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The letter to the Telegraaf?

Blog inaneness?

The ‘Tiny Tears’ comment?

The ‘saved a man on the plane’ story?

The ‘stolen wallet’ story?

Ignore sightings one way, and head the opposite to raise awareness?

Did bundleman suddenly gain a child with pink jammies?

Go to Huelva when everything was shut?

Drive hundreds of unexplained miles?

Didn’t the twins wake when everyone rampaged through the apartment?

Did they turn the cleaner away on the 3rd May?

Were there no Madeleine, Sean, Amelie fingerprints in 5A?

Did the blue sports bag go missing?

Did they have several different buggies?

Does Kate talk about ‘you feel, you think’ instead of ‘I feel, I think’?

Do the family believe their crock of plop?

Did the older priest leave PdL in a couple of days, to be replaced?

Did they flee Portugal within hours of becoming arguido / a?

Did they leave the twins at the creche the very next day, and every day after?

Did they leave the twins and galavant off around Europe to tell people what was on the news?

Do they refer always to the twins saying and doing things, and not the individual?

Does Kate bloom and blossom after the first few days?

Did Gerry set up a tennis tournament the next day?

Did Kate not go out to look that night?

Did Kate not join the people on the beach to search the following day?

Was Kate to be found by the pool?

Is there not a scrap of evidence that any predator was in 5A?

Was there a scrap of evidence that anyone other than rampagers after the alarm were in 5A?

Did they wash the curtains?

Did they dispose of a fridge?

Did they claim to keep soggy nappies and rotting meat in the boot of their car?

Was cadaverine and hair from Madeleine found in that car?

Did the PJ intercept emails and texts which suggested that Madeleine died in 5A?

Did Esther bow out of the fund?

Does the fund have a clause ‘to support the family’?

Have they used the fund to pay their mortgage?

Did Kate explain the death scent on her jeans as being from dead bodies in her locum GP role?

Did Kate not tell that she bought those jeans in Lagos?

Did Kate’s bible have a page turned over at a relevant biblical text?

Didn’t the good Catholic Gerry know where the church in PdL was, even after he had passed it daily?

Did they ring family, friends, and Sky news before ringing the police?

Did they say to MW staff they had alerted the police, when they hadn’t?

Did they suddenly take up, and suddenly ditch jogging?

Do they not miss an opportunity to be photographed with cuddlecat, or toys hanging out their pockets?

Did the good Catholic Kate not realise (for a few days) that it was sacrilege to put the rosary around a toy?

Be photographed acting like recently married celebrities leaving the church?

Keep bleating about looking for Madeleine, but offer no evidence that they have / are?

Hired a lawyer known for his excellence in extradition?

Hire 3 other lawyers before any charges have been brought?

Hire a spin doctor from the Madeleine fund?

Call it the Find Madeleine Fund when it is registered as the Madeleine Fund?

Make out he was visited by the holy spirit who told him to set up the Fund?

Try and be ambassadors for abducted children, when they neglected theirs?

Not truly admit, in full, how very wrong they were?

Not truly admit they couldn’t see the doors to the apartment?

Not truly admit they were out on the plss?

Not truly admit they were out on the plss every night?

Not tell us how far the Tapas bar was from the apartment?

Did Justine scarper?

Are Clarrie, Kate’s parents, Gerry’s family, and a handful of naive, blind, sycophantic supporters the only ones who believe them?

Perhaps they didn’t get the memos outlining all of the above.

Spin that Clarrie!

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