Tony Parsons 28/04/2008

Tony Parsons

On Saturday it will be one year since Madeleine McCann was stolen from her family. Widespread support for Kate and Gerry McCann has ebbed away and increasingly you hear that Madeleine’s parents must carry the blame for leaving their children alone.

But the McCanns are not the villains. Some members of the Portuguese police, undoubtedly humiliated by their inability to solve the crime, have constantly leaked smears, lies and innuendo to their lapdogs in the Portuguese media.

But the Portuguese police and papers are not the villains. The villain is the bastard who watched, and waited, and bided his time until that four-year-old child was left by her parents. The person, or persons unknown, who stole a child while she slept and casually wrecked so many innocent lives. The errors of Kate and Gerry McCann, and the cock-ups of the Portuguese police, all pall in comparison with that unspeakable crime.

There is only one villain. And there is only one victim, and that is Madeleine herself.

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