The Inflatable Billboard – The TRUE Story

Last year in May 2007, Gerry McCann wrote in his blog on day 25;

“Some of you may have seen on the news the huge inflatable billboard which has travelled all the way from the West of Scotland to Portugal which will be used near busy roads/motorways to keep Madeleine’s disappearance high profile. We had a brief chat with Chris and Les, who drove almost non-stop from Glasgow to get here. The extraordinary length ordinary people are going to help us is truly overwhelming. We thank everyone for their efforts, no matter how small, and we know this will make a difference in our search for Madeleine.”

Sky News on May 28, 2007 wrote;

Also, the McCanns have met the men responsible for the 800sq-ft inflatable poster which will be taken around the Algarve and set up in prominent places.

It was the brainchild of advertising workers Chris Lennox and Les Harley from Glasgow – the home town of Madeleine’s father Gerry – who drove 2,200 miles from Scotland to help.

Mr Lennox, 35, from Prestwick said: “My heartstrings have been pulled on this and I want to help.

“I have a family with small kids and my wife has been following this from day one.”

The Guardian went further and said that Mr Lennox and Mr Harley paid for the venture;

Yesterday the McCann family visited a 75 sq metre (800 sq ft) inflatable poster of Madeleine that will be taken around the Algarve in an attempt to publicise her plight further. The poster, which highlights a £1.5m reward being offered through the News of the World, was paid for by Chris Lennox and Les Harley, two advertising professionals from Glasgow, who drove it 2,200 miles from Scotland to Praia da Luz.In a statement read out near the poster, the McCanns said they were amazed by the support they has received. “We have thanked everyone on several occasions but, you know, some people are just going to absolutely extraordinary lengths to help us,” the statement said.

McCann Spin

The story sounds like Chris and Les drove all the way to Portugal through their own efforts to help the McCanns. It really does sound like they went to extraordinary lengths to help.

But what really happened?

We can reveal on TRUTH For Madeleine that Chris and Les were simply doing their job. The inflatable billboard was not the brainchild of Mr Lennox or Mr Harley and the pair of them didn’t pay for it either.

So how did it come about?

No surprises for guessing but it was engineered by John McCann – Gerry’s brother.

Mr Amaral has already exposed the McCanns for manipulating the politicians and media and here again is a prime example of a story that was presented to the world in a completely different way to the reality of the situation.

Posters Plus Media

Gavin Hollywood, Managing Director of Posters Plus Media informed us of the details of the venture;

“I supported the McCanns with some digital advertising in the UK and was approached by Gerry’s brother John about the possiblity of helping with a high profile campaign at the height of the situation where time & awareness was essential. Within 5 days we had arranged the trip, logistics, printing and arranged staff to travel to Portugal (Chris & Les) with Carol-Anne Thomson our Campaigns Manager co-ordinating the campaign from our office and communicating with various authorities.

“The van, drivers and all equipment left from Posterplus Head Office in Kilmaurs Ayrshire. The trip took 3 full days travelling across the UK into France, Spain and finally Portugal. Various drivers change overs were made over the 3 days along with an overnight in France. Actual travel & campaign specific dates we would need to look back but it was May 07 and the full trip lasted 13 days in total.

“We used a standard transit van with lots of spare equipment in case of any difficulties in a foreign country, the set up & inflation for the Megasite is just over 1 hour.

“The billboard, Chris & Les the operators, travel, logistics, permits etc were all paid for and donated by Posterplus Media Group, the large printed poster with the reward details was kindly donated by Tayprint in Dundee. The News of The World was approached to use the copy details only of the reward and no funding or sponsors were involved in the trip, it was a donation & media facility offered by Gavin Hollywood Managing Director of Posterplus Media Group.

“The media cost for this type of campaign in the UK would have been £20,000+”

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  1. 1
    speak your mind Says:

    its strange…Brother John seems to be in to everything…he is certainly a canny one!!

  2. 2
    jill havern Says:

    I want to know why John McCann gave up his full time job so quickly, despite having a house and a wife and kids to support. How did he know Maddie wouldn’t be found within a few days and he’d be left high and dry with no job?

    The answer must be that he knew Maddie was dead and the Fund was a money making scam.

    This family make me sick to my stomach.

  3. 3
    dinah Says:

    What does Granny Healy and Grandpa, and Granny McCann and Grandpa say about all this???
    About their lovely sons (G&J) and daughter Kate?

  4. 4
    dinah Says:

    Haven’t they any influence upon their “children” to be honoust and fear The Lord Almighty, Eternity lasts long, endless, to be without The Lord here, means to be without The Lord in Eternity and that is indescribable.

  5. 5
    Stacey Says:

    I can’t believe what people are actually saying in here.

    If my child was missing for any amount of days I would give up ANY job I had to search for him/her. And any reapectable job would offer me that position back when I felt the need to return.

    I pray for little Madeline McCann to retun home safely to her family one day.


    Site Admin: Well who would pay your wages to just give up any job you had? That’s silly to say that. Also, it wouldn’t be so bad if the McCanns were actually seen searching for their daughter. They didn’t search on the night and they haven’t searched since. Sadly Stacey, Madeleine won’t be returning home anytime in the future so you may as well get used to it and stop believing the spin from Team McCann.

  6. 6
    Jane Prosser Says:

    (I can’t help but notice the very strong resemblance of Madeleine to John McCann.) Yes, I can clearly remember John giving up his job and excitedly telling the TV reporters about his daily routine in the pointless quest to bring Madeleine home. And what’s happened to Philomena? She’s gone awfully quiet…

    I note Stacey’s comment and find that there are a few gullible people out there who want to believe in a fairy-tale ending, e.g. Maddie is sitting somewhere waiting for mummy and daddy to come and get her. Get real, is all I can say to these people. The McCanns ‘went to bed’ the night their daughter ‘disappeared’. Went to bed …. I ask you!

  7. 7
    Midas Says:

    Site Admin: ”Well who would pay your wages to just give up any job you had? That’s silly to say that. Also, it wouldn’t be so bad if the McCanns were actually seen searching for their daughter. They didn’t search on the night and they haven’t searched since. Sadly Stacey, Madeleine won’t be returning home anytime in the future so you may as well get used to it and stop believing the spin from Team McCann.”

    And as another poster has said, the parents went to bed! Went to bed when they should at least have pretended to be searching. To not have even pretended to do a bit of searching says it all really. Would not a frightened a child who was given to hiding before bed-time, perhaps have responded to her parents voices in the darkness of night? After all, what if she had only been hiding under a bush or in a shed and fallen asleep?

    However, Eddie and Keela have since proved what the parents and others already knew. What time did Sky get called that night? And was it really only one minute past midnight that the newspapers already had the abduction story online? Fancy that. I would have to be well in with the media to be able to orchestrate something like that. I would have to be well in with people like Gordon Brown who could get hold of the Embassy.

    I would also have to be well in with people like ‘Stu’ and other police officers who would give me a copy of their CEOPS manual and keep me regularly updated as well. And I would be really grateful if somebody like Robert Murat could keep an eye on all the interpretations of the questions that I would likely be asked.

  8. 8
    Sally Says:

    I have spent the whole afternoon reading through this site, well done and thank you!
    I was living in Portugal until this year and remember only too well the media coverage and utter tradgedy. Although I appreciate the Portuguese Police acted slowly as in closing borders and not sealing off the room, the Portuguese people, media, government etc were all saddened deeply at the event. It was the top topic of conversation long after it lost momentum in the UK.

    Child abduction is far less of a common occurrence as it is here in the UK, the GNR (police) are not trained to the high level of expertise as our police force is here. The instant focus with Portuguese people and ex-pats alike was that Maddy had died, not been abducted.

    The parents in my opinion never behaved as if their child had been abducted; and with the colossal media coverage in such a short space of time arranged by the parents? If one om three children has disappeared, I would be out there looking, frantic, possibly hysterical and certainly not in bed asleep.

    Hello……Discover your child missing, call the press then go to bed, don’t bother to look for her that’s on top of leaving them in a nursery everyday and alone at night…..Why DID they bother to even take them on a holiday?

    What goes around comes around, hopefully one of them will have one little cell of remorse in their brain and not take their tragic secrets to the grave.

    God bless that poor little girl and all the other tragic cases that were genuine.

    Site Admin: The behavioural aspects were the biggest thing to alert us to the fact that something wasn’t quite right. Humans are quite adept at sensing behavioural patterns because it’s a primeval defense mechanism. If we couldn’t tell a liar apart from someone telling the truth, how would we know if someone was about to steal from us? The plain fact is that you can’t keep up an act trying to portray yourself as a grieving parent who genuinely has had their first born child stolen. There should have been many types of emotion on display but there wasn’t much at all. On Madeleine’s 4th birthday on 12th May, we saw them laughing and joking as they came out of church. They have never shown any sense of guilt at leaving the children. Instead of saying it was the wrong thing to do in hindsight, they looked to find people who supported their flawed method of child-minding. But I don’t believe they did check their children every half hour. If Mrs Fenn heard crying for 75 minutes how could they? Or was the crying Kate sobbing “Maddie, Maddie…” because she was already dead? Mrs Fenn also claimed the crying stopped abruptly when the parents came home. But was it “parent came home?” Was Kate already in the room with a dead child and then having to explain it to Gerry? Something is not quite right with those alibis from May 1 thru May 3.

  9. 9
    Carol Taylor Says:

    When i first heard of the “abduction” my heart went out to Madeleine and the McCanns,but then i read that not only their children but the children of their tapas friends were left alone while they went boozing,and then i saw clips of them laughing,and Kate looking as if she stepped out of a salon,then how she had washed cuddle cat (she cared that it was dirty but didn’t care when leaving her vunerable children)the comfort toy for her own flesh and blood,then watching their interviews on tv which seemed contrived to me,also i noticed when the cameras were rolling they were all downcast,but there was a couple of occasions when the cameras stopped they were laughing something just told me that the whole “abduction” theory wasn’t true,then watching the much maligned Goncarlo Amarals documentary convinced me that he knew the truth and finally watching those excellent dogs sealed it for me.There are so many things about the McCanns and their tapas friends that make me sick,is there not one newspaper or tv channel brave enough to question them over the whole “abduction”line.The press and media should hang their heads in shame.

  10. 10
    Roseanne Says:

    As I have mentioned on other sites, I have believed for a long time that Madeleine’s “abduction” was a pre-planned event. Too many things were instantly set in motion for it to have been otherwise.

    However, I believe the pre-planned abduction was unable to take place because an “accident” befell Madeleine and she was dead before the plan could be implemented.

    The numerous deleted phone calls probably resulted in it being agreed that the pre-arranged “abduction” scenario should be played out nevertheless, hence so much confusion. And arrangements had to be made to hide the body temporarily before it could be put in a final resting place.

    Meanwhile the parents went ahead with their high profile tours, no doubt with the intention that Kate would be the face for Amber Alert, which it was hoped would eventually encourage microchipping to enable the UK and the EU to implement their desire to have complete records of every last detail of our lives from birth onwards.

    Gerry was probably expected to have a high profile political career, probably related to drugs and medicine.

    Could it be that the Common Purpose crowd are behind the whole thing, and money from the unaccountable Fund also goes towards that cause?

    Site admin: Common Purpose auditors and the official Madeleine Fund auditors are one and the same: Haysmacintyre. Haysmacintyre do lots of charity accounts and also many Freemason accounts. Quite why a Leicester based company has auditors and lawyers in London is a mystery of its own. Surely there are auditors in Leicestershire that could do the job.

  11. 11
    Roseanne Says:

    I have made three attempts to sign the Petition supporting justice for Dr Amaral, who is being sued for an outrageous sum and who has had all his assets confiscated. However, I have never received the confirmation e-mail and wonder if this Petition is being blocked? d I have checked Spam repeatedly. I also e-mailed the author of the Petition, but again it didn’t seem to go through. Any info/advice please?

    Can hardly believe the latest explanation of how the Madeleine fund money has been lost to a con agent. Just how gullible are the public supposed to be?

  12. 12
    Bettie Says:

    I can suggest two websites you might want to try if you want to get a petition started. One is and the other is Then you can post your petition on Facebook. I always thought one of the Tapas 9 knew something and I think the whole thing is seedy. I support Dr. Amaral and wish to read his book. Have been waiting to see the English version. Can’t stand the arrogance of the British press. Yuo have to admit: No body,no crime. The sniffer dogs solved 200 cases. There was a corpse behind the couch and under the boot.

  13. 13
    Curious Says:

    I have said before; I simply dont believe there is some massive Freemason conspiracy behind Maddie’s disappearance.
    I dont think she was sold or due to be sold or that anyone pre-planned harm against her.
    I think that she was left alone and died and her parents panicked in a devastating way.
    They hid her rather than calling for help, probably assuming they’d be strung up for neglect and wrongful death and all sorts.
    I dont know that I believe it happened the day before, as I just dont see why they didn’t stage their act that morning after instead; rather than tell everyone she’s missing with a ten minute head start, why not have told everyone she was abducted out of the apartment at night giving her ‘abductor’ an 8 hour head start and make her total vanishing more plausible?
    I think she died in the day time and was left dead long enough, perhaps while they decided what to do, to start to decompose and give the dogs something to smell.
    It might never have occurred to the McCann’s that sniffer dogs might be called in so they may have had no thoughts towards moving her body before she started to smell.

    Lots of companies in one town will have Auditors in another, it depends how large the company is, if the Auditors or full time employees or hired on specifically for Audits, and I do agree that lots of families who lose children simply…stop…they drop isn’t that unusual for Gerry’s brother to quit his job as, like someone said, any decent hearted boss would take him back once he understood the reasons for leaving.

    I do think this was a small, personal tragedy. They media circus, yes, was orchestrated because the McCann’s probably had the thought that if the made the world look LEFT they could duck right and come off as innocent. I don’t think they expected the sheer scale of the public response, and as such their chance to fade from memory as that family who tragically lost a kid, what was their name again…passed them by.
    At this point there is too much going on for them to admit it so they probably never will.

  14. 14
    Bob Flynn Says:

    John McCann is certainly an odd one.

    I recall that he was interviewed on BBC Scotland on the morning of the 21st of May 2007, the day Gerry was flying back to the UK to discuss matters with members of the media and ostensibly to thank members of the public for their support and rally more.

    Typically of “Team McCann” it was not an interview that engendered trust in their version of events – John seemed remarkably laid-back and unconcerned, referring to Madeline as “ a lovely wee girl, lots of fun” but warmly chuckling rather than sounding in any way worried or distressed on behalf of his niece. As usual, there was much mention of an expectation that she would be recovered, but the likelihood of this was discussed in the same casual manner as he took towards her abduction in the first place. Frankly, he seemed to be finding it all a bit of fuss over not very much. That, at least, was the impression I gathered from his rather overblown cheeriness and downplaying of matters.

  15. 15
    john Says:

    where did they hide the body if they were involved?

  16. 16
    dawn Says:

    The simple truth with this sad story is that its one that has puzzled doctors (usually men) and many normal thinking people for ever. Madeline was a spirited child. A child that most dfinatley embarrassed her mother with her high spirited and rude behavoiur for a while. THEN, along comes the twins, a boy and girl, very relaxed babies, very adorable, one of each blah blah, what a pain madeline must have seemed. On holiday with well to do friends and people to be influenced. And heres a 3 yr old, a real pain. One slap, and there is one dead child, `an accident ? ` maybe, hubby and GP would know how to get rid of a tiny body with no cctv.

  17. 17
    chris Says:

    I have recently started to delve into this sad case by reading as much as I can, so forgive me if I state things that have been covered already. Initially when Madeleine disappeared, I felt something was `off`from the very start. What you have to ask is whether it is possible that Madeleine was abducted by persons unknown, then yes of course it is, but if you ask whether it is probable based on the available evidence and the inconsistencies in witness statements of The Tapas 7 and the McC`s, then of course the answer is NO, as a parent of 4 (now grown) you need to predict what will happen when young children are left alone in a strange setting and suddenly awake to find their parents missing it is more probable that the child will attempt to discover where their missing parents have gone and are then at risk of falling or wandering off somewhere, therefore I could never understand that from the start Kate, when discovering that Madeleine was missing, insisted that she was `taken` rather than had wandered from the appartment. When one of my Sons was not even one year old, I put him to sleep in his cot with the side rails fully extended, and after less than one hour of leaving the room, would hear a loud bump and rushing up to the room found him sitting on the bedroom floor. I didnt do this twice. It seems to be that this basic instinct to predict the dangers of what they were doing by leaving the children alone was skewed. They say they acted responsibly, but even if you checked every five minutes, you could never be certain. You probably have done so already, but I do recommend Pat Brown`s profile of the disappearance. It is very succinct and articulate without lapsing into any weird speculation and based on the evidence available, also after reading Kate`s badly written book and her disparagement of Amaral`s account of the investigation, I was also pleasantly surprised by how articulate his account is, and although aspects of the way in which the police conducted their enquiries are less than desired, I did not get the impression of a third world operation, as I had been led to believe.

    Site Admin: Pat Brown makes some very good points but we feel that she has got the time of death completely wrong. We believe Madeline died before May 3. The McCanns vehemently refuted the 16 (14+2) text messages exchanged by Gerry on May 2 when interviewed by Expresso magazine at the Rothley Court Hotel soon after their arguido status was rescinded. Why would they lie about this when the records are clearly there in the police record. Kate even amplified the lie by saying that Gerry hardly ever received texts “but received hundreds the day after” – which is another lie.

    The Madeleine case reeks of Freemasonic involvement right from the founding of the fund by a top Freemasonic law firm – Bates Wells & Braithwaite – to Ed Smethurst’s position on the board of the fund.

    You make some good points Chris. Hope you find time to write some more comments.

  18. 18
    chris Says:

    Take on board your point about the time of death being earlier, and the deleted text messages, but I think this is a blind alley. To my mind it certainly suggests that all was not well in the McCann camp and not the tight unit they seem to reveal to the world. I feel that if the time of death is put back further, then the cover up and collusion by the rest of the Tapas group would be so convoluted and complex, although not impossible considering the magnitude of what we already know. I am willing to be convinced and Im only just dipping a toe in here, its like peeling an onion, with more and more layers. Does anyone know anything about the front door to the appartment, I am puzzled by some of the comments about this being locked, but surely when you shut a front door, then you would not be able to get in from the street side without a key, but could get out easily enough from inside. I am assuming here that If you were worried about a child possibly getting out, you could double lock it from the outside to prevent this, but would be risky if there was a fire inside the appartment. (Shame this was not tested out using a child of similar age and size to Maddie) Could you enlighten me as I think that one of a number of crucial components to this mystery is the locking or not locking of doors, and the fact that the McCanns have had to back pedal from their insistence that whoever took Madeleine came through the window, but since there is no forensic evidence to support this, there needed to be access through a door. I dont believe that any doors were left unlocked, so this is why the window needed to be opened. I do agree however with Pat Brown that Kate back pedalled, and acknowledged this in her book, and thus it was then revealed that the patio door was left open to facilitate others checking on the children, whereas initially the group were insistent that they only checked their own kids. Hope I am making some sense, but boy what a tangled web. I do want to stress however that I would as a Mother be overjoyed if Madeleine turned up alive and well, and made me sound like a total idiot, and would publicly eat my words.

  19. 19
    Daviebhoy Says:

    I have followed this case from day one. Is it just me, or did anyone else find it strange that Kate said in her TV appeal just after Madeleine went missing, “Please Don’t scare her”. I don’t know why, but the first time I heard this, I thought it was strange. I actually hate to post, and have never done so before, because the thought that there is a cover up here is abhorrent and incredible. However the more I read, I have read “The Truth of the Lie”, have bought KM’s book (still to read) and the more I learn about this case…something stinks big time!!! Also, I have always found it strange that the first thing the couple did when made arguidos was to jump on the first plane home. You would still want to stay in the country for your daughter!!! Please God the truth will out.

    Site Admin: Welcome to the site Daviebhoy. Have you read Faked Abduction yet? That is the only English book on the case that is critical of the McCanns. It has the Gaspar statements, the Arguido statements and lots more info about the case.

  20. 20
    chris Says:

    I am waiting for the book Faked Abduction, and getting frustrated by the time its taking to get here but looking forward to reading it. Is this written by the chap who does the Blacksmith Bureau articles, because if it is, I am really looking forward to reading it, I have found his articles very balanced, articulate and well written. Cant get enough of them, and my only criticism is there is not enough of this kind of well constructed investigative journalism available to read. To make sure that I was looking at this case from every angle, and keeping an open mind I also read a book about the case of a missing student eventually found murdered in Minneapolis, and the efforts made by his parents to overcome the prejudices of the local police force to mount some kind of credible investigation. I wanted to make a comparison, and what struck me was that next to Kate McCann`s very bland and monotone retelling of events, which failed to move or convince me, this Mother`s story bore all the authenticity and sheer terror of a Mother faced with the loss of a child. She talks of how after a number of days searching for their Son, they realised they had not changed their clothing, or washed; of how they lost 50lbs in weight between them through not being able to eat. This contrasts with how KM seemed to be able to take time for personal grooming and making sure that she had her jewellery on before going out in public. Yes the family harnessed the support of news media etc., but did not attempt to manipulate it for their own ends in any way so that only the news that they thought was appropriate should be read. It also gave a sense of who their Son was, whereas I dont get any sense of who Madeleine was from this book, just how she pleased her parents with what she wore or did.
    Hope Im not rambling on with this but actually like Daviebhoy, I still feel uncomfortable about posting comments, and I sort of feel guilty, but also compelled to speak out

  21. 21
    Daviebhoy Says:

    Hi SiteAdmin…I haven’t. I have gleaned ALL my info from the British press and the internet. MY GOD what did we ever do without the internet. I honestly have been gripped by this from day one, probably because I have two kids, who now are 6 and 5. I have phoned radio talkshows re it etc. In the early days I went to work and all I would talk about was Madeleine. Maybe some people found that strange. Kids trust us. Somebody has betrayed that trust. All people like me want, is the truth. Justice for Madeleine. I think I am amongst like minded people here. Re the book, are there any import costs? Please God, the truth will out.

    Site Admin: The book costs $35 (about £22) including postage and packing to the UK or pretty much anywhere in the world. It is shipped from the USA and takes about 7-10 days in transit. It has sold into 13 countries so far. You shouldn’t have any problems with import duties because books are exempt of VAT in the UK.

  22. 22
    chris Says:

    Hi, Have just read `Faked Abduction` and am on second time around. This is a great book, well researched, gives the facts without lapsing into OTT speculation, and allows the reader to make up their own minds when presented with all the inconsistencies and coincidences of this story. If you are looking for a book to cross the `T`s` and dot the `i`s` for you, then this is probably not the book for you, it is the kind of book that you have by your side when making your own investigations, so not only is it a good read, but also a great reference source. One thing that puzzled me from the book, was the issue concerning Kate McCann nee Healy. Im presuming that she was registered with GMC as Healy, and continued to practice under that name, despite the fact that legally she was McCann and therefore signed prescriptions and medical documents as Healy. This must be confusing when you are using both names. The other question I have, are all the PJ files now in the public domain or does the Author feel there are still things which have been kept away from public view, and if so why? if the case is cold at the moment, would it be something that could be brought out at a future date, should new evidence arise, or the case be re-awoken. I think the thing that really nailed it for me was the section in the book referring to the dogs, and their track record in previous cases. Absolutely amazing. If a dog can nose out a cube of pork doused in gasoline for one week and then burnt to a crisp, then I am convinced of their ability to nose out cadaver smells and blood from Appartment 5A in PDL.

    Site Admin: Yes Chris, Kate’s name is a conundrum. She has evidently retained her maiden name and this is proven on all the documents in the police file: passport, most of the creche sign-in/out sheets and her signature on the official statements. But in the official Madeleine Fund where she is a director, she has registered herself as a director under the name McCann. Anyone else switching between aliases like that would be charged with some kind of crime of deception…but not Kate! How audacious!

  23. 23
    spartacus Says:

    How come that nothing was made of Jane Tanners sighting that was written on the check lists made before police arrived, when she supposedly didnt tell anyone till much later. How can this then have been part of the timing profiles.

  24. 24
    chris Says:

    Yes very strange that spartacus, I think their timelines done on a torn cover of one of Maddie`s sticker books was cobbled together qickly to make it look as if they were doing their checks frequently when in fact I agree with Pat Brown`s profile here that the checks were far more sporadic and a lot of them only listening checks without actually looking on the children, and here I include some of the other Tapas 9 children in the party as well. I also find it very strange that Jane Tanner`s sighting, if it happened was highly suspect and the way it seems to have just been added into the mix as a sort of afterthought to support the abduction theory

  25. 25
    Colette Says:

    What has always puzzled me about the abduction is why they would take a girl of her age, who would know who she was etc and leave the twins who would have been easier and less likely to scream? As for the name thingy of Healy/McCann it isn’t an offence to use both. I have been married for 4 years and still have my passport, all official forms etc. in my maiden name and only use my married name for school matters.

  26. 26
    Annie Says:

    I have followed this case all along and have come to believe that Kate and Jerry McCann know exactly where their daughter is.
    As well as the strange and disturbing statement by the Gaspars there is that Exeter connection that remains as yet a mystery.
    Robert Murat was in Exeter for ten days returning to Portugal two days before Madeliene disappeared.
    His sister runs an adoption agency, Jane Tanner and Dr o Brien live less than a mile from this sister, they are also neighbours of Jame and Charlotte Gorrod who were also at the result. Remember it was Jane Tanner who said she saw a man carrying a child on that night, was this dreampt up due to the fact Jerry had been seen, carrying Madeliene, by some people who were leaving a bar?( the Smiths)
    Wouldn’t it stand to reason that if eight children had been left alone in an apartment block and you went to check and then saw a man carry a sleeping child away from this block you would be extremely concerned enough to really check it out and not wait twenty four hours before you mentioned it?
    Robert Murat was (allegedly)a guest at a Healy wedding, the McCanns refuse to say whether they knew Murat before their visit to Portugal.
    I can’t help but feel the key to all of this lies here somewhere.
    Did the McCanns have Madeliene secretly adopted because Kate could not cope with her, or worse bearing in mind the Gaspar statement?
    I remember watching Kate being interviewed just days after Madeliene had disappeared, there was no grief like you would expect from a mother who had just lost her child.
    One other point, what are we to make of the claim by a taxi driver who said that he picked up a blonde woman, a small child wearing pink pyjamers and three other men, one who looked like Robert Murat, on the night in question at around 8.00pm. They asked him to drive to the Apolo hotel in a town not far from the spanish border.

  27. 27
    megan Says:

    I have read the Madeleine book and I thinking funny how you would leave three babies in a room on their own in a foreign country especially when the hotel had a creche weird. If you ask me it was awaiting to happen and when Madeleine said before she disappeared mummy why did you not come when me and Sean was crying I would want to know why they both were crying especially if it wasn’t normal. To me this is going to be another case like the Ben needham case. And why wasn’t the parents donebfor neglect because that is what caused et disappearence

  28. 28
    Dee Says:

    Where the parents ever given a lie detector test?

  29. 29
    Cassie Says:

    The fact that Kate washed cuddle cat did it for me.. who in their right mind would wash the one thing that they knew their child loved and not only that, but it would have smelt of her too? Surely that would have been a huge comfort to a parent of a ‘missing’ child? Well it would do to a parent who had nothing to hide or fear. All of this has sat really uneasily for me since the start. I do believe it was covered up and some sort of pact was entered into by all parties as if the truth came out they would all have lost their jobs and of course gone to prison and they would have lost Sean and Amelie. I fear the truth will never come out

  30. 30
    Wendela Says:

    as we see the images of April Jones’mother ,I realise how different the ‘sorrow’ of Kate McCann was.

  31. 31
    Mom2three Says:

    Like some of the other posters here, I am loath to get into the fray. But sick to the stomach of the lies, half-truths, omissions and cover-ups. Add to that my disgust at the financial manipulation of money given in part by well-wishers who were drawn into the media bonanza, and I find myself here, having read as much as I can.
    I too wondered if a lie-detector test could be imposed on all of the Tapas brigade.
    Could someone answer the following questions for me:
    – on the day Madeleine ‘disappeared’, why was the good friend Mr Payne looking for Kate at about 17h00?
    – was it really Kate he wanted to see, or her daughter Madeleine (in view of the Gaspar allegations, this is a valid point).
    – it has been said that while Gerry played tennis, Kate was giving a bath to Madeleine and the twins. What if Madeleine was left alone with Mr Payne during this time? A bath cannot hold three children, and most likely the twins took their bath together.
    – there was allegedly a semen stain on the bedcover, that was sent to Britain for forensic analysis. This turned out to be first a saliva stain, and then – conveniently – the evidence disappeared completely. How likely is it that a toddler has a semen stain on a child-size bedcover. Does no-one think that the lascivious comments and gestures with regards to Madeleine, made by Mr Payne in front of Mrs Gaspar, are potentially incriminating when taken together with this evidence of sexual activity in Madeleine’s bedroom? This appartment was regularly cleaned, surely the bedding was too?
    Ok, now a few comments:
    – I remember reading that the police were puzzled by how soundly the twins slept on the night of the 3rd. What if they had received a little something to help them sleep deeply, on the night that the staging of the disappearance was to take place?
    – the note written on the back of Madeleine’s book looks more like someone ‘getting their story straight’. Only liars would need to go to so much trouble. There are words missing and errors which do indicate stress or panic. But the Arabic prayer-style keening and prostration of GM and KM seemed theatrical and contrived.
    – any parent in their right mind would have found a responsible adult to stay with the twins (that’s called learning from experience), and gone out with coats and flashlights to check the beaches, bushes, ditches, parked cars, etc. Even if this is not fruitful, it is vital and comes from a visceral need to be out there ‘doing something’. The fact that they didn’t do this started alarm bells ringing for many people.
    – there is a precedent for people feeling unsympathetic to a mother that cannot shed tears over the disappearance or loss of a child. In 1980, in Australia antagonism was directed towards Lindy Chamberlain for reportedly not behaving as a “stereotypical” grieving mother. She had been wrongly accused of killing her baby Azaria. The child had in fact been carried off by a dingo. Why, knowing this, do I still feel uneasy watching the KM interviews?
    – is there any substance to the claims that GM was, like Payne, interested in paedophilia?
    – if there is even a shred of evidence to these claims, why has he never been questioned by the British police in connection with possession of illegal images?
    – the claim that GM was privy to information regarding the Princess of Wales’ demise in Paris is bizarre but technically possible. In the medical world, much is passed on orally that remains within the walls of the medical world. As doctors, they both possibly had French connections. One little-known fact about the preparation of Diana’s body, for example, is that she was enbalmed from the waist down. This is not standard practice, and must have been requested by Charles/the Royal Family/the Establishment. It would basically mean that any further examination that might have been requested would yield no conclusive evidence to support the claim that Diana was pregnant when she died. GM would have needed more than this to wield such extraordinary power over the PM, the Media magnates, Charles & Camilla, etc.

    Let no stone be left unturned in searching for the truth behind all the lies …
    May the liars and manipulators know no peace until the truth is told.
    Madeleine has the right to justice.

    Site Admin: Hello Mom2three. You make a lot of common sense observations and five years on it is good that the same points are as valid today as they were back at the start of summer 2007. We’ve all heard the term “over-egged”, well the Madeleine McCann story is one of “over-lying”. Even a child doesn’t go to such lengths when lying and that’s why it’s so bizarre to see a set of doctors – people held in the highest esteem – lying through their teeth with layer upon layer of obfuscation and deceit.

    The Portuguese police tested the bed cover for semen and got a positive result. The British forensic team changed it to “saliva” and then destroyed the sample. You couldn’t make this stuff up but this isn’t fiction, it is a fact that people went to enormous lengths to cover up the death of this toddler just days away from her 4th birthday.

    Even in the Chamberlain case, there is no proof that a dingo took that baby. The only evidence was for some clothing to be found in a dingo’s lair some time later. A human could have planted the clothing. The dingo could have found the clothing and carried it back to its lair. Maybe wind blew it there? Some people still don’t believe Lindy and for them the jury will always be out.

    McCann worked at Leicester University Hospital and no doubt crossed paths with Sir Alec Jeffreys. Perhaps Jeffreys was entrusted to test the DNA and lineage of the Royals. When DNA fingerprinting was invented, it opened up a whole new world of being able to test for associations that previously we could only speculate on. Did Jeffreys unlock clues to the real paternity of Prince Harry and Prince Andrew? Did this knowledge become known within doctor circles in Leicester? It is remarkable how Sir Alec Jeffreys jumped to the defence of the McCanns when he could have had no idea whether they were guilty or not of murder. Jeffreys unconditionally vowed to prove their innocence. Why? Was he scared that the secret knowledge of Harry and Andrew’s true father’s would be revealed? I’m not saying Jeffreys did test Royal DNA but what if he did? People share all kinds of details about their job and work – especially if it has a scandalous element. Did Gerry McCann pick up on something like this?

    Prince Charles took an active role in protecting the McCanns. So did the Duke of Westminster through a proxy: his fellow rich neighbour in Cheshire – Brian Kennedy. The Belgravia police led the McCann case review: Operation Grange. Of course, they would find nothing because that’s what they were recruited to do. Today’s Leveson Inquiry results announced today follow the exact same formula as every other great British Establishment coverup. They are designed to find nothing. Operation Yewtree will be the same.

    The British Establishment are the supreme “fix-it” organisation. They certainly fixed it for the McCanns, while saving their own bacon as well.

  32. 32
    penny Says:

    Fascinating. Thanks! It was always inexplicable to me how and why the McCanns received protection from such high places. There may be a number of reasons for this. There is the nuclear link, there may be other research/medical/drug links. The Royal family stuff is interesting.

    What about the reports that Gerry is not Madeleine’s biological father? That would explain a lack of attachment and there could be other issues around this. I can certainly understand how, when the twins came along – effectively a ready-made family – Madeleine might seem ‘surplus to requirements’ to the McCanns who are clearly an incredibly ruthless and narcissistic couple.

    The whole case is so complex that it makes me think there is much more to it than just an accident or drug overdose which has been covered up. Was it even pre-planned to an extent? The paedophilia references cannot be overlooked completely. When you consider the Gasper statements along with other incriminating evidence (the semen on the bedcover, Gerry’s credit cards stolen, the McCann’s insistence that it was a paedophile abduction and their own seeming fascination with the subject.)

    Couldn’t agree more about the enquiry stuff. What is noticeable about the McCanns is how ordinary and boring they are. Yet they have a massive sense of entitlement and are full of self-importance.

  33. 33
    Iain Says:

    48 questions, 48 refusals to answer
    neither parent spent ANY time looking for Madeleine
    anniversary event being planned when there was (if she was abducted) a real chance of finding their daughter
    Kate, convinced that her daughter had been abducted, left her twins alone, went back to the Tapas bar to deliver the shocking news. No mobile phone? No maternal instinct?
    The shutters had been forced open….oh, that’s right, they hadn’t…
    A great deal of care taken over a photo of Madeleine…
    Two dogs; blood hound which detected HUMAN blood at the apartment and in the hire car (hired after the “abduction”) and a cadaver dog which detected the smell of HUMAN decay in the apartment and the hire car. Neither dog has been wrong in 200 cases
    Washing Cuddle Cat of the smell of a beloved child that may never be returned to you
    Conspiracy. It stinks

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