Ruth McCann Paid €40,000 For 5A Pics

(This article was from a translation kindly provided by Joana Morais)

An interesting fact from today’s Diário de Notícias (not on-line):

NOTW paid around €40.000 Euros/$61.88 U.S. dollars/£31.77 British pounds to do the pictures inside the McCanns apartment.

The apartment 5A, was registered at a certain time to 4 people. In 2006 after the death of Michael William McCann, Ruth Margaret McCann become the sole owner. The apartment has a T2 Typology, which in architectural terms means a two bedroom flat. Ruth McCann told her conditions to the persons responsible of the tourist’s resort, Ocean Club, that the apartment would only be available to rent for a period of one year and for the minimum amount of 24 thousand Euros.

Several proposals appeared, the majority came from British Tabloids, surpassing the value requested by the owner of the apartment.

Last week, Ruth McCann, who lives in the UK, arrived at Praia da Luz (PdL) and requested the key from the reception at the Ocean Club. Discretely, she entered the apartment with a photographer from the English Tabloid News of The World (NOTW). The photos and the footage taken that day from inside the apartment cost around €40.000 Euros ($61.88 U.S. dollars/£31.77 British Pounds).

The apartment has been closed since July for the Judiciary Police investigations, who awaits for the possibility of a re-enactment of the night of the 3rd of May to be done on that location. That diligence is the one who is conditioning the rental of the apartment.

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    Super Sleuth Says:

    Site Admin

    Any idea what date this appeared in the news paper.

    Site Admin: Sorry, I’d need to research it. I have no idea.

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    Super Sleuth Says:

    Site Admin,

    thanks why would the McCanns book this apt from this lady if they already paid Mark Warner as well.

    Site Admin:Hi Super Sleuth. I don’t believe the McCanns did book the apartment from Ruth McCann. Where are you seeing that information? Have you seen this from a reliable source? If not, it obviously doesn’t make any sense to book or pay for it twice. Therefore, I doubt they did book or pay for it twice.

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    Super Sleuth Says:

    source the Mirror article link attached

    Why because MMC never went to PDL in 2007 how about 03/08/06 is more likely when she disappeared/died trust me on that. have ploud through JP files etc videos papers etc 2006 is most probable bet the other 2 owners in 2006 of 5a as per this article where Kate and Gerry. The 2007 was a cover with a fake MMC so to not risk the twins going not Maddie a second room was booked, yes the club said 5a on the booking in sheet, but they are covering up a mess up with a child minder, remember Kate would not trust them at night time despite them being with them all day every day and Dr Payne brought along a high tec baby listening device why because something happened in 2006. Ok so why was no MMC DNA found in 5a only from a sample from the UK well all that says is a person in the McCann house was the same as the blood found in 5a how can you tell if that is MMC can’t.

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    Super Sleuth Says:

    Sorry if that was a tad over the top but I have worked in anti fraud and am a very good analyst, I have looked at all the websites like yours and others and merged the data, then verified that with the JP files and to be honest 2007 never happened no accident/ no abductionits impoosible cadaver odour is only released from a dead body after minimum 1 hr 30 mins max 2hrs 30mins this is subject to weather conditions floor tempratures size of body etc. well GM said she was alive at 9pm and 4 places in the apt had traces of cadaver odour and KM said she was gone at 10pm. So who is lying. Also in KM latest fantasy book chapter 23 I think she said she was only KM after MMC disapeared before she was KH so why are all the creche records bar 1 signed KM. Next fact the last photo why did GM say he was sitting next to MMC and Sean when its AMC and MMC why did KM desride her dress as peach when its pink
    30/04/08 article

    Plus the video that D Payne stated in his 11/04/08interview with Leicstershire police of MMC boarding the plane to Portugal that the Met have never heard of is so fake its unbelievable, that was never taken at EMA nor wss the bus to Faro terminal taken in Faro and I can 100% prove that.

    So the only proof she went was the video, I have a copy of her passport it was issued when she was 2 months old and any same sex/ethinicith 3-4 year old would never be challenged especialy an internal EU flight.

    Site Admin: Super Sleuth, in 2007 when the forums and blogs were thick with analysis, a lot of what you’re describing was debunked. The “was Madeleine ever in Portugal” scenario was one of them. Another was the “is Ruth McCann related to the McCanns” rumour. They were all established as false and were nothing more than disinformation. You say that Kate says she was a Healy until May 4th in her latest book. Sure she says that. I agree. But I think you are missing the point. Kate Healy is called “Kate Marie Healy” to quote her full name. She is not a McCann because she retained her maiden name. What she means in the book is that after the world knew about Madeleine’s disappearance, the press started to call her “Kate McCann”. Even today, virtually everybody (I don’t!) calls her Kate McCann. The reason is simple: they do not know that she isn’t Kate Healy and they are simply assuming that she is a McCann because most married wives do take their husband’s name. Her description in the book is nothing other than an expression of how she was once anonymous and then once the public “knew” her, her name became “McCann”.

    Do not confuse this as a legal change of name!

    The 3 things you have brought up – 1) no Madeleine in Portugal, 2) Kate Healy changing her name to McCann, 3) the McCanns being related to Ruth McCann, are, in my opinion, all erroneous and you have made the wrong conclusions.

    One thing that was noted in 2007 was how the newspapers made fundamental errors with names and places. The errors you have pointed out are just that – newspaper errors. Something described as peach instead of pink, a reporter saying Gerry said he was sat next to Sean instead of Amelie – these kind of things are not worth investigating.

    The reason 1 creche record is signed as “K M Healy” and the others are “McCann” is probably because Kate only signed the records one time. It could also be that Kate wrote it as McCann because she figured that the nanny wouldn’t know who a Healy was. Who knows?

    Ruth McCann would receive her rental income from Mark Warner. The Mirror article you linked to does not say that the McCanns gave that money to Ruth McCann.

    If you find firm proof of your theories, we are all ears. Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be any new proof of those 3 theories you are advocating. Sorry Super Sleuth.

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    Super Sleuth Says:

    All creche records are daily siging in and out we have K McCann a K M McCann and one K Healy on the 2/5/7 sorry but you legaly must use your name within your passport if you change it from KH to KM you must change all other records, your bank account etc, so she would have to have been using KH even as a doctor, sign cheques etc. plus the fact she signed all police statements as KH not KM Also the zero MMC DNA in 5a as per the JP records state, must also indicate non presence of MMC, the only DNA to match the blood was obtained from the UK house, not from either an alive or dead MMC but I beleive from her room. This is zero proof that that sample came from MMC only a person who had been in her room, what the parents say is hear say.

    If RM was paid by Mark Warner then the Ocean Club would have had that down as a Owner Booking, but it states it is a Mark Warner Apt. Also £1,500 is very high considering that portion was only for the apt, not the flight/dinner/breakfast you can even get a week for 2 adults for the same price in July this year peak season with Mark Warner, so it all points to the fact its a private booking.

    So we have a MMC look alike not an actual MMC maybe she was abducted but not MMC.

    Site Admin: Good morning Super Sleuth. If you look on the Mark Warner website and try to book a holiday for 2 adults and 3 children at the Ocean Club between now and October, it costs significantly more than £1,500 pounds. Why are you comparing a 2-adult holiday versus a 2-adult-3-child one? As for your only evidence that Ruth McCann earned £1,500 from the rental (whether private or via Mark Warner) is from a newspaper, it is not considered to be a reliable source. In addition, nowhere does it state explicitly that the McCanns paid Ruth McCann anything. The police used the dog’s indications to search for Madeleine’s DNA and specifically blood found in the area of the pushed back sofa and the wall in the living room. They succeeded in finding such DNA. Why are you saying there was no Madeleine DNA found in the apartment? The blood spots are clearly marked on the wall in a photo contained in the police file. To counter the blood found in the apartment the McCanns mentioned Madeleine falling on the steps of the plane and also they talked about Madeleine having nosebleeds. Lastly, Kate HEALY signed the official police documents because that is her legal name. As I stated before, her discussion of becoming a McCann after May 4 was a literary piece of nonsense. However, and this is important: Kate Healy became a director of Madeleine’s Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited. In doing so, she had to fill out an official form relating to that limited company. She filled out the form giving her name as Kate McCann. Feel free to contact Companies House and tell them a possible fraud has been committed. There is a legal obligation to fill out those forms accurately. As you rightly say, you have to legally change your name. You cannot go around with aliases or interchange between your maiden name and husband’s name purely on a whim.

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    Pink_Mum Says:

    Has the *Super Sleuth* read ANY of the reports? lol No MMC DNA in the apartment? The sniffer dogs were for Cadaver & Blood….. not to see if she was actually there- but to see if she had DIED there or BLED there…….
    I think you need to read up some more mate! lol I believe MMC died the 3rd May 2007, was an *accident* but got covered up by Gerry & David….. Jane got roped in by the *I saw a man carryin a child* thing…… I say this becoz reading GM’s first statement to police- he said he went in thro the Front (carpark) door with his KEY…. then in his 2nd statement it says he went in the Back (poolsde) door…..

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