The criminal Complaint against the Portuguese police

domingo 4 de mayo de 2008

The criminal Complaint against the Portuguese police


European Court of Human Rights
Council of Europe
Strasbourg, France


This Court has jurisdiction to act upon this matter pursuant to Article 34 and 13 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Rules of the Court numbers 45 and 47.

I. The Parties

A. The Applicant

1. Full name:
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3. Nationality:
4. Date and country of birth:
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B. The Contracting Party

13. The Policia Judiciaria (PJ) and Government of Portugal.

II. Statement of Facts

14. On or about September 12, 2004 Joanna Cipriano, a native Portuguese girl disappeared mysteriously in the Portuguese town of Figueira. As a result, Leonor and Joao Cipriano, both native Portuguese, were abruptly arrested, accused of murder, convicted, and sentenced to a long prison term. The body of the supposed murdered victim was never found. Every since their imprisonment, both defendants have denied the murder accusation and maintained conclusively, that their confession was forcibly obtained by extra judicial methods consisting of cruel and savage torture inflicted on them by members of the Policia Judiciaria (PJ) of Portugal, under the leadership of police officials Goncalo Amaral, Paolo Cristovao and other accomplices who now must face a criminal trial for their actions.

Joao Cipriano, one of the defendants in the case, have stated additionally that Joanna was abducted to be “sold” into a paedophile network with connections in Portugal, a country internationally identified as a true paradise for pederast and paedophiles, where they reign with impunity and enjoy the protection of government institutions such as the PJ. Meanwhile, the other defendant in the case, Leonor Cipriano, denounced publicly the vicious beatings and different forms of torture she was a victim of, by PJ personnel during interrogations without the presence of an Attorney or knowledge by the public prosecutor. To show proof of her information and statements, she referred to a photograph published in a newspaper wherein she appears with a very heavily-bruised face almost unrecognisable as a result of the brutal beatings by PJ members during the interrogations.

The only ground in the case the PJ used to form the basis upon which the defendants were accused of murdering Joanna, was an allegation that she saw Joao and Leonor having sex and that to keep it secret and preventing her from divulging it, they killed her. During trail, the defence argued strenuously that the PJ accusation was false, that they did not conducted a thorough investigation of the case, and that the hasty, abrupt manner, and methods by which they proceeded to charge the defendants, appeared to be part of an outside interest unrelated to the nature of the case.


On the night of May 3, 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal, British national Madeleine Beth Mc Cann, then age three, was abducted by someone while she was sleeping in a room of an apartment located at the Mark Warner Ocean Club Resort in that town.

In this case, the PJ officers directed by Goncalo Amaral (again) acted similarly as they did in the previous case, that is, by hastily accusing the parents of being responsible for the death of the child, without having any valid evidence to sustain the accusation. There was no formal arrest or trial on the case, but there was an interrogation session and the lodging of a suspect status under Portuguese law against both parents. In addition, the mother of the abducted child was offered a two year prison term “deal” during the interrogation if she falsely admitted killing her daughter. The defendant refused the ridiculous and outrageous “deal” offered by the PJ.

In this case like in others, PJ officials insistently rejected the version that Madeleine was abducted and instead kept accusing her parents of killing the child without any concrete evidence. Like in previous cases, private detectives working to find the child also stated that Madeleine was abducted to be “sold” to rich paedophiles who “buy” children on orders to become their personal property and sex slaves.

The facts in this case related to the modus operandi by the PJ during times when a real investigation and search for the abducted child should have been conducted are overwhelming and point out to official complicity. However, the many details that make up the evidence are technically argumentative and do not belong in this section now, therefor, they will not be included but it may suffice to state that just like in the previous case, the PJ did not really investigated the crime; instead they kept focusing insistently on accusing the parents without any evidence and for unexplained reasons, while invoking a law that provides secrecy during proceedings as the base supporting their refusal to explain their actions.


Before the Joanna Cipriano case in Figueira wherein the PJ accused her family without any real evidence of killing her, three year old Portuguese native Carolina Santos also vanished mysteriously as well, after she was last seen walking away in the company of a man unknown to all neighbours. In that case, the PJ -again- accused the parents of being responsible for her disappearance or unproved death without having any objective evidence. The case did not received much publicity, and the PJ does not even keep any information on the case in their missing persons section at their web site, making it almost impossible to obtain precise information or details on the case. And just like in previous cases, family members of Carolina Santos have said repeatedly that she was abducted by one or more henchman working for rich paedophiles linked to members of the Portuguese officialdom, and taken out of the country to be “sold.”

The case of Carolina Santos and the others provide an insight by showing a pattern the PJ has utilised in every child abduction in Portugal, by using the method of not investigating the crime, but instead accusing parents of either killing the abducted child or being part of the disappearance while in the absence of any concrete evidence to support the accusations.

There are other child abduction cases in Portugal with similar characteristics too numerous to mention here and to comply with Rule 47 (d) of the Court requiring statements in this section to be succinct.

III. Statement(s) on the Violation(s) of the Convention and/or
Protocols and Relevant Arguments

15. According to Article 1 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, every contracting State member has the obligation to secure and respect all human rights, including the right of children in their jurisdiction, not to be kidnapped with the direct or indirect aid of any official institution or entity. Article 1– Obligation to respect human rights read as follows:

“The Contracting Parties shall secure to everyone within their
jurisdiction the rights and freedoms defined in Section 1 of
this Convention”

The corroborative facts outlined in the Statement of Facts section expose an scandalous social reality and corruption in the entire judicial system of Portugal, that allows a traditional heinous criminal activity in that country connected with sexual perversion against children, at the highest social levels of Portuguese society and government. It is a gross violation of the obligation to protect and secure the human right of any children, not to be kidnapped for perverted purposes, within the jurisdiction of the State of Portugal as a Contracting Party according to the Convention’s definition. Convention Rule 53 –Safeguard for existing human rights by a Contracting State.

The criminal tradition of paedophilia in Portugal was dramatically exposed recently by the facts surrounding the scandal known as Casa Pia, wherein hundreds of children officially entrusted to the staff, where brutally abused sexually by rape and other depraved acts during a period no less than thirty five years. The subsequent investigations of the evil and horrendous ordeal that destroyed the life of many youngsters, revealed the direct participation of prominent Portuguese elite society members, who acted with impunity under the auspices and protection of the judiciary system -including the PJ- to carry on their perverted criminal activity that is deeply entrenched in the upper class and officialdom of Portugal. It is within this evilly sordid social environment kept subtly yet publicly and widely known but forbidden to criticise or condemn, that well-planned and organised abductions of children for perverse reasons on behalf of very rich and powerful people, are carried out with the knowledge, direct or indirect participation of individuals connected with Portuguese government institutions. These statements are supported by the above-mentioned facts, and the suspicious performance of the PJ in the recent case related to British citizen Madeleine Mc Cann to be explained in detail at an appropriate future opportunity.

The allowable existence of the criminal activity described above is a gross violation of Portugal as a Contracting State, requiring an in-depth and thoroughly exhaustible independent inquiring in order to know the truth behind the abduction of children and their whereabouts, whether they are still alive or dead. The complainant very strongly believes on the basis of the reasons stated above, that the true answers to the many unanswered questions regarding the abduction and disappearance of children in Portugal, can be found within the official structure of its own government and those who work or act on its behalf.

The statements in this section of the Complaint are sufficient to convey the intended message to request the attention of this Court, to an extremely grave reality needing an immediate correction in the Contracting State of Portugal. The life of abducted children and of their families are being destroyed by this extremely evil and criminal activity that must end. Paedophilia in Portugal (and in Spain too) is a “tradition” deeply entrenched in the psyche, that has thrived unchecked for many generations thanks to official condoning, aiding, protection and support, on behalf of a perverted, rich and powerful elite class. The mere existence of this aberrant behaviour in any Contracting State is a violation of fundamental human rights.

IV. Statements Relative to Article 35 of the Convention

16. This Complaint is not presented by an anonymous.
17. This Complaint has never been examined by this Court, and it has not been submitted to another procedure of international investigation or settlement.
18. This Complaint is not incompatible with the provisions of the Convention for the protection of human rights in any Contracting State. This Complaint is not ill-founded nor an abuse of the right to request relief to this Court. All statements made herein can be verified and corroborated.

V. Statement(s) on the Purpose of this Complaint

19. The main reason for presenting this Complaint is to request this Court to order a thorough independent investigation of the Policia Judiciaria (PJ) of Portugal, on the true reasons for its suspicious and/or ambiguous performance related to the abduction cases mentioned in the Statement of Facts section of this document. Particular attention is requested on the cases related to Joanna Cipriano and Madeleine Mc Cann in view of their characteristics and great similarities.

The other reason is to request the Court to consider the contents and information available at the Internet address as part of the documentation pertaining to this Complaint. The reason for this request is that the contents in that Internet address, feature information and names of individuals who should be of interest and concern in the requested investigation process.

VI. Statement(s) concerning other International Proceedings

20. This Complaint has not been submitted to any international proceeding or investigation anywhere nor is there a resolution or judgement pending at any agency or tribunal with respect to the nature of its contents.

VII. List of Exhibits Attached

21. (a) None
(b) None
(c) None

VIII. Declaration and Signature

I, Robert Argiz, hereby declare with full consciousness and loyalty that the contents and/or information included in this Complaint are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, so help me God.


Signature: ___________________

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  1. 1
    Rosiepops Says:

    Whomever wrote that complaint is an idiot. Carolina Santos was NOT abducted and that is a bunch of hogwash. The McLiars don’t give up trying to distort the truth…but just as olive oil in water, the truth ALWAYS ends up coming up to the surface.

    Get ready McCanns… I have a feeling that in your case, the truth will NOT set you free.

  2. 2
    Sandra Ruedas Says:

    I don’t agree with the above insults against the author of that well-written document. What I do agree with is that Carolina Santos was not after all kidnapped as we had been misinformed, and the document was not written to mislead anyone or to lie; it was simply the result of available information at the time regarding Carolina Santos. The document is impressive and tells the truth some people just don’t want to read or hear. Can “rosiepopps” write a document like that? I am sure not, but it is easy for her to insult the author when the real idiot is her.

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