Ken Loach – how did you bring up your daughter?

From an Internet poster on the Three Arguidos Forum

I’m addressing this to you, Mr. Loach, or Ken, if you don’t mind for ease of typing. I have always been a fan of your films, and the way you portray the nitty gritty of working class life.

As a lass from the council estate who’s ‘done good’ I can sort of see that your daughter could have a similar view on life. Equally she could think she’s above that and have swallowed the ‘meedja’ view on life wholesale.

Tonight I watched a ‘documentary’ on ITV by your daughter. It was not a documentary film in the normal vein, but a cobbled-together sequence of footage, much of it of the McCanns in a car, that served no purpose in the search for Madeleine.

It included film that was said to be of the Portuguese police arriving in Britain this month to reinterview people who had been on holiday with the McCanns. In fact this footage was of an event last summer.

That is one of the many discrepancies in this so-called documentary.

I ask you, Ken, as a man of integrity, to at least ask your daughter to think before she joins in any more media circuses.

And most importantly, your daughter has gone on record as saying she leaves her young children in a hotel room whilst she eats out. Please ask her not to do this and not to condone this behaviour in any circumstances.

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    Tracy Says:

    Can anyone tell me the end result of the towel in the barn as pinpointed by the mobile phone triangulation?

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    Ellajo, UK Says:


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    Rosiepops Says:

    After this whole McCann ordeal and all the other so-called educated idiots that openly and proudly admit to leaving their children alone to go eating and drinking, I have started to believe in forced sterilization. Some of these people, are just not fit to have children!

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