to continue the story, a little later that day, the MF poster, cfb, quoted dumbfound on the MF main thread. It was at point that discussion on Chaplins commenced.

Dumbfound’s Post and the PJ Report

One of the things that has always intrigued the author about dumfound is what was his /her source? The dumfound post predates by some time any report in any of the Media. What rings through is that dumfound writes as if he /she has very close knowledge of the events recounted.

Because of this, the author always placed some store in relation to dumfound’s date of Tuesday 1 May. Indeed, forum members may have noted that the author (alone amongst you all, he thinks) has advanced as a working hypothesis the theory that Madeline may have disappeared towards midnight, Tuesday 1 May, 2007, or shortly afterwards. He was encouraged in this by dumfound’s date.

Dumfound it will be noted, reports two key things as happening on 1 May:

  1. Dining at Chaplins
  2. Crying for 1¼ hours (from 22:30 till 23:45) as recorded by Mrs Fenn

Now, the PJ summary report, whilst not mentioning Chaplins, states that:

PAMELA FENN lives on the first floor of the residential block, above the apartment occupied by the  McCANN family. She related that, on 1 May 2007, two days before the disappearance, at about 22h30, she heard a child crying, which by the sound was MADELEINE. The child continued weeping for one hour and 15 minutes, until the parent’s arrival (she heard the door sounds), at about 23h45.

What is interesting, astonishing even, is that the date and times exactly coincide with those given by dumfound . This leads to the thought as to whether dumfound was, as they say ‘a source close to the official police investigation’.

Back to Chaplins

Which leads one to ask whether Dumfound also right about ‘Dining at Chaplins’ on 1 May.

Now it seems that Dumfound may not be literally correct. There are plenty of reports that the McCanns
went to the tapas bar every day except the night of 28 May (although a now-pulled Daily Express article suggested except 28 and 29 May).

For example, the Sun informs us:

That first evening, Saturday, April 28, the group ate dinner at the Millennium Restaurant and Terrace, another Ocean Club property ten minutes away. For the rest of their stay they established a practice of giving the kids tea, playing with them for an hour and then putting them to bed in their
apartments before going out to the nearby tapas bar for dinner.

Nonetheless, the whole nature of a tapas meal is that is consists of a series, or collection, of snack-size portions. So, it’s certainly possible to snack twice, or to snack at Chaplins after drinking at the tapas, or
for that matter to drink at Chaplins after snacking at the tapas.

There remain, however, certain niggles about Chaplins. To focus on a single example, Sol is the newspaper that has undertaken investigative reporting, but there is no mention of Chaplins in its reports

So, let us examine whether there is anything about Chaplins that might attract fun loving holiday makers towards the end of a Tuesday Night?

Quiz Night

Would a quiz night attract you? And if so, what night might quiz night be? Why, quiz night is Tuesday night!

Chaplins inform us:

every Tuesday, start 10 pm

But, is there any evidence that the tapas 9 enjoyed quizzes? Well, it seems they were not averse to them, for, in relation to the night of 3 May, Sol informs us

An aerobic instructor from the resort entertains the dinner guests at Tapas with a ‘Quiz’. At 9.30 p.m. the game ends, and Gerry invites her to their table, where she stays for half an hour.

Happy Hour

Is there anything that might encourage late evening drinking at Chaplins? Well how about a ‘Happy Hour

Last year, this was advertised as follows:

Later on in the evening, once the food has finished, Chaplins swings into Bar mode and is soon full of people enjoying the music, the great company and perhaps most of all the Happy Hour (11.30pm – 12.30pm) when all drinks are half price.

Some Thoughts

What is interesting about the Chaplins story, if true, is what hangs from it. From the point of public relations, were it to become media mainstream, it could be extraordinarily damaging to the McCann cause.

The suspicious minded may also ask whether anything more serious than crying occurred.

We cannot know, at present, whether Chaplins is true or not, but Amaral has promised explosive revelations in his forthcoming book.

Do you think we may know soon?

Link to PJ Final Report (see pp 41 /42):

Link to Sun article about eating at the tapas bar

Link to Sol article 30 June 2007 (translation by astro) re quiz and quiz mistress, also the collection of Sol articles:

Link to Chaplin’s Quiz Night – Please note, having accessed the site, click on the Chaplins link:

Link to Chaplin’s ‘Happy Hour’ – Please note, having accessed the site, click on the Chaplins link:

14 Responses to “theAuthor: Dumfounded by CHAPLINS”

  1. 1
    S Homes Says:

    Does Pamela Fenn’s daughter work in Chaplins?

  2. 2
    Laverita Says:

    The first SOL report seems like ‘good investigative’ journalism…..and it is true that it at least named all the Tapas party.
    But it should not be forgotten that this report also gave us the ‘quiz mistress’ at the table story….which has turned out to be a pack of lies. The quiz mistress was in the Tapas bar on the 1st May…NOT on the 3rd of May.
    It is entirely possible that Clarence Mitchell himself gave most of the info to SOL. If Gerry was the man that Mr Smith (the Irish man) saw on the beach road at 9.50-10.00 on May 3rd, then the ‘quiz mistress at the table’ was put out purely to ‘place’ Gerry in the Tapas bar at that time. Without the ‘quiz mistress’ nobody has said that Gerry WAS in the Tapas at that time…….only the Tapas group are reported to have ‘said’ he was there. Their statements should be discounted as some of them may have a vested interest in protecting Gerry.

  3. 3
    SassyB Says:

    The ‘Quiz mistress at the table story on the 3rd’ was courtesy of Gerry McCann. Plenty more lies where that one came from.

  4. 4
    PeterMac Says:

    This fits perfectly with what another poster said more recently. Sorry, to quote it in full, but I think it bears another read.
    Lyndsey Says:
    I have been giving this case a lot of thought lately, and still believe, despite the rumours about paedophilia, that Madeline was somehow injured, which accounts for the blood findings in the apartment. (Of course it could be that she was subject to both!).
    However, I have been thinking along the lines that she was not injured on the night she went missing, but the night Mrs Fenn heard her crying. I believe that on that night when Mrs Fenn heard her, that somehow she had fallen and hurt her head really badly and carried on crying. I believe that she may have bled from either her nose or her ear, which is common with a bang on the head. I believe that when her parents came home they managed to calm her down pretty quickly and clean her up. (Remember that Kate McCann did admit, as one of their innocent reasons for finding blood in the apartment, that Madeleine had indeed had a nose bleed).

    Crucially, I believe they did not seek medical help for Madeleine because they had left her for 75 minutes and thought they would be asked some awkward questions. I believe she should have had a scan on her head in a hospital but they failed to do this, thinking, we are doctors we will keep her under our own observations.

    I believe they gave her Calpol to calm her down, as well as again the next morning when Madeleine asked why they did not come when she was crying (they omitted to say that Madeline said why did you not come when I was crying because I hurt my head!). I believe no visible mark showed on top of her head because she has a very good head of hair. I then think that Madeline, the next day, and as a lot of small children can do, appeared to get over her trauma quite quickly and because the Calpol had helped soothed her headache, but that the McCann’s both decided to increase their checks on the night of the 3rd May, just in case.

    I believe that Madeleine would have gone to the kids club as usual next day with her parents telling her that they would mention her head to the staff (which I do not believe they did). I think they gave her even more Calpol when they collected her at lunch time.
    Again, on the night of 3rd May they gave her more Calpol and increased their observations of Madeleine, this is why not only the McCann’s but indeed all of their friends were checking the McCann apartment (Remember, the McCann’s at no time stated they helped to check their friend’s apartments).

    There must be a good reason for this and I think it was because of Madeleine previously hurting herself. Then, the unthinkable happens, and Madeleine is discovered to have had a relapse from her head injury, which has proved fatal. Having failed to seek medical help for their daughter, having left her 75 minutes when it occurred, having failed to stay in with her on the night of the 3rd, there is only one course of action open to them, that is to avoid a post mortem at all costs.

    They would be well aware of the consequences of their actions and how they would be accused of neglect. Also they would have given her a lot of Calpol to help ease her headache and it might have been too much for her small body. (I think the twins had had their fair share as well to ensure they all slept soundly).

    All in all they were disgracefully neglectful of their children, especially of their eldest daughter and failed her. Even Kate McCann is quoted as saying, “We have let her down”. I believe they invested the abduction theory as their apartment was on the ground floor, opening on to the street, and they thought it was a story that would be believed, especially as they are well educated doctors.

  5. 5
    Lyndsey Says:

    I have always believed throughout this case that whatever happened to Madeleine happened on the night Mrs Fenn heard her crying, and that it was a head injury. 75 minutes is a long time for a child to cry and I am suspicious. There are very few hard and concrete facts to go on, but this is one that they have been unable to deny. They have tried to put their own spin on it though, and when blood was found they did say that Madeleine had a nosebleed. I think she must have deteriorated sometime on 3rd May, as can happen with head bangs; it often takes several hours before death occurs.

    There is no evidence that they increased their checks before 3rd May, even though Mrs Fenn heard crying on 1st May. Why not the 2nd May then? Was it because they felt they had dealt with the medical situation and that she was okay? Whatever it was, on 3rd May they say they checked every 30 minutes.

    I think they have made a huge error of judgement in not getting her any medical treatment and now they are running scared.

    According to Madeleine’s GP’s statement, they have never taken her to the GP’s surgery, other than for routine immunisations. This, to my mind, suggests strongly that whatever is wrong with their children they deal with it ‘in house’.

  6. 6
    Man beheads woman in Tenerife! - General Chatter Forum (Page 2) Says:

    […]…d-by-chaplins/ Very interesting comments, numbers 5 and 6 […]

  7. 7
    Kate McCann releasing a book - General Chatter Forum (Page 135) Says:

    […]…d-by-chaplins/ Very interesting comments, numbers 5 and 6 […]

  8. 8
    chris Says:

    Could anyone please tell me why Calpol keeps coming up as a means of sedating MC children and implicated as a possible cause of Maddie`s demise. As far as I know calpol is paediatric paracetamol syrup used to bring down temperatures and as an analgesic, it is NOT a sedative. There would be other over the counter medications such as anti-histamine preparations, which can have a sedative action, which would be far more potent. Of course an overdose of paracetamol is damaging to the liver, but this would take a while to develop, hence totally useless as a means of committing suicide if your looking for a quick way out as opposed to a lingering death with liver failure. The other issue about Chaplin`s Bar – After reading `Faked Abduction`, (absolutely brilliant by the way) I did some more searching online and came across three postings made by Vera of Essex in She talks about Chaplin`s and seems to imply she had first hand knowledge of events in PDL as she was staying there at the time and actually gave police a statement. Since I haven`t seen these postings anywhere else, have they been discredited as a hoax.

    Site Admin: A few amateur sleuths in forums and blogs in 2007 claimed to have been on holiday in PDL around the time of Madeleine’s disappearance and they typically said that it was a well known local fact that Kate and Gerry socialised in Chaplin’s. If this is true (sadly, the police file is lacking on any information to do with Chaplin’s) then it puts the child neglect into a much worse situation because that bar is over half a kilometre from the Ocean Club. The consequence of such a distance means that nobody is going to be coming and going that far to check on the kids at frequent intervals. As the main evening meals seemed to be taken at the Tapas each night, Chaplin’s could have been a place they went to afterwards and on Tuesdays in 2007 they held a quiz night there.

  9. 9
    cookie Says:

    I read kate`s book on holiday and expected it to give me an insight into the truth, however after reading it i could not get out of my mind why anyone taking a child be wander the streets with her, even to the point of still being in the vicinity walking around completely uncovered upto almost an hour later – all these things are dismissed with no regard in the book. Surely if you had robbed a bank and known that the alarm would have been raised you wouldn`tbe walkig around with a bag marked swag on the side!
    I started to look on the web and read Mr Amarals book and watched the documentary – a truly eureca moment when all the questions seemed to be answered. It really is unbelievable how much evidence there is out there. Whilst i don`t advocate jumping straight on the parents or expressing accounts either way of what happened, i do belive you can only look at the evidence, especially the dogs who 100% alerted to a dead body being in the apartment,terrace, hire car and close to some of Kate `s clothing and cuddle cat. The dogs have no agenda, not to cover up an accident, make money from selling books or documentaries, they purely do the job they have been trained for and the evidence they provide gives us the biggest clue that Maddeline was not abducted. It easy to then run with anyone indicating and implemented in the abduction scenario is guilty of a cover up but that is all circumstantial and we may never know what really happened and when, however as i say im total convinced that Maddeline was not abducted and died in that appartment.

    Its difficult to know what to make of many of the theories out there relating to her death, the majority of us know nothing about the parents, their relationships with each other and others, where they drinkers or quiet holiday makers having a drink, parents with no respect for their childrens saftey or parents letting their hair down a little to much and maybe regretting it later? we are all quick to judge but can probably look back on our own parenting and see innocent things we may have done that could have been interpreted differently and maybe done differently another time. I am drawn to the theory that there was an accident and death reulted, however i dont know why they wouldn`t have just held their hands up and done the right thing by the child, also the friends covering up for them, i know my friends wouldn`t have covered a death over! I think the text above is interesting but there was cadaver and blood found behind the sofa indicating the place of death and cadaver in the parents wardrobe, this would appear to implicate movement of the body and periods of time wher ethe body would have had to be stored, the log above does not take these things into account sufficiently although it does appear a good explanation. Unfortunately and sadly i dont think that Maddeline will ever turn up alive and can only think that by the actions (confidence) of the parents since they know she will never turn up dead either,maybe her resting place was the sea? who knows anyway where ever it be i wish her peace.

  10. 10
    Chris Says:

    I think that my approach to this mystery is very similar to that of cookie, I dont believe I am taking some voyeuristic pleasure in the amount of research I have and am still doing, and I almost dont want to believe the worst, and would be overjoyed to be proved wrong. I do urge people to read Steve Marsden`s book `Faked Abduction`, It doesn`t go in for bizarre speculations, and gives the reader the facts to make up their own minds. I don`t think you can refute the evidence provided by the cadaver dog and the CSI dog, in fact they both corroborated one another. I think that in all probability either Maddie met with an accident in the appartment which wasn`t discovered in sufficient time for anything to be done, the parents fearing charges of neglect, etc. etc. panicked and covered up, OR Maddie met with an accident/became unwell and a failed resuscitation attempt was made, again causing immense panic. In the second scenario you have the double whammy of not only neglect of your child but also professional malpractice. I am inclined to think that what happened was so cataclysmic for the parents to deal with, in a foreign country
    that they covered up with the abduction story. Many times I`ve tried to put myself in that position, despite the fact that there would have been no chance that I would ever ever have left any of my children in that situation, when I put myself in any of the two scenarios, my blood runs cold, and I become less sure of myself. I think that in all of us there may be a glimmering of `there but for the grace of God go I` but I dare say I`ll be jumped on for saying so.

  11. 11
    cookie Says:

    It seems we share the same views Chris – your last comment about `there but for the grace of god` is so true as i know for myself, i look at life know as when you walk out of the front door who knows if you will return! its not a nice feeling but its what life does to us, to everyone sooner or later!

    If an accident did happen to Madeleine i just can`t understand why they wouldn`t have called for an ambulance straight away, negelect or not, finding the child at peace or not through an accident you would just call the emergency services, its your child you would do the right thing by the child regardless of the comeback on yourself, loss of job, prison, whatever – none of those things would touch the pain of not treating your own child with the respect they deserved ahead of your own feelings

    – i was thinking like this the other day and kept shaking my head thinking why wouldn`t they have held there hands up after all it`s not like someone got murdered – then i shocked myself what had i just thought? the only reason for me that something like this would occur is if someone had been murdered?! then i got to thinking what if a push or a slap had resulted in a slip and a fall and there would have been evidence to suggest such? then you could imagine a scenario with two other babies to care for that one or the other parent may suggest it the only course of action for the sake of the other two, to keep the family together, to provide a family for the two babies??

    i don`t know but its just so sad, either way i think the parents must feel the pain of either losing or covering up. If they have covered something like this up then when they draw their last breath on this earth it will be with fear that none of us could imagine. I hope so much that we are all wrong and Kate and Gerry and all involved are vindicated, i will then look closely at myself and accept the guilt of my thoughts and words however i just can`t see that being the case from whatever angle i look at all the facts from. I think we all need to remeber that a little girl suffered so much trauma on that night one way or another and she should be in our thoughts and prayers to give her peace wherever she is

  12. 12
    chris Says:

    I think I share your sadness Cookie, and I also share your view that whatever secret was covered up, the parents will have to live with for the rest of their lives, and rather them than me. I dont think anything was premeditated but whatever happened caused them to panic in a massive way, and they were compromised both as responsible parents and health professionals and this is the ONLY point where I try to put myself in their shoes as a parent and a retired nurse, and ask myself what would I do. I think as parents it would be dishonest to say that we were never pushed to the limit by our children especially a crying child or one that just doesnt want to sleep. I think that evidence suggests that Maddie was a poor sleeper, and it wasnt unusual for her to get up after being put to bed, Gerry admits that himself, but for that reason alone she should never have been left. I think that some sort of medication was used to help the children sleep, but for that reason alone, also increased the risk of the child falling in the dark, in a strange environment whilst in a sleepy daze. I always try to teach my children who are now parents themselves to stop and think `now what is the worst that can happen to my child in this situation`, and minimise the risks. I think that the adults on holiday in PDL seemed to be in the grip of a collective madness, acting like couples rather than parents with children. I do think we tend to let our guard down when we go on holiday, and no doubt if the holiday had passed off without incident, they would all have gone home thinking how clever they were, and we would be none the wiser, however one couple payed the ultimate price.

    I am so glad that you also share a sense of guilt in acknowledging dark thoughts about this case and would much rather be proved wrong and the MC`s totally vindicated

  13. 13
    cookie Says:

    Absolutely Chris, i hope against hope that Madeleine would be found and returned safe, i don`t want to think that good people are being made out to be bad when they could be the ones in the truth and having to fight against the rest of us just to get over our prejudice. However the facts of the case, those that i have been able to view and believe to be correct (even taking into account the old addage dont believe everything you read in the papers!) don`t lead me to thinking that it was the way Kate and Gerry say it was, the abduction theory is the least probable explanation with the weakest case for – not sure this would be the case if it was the cast iron truth!

    There is just to much, the dog markings, and not just once, multiple places and objects, all implicating the Mcanns, no other markings on any other property or person, the contradictions from all concerned, the Smiths sighting etc etc,.. there is just to much, then my own thoughts and how something like that could happen and how it would be carried out, like i said i wouldn`t be walking around with the child almost an hour later in the same vicinty and still uncovered in full view of the public!

    I looked on the beaches and markets whilst recently away even after having doubts, just in case, just to edge my bets i guess in thinking one way yet physically still looking, probably to ease as you say `dark thoughts` – i guess none of us want to feel that parents could be like this with their own children – naieve i know as many bad things do happen to kids from their own families, i suppose i just want to view the world as a better place than it probably is!!

    Im probably going to leave the bloging and reading about the case now as i think ive satisfied my thoughts on it and feel that i can settle in my mind to a degree what happened to Madeleine. Until such time as either a) Madeliene returns to her parents, b) is found and confirmed but not alive or c) new evidence comes to light and the investigation is re-opened there is little mileage in spending more time speculating about the how`s why`s and maybe`s – as my mother allways said to me ` be careful as your sins will allways find you out` and usually they did! maybe that will happen eventually here in this case?

  14. 14
    mCCANNSCAM Says:

    Every night there was an adult missing from the table (‘sick bug ‘) That ‘missing’ adult was the babysitter on that night. The whole ‘neglect’ story is a cover for the real truth.

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