Tony Parsons   2/06/2008

Kate and Gerry McCann could still face charges of neglect, according to the first published court ruling on the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine.

Official documents in Portugal show that the police there have not yet ruled out bringing such charges. This hardly feels like a positive step in either finding Madeleine, or discovering what happened to her.

In the course of their 13-month investigation, the Portuguese police have failed to come up with any answers at all about the disappearance.

It’s unforgivable that they have not removed the weight of suspicion from Kate and Gerry, who have paid an unimaginably high price for eating dinner 50 yards from where their children slept. One more question for the bungling plods of Portugal. Haven’t these people suffered enough?


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    Rosiepops Says:

    The McCann’s will never face neglect charges, the PJ could not make them stick and if they were going to bring these charges I believe they should have been brought within a 6 month time scale.

    I feel the Policia Judiciaria are the ones that should be facing cruelty charges and gross dereliction of duty. The PJ have comprehensively failed to carry out their duties in a timely and professional manner and because of their overt bungling any chance they had of finding Madeleine was lost in the first week of this investigation and in any case the PJ actually stopped looking for her in week 3.

    I hope the McCann’s sue the backsides off of the PJ, it would be fitting that this money could then be put to pay for some proper investigations into the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine, who I believe was badly let down by the PJ.

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    susie Says:

    No Rosiepops it is the Mccanns who are cruel.
    They neglected their children to get drunk and then defended their actions. ‘Like being in the back garden’ they say – what a joke, who has members of the public freely wandering about in their garden?
    Explain their laughter after Madeleine went missing please. Explain the jogging, the tennis playing. You can’t can you. Don’t even try saying we all react in different ways. Your child is missing!! Presumed with a paedophile and you laugh?!
    Nobody is being cruel to them for the simple reason that they quite obviously couldn’t care less. All the ‘searching’ is to make money and lots of it. Get a life.

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