Gerry McCann Stealing NHS Resources?

By TheTapas10, May 8, 2008

Gerry McCann works at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester as a cardiologist. He is reported as earning £75,000 a year.

For readers outside of the UK who do not understand the British Health System, known as the National Health Service, it is a service funded by the British taxpayer. In effect, the doctors and nurses are civil servants.

Look at the 1MB PDF download on the official FindMadeleine website. This is a PowerPoint Presentation for their trip to Brussels. Here is the link:

If you load this PDF file and look at its properties, you can see who authored it and where it was written, along with editing times. The details are shown in the panel at the left.

As you can see, Gerry authored it and if you look at the Company info – it says UHL. UHL is University Hospitals Leicester:

Basically, Gerry McCann authored this personal document at the British Taxpayers expense.

The McCann’s trip to Brussels was nothing to do with his job at Glenfield or indeed, any other hospital in the UK. The trip was the McCann’s “pet project” and had nothing to do with his role as a cardiologist.

If you are a British taxpayer and you wish to complain about this misuse of public funds, you can register your complaint via a form on the UHL website here: has already done so and if we receive a reply we will of course be publishing it in this site.

26 Responses to “Gerry McCann Stealing NHS Resources?”

  1. 1
    Rosiepops Says:

    Are you surprised that he would use government resources and time to find other ways to try to present himself as a respectable grieving father? I’m certainly not!

  2. 2
    Mr Reagan Says:

    After reading your article i decieded to see if there were any valid claims, this was sent to me recently, by the way great site.
    Dear Mr Regan

    Thank you for your email regarding Dr McCann. I can confirm that Dr McCann’s trip to Brussels to raise awareness of missing children did not use public funds and was undertaken in his own time, not whilst on hospitals time.

    Yours sincerely

    Amanda Randle

    Senior Safety Manager (Clinical Risk & Complaints)

    Telephone: 0116 258 8901

    Fax: 0116 258 8661

    Information contained in e-mails may be subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, and confidentiality cannot therefore be guaranteed. Please ensure that all e-mails are accurate and appropriate, and are retained/deleted in accordance with good practice and any policies of the Trust.

    If you are not the intended recipient of this e-mail, please inform the sender, delete the e-mail from your system and destroy any copies you may have made.

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  3. 3
    Jolie Says:

    Mr. Reagan,

    I believe the point of this article is that the document itself was written on company time, not that the trip was paid for by public funds (unless you count the Find Madeleine Fund as public funds (donations)).

  4. 4
    Sally Says:

    To be fair, he could be writing on a work lap top he’s taken home. Not that I’m any particular fan of the man.

    Site admin:
    You’re right Sally but it’s still using NHS resources for his own private company of which he is a director. Considering the price of a computer or laptop compared to the millions made by the fund, there’s not one good reason for him to have done any fund work on NHS time – either directly or indirectly.

  5. 5
    Nicola Raines Says:

    Excellent post. Just discovered an excellent site with UK government documents on it – is a really well made site and them seem to be very up to date – always posting the latest UK government documents released to the public. Worth a look.

  6. 6
    John Brown Says:

    I’m not surprised by this. I think the Maccanns are guilty! and killed there own daughter! They are now collecting millions in donations and guess what! Its not a charity that they have set up but a private limited company on which the maccann family are directors!
    Both should be in jail for neglecting Madeline until it can be proven that they murdered her.

  7. 7
    Tony Says:

    Hi John
    You would be surprised if you know what I know, first; McCanns are not guilty of killed her daughter Madeleine Mr Goncalo Amaral is dishonest to all readers of his book which is falsifier of most evidence he issued in his book, I could challenge him. Non of dead scents in the apartment 5A are not from Madeleine. Madeleine was abducted and part of real story will be also publish but not by Goncalo Amaral.

  8. 8
    theresa Says:

    i do not beleive that the mccannes cost the taxpayer, or that they were involved in their childs death. their chosen carreers are to save lives, also they would not be going to this trouble to find their daughter if they already knew her whereabouts, i wish them luck in finding her, i pray that she is found, and that as a story said that she was stolen to order by a childless couple, and is loved and cared for well until they locate her, i am hoping for a good ending to this, if that child had been abducted in england, i am certain she would have been found within days or weeks of being taken, but some countries are behind the times in doing things, and it looks like that is the case here.

  9. 9
    Philippa Says:

    I Just feel for the young little girl who has been taken
    From everyone she knew and was probably so scared
    And frightened hope she is found and put back
    In a safe loving environment x

    Site Admin: There is no evidence to suggest or prove that Madeleine was taken. By the same token there is scant evidence to prove that Madeleine was even in the apartment that evening. Sadly, it is our belief that Madeleine passed away in 2007.

  10. 10
    JinBob Says:

    The evidence suggests these 2 doctors, who were both earning around £60,000 each at the time of the incident, gave their kids a little something to keep them quiet and unconscious, while they went out on the lash / doggin, or whatever. I suppose drugging your kids is cheaper than paying for a baby-sitter (especially if you are an NHS doctor and can get all the drugs you want for free).

    For some reason, the infant was overdosed and died. It is likely the McCann’s were drunk, high on drugs (or a combination of the two) that evening, and gave the child a double or triple hit, in their excitement – while getting ready for another big night with their ‘intimate’ friends.

    It seems on discovering the dead infant, the child was taken out in the countryside (in the boot of their hire car), dumped like garbage, and (lucky for them) eaten completely by wild animals. There are reported to be over 1 million feral and wild dogs in Portugal. The Portuguese use unneutered dogs for hunting, then set them free to breed in the wild at the end of the hunting season – it’s crazy irresponsibility.

    People should rememberer, back in September 2007, Portuguese police say they have found firm DNA evidence that the body of Madeleine McCann was in the boot of the family’s hire car five weeks after she went missing.

    This whole business is sickening: Just imagine if working-class parents had done what the McCann’s had done (whether you believe they killed the kid or were shockingly neglectful). Those working-class parents would have been demonised by the media and politicians, and most likely prosecuted and had the other children ripped away from them. Surely they would be the new Ian Brady and Myra Hindley of the 21st century.

    It is sickening that the McCann’s have made a lucrative business out of their crime, and have thieved £millions off gullible fools in donations, and wasted tens of £millions of public money in Portugal and Britain, maintaining the obvious cynical lie that the poor child was abducted.

    This new development, where the Prime Minister, David Cameron, has virtually ordered Scotland Yard to devote resources to the case to review the evidence and investigate further, is an obscenity. It will cost more tens of £millions of taxpayers money, and probably last 7 or 8 years (concluding nothing much) just to satisfy the vanity of the McCann’s, and help in their slick PR campaign to attract more donations to their private company (posing as a charity). How many other victims of crime will suffer as money is channelled away from real police work to maintain the McCann’s lies and attract cash to their company.

    My hope is that the McCanns have overplayed their hand, and that the ‘powers that be’ put a tenacious skilled copper with a brain (like Detective Superintendent Simon Morgan) on the case, and that he gets enough evidence to charge the McCanns.

  11. 11
    Liz Y Says:

    JinBob, Do you really think his will find the McCanns quilty of anything? If they, or their friends, can silence and sue the press, pull websites, fool Prime Ministers, who knows what they’re capable of. It’ll be another Dr. Kelly scenario, an investigation where the end result is already decided. Putting a tenacious copper in charge will make no difference. He may be the absolute best, but if he needs silencing he will be. WHO the hell are these people??
    And to think that our young boys are dying in Afghanistan to enable them to have a democratic regime! Strange that, when you consider we haven’t got one ourselves.

  12. 12
    bill b Says:

    The crime scene was contaminated which did not help.The cadaver dogs trained to scent blood went crazy when given access to the boot of the car used by the McCanns…the defence,it must have been Madeleine’s hairbrush!Mummy washed(!) Maddies favourite little cuddly toy.It had her daughters scent…something a mother would have dearly clinged to..a memory of her beloved child.Mummy’s behaviour in front of the Pope..we are told they are ‘good’ catholics..whatever that means.She really did look like she wanted to unburden herself for a minute or two in that the footage and a very nervous and agitated Gerry( because of his wife’s bevaviour).Gerry has used his political contacts through NHS channels as much as possible.His blog(very strange),his high powered media team and lawyers.We get a red herring suspect or sighting every month.I am convinced the McCann’s are responsible for a horrible accident and to protect themselves and their lifestyle and livelihood covered it up.Usually in cases like this,near relatives are prime suspects.gerry in particular gives me an uneasy feeling,I do not trust the it gut instinct.I know many people feel the same way

    Site Admin: Most crime scenes are contaminated in one way or another. That is no surprise and the police know this and work round it. Forensic scientists work with what they’ve got. The remarkable thing is how little of Madeleine’s DNA was found in the apartment – suggesting a big cleanup operation rather than contamination. But, as you say, the obvious inference is that the McCanns are responsible for whatever happened to the poor little tot. We also have the same gut instincts as yourself.

  13. 13
    Marty Says:

    Any theory you come up with, must include the following details, because they are facts:

    1. Madeleine crying for over an hour, before the night of the 3rd.
    2. Not one Police officer, (Portugese or British) saw signs of a forced entry.
    3. Cadaver dog, indicated death in their apartment (and only theirs)
    4. Blood dog found blood behind the sofa, (up against wall, not its usual position)
    5. Cadaver dog indicated death on Kate’s clothes.
    6. Cadaver dog indicated death in their rental car (only theirs)
    7. Blood dog found blood in their hire car (only theirs)
    8. There is a sworn statement saying that Payne made lewd remarks about Madddy, to Gerry.
    9. Gerry did not go out searching for his daughter.
    10.English cop sent out to assist McCann’s asked Kate (“Where is Madeleine”?) – WHY DID HE ASK?

  14. 14
    Anthony Miller Says:

    To be fair the above screengrab only shows that the document was edited with a version of Adobe licenced to an NHS computer … it does not follow that either the particular NHS trust completely bars its employees for using its software for personal use or that the bulk of the content of the document was compiled and written on NHS time. So close … but no cigar.

    I think this is a bit of a distraction from the real issues…

    Site Admin: Hello Anthony. The NHS is funded by the taxpayer. The Madeleine Fund/Pseudo charity is a private business venture run by the McCann family. There is NO justification for the NHS allowing Gerry McCann to work on his own private business on any work computer. Taxpayers do not pay people working in government to use the equipment for private purposes. Where would you draw the line? Should surgeons be able to use the hospital equipment to perform private operations on their friends? Look at the furore in the US after the private emails of Sarah Palin were released from the time she was working in local government as the governor of Alaska. It’s hardly like Gerry was just using the computer to write a simple letter or using a work printer. He was working on his own private business using NHS resources. As an example, do you think it’s ever justifiable to steal pens from work?

    Your other comment in this site regarding Freemasons is a well written piece. I think you’re wrong here on principle but you are right it’s not the real issue. The point of this article is to show how the McCanns have acted selfishly (self-preservation?) and been driven by a motive to make lots of money off the back of the disappearance (death) of their daughter.

    Keep up the good work on your websites by the way!

  15. 15
    joann Says:

    Remember the case of the kidnapped 11 year old American girl? She was found many, many years later. In the interim the police had missed many, many oppurtunities to locate the victim. Sadly, the police suspected the victim’s step father. The truth was that the victim was abducted and enslaved by paedophiles. So, lets not cast stones at the McCanns. History may yet prove us wrong.

    Site Admin: History won’t prove us wrong in this case. Madeleine died in 2007.

  16. 16
    Dave Says:

    We all have to use work PC’s for personal stuff sometimes. I live 2 hours from where I work and make about £7/hour as an office temp. If it wasn’t for being allowed to use the office computers for personal use during lunchtime and breaks, I’d never get anything done at all.

    Site Admin: Gerry wasn’t using the PC for personal stuff. He was using it for business reasons. He gets paid from the fraudulent Madeleine Fund. If you were using your work PC to make money on the side I’m sure your employer would frown upon it if they found out. There’s a difference between “personal use” and running a business on the side.

  17. 17
    Mike travis Says:

    Well, Someone died in 5A all right. Now, I just wonder who that could have been. The dogs proved it. Futile to try to clean up such a crime scene with trained dogs around. What a fiasco this investigation has turned into. Why did Mrs. McCann refuse to answer the 48 questions put to her during the police interview whilst trying to find Madeleine. Why refuse the lie detector test that the McCanns said they would take. This would clear them if they are innocent. 97% reliable if used correctly. Perhaps they would like to re-consider the LD test. I do not think they deliberately murdered Madeleine. There may have been a terrible accident though and a cover up to save reputations and careers. I consider abduction is unlikely and I consider Insp. Amarals investigation to be reliable as it is based on his facts and findings the the time. It appears to me a little uncertain that Madeleine really was in the flat for several hours earlier that night. Well, I could go on for ages but I will not as I am not an authority on this terrible affair. I cannot agree at all with Mr.McCann when he tries to denigrate the dogs or their handler. Mr McCann is an intelligent and educated man and shows a certain lack of common sense when stating that the dogs are not reliable. They are “spot on” in my opinion. However; I would like to see Justice For Madeleine. Love to her, and this is why I take an interest. THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT SOON Watch this space.

  18. 18
    anon1 Says:

    Mike wrote:

    “Mr McCann is an intelligent and educated man and shows a certain lack of common sense when stating that the dogs are not reliable.”

    Gerry McCann did not seem to be “stating” or even saying that the dogs are not reliable.
    He was hissing “the dogs are not reliable”.

  19. 19
    feynad Says:

    Can’t agree more with “Liz Y”. The truth, if ever, will come out only when everybody concerned are not here anymore, or too old to be tried. Money and influence talks as loud and clear as ever.

  20. 20
    M.TRAVIS Says:

    What a terrible business this case re Madeleine has turned into. After reading lots about the case I am no nearer to deciding what happened to her at all. I do consider that she was most likely dead within around 3 days of her disappearance though. Just my opinion. I do not know how or why. There is evidence that is difficult to refute and maybe it was abduction or a tragic accident. I do not know. I do believe that Dr. Amaral did his best though no doubt in the face of adversity and to his eventual cost.

  21. 21
    J. Robs Says:

    I have completely overturned my opinion in this sad story. I used to have sympathy for the McCanns as I felt they had been subjected to undue criticism over their ‘baby listening’ methods. Having been on a Mark Warner holiday with young children, what they did was really not that different to the ‘baby listening’ employed by Mark Warner whereby a nanny patrols the corridors of the hotel, listening for any child or baby crying. And don’t forget, a lot of people use baby listening services in hotels whereby they have dinner while someone in reception (say) listens to a baby monitor in the room.

    Under those kind of circumstances, it would not be difficult for a person to abduct a child. And in fact a child could be stolen from a house while everyone is asleep. Houses are burgled while people are in them all the time. So if a person can walk off with your TV while you sleep next door, there is no particular reason they could not walk off with your baby.

    So, I had sympathy for the criticism leveled at them on that score.

    HOWEVER, having explored some of the analysis of their witness statements which can be found quite easily on the internet, a picture emerges of the cover-up of a crime. The language used in the statements is fishy. Also, if you look at their body language in some of the video clips, it is suspicious, especially Gerry.

    Originally I had thought that the Portugese police had bungled the search……and certainly the Mc Cann’s were critical. However in any investigation where a child is missing the parents/carers/last people that were with the child HAVE to be ruled out as suspects.

    So, what I now conclude is this. The Portugese investigation WAS, in fact, sniffing in the right direction. The cadaver dogs were sniffing in the right direction. The car with the boot open, the fridge/freezer that got taken to the dump (you would never normally do something like that in a hire apartment – it is completely bizarre behaviour – unless you were trying to get rid of evidence of course.

    Within days of Madeleine’s disappearance, the Mc Cann’s had started up a huge publicity campaign and raised large sums of money. They even hired a spin doctor. Methinks that they were protesting way too much. But, even if you ignore all the media frenzy, there are too many red flags flying.

    It’s a very clever decoy to get people all over the world to try to ‘spot’ Madeleine – it takes the search a very long way away from what I suspect was the scene of the crime.

    I have to give it to them, they have put on an Oscar-winning performance.

    What is curious is why they have been given protection at such high levels – is it because they are doctors? Or freemasons? Or are there other links? Links with Leicestershire police, for instance.

    The Crimewatch appeal yesterday evening was interesting in that it ruled out the man that Jane Tanner saw and implicates another man who, I have to say, looks quite like – well, draw your own conclusions.

  22. 22
    J.Robs Says:

    Is it just me, or has this turned into the The Emperor’s New Clothes?

    And don’t forget – there has still not been justice for Madeleine. She did not deserve this.

  23. 23
    M. Travis. Says:

    Do not worry. The culprits will be caught and sentenced under the law. Very good wishes to that excellent detective Dr. Amaral who did his utmost to get justice for Madeleine with the firm facts of the case available at the time of inception and who was treated by the establishments like a leper. God Bless Madeleine and may Justice for her soon prevail. I still have confidence that this will be the case.

  24. 24
    John Ryan Says:

    Well said Liz Y


  25. 25
    Helen Says:

    Dig up the drive.
    What reason could there be not to do so?

  26. 26
    Nora Gardener Says:

    If Maddy is still alive and she has access to a computer, and she reads any of this crap about her parents, it will put her off from coming home. Please think of her reactions to all of this

    Site Admin: Madeleine was murdered. Operation Grange is a murder enquiry.

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