“Madeleine died in the apartment”


Inspector Amaral

‘CM’ [Correio da Manhã] today starts the exclusive publication of excerpts from the book by Gonçalo Amaral, who believes that Madeleine McCann died inside the apartment at Praia da Luz. The episode of the holidays in 2005, in Mallorca – which raises suspicions about a friend of the couple – and the DNA results are the first parts.

“Madeleine Beth McCann, aged two and a half, and her twin siblings, at that time only a few months old, go away on holidays in the company of the parents, on the island of Mallorca. Three other couples of doctors and their children go along with them. […] S. G. had attended the university in Dundee, between 1987 and 1992, where he met the future mother of Madeleine. K. G. only met Gerry McCann on his wedding with Kate Healy, around 1998, in Liverpool. After that event, the couple S.G. and K.G. become intimate friends with Madeleine’s parents, meeting often, spending weekends together, keeping in touch over the phone.

On the third or fourth night in Mallorca, after dinner, eating and drinking, while sitting around a table on the patio outside the house, K.G. watches a scene that makes her fear for her daughter’s wellbeing, and that of the other children. She was sitting between Gerry McCann and David Payne, when she heard the latter ask whether she, maybe referring to Madeleine, would do ‘this’, then starting to suck on one of his fingers, which he pushed in and out of his mouth, insinuating a phallic object, while at the same time, with the fingers of his other hand, he traced circles around his nipple, in a provocative and sexual manner. At the moment when K.G. looked at Gerry McCann and David Payne with stupefaction, a nervous silence took place. Then everyone continued to chat as if nothing had happened. This episode left K.G. with serious doubts about David Payne’s relationship with children. On another occasion, K.G. would once again see David Payne making the same gestures, this time while speaking about his own daughter. During that holiday period, it was the fathers who usually bathed the children, but from that moment on, K.G. never allowed David Payne to come close to her daughter. After those holidays in Mallorca, K.G. only met David and Fiona Payne on one occasion, and has not spoken to them since.

[…] What is written above was reported to the English police on the 16th of May 2007, only thirteen days after the disappearance of Madeleine, by the couple S. G. and K. G. It was information that was important and pertinent for the investigation. Yet, nothing was transmitted to the Portuguese police.

[…] I think that it was only after I left the investigation, maybe in late October 2007, that K.G.’s deposition was sent to the Portuguese police. It is legitimate to ask: for what reason did the English police, apparently, conceal that testimony for six months? When did they find out that David Payne, who had organized the trip to Mallorca, and who had been signaled with anomalous behaviour towards children, was the same who organized the trip to Portugal, that he was part of the holiday group in the village of Luz where Madeleine had been integrated, that he was the first family friend who could be seen at Kate McCann’s side after the child’s disappearance (as seen further ahead) and that on the date of the deposition he was still in Portugal, and could be confronted with these statements?

[…] In early September, a few days before the McCann couple was constituted as arguidos, Superintendent Stuart Prior travels to Portimão. He brings a first preliminary report [from the forensics lab in Birmingham], and comes to discuss the state of the investigation with us. During a meeting in our office, with the Portuguese and the English investigation teams, Stuart shows his disappointment with the results of the tests. This is where the saga of the FSS reports starts. We read the report and we do not agree with Stuart’s disappointment. The blood residues that were collected from the floor, behind the sofa in apartment 5A, as well as the blood residues that were recovered from the boot of the car that was used by the McCanns, are the issue. We talk about blood residues because the CSI dog is trained to detect only that bodily fluid. The reports that were used to based the decision on, which were written by experts Mark Harrison and Martin Grime, are clear: the CSI dog was used to locate human blood. The Low Copy Number, the technique that is used to determine the DNA from those samples, does not determine from which bodily fluid the DNA comes from. In the first case, it can be read that an incomplete DNA result was obtained, because the sample contained little information, presenting low level DNA indications that come from more than one person. But all the DNA components that are confirmed, match the corresponding components from Madeleine’s DNA profile!

Concerning the second case, after an explanation about the DNA components of Madeleine’s profile, and concluding that it is represented by 19 alleles, it is concluded that 15 are present in the tested sample. This means that 4 alleles are missing to obtain a 100% conclusive match. According to the experts from that lab, those 15 were not enough to conclude, with a high degree of certainty, that we were looking at Madeleine’s DNA profile, even more so because the Low Copy Number found 37 components in the sample. Those 37 components were apparently there because at least three individuals had contributed to that result. Although 15 components from Madeleine’s DNA profile had been found, the result was considered to be complex.

But this first preliminary report went further. In it, the scientist had the unusual care of explaining that in many of the profiles of the lab experts, elements from Madeleine’s DNA profile are present. This means that a good part of the DNA profile of any person can be built by three donors. It is understandable. Two questions were immediately raised. The first one: what use was a DNA profile, in terms of criminal evidence, if it can be the combination of three or more donors.

The other question was simple: why did the DNA profile from those three donors contribute for 15 components of Madeleine’s DNA profile and not that of anyone else, like for example, the scientist who performed the test? But the surprises from the preliminary reports would go even further. […]”

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  1. 51
    Liz Y Says:

    Site admin, thanks for the info.

  2. 52
    I Don't Believe It Says:

    Incredible – proper comments being allowed through on the Daily Mail. First time in a long time anything like that has been allowed. The comments are brilliant and are all gettting huge numbers of green arrows (support).

    It shows how people really think in the UK.

  3. 53
    Liz Y Says:

    Just read the Mail comments – fantastic, maybe this will be the turning point for journalists interested in putting the other side of the story. It certainly seems that there are lot more people onside. It seems the McCanns have reached saturation point, there are a lot of comments on there who once sympathised but are now tired of their constant bleating, whilst other missing kids are being ignored or not taken as seriously. It’s comforting that the comments in favour of the McCanns are getting loads of red arrows (non support), it does seem that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not just the headlamp of an oncoming train.

  4. 54
    I Don't Believe It Says:

    Liz Y – It’s certainly encouraging that the Mail feels confident enough to allow through critical comments drawing attention to the gaping holes in the McCann narrative. It could be a sign of better times to come, but we have had false hope before. By the way, I am convinced the Mail haev received many more critical comments than they have published. But the fact they have let through a few is good.

    Good – but I remain puzzled by various aspects of UK media reporting. Here are some of my thoughts:

    1. Of course we have to remember there was a secret injunction on all official agencies requiring them to co-operate with the McCanns. This came to light when Leics Police saw off a previous McCann attempt to get their hands on Police files. I mention it because of course if we were kept in the dark about that injunction, we may have been kept in the dark about other injunctions – perhaps preventing reporting about the McCanns’ lives – we never seem to hear much about their personal histories.

    2. It is amazing that the UK media fails to mention basic features of this case e.g.

    (a) The fact that whatever the McCanns could see from of the rear of the property, they could see nothing of the front or side, so their claim to be watching the property is meaningless, whether it was 10 metres or a 100 metres away.

    (b) That Madeleine was made a ward of court soon after her disappearance and the parents no longer have general legal responsiblity for her.

    (c) That the Fund has never published detailed accounts beyond the bare legal minimum.

    (d) That they never challenge the McCanns on the question of accidental injury to children so young. Anything could happen in half an hour and the McCanns as doctors who had trained in A&E would know that. In what possible way could the McCanns think the children could be “safe” in such circumstances?

    (e) That Clarence Mitchell, their spokesman, claimed that none of the Tapas 9 had a watch or mobile phone with them! (He later gave a different version – that none of them had a mobile with them – no more credible).

    (f) The fact that their “detectives” have claimed they know Madeleine is being held in a lawless village near PDL. The McCanns are never asked about this claim.

    (g) That her friend Rachel has said previously that Kate confessed on the night of the “abduction” her concerns about leaving the children alone, whereas Kate now says that she never for a moment had any qualms.

    (h) That the sniffer dogs found incriminating evidence of cadaver odour at various McCann connected sites.

    Why is the UK media avoiding mention of such facts (and there are many other odd and weird such facts)? Is it laziness? Editorial direction? Incompetence?

    3. The role of commentators has been incredible and disgusting. We have people like Craig Brown now suggesting that a Portugese police officer abducted the child. So many of the commentators just regurgitate what they are told by the McCann machine. For instance, I read one today who talks as though this holiday was a one-off special treat – whereas these inter-family holidays had occurred on a number of occasions (an oddity in terms of the behaviour of the English upper middle classes).

    4. Despite this being the crime of the century and the subject of more column inches in the UK than any other crime in history, no reputable author seems prepared to touch this case in the UK. Why? It doesn’t make sense to me. The market for any book of substance would be huge – the author could earn millions. But reputable authors seem to avoid it like the plague. Why?

    This case is a puzzle within a puzzle. Nothing makes sense. Even Amaral’s theory of some sort of accidental injury in the apartment around 6-7pm has its problems. I don’t claim to know what the answers are, but I know I don’t trust the McCann narrative.

  5. 55
    Liz Y Says:

    I don’t believe it, Absolutely spot on, but I do believe there is a wider agenda, as I have said before, the powers that be, for some reason, have allowed these people to be far more involved in this case (even when suspects), than in any other case ever, they’ve pulled more strings than a puppeteer. I too, think Amaral’s theory has it’s own limitations. Somehow, I keep coming back to Payne and the paedophile thing. That’s the only thing which would explain the amount of support from the upper echelons. We all know that decent MPs (The ones who want to make a difference) are soon bullied into things they’d rather not do, like fiddling expenses, because they’re told in no uncertain terms, ‘Don’t you spoil things for the rest of us.’ Maybe there have been affairs, heterosexual or same sex, which can be dangled as a threat, all manner of stuff goes on, and all manner of stuff is saved for a rainy day and every man has his price. The easiest way for the McCanns to shut us up is to go before a court and explain why they have lied, why they have never had to explain all the discrepancies and inconsistencies because, as our Clarrie said, there is a wholly innocent explanation for anything the investigation may or may not find (that isn’t verbatim). Surely, if that’s the case, they wouldn’t need to spend tens of thousands for a spokesman to hide behind, because there is only one true story, it’s just a shame they can’t remember it. I’m all for innocent explanations, just tell us what they are. Simples!!
    I just hope that reading the Daily Mail comment may cause readers to do their own investigating.

  6. 56
    I Don't Believe It Says:

    There is no way we can find out what has been going on due to the multiple layers of legal censorship (injunctions, libel proceedings and so on), informal censorship (e.g. bookshops refusing to stock Amaral’s book), and self-censorship (I think a lot of media folk don’t want to leave the pack and speak out against them).

    The Gaspar statement was mentioned briefly by one newspaper online before being pulled I believe. (I think it was the Sun from memory – could be wrong.) The idea that such a statement, from close friends, is irrelevant to the case is not credible.

    I would say one thing: I think the McCanns – who through instinct or good advice have, since some early wobbles (such as the appalling Panorama programme), have proved masters of media manipulation – have been able to put together interconnecting networks of influence: the Labour Party, Catholic Church, feminists, commercial interests (e.g. in computerised missing children systems), Freemasons, children’s charities and media tycoons. At the same time they have over time harnessed all sorts of strong popular imagery: meeting the Pope, TV detective series, images of innocent children, scary child-stealing gypsies, the woman in jeopardy, the saintly woman, stereotypes about lazy and incompetent Latin types etc etc. They took time to learn that…initially they thought the “modern couple” images (jogging, standing in front of a flip chart and so on) would win sympathy – but they didn’t. But gradually they learned how these images working at a deeper unconscious level were much more effective.

  7. 57
    margo Says:

    The Mcs and Co will get their knickers in a knot so to speak, and its happening right before our very eyes.

  8. 58
    I Don't Believe It Says:

    Interesting on Newsnight – the Press Complaints Commission woman admitted – was quite brazen about it – that they issue “desist” notices all the time (i.e. engage in pre-censorship). I’d be v. surprised if they haven’t been applying those to McCann related material.

    Margo – I hope your optimism is justified. But I fear the McCanns have had time to polish up their act. I think in fact that’s one reason why they can never leave the media alone. They tried that for a while, but saw the dangers when Amaral went on the offensive. I think they realise they have to be in a state of “permanent war” – deploying all their influence networks and making their pitch. It’s dressed up as “searching for Madeleine” which of course it isn’t at all as far as most people are concerned.

  9. 59
    Liz Y Says:

    I Don’t Believe It, I hope that permanent state of war destroys them, they face all their lives in constant battle trying to bully everyone into believing their version of the event, as for continued donations, ….even the worm turns. 2 years for admitting manslaughter will seem like a walk in the park now. I think this time they have overstepped the mark, I’d fervently hope this book will be the catalyst, that will have them falling onto their own swords.

  10. 60
    margo Says:

    The Mcs could and probably hae actually, got friends in high places. They are part of a network of evil. Why they have not been caught out is beyond belief, but time will tell.

    Site Admin: Kate’s latest book is interesting in the context of a network of evil. The name “Madeleine” appears 666 times in the book.

  11. 61
    Liz Y Says:

    I have read somewhere that Maddie is an anagram of I’m Dead.

    Site Admin: Good point and if you read Kate’s book, the word “Madeleine” appears 666 times.

  12. 62
    I Don't Believe It Says:

    Take a look at the “Madeleine – One Year On” clip (about 3 or 4 down)


    At 1.50 Gerry says they thought they wouldn’t be able to get in the Tapas that night…

    Why ever not? Doesn’t Kate claim in her book that they had a block booking and that in fact the reservations book indicated their party would be attending every night?

    Has Gerry been caught out in a…another misunderstanding?

    Incidentally this clip is replete with the usual mouth coverings, eye shields, mouth swallowings and nose scratchings indicative of something other than a convincing narrative.

    And yet…the UK media want us to canonise them. It’s scary beyond belief!

    Site Admin: Well spotted. The McCanns’ tissue of lies is full of this kind of discrepancy. Regarding the behaviour of the UK Media, they have been gagged with a superinjunction and cannot report certain things about the McCanns.

  13. 63
    Jake Says:

    It is also possible that Madeleine walked out of the apartment, fell down the steps leading off the patio in the dark, hit her head and died,shortly after Kate discovered her body??

  14. 64
    Liz Y Says:

    Hi all, Regarding the silence of the media, you can bet your sweet life that the McCanns, have a pending file as big as a house, covering EVERY aspect of this case including all the lies and discrepancies. A bit like when there is an event, good or bad, wedding or death, say, in the royal family. As soon as the event happens, the media will have it covered already, all the footage going back decades has been dragged out of the archives . I think that every journalist in the world, would want to be let off the leash on this one. The way the press have been silenced is alarming and really quite frightening, there must be a whole lot more people involved in this cover-up than first anticipated. We all have a duty to Madeleine, bless her, to be fearless and resolute, for as long as it takes. I am sure we will have our day and, personally, I can’t wait

  15. 65
    margo Says:

    Could be that Madeleine was given too much of a drug that she had been given before and things went terribly wrong this time. Doubt if this child’s remains will ever be found as they could have been disposed of. Paedos shield each other and the ring closes in when one is about to be charged. Hope all this mess is brought to justice soon. No one will be surprised when facts emerge. Kate was an anaesthetist and knows drugs well. Probably on them herself and the others too.

    Site Admin: During a conversation that we had on the phone with a former police officer in Portugal, he said that Madeleine died during an act of paedophilia in apartment 5A. As there were already some allegations of possible paedophilia from the Gaspar statement, we tend to believe the former police officer’s story rather than just the use of a sedative. There is strong circumstantial evidence that sedatives were used on the children (see Fiona Payne’s statement where she describes Kate putting hands on the twins to see if they were breathing), so we cannot rule out the possibility that sedatives were used on Madeleine as well.

  16. 66
    Despina Says:

    The neighbour said she heard Madeleine crying daddy daddy the night before she disappeared,could her father have been in the flat with her at that time?

  17. 67
    Gavin Bolton Says:

    All of this just points in one direction, bunch of pedo’s doing terrible things to their kids, alarm bells ringing in the UK, because they were doctors in the NHS, Portuguese police just not qualified to deal with this type of crime, investigative blunders, lack of proper communication between British and Portuguese authorities, threat to tourism in Portugal, certainly a death, DNA test and dogs do not lie. So how do we get to the bottom of this, very simple set one of the MC’s up in a sex scandal and you can bet your last dollar the other will squeal like a pig. A creepy looking couple with guilt written all over themselves.

  18. 68
    Gavin Bolton Says:

    Just viewed loads more interview footage on the MC’s, damn why does Mrs MC always look so guilty, no remorse just guilt and why does Mr MC look bothered and irritated. I think Mr MC was doing bad stuff to Madeleine, Mrs MC walked in on it an argument and scuffle ensued and some how Mrs MC caused the death of Madeleine, both are guilty. Now Mr MC has to cover for his wife or she spills the beans, Mr MC is guilty of a lesser disgusting crime, he is caught between a rock and a hard place, protect his wife or public loss of credibility (pedo). Mrs MC knew all along about the pedo stuff, it probably started off as an innocent thing such as baby bounces on daddy’s lap, he gets a woody, mommy laughs, daddy however becomes aroused. This happens many times, Mrs MC laughs but deep down inside she is concerned. At some point Mr MC makes reference to the goings on to one of his male friends, and it becomes a little side joke amongst the Tapas 9. However the end result is no joke. Clearly a bigger plan was put into place to remove the body from the apartment, various eyewitness accounts allude to this, the MC’s went to the local church and confessed to the priest, however they sold it as an accident, omitting to reveal the pedo stuff, the priest assisted in the removal of the body and the burial. MC’s now feel absolved of their crime and can now peddle the “Madeleine was abducted” story.

    Site Admin: Gavin, a magician gets away with his trick by the use of misdirection. It’s what we don’t see that holds the key rather than what we see and have been told by the Tapas 9.

    For instance, the trip to Huelva was a complete nonsensical affair because the town was closed for a public holiday on that day. It had been schedule for the previous day but Gerry cried it off because of some belly ache problem. That effectively stopped the media from following them because the media felt that the trip was cancelled altogether. When the McCanns (complete with Jon Corner, a cameraman and possibly John McCann) went to Huelva the following day, there was no media entourage following them.

    In the Panorama documentary “The Mystery of Madeleine McCann” aired on November 19, 2007, Jon Corner showed footage of the car boot with posters in it but curiously he didn’t answer “no” when asked if Madeleine was in that car boot. He simply said that the boot was full of posters and they went to Huelva to increase awareness.

    Another curiosity is that Jon Corner said that Huelva was used as a base for his film crew. Well, Huelva is not a location with an airport so presumably he had to fly in to Faro and then drive east to Huelva if it was a base (opposite direction to Praia da Luz). But why would he do that when his best friends (the McCanns) were west of Faro in Praia da Luz? Also, what does “base” in the context of two men and a video camera mean?

    Many people who cannot accept the notion that the McCanns (with or without helpers) moved a dead body, always cite that there was this intense media scrum around them at all times. The Huelva trip proves that this is a fallacy. The heat was on in that week. The PJ turned up at the McCanns’ villa with the dogs and they effectively booted them out of the villa with no notice. Is this why Gerry suddenly got the trots?

    Clearly, if the McCanns knew Huelva would be closed due to a public holiday it would make no sense in going there. But it does make sense going there if something was prepared to happen there. Jon Corner’s filming was an effective smokescreen to prove that the car boot did not hold anything other than posters. However, it proves nothing. Without a continuous film showing the entire trip to Huelva there are some many wonderous things that can happen with a video editing suite.

    Some things do not make sense at all – Corner’s use of Huelva as a “base” is one of them.

  19. 69
    Gavin Bolton Says:

    I still maintain, set the MC’s up against each other, and one of them will spill the beans. This is a terrible crime against an innocent child, everything must be done to get to the bottom of this, or these two monsters will never ever be held accountable. To hell with legalities, the gagging orders, the limited accessing of the investigation files, go after the MC’s, they and only they know the ugly truth.

  20. 70
    margo Says:

    The chain seems to be getting a weak link. Just wait for it to beak and all hell will break loose. Justice for Madeleine may not be far away.

  21. 71
    Liz Y Says:

    I don’t believe it, Another false dawn then? Bastards!

  22. 72
    i dont know Says:

    I always thought that there was something not right about the story, did they ever say why the hell the bairns were left alone in the room? Could they not get room service as a mum I would not even think bout doing something as stupid! I am really interested in this story. But in a way I don’t think that she is dead I think it may just be a scam to get cash and that she is in hiding somewhere! Come on I have seen the pictures of them smiling could you really be that happy if your baby girl was missing or even worse dead? Come on they got free holidays, food, house, fame and fortune! Like the woman not so long ago who pretended her daughter was in a hot air balloon to get attention when really she was in a house hiding! I don’t know what really happened and I don’t think we ever will but I pray that maddie is safe and that no harm has and will come to her she is a beautiful little girl who didn’t deserve any of this bless her xx

  23. 73
    Ricardo Says:

    Dogs don’t lie. McCanns do.

  24. 74
    Bex Says:

    I never have been able to get my head around the whole case, but what puzzles me most of all are the looks on Kate and Gerry’s faces. She looks terrified, guilty, grief stricken as you would expect any mother in the same situation to look, yet he looks smug – like he knows a secret and is having the last laugh. As a mother I want nothing more than for the two of them to be innocent as I can not imagine any parent doing to a child what it has been suggested they have done, but the whole thing screams of conspiracy. For the sake of poor little Maddie, somebody please tell the truth.

  25. 75
    lyn Says:

    Dogs do the job they are trained for and have nothing to hide.

  26. 76
    Sophie Says:

    I Think That there is a possibility she was abducted seeing as the mcCanns friend saw a man holding a child but you never no gerry and kate might of told someone to dispose the body.!! why wouldnt kate answer the questions!!

  27. 77
    margo Says:

    The child was dressed like Madeleine. Was she alive? Anything is possible judging by the lies the Mcs and Co have told. They do have something to hide. Been a while now and perhaps time is running out.

  28. 78
    bazil Says:

    To be honest I have giveb up on the Daily Mail, it seems to be that they will not print any posts that are not supportive of the Mccans. Totally biased. I have saud for a long time that there is more to this case than meets the eye, ther must be some very important persons involved with this case which is why the Mccans are getting so much support from the UK government, Keep digging for the truth and get these murderers on trial

  29. 79
    Bazil Brush Says:

    Your quite right, she died in the apartment, and I can tell you why, I can give you all the motive that no one else have thought of. Years ago we had a pedophile in our village and he had adopted an Indian girl who was mentally retarded, at the age of 14 she had the mind of a child of about 6 and she was starting to talk to local people about games that she and this Peado was playing, she thought it was all a bit of fun. Now this child Maddie was growing up and what I say is she was starting to talk about certain activity that was going on. The McCanns then realized that they were in danger from this child talk and were faced with one of two choices, let things carry on and be found out and face many years in jail or save their future skins by disposing of the child. Well what about that for a motive

  30. 80
    Bazil Brush Says:

    Sophie, And all the rest of you get this, she was not abducted, any woman wanting to abduct a child would have gone for one of, or the two babies, younger the better. She was murdered by her parent, and as I stated earlier, the motive was to shut her up because she was starting to innocently talk about Peado activity that she was being subject to.

  31. 81
    margo Says:

    Well said, Bazil, hit the nail on the head. Mcs and Co surely must have something to hide and as for the British Govt, wasn’t a member (can’t remember his name) accused of having stuff on his computer, etc. Corruption in high places here!

  32. 82
    David Marks Says:

    Don’t accept the detective’s ideas. I think he may have understandably rearranged the pieces of the jigsaw into the wrong under while facing huge pressure and scrutiny, the like of which many major European city homicide teams would struggle under, never mind a provincial detective with allegations of wrong doing and a demotion under his belt…

    If Madeleine is alive…
    • And the abductor is married, his wife would have to be extremely submissive, OR,
    • Lacking knowledge of the abductor’s business and property dealings – in other words, Madeleine is kept away from the regular family home.
    • And the abductor is single, he is likely to live alone, or with an elderly parent.
    • Their character must be that of a loner, socially maladjusted, lacking social ties. Unlikely to be an elderly man, or a teenage man. Surely the location that she is kept in must be a detached property or one with a lot of privacy.
    My ideas:
    • Unconvinced about this international abduction ring. Prone to believing this is a local issue. In fact the local landscape is full of detached, isolated properties, that could host MM with secrecy.
    • Furthermore, given the nature of the Algarve communities – small isolated villages — I’m prone to believe that the solution is very local. Within 10KM. Abductor likely to come from Luz or surrounding villages. Likely to have connections/strong knowledge of the Ocean club.
    • Due to the public nature of this event, very unlikely MM has ever been out in public – and lives a very limited, harsh existence.
    • Big fear that due to public nature of event — strong chance of homicide having taken place even if not originally planned.
    • Unsure of motive – but likely to be sexual, and the abductor is likely to be a paedophile. May be lacking any sexual convictions as such, but may have an history of domestic and./or sexual abuse of spouse, or certainly child abuse with previous born children.
    • Children of abductor likely to be socially maladjusted.
    • Abductor likely to be relatively prosperous to afford detached property with adjusted interior.
    • May have a history of mental illness, yet has seemingly reformed.
    • Could be socially conservative, family man, to most onlookers – with deeply harboured negative desires beneath.

    Reply: There has never been any evidence that Madeleine was alive after being reported missing. There is no evidence of abduction and never has been any. There is evidence suggesting that Madeleine was not alive on May 3, 2007. Analysing abduction is a complete waste of time. The analysis should focus on the lies and inconsistent stories offered by the parents and their friends.

  33. 83
    anon Says:

    I’m beginning to think it doesn’t matter. I feel sorry for the McCann’s and don’t really blame them. That’s not to say that I think they are removed from guilt. But I think, well, it happened, and the girl is gone, and the McCann’s are in a very sad situation, and I think they always were. I think it’s a very serious situation, but they know more about serious than anyone. Oh, I suppose it is cult or sect related, and it’s very, very sad, and they, more than anyone, are very, very sad. Of course, as they still have children, my response, in the first instance, may be thought not acceptable. But, it’s not in the first instance. And the truth is far too hard to deal. Far, far, far too hard. So it doesn’t really matter.

    Reading the questions of the Portugese police here, I think they were probably trying to do a very good job. But then the British government wouldn’t send them the evidence they needed, simply didn’t agree to give phone records and so on, and got involved to warn them against going for the McCanns. And the McCann’s, actually very troubled, whatever happened, can’t answer. At the end of the day, yes, after that, they did OK anyway. I think they know much more than it seems, but are helpless, or have decided they are not able, whether they are right or not, that’s how it truly seems to them. I think they actually support the McCanns, largely, most of them, excluding Gonzalo. And I think there are reasons. Beyond that, well, I think it doesn’t matter, for one reason, because there simply is no, no, getting beyond that, nor for the British police. When everything is like that, I just think “it doesn’t matter” to pop up might be something natural. It’s not the world some might have thought it was. It’s awful, and so sad, but that’s also meaningless, absolutely, unless Godot comes.

  34. 84
    anon Says:

    … That’s not saying I’m against Gonzalo particularly or at all. He has a deep feeling from an investigation. I just think the whole thing has a different nature, and the whole thing, as a vast, vast, vast social issue involving huge numbers of people in some way, actually brings out something to do with the beast in society. And it’s kind of impossible. And it matters, but it doesn’t matter. And it matters. It doesn’t matter.

    I do mean, by deep analysis, not that one has to or it is best to conclude ‘it doesn’t matter’, but it’s the most appropriate option. I know people may be offended or disgusted by that. But, the whole thing, it’s a deep, deep thing. It seems, there is no bottom. Nothing to add up. Nothing, anywhere, adds up.

  35. 85
    anon Says:

    Yet, it matters. At the same time. Of course. I think I’d been eaten by maybe Hotel California. And I needed to write the two comments above. And they hold true. While, it matters. (Sorry if they upset.)

  36. 86
    anon Says:

    … You see, how I started – what’s the point?

    Mentioning one “tiny” part – a child sexual abuse record by Gerry McCann has gone missing from the records.

    Reported at Good Quality Wrist Bands blog,
    text taken there from a Twitter post.

    “Gerry McCann was convicted for child sex abuses in 2002, althought the evidence has been hacked and emptied from the case file by someone who has access to the National Sex Offenders Register, namely Jim Gamble though the CEOP mainframe connected to every police station crime files in the UK, the reference for this conviction still exists in the judiscial reference files and confiemes that Gerald P McCann was placed on the Child Sex Offenders Register following conviction in court, and is still on that register today! .”

    Are there all kinds of rings going on?

  37. 87
    lou1970 Says:

    Seriously was gerry mccann put on sex offenders register ????

  38. 88
    Olivia lawrence Says:

    I came across Gerry M in the local hairdressers, I had seen both the parents around as I live in the same village. I have always been very intuitive and at times psychic since a child. I saw him and felt nothing …….but as he stood up and was about a foot away and As he looked at me and smiled I was filled with I can only describe it as a dark feeling that came over me ….and the strangest feeling of fear. He has an evil aura. I was taken by surprise on how it affected me.
    I was initially in support…… since our encounter I’m convinced he’s involved.
    Think about it, they have to keep up this pretence for the twins, if they found out what really happened it would destroy them.
    Looking at the two of them it will be Kate that cracks he never will.

  39. 89
    Ginger Snyder Says:

    The child was never abducted the dogs are trained and they alerted, she died in apartment 5A. How did she die, will I believe she was being sexually abused and drugged as this was a club or cult and these people would do things to the kids. The testimony from of one of the Tapas 7 stated that Kate was upset that Gerry was gone so long to check on the kids and the upstairs neighbor heard crying and her screaming daddy daddy. This is how she was killed, and then he stuffed the body in the blue bag and hid it away until he could get back to the restaurant and said he was watching the football game as Kate was annoyed he was gone so long. Then she went to check on the kids and discovers Madeleine is gone. David Payne and Gerry may have been abusing the little girl as there stories and the tennis story and the going out on the boat is just a cover. With your information in the comments that Gerry had been convicted in 2002 of pedophilia, they would use the cases against the parents. She either died from an overdose of medicine or sexual abuse that traumatized the little girl. I keep wondering how the blood got behind the couch unless she had been hidden there and in the wardrobe, just the strangest circumstances when you follow the blood. The parents are beyond guilty, the mothers have the clothes alerted to her and to the little girl and cuddle cat, just really too sad for words.

  40. 90
    tony Says:

    with freemasons running the show these perverted people will never be dealt with ,poss if they die

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