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PJ Report Translation »

PJ Final Report – All the Investigation on the McCanns pages 1 and 2 Ministry Of Justice Judiciary Police Investigative Criminal Department of Portimão NUIPC-201/07.0 GALGS 4th…

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PJ wanted to hear the McCanns again – Correio da Manhã »

Rogatories – Judge didn’t validate the diary immediately Today, the process is most likely to be archived. Ten months ago, the PJ asked for the reconstitution of…

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The 48 questions that remained unanswered »

Source: Correio da Manhã, 03.08.2008, paper edition. Translation by Astro Investigation – What the PJ inspectors wanted…

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The Inflatable Billboard – The TRUE Story »

Last year in May 2007, Gerry McCann wrote in his blog on day 25; “Some of you…

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“Madeleine died in the apartment” »

Pre-publication ‘CM’ [Correio da Manhã] today starts the exclusive publication of excerpts from the book by Gonçalo…

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More on the deleted call records – Where Was Kate McCann? »

By Paulo Reis and associates (*) The CD issued by Ministerio Publico de Portimao in July 2008, contains a great deal of information on the mobile calls made and received by the “Tapas 9” but it is dispersed, difficult to retrieve and…

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theAuthor: Dumfounded by CHAPLINS »

Greetings Gentle John and all Members of this Forum Not wishing to appear unfriendly, the author thought that a visit here might be opportune. Whether to stay? Well, he’ll have to see what the reception is like. Yours – author DUMFOUNDED BY…

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Gerry McCann Stealing NHS Resources? »

By TheTapas10, May 8, 2008 Gerry McCann works at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester as a cardiologist. He is reported as earning £75,000 a year. For readers outside of the UK who do not understand the British Health System, known as the National Health…

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BBC News

Killers who cry crocodile tears

Page last updated at 15:46 GMT, Wednesday, 25 June 2008 16:46 UK By Chris Summers, BBC News The boss of a limousine firm has been convicted of ordering the murder of his wife,…

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Correio da Manhã

Evidence was manipulated

Source: Correio da Manhã, 04.08.2008, paper edition, translation by Astro Investigation – PJ believes that the McCann couple altered the crime scene in order to simulate the abduction Maddie’s parents accused of changing…

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Manchester Evening News

Driven to succeed

ON the eve of his 13th birthday tragedy struck Edward Smethurst. While the young boy was spending the night at his grandparents’ house, fire swept through the home he shared with his father…

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The Witnesses

Charlotte Pennington at Nanny-Agency.com

ID 33648: Charlotte is British and she is 19 years old and a native English speaker. Her message: I was born charlotte elizabeth alice on the 28th of february 1987, in berkshire, england.…

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Daily Express


Saturday January 26, 2008 By David Pilditch in Praia da Luz AMERICA’S top chat show hosts are locked in a bidding war for an exclusive interview with the parents of Madeleine McCann. Oprah…

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Daily Mail Articles

British police failed to stop DNA evidence in McCann case from being made public

By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 12:51 AM on 19th July 2008 British police officers were yesterday accused of trying to stop DNA information allegedly linked to Kate and Gerry McCann’s hire…

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Daily Mirror Articles

Kate and Gerry McCann: Portuguese cops’ hunt for Maddie “pathetic”

By Lori Campbell, sundaymirror.co.uk 27/07/2008 Portuguese police knocked on just 443 doors in the failed hunt for missing Madeleine McCann. Their investigation was last night branded “pathetic” by her parents Kate and Gerry,…

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Daily Telegraph Articles

Madeleine McCann reconstruction ‘called off by Portuguese Police’

By Caroline Gammell Last Updated: 8:55PM BST 27/05/2008 Portuguese Police will not go ahead with a reconstruction of the night Madeleine McCann disappeared. Kate and Gerry McCann had not planned to return to…

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