McCanns Continue Madeleine Search

Kate & Gerry McCann in Rothley July 21, 2008

The parents of Madeleine McCann have promised to keep searching for her after the police investigation into her disappearance was closed and they were cleared of any involvement.

Portugal’s Attorney General announced earlier that the police investigation had been shelved.

But Kate and Gerry McCann said they would continue to “leave no stone unturned” in their search.

The case was closed because of lack of evidence but could be reopened at any time if important information comes to light, according to Fernando Jose Pinto Monteiro’s office.

The 14-month investigation uncovered no evidence of a crime by the three people named as arguidos or official suspects, the McCanns and Robert Murat.

Their arguido status has now been lifted.

Speaking at a news conference in their home town of Rothley, Leicestershire, Mrs McCann said: “We welcome the news today although it is no cause for celebration.

“It is hard to describe how utterly despairing it was to be named arguido and subsequently portrayed in the media as suspects in our own daughter’s abduction – and worse.

“Equally, it has been devastating to witness the detrimental effect this status has had on the search for Madeleine.”

Lawyers for the couple will be able to examine the police files relating to the investigation of Madeleine’s disappearance by the end of this week, according to their spokesman Clarence Mitchell.

Mrs McCann said: “We look forward to scrutinising the police files to see what has actually been done and more importantly what can still be done as we leave no stone unturned in the search for our little girl.

“We would once again urge anyone with relevant information who has not yet come forward to please do so.”

Sky’s crime correspondent Martin Brunt said Mr and Mrs McCann would be hoping to find new leads from the police file on the case.

Speaking from Praia da Luz, the resort where Madeleine went missing in May last year, he said: “The McCanns and their lawyers will still be anticipating that they should get an early sight of the police file, enough to give them and their private investigators new leads to follow.

“Everything in that file will have been investigated by Portuguese authorities to some degree.

“But the McCanns think there is a possibility in some areas that their own investigators can do better.”

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  1. 1
    Gummy Says:

    Can the McCs and their solicitors legally see all the documents from a police investigation? Although the investigation has stalled it is still ongoing and can be reactivated at very short notice.

    I would have thought that giving the McCs access to what may be sensitive and detrimental to the McCs is not the best thing to do. It has already been proved that this couple can manipulate the press, police and politicians of the UK into doing their bidding at whatever cost. Who would bet that pages the McCs don’t like are able to vanish out of the files?

    I don’t trust the McCs, if they told me it was Friday the first thing I would do is tochech the calendar. I certainly would not allow them to see me in a medical situation, I need to trust my doctor.

    After all these years this case still has too many unanswered questions, in addition to the original 48 that Kate refused to answer.

  2. 2
    tinysusie Says:

    why, dis kate mccann on tv in portugal,say to the press reporter about madeleine”we know much more about it than you do”So if they more about what has happened to madeleine,why don’t they want to tell it ie all they knowabout it.Still they will not answer any questions which would lead to her alive or dead and they never once personally searched for her not even once.How did they know to plan events how did they know she would definitely not turn up before the planned events came into being?Unless of course they knew she was never coming back,could not bed alive nor dead,becuase they don’t want us to know the more they know than any of us does.T.S.

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